Travel Log - Post 2

One of the fun things about traveling is getting together with friends along the way. There is also the chance you will make new friends in your travels, so be open minded about new relationships when you are out and about. When you have a family with younger children it is easy to strike up a conversation with other families who also have kids. Your kids and their kids may even be playing together in the hotel pool, while you, your spouse and their parents soak in the hot tub and talk. Some of the time these friendships will continue long after your vacation, especially today with texting and Facebook. Other times these may be temporary, just while you are on vacation friendships, but they are friendships none-the-less. New faces will enrich your lives whether long term or short term. 

Lee and Dale

These are our good friends, Lee and Dale. We have stayed with them the past two nights and have had a wonderful time talking, laughing and eating. They have been the perfect host and hostess, opening their home and treating us like family. Even though we are not related, we are family. Lee and I became friends several years ago through work. She was the assistant manager and I was a sales clerk. When she retired, and moved south, we made a point of keeping in touch. Lee and Dale are forever friends and we hope to continue our friendship for as long as possible.

Mark and I finally feel relaxed and we are preparing to leave on the next part of our journey. I may not be able to post for a few days, so here are a couple of my other travel outfits:

white pants, striped crop top, navy tee
embellished crop top

This was my day two travel outfit. I styled my white crop pants with a navy tee, topped by a navy and white striped crop top. This top caught my eye at a thrift store due to the pretty, blingy embellishments. I personally do not have the abs for a crop top without a longer tee or tank underneath, but I like the effect this has. I have on my leopard print flats, but I swapped those out for a pair of navy blue Keds. They were in the "shoe bag" out in the car! Yes, ladies, I did bring a "shoe bag." A girl needs to have choices!

maxi skirt, orange tank

This was my day three outfit. This print maxi skirt is from Christopher and Banks. The orange tank top has fun brassy colored embellishments around the v-neck, so I added a brassy colored belt. I just have flip flops on my feet which you can't see. I was very comfy in this outfit, yet I think it looked nice. 

Today we are heading out to go to our campsite. I'll try to take some pictures along the way. Hope you all are enjoying these posts.

Have a great day. See you soon.