Travel Log - Post 1

I thought I would change things up a bit, here on the fluff page and talk about travel. The hubs and I love to travel and even though we haven't had unlimited resources over the years we have been as far west as San Diego, CA; out east to NYC; down south to N. Carolina, S. Carolina and Florida and across the "big pond" to England. We are already talking about going back to explore Scotland!

Traffic can become a real problem if you drive for travel. Yesterday we were stuck in a traffic jam! It took us one hour and fifteen minutes to go four miles! Ugg. I was ready to jump out of the car and start doing laps, to try to get my steps in! But I was driving at the time, so I don't think that would have worked. While we were driving we were going past a construction zone. I don't know if you have noticed, but some of those orange barrels have lost weight. 

We affectionately call construction around Toledo, "orange barrel season"! You know there is fall, winter, spring and "orange barrel season". These things I was looking at yesterday were not barrels, they were more like stalagmites! Yes that's right! Stalagmites! Those things in caves that sort of look like cones that grow up from the floor. Except these were orange and white stripes. I'd say they'd be stylin' if they were black and white stripes or navy and white stripes, but no! The highway companies did not ask me what colors to make the barrels. 

Anyway, here is my travel outfit for yesterday:


I wore my Rock and Republic jeans from Kohl's as they are most comfy, but still hold their shape. An eyelet peasant blouse with a hint of peach and the open weave short sleeve sweater. I also had on my leopard flats that I bought at Christopher and Banks. Layers are great for travel because you can take them off and put them on as needed. I also wore a tassel necklace inspired by Jodie at Jodie's Touch of Style. And yes I do have a bag clip on my sweater. Trying to remember last minute things to pack! Ha, ha.

I hope to post again, some where along the way! Check back next week for more.