Layers of Fun: Middle Earth

We talked about our foundational layers in last week's post which you can see by scrolling down to the bottom of the page. This week we'll look at a few images of clothing that can be worn over the bedrock or under layers. A lighter weight option is a simple button up shirt. The gingham choice is a looser fit, whereas the other is fitted.

Another option is a lighter weight turtleneck sweater. This black, thrift store find is made of silk. Wearing this with black leggings makes me look sleek, but I would not be caught dead in a pair of leggings without a tunic or dress that covers my behind, so I top the turtleneck and leggings with another thrift store find, the leopard print dress.

Other middle earth layers can include tunics and vests as seen below. I do not like the way the vest makes me look heavier, but when you see it under the jacket I chose for next week's post you'll see why it works.

Finally, we need to have a few bottoms. Slacks, leggings (as seen above) or narrow leg trousers are just a few of the options available to cover our lower selves when the weather is cold. I love to dress in skirts as well, and we'll talk more about those in a future post.

Thanks for peeking in as I learn more about how to dress myself for a stylin' granny mama look. 

Next week, the Outer Limits!


*All Photos By Rebecca Trumbull, Makeup By Rachel Christensen