Awesome Accessories - The Sheer Drape

A question came to my mind when I decided to do this monthly column; what exactly is an accessory anyway? Is it only belts, jewelry, shoes, bags and hats? Can an item of clothing actually be an accessory? According to Webster's online dictionary the simple definition of accessory is: something added to something else to make it more useful, attractive or effective. 

an object or device not essential in itself but adding to the beauty, convenience, or effectiveness of something else
— Webster's (Number 2 of full definition)

If that is the case, then anything you add to an outfit that makes it more attractive, convenient or effective (as in speaking the language of clothing) would qualify as an accessory. For this weeks accessory I decided to feature the sheer drape.

sheer gray drape

You saw this drape in last week's Piece Perfect column featuring the pleated skirt, see that here. While this is a clothing item, it is not something that I would ever wear by itself. I know in our world today women do wear sheer shirts and blouses with just their bras underneath, but as a Christian and a woman who values modesty I don't feel that it is necessary. Yes this would be lovely with a lacy bra and panties in a candlelit room with the hubby, but not out for lunch with the girls or on a date with the spouse to a show. So, for me, I feel this drape is more of an accessory. It adds dimension and flowy layers to an outfit.

For this post I am going to show you four ways that this gray sheer drape can be worn. 

Belted open with a wide ribbon:

sheer drape

Belted closed with a wide belt:

sheer drape

Tied higher - waist level:

sheer drape

Tied lower - closer to hip level:

sheer drape

This is a particular type of drape. It is longer in the front than the back, so easy to tie. Not all drapes will be this cut, thus your options for styling them will be different. However, the drape is a great accessory to dress up any outfit. I could see this over a sleeveless dress, paired with some skinny jeans and tall strappy heels, or over a turtleneck sweater for a winter outfit with added dimension.

Here are the four looks together:

Now that I've tried this various ways, I am excited to style this as an accessory for other outfits. Hope you enjoyed this post on my Awesome Accessories column. Let me know what you think of this sheer drape. Would you wear one and how would you style it?

Until next time! Have a great weekend.