Beautiful Blogger Bests - Styling a Scarf with a Bag

There are so many fun bloggers to follow, that I actually have a hard time, deciding who I should feature next on my Beautiful Blogger Bests column, but this week I was pressed for time and needed a fairly simple look that didn't require a ton of prep or thought. Enter in the English beauty Gemma of Jacquard Flower

Gemma is a part time professional and a full time mom to twins. Her style language is fairly simple, a few good quality items mixed with clothing pieces that can be used every day. I always look forward to Gemma's posts. In this particular post Outfit Ideas with Scarves and Bags, Gemma takes two simple pieces and creates a fabulous casual outfit with eye popping color. Be sure to click on the link to see her original post. I especially like her orange shopper bag and blanket scarf. The scarves and bags Gemma used in her post were all from Laura Ashley.

While Gemma wore jeans and a black sweater, with tan knee high boots, I wore jeans and a gray sweater with black boots. 

Look 1 - Red and Gray Scarf with Red Bag

gray and red scarf with red bag

We were at my daughter's (photographer) house meeting our new grand "dog". She's a big puppy with some mastiff and a few other things in her lineage. I should have had my daughter include a photo! Anyway, my girl and my son-in-law have this wonderfully large and comfy chair. It just felt like the perfect pose!

gray and red scarf with red bag
gray and red scarf with a red bag

Look 2 - Blue and Gray Scarf with Blue Bag

blue and gray scarf with blue bag

This one doesn't have the pop of color like the red does, but I like the textures involved in the outfit as a whole.

gray and blue scarf with blue bag
gray and blue scarf with blue bag

Here are the two looks side by side.

You might be asking yourself, why follow all of these different fashion bloggers? My answer is to be inspired. I have learned so much from all of these lovely ladies and their creativity inspires me daily to look in my closet and ask myself, "How can I look my best today?"

I hope you will check out Gemma's site and give her some love. As bloggers we benefit from your comments and your views! We all thank you. 

Have a great weekend!