The Order of Friendship

Think about all the friendships in your life. They might be ones from your past or relationships you are currently in. What made those friendships work? What makes those friendships special? Friendship is important to all people. It is even important to nations. The Order of Friendship was established in 1994 in Russia. It was an award given to nationals or foreign nationals whose work or deeds bettered relations with Russian and her people. It can be traced back to the Soviet Order of Friendship of Peoples which was originally established in l972.

medal - order of friendship

A medal is a memorial of sorts. I would have never known there were such things as an Order of Friendship if I had not been looking around on the internet for article ideas. I think is is a terrific concept. Once again, I wrestle with the thought that we spend so much time complaining about what is not right with our lives: our marriage, our jobs, our health, our friendships. What if we were to design a medal of friendship? What if we began taking notes and watching people for the good deeds that they were doing? How many of your friends would get a medal? Would you get one?

The Russian government had the right idea. Obviously, over the years their reputation had diminished, perhaps not just in the minds of other nations, but maybe even in the minds of their own people. An award of this sort condones free thinking and getting along, in a society that had formerly condemned these very things we take for granted. Perhaps we can learn something from the Order of Friendship. While I probably won't be pinning medals to my girlfriends blouses, I believe I could at least thank them for the works and deeds they do to not only better my life, but better the lives of others in their sphere of influence.

Do you have a friend who is a nurse? Thank her for her hard work. Is one of your friends taking care not only of her own children, but her aging parents as well? Let her know how much you appreciate her. Do you have a gal pal that volunteers? Give her a high five for her efforts. Maybe you have a friend who is just struggling to stay married, keep a job, lose weight or love her rebellious child. Hug her and let her know she's worthy of a medal of honor!

Once again, the idea behind any memorial is remembrance. Why not remember your friends while they are still there to enjoy memories with you?