Outside the Box - Wearing a Crop Top - With a Tee

I'm sure many of you have seen crop tops. You might even own a few. I have never been a crop top kind of gal. I like my shirts to cover my middle with no skin exposed. We hear much these days about being less inhibited, wearing what we want to wear regardless of our age and equality of the genders. I want you to know, I'm okay with being more inhibited. I'm alright with not wearing the same things a thirteen year old might wear. I believe in equal pay for equal work, but I also believe that men and women were created differently and that is okay.

For today's post, I am featuring a crop top that I found a few years ago thrifting. This is Express brand. What really drew me to this little piece was the bling. I love my bling, as many of you know, so even though I knew this was shorter than I would normally wear, I thought I might be able to pop it over top of another shirt for a two in one type of look and still be able to have my fun bling. 

Outside the Box - crop top

I wore a Christopher and Banks navy tee for my under layer, which went perfectly with the navy stripes on the crop top. 

This next picture shows you the separation of the two shirts. 

Outside the Box - crop top

These Apt. 9, white, crop pants I just found at a Goodwill store near by. The combination of navy and white is always classic in the summer time and no matter how you wear it, I think it looks chic and fresh. I decided to pair this look with my red Ked peep toe wedges, a red clutch and a red bracelet. 

OUtside the box - crop top
Outside the box - crop top
Outside the box - crop top

In this pic you can see all the pretty bling. It also makes me look well endowed, which I am not, but here is a trick for those of you who are smaller in the bust line. Wearing horizontal stripes on the top can make you look bustier. Also, with the way this crop top stops at my waist it gives my waist a more cinched in look, another optical illusion. Isn't that part of what dressing is all about? Finding ways to hide what we don't like and accentuate what we do all helps build our confidence. 

Outside the box - crop top
Outside the box - crop top

I really like these Ked wedge heel peep toes, but they do have a tendency to slide off my heel. I need to get some of those gel pads to put in the back that help keep you heel in the shoe. Other than that these are quite comfortable and have a cute retro vibe. The wedges even have red polka dots on them. Here are a few options from DSW including a canvas stripe, a black textured, and a denim blue


What do you think of wearing a cropped shirt like this? Finding different ways to wear styles we may not usually reach for is a way to expand your wardrobe and wear something totally different. 

I hope you enjoyed today's post. Leave me some love and have a great weekend!

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull. Make up Rachel Christensen

Outside the Box - Wide Leg Crop Pants

I recently acquired a pair of wide leg crop pants thinking they would be a good addition to my summer wardrobe. I have never been a big fan of wide leg crop pants. I feel that they make me look short and stubby. However, as a fashion blogger I am trying to have an open mind and try things that I wouldn't necessarily wear. That is precisely what this column is for. I found these on the clearance rack at Kohl's and figured since I didn't have to pay full price it was a good time to try this trend. 

Outside the box - wide leg crop pants

I wore this outfit to work, so the pants were a bit wrinkly by the time I took these pics later in the afternoon. Right away, seeing this outfit, I am thinking these pants are too big. While they feel incredibly comfortable, the pieces I combined them with for this outfit just aren't working for me. I like the color combination, olive with pink and blush, but I'm looking rather, frumpy, as my hubby would say. 

Outside the Box -

I wore my blush SO flats to go with the sweater and tee. Maybe heels would have been a better choice. What do you think?

Outside the box - wide leg crop pants.

You've seen this waterfall cardigan on the blog before. You can see that post here. I love this thrifted sweater. It is light weight and I can wear it with so many outfits. The embellished tee is from Christopher and Banks from a number of years ago. 

Outside the Box - wide leg crop pants

I also wore my stained glass necklace as I thought the colors went well with the top. 

Outside the box - wide leg crop pants

Here is a shot without the sweater. Once again, I feel like everything about the outfit is wrong. Perhaps a tighter fitting top with heels or a cropped jacket instead of the sweater, or maybe flip flops and a tank top would be better. The other thing I am feeling is that the pants are not cropped in the right place. It almost seems to me they should be just a tad shorter. 

Outside the Box - wide leg crop pants

How do you wear wide leg crop pants? Or do you not wear them? I'm going to try these a few other ways before I totally give up on them. If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them. 

I hope you all have a lovely weekend. Thanks for following along on the blog. See you next week.

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