Travel Log - Post 3

We almost titled this the "Vacation from hell," but thought that might set into play a very bad attitude. It just seems my husband and I have been part of the populous that continuously is challenged with difficulty. If you have ever seen the movie Holes, I blame it on my "no-good-dirty-rotten-pig-stealing great-great grandfather." This quote from the book Holes, by Louis Sachar is the basis for all the bad luck for generations of Yelnats. I don't know for sure, but I don't think any of my great-great grandfathers were no-good-dirty-rotten, etc, but it sure seems, at times that bad luck follows us everywhere we go. Personally, I don't believe in luck. I believe all of our steps are ordered by God and He is involved in every aspect of life. That doesn't mean He makes all the bad stuff happen, but He knows about it and He allows it. Bad stuff happens because we live in a world that is not perfect. It is a world full of traffic jams, bugs, thunderstorms and car problems.

Our "bad luck" started with the traffic jam that I told you about in Post 1. The second thing that happened was the torrential rain that complicated our second travel day. I literally felt like I was driving under Niagara Falls, the rain was that bad! We had two great evenings with our friends Lee and Dale, see Post 2, and then made our way to our campsite. Mark and I both love to camp. Here is a pic of me after we got our tent set up.


That was before I started getting bit by "no-see-um" flies! The truth is you actually can see the little devils if you catch them right when they bite you. They are almost microscopic. But I squashed several dozen of these little, tiny black flies. I currently have over 40 bites on just one arm. That doesn't count my other arm, neck legs and head. Uggg! Even using Off with Deet, doesn't completely deter these minions from Satan. Weird thing, though, they are eating me alive and my husband hardly has a single bite! Guess that's because I am so delicious! Ha, ha. So I am covered with red bite marks and they itch like crazy! "No-good-dirty-rotten...."

Another bad thing that happened, was our oil filter started leaking. We drove out to the beach one afternoon and after parking, I got out of the car and noticed an odd smell. I asked my hubby, if it was coming from our car. He pops open the hood and smoke pours out! Thankfully it was only the oil filter and not some other engine problem. We have, since making the discovery, been able to get to an oil change place and have the filter and oil changed. Good as new! But why we had to lose a night's sleep over it...."No-good-dirty-rotten...."

Today, we decided to get out of the heat and sun and come into town. This was today's outfit. It might look familiar, as I styled this dress and leggings on another occasion, here.

travel outfit
travel outfit

I know my hair is lacking any real style, but I did put make up on. I am camping after all! 

I hope you are enjoying these travel posts and outfits. I will probably try to post again in another few days, when we are in a new place. Have a great Wednesday!