Print Mixing Mash Up - Printed Skirt - Outfit 1

This week, I’ll be styling a printed skirt two different ways. Remember, the goal of this series is to show you how you can take a printed piece in your closet and combine it with another printed piece for a print mixing mash up that will make all your girlfriends and colleagues envious of your print mixing panache.

Today’s outfit centers around a thrifted Gianni skirt I have had in my closet for a while. I love purple, so when I found this purple, blue mix, I thought it would be fun to work with. I like the a-line style. It is light weight, but fully lined, so easily wearable for at least three of our four seasons. You could probably extend its season into winter if you wore leggings or a heavy pair of tights. Since we are talking about and looking forward to spring, I wanted to make both of these outfits more transitional looks.

Print mixing - spring 2019

What I love about this skirt, is its ability to change hues. When you look at the skirt by itself, the purples look more purple and the blues look more like a denim blue. When I started looking for a piece to pair this with, I saw this Knox Rose top that I found at Bass Pro Shop a while back on the clearance rack. I thought, even though the colors weren’t exact, at least they were similar enough that it might work. Once I put the SO sweater, from Kohl’s, with it, I knew I had a winner.

Technically this print mixing, isn’t so much mixed, because the print on the top is not next to the print on the skirt. However, the whole point of trying to print mix is to think outside the box. I would have never put these two pieces together, had I not been thinking about mixing prints and colors. The top, which is more of a greenish blue, looks as though it pairs perfectly with the blue of the skirt, just as the more reddish burgundy color on the top and the sweater, look as though they combine perfectly with the purple. Isn’t color wonderful? Ha, ha.

It was so cold when we were taking these pictures. My daughter was running back into the house after each outfit was finished, and she had on a hat, coat, gloves and boots. Ha, ha. My face is set in defiance of the blustery cold! That is definitely not my most flattering face.

Print mixing - spring 2019

I decided to draw on the little bits of yellow in the top for my necklace and purse. Once again, I would have never thought to pair yellow with this color combination, but once I put it together, I loved it.

By the way, those are little fleck of snow on my sweater, not dandruff or lint. Ha, ha . Just thought I had better clarify.

Print mixing - Spring 2019
Print mixing - spring 2019

I think this thrifted yellow Elle tote is a great number for spring. I love the shirring on the front, the sunflower yellow color and the metal rivets, rings and Elle charm. This just goes to show, you don’t have to spend lots of money to have a nice bag.

I have a tendency to get into a rut with my bags. Right now I am using my yellow thrifted cross body. It is so convenient for shopping. Often, if I am carrying a large tote like this one, which already has some weight to it, I overfill it and then wonder why my shoulder and back is bothering me. What kind of purse do you like to use?

Print mixing - spring 2019

These burgundy Naturalizer loafers were another thrift find. When I put the outfit together, I knew these would be the perfect casual finishing touch.

One of the things I like about thrift shopping is the ability to try different brands without spending a ton of money. I normally don’t buy high end. My hubby and I just don’t have the income, to support a shopping habit of that nature. Ever since I was a young girl, I have always been somewhat conscious of getting more for my money. My mom used coupons, made our clothes and made the most of what we had. Things were not always easy for our family, but I grew to appreciate the ability to save money by looking for cheaper options. Now when I thrift I am drawn to higher end name brands, because often they are a better fit and are well made. I still like my Kohl’s, Penney’s and Target clearance finds, but thrifting is always my first muse.

Print Mixing - Spring 2019

I hope you are enjoying this print mixing series. Let me know your thoughts. Have you done any print mixing in the last few weeks? Tell me about what you mixed. I love hearing from you and you are what keeps this blog going, so thank you.

I’ve included a few printed skirts to look over. These are affiliate links. All opinions are my own.

Flying Solo

Well, it was inevitable that at some point this newby to the blogging world would have to start taking pictures on her own. My hubby got me a new camera for our anniversary, but I have not had much time to acquaint myself with it, at least not until today. Seeing as how my daughter and I have had not time to schedule another photo shoot, I had to take it upon myself to try to, not only put an outfit together, but take pictures of it, edit them and put them on this post. Since Rebecca taught me how to download pictures I have no problem with putting a post together, but I have never had to actually take pictures of my own outfit. So today (and one other day last week) I have taught myself how to set up the tripod, turn the flash on and off and use a remote. Wow! Look at me! I am exhausted. Ha, ha. 

So here goes.

military jacket outfit

I guess you could call this a military jacket. It is an olive drab color and has metal buttons up both sides which can be buttoned open as I have it or buttoned closed, which I might have to lose a few pounds to do. 

military jacket outfit

I styled the jacket with a wine colored long sleeve tee and white pants with a light gray snakeskin pattern. The tee is quite long so I did the magic front tuck to give my waist definition. I thought about putting on a belt, but decided against it.

military jacket outfit

I added a square scarf which I folded into a triangle and put it around my neck so the point of the triangle is in the front then wrap the ends all the way back around to tie in front. Because the scarf is then worn shorter I could also add a bit of bling by wearing a longer necklace.

military jacket outfit

You can see by this photo the jacket does nip in at the waist due to the multiple panels and seams in the back. Great pic of my butt, huh!

military jacket outfit

Finally the shoes! I found these at a thrift store and absolutely love them. They are a wine/burgundy suede and have the perfect size heel with a bit of a platform on the ball of the foot. It makes walking in them so much easier. They are a low cut bootie and have zippers for easy on and off. 

So there you have it! What did you think of my first solo flight? I would love to hear your thoughts. Rest assured I do have another photo shoot scheduled with my daughter, but you'll have to put up with my unprofessional pictures for a couple of weeks. Ha, ha. I hope to get outside for a stab at natural lighting, which I generally prefer. It is much harder to take pics in natural light when it is dark! That gives you an idea of what sort of Monday I had today. But that is a story for another time.

If you get a chance on Thursday in between the turkey and the pumpkin pie, come back and see what I do for my Color Crash Course column. 

Have a blessed Thanksgiving. 

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