Layering Love - Using a Scarf for Added Interest

There is no end to how you can layer an outfit. While I spent the last few weeks looking at how you can add warmth in a functional way, there is also the idea of adding warmth, while adding a textural element to the outfit. A great way to add texture is to throw on a scarf. 

Layering Love - adding a scarf

I wore this outfit to church on Sunday. I love to get dressed up, but it is also nice to be more casual. I like that more churches do both. The scarf I am wearing is a large oblong one made of a medium weight material. To tie it, I wrapped the scarf from front to back, then crossed both ends over and brought them back to the front. I tied the front ends together. You can do all sorts of things to tie a scarf. Check out this link that shows a video tutorial for 15 Chic and Creative Ways to Tie a Scarf. 

Layering Love - wearing a scarf

This dark purple Loft pullover sweater is soft and comfortable. In addition to the ribbing on on the sleeve cuffs and band on the bottom, there is a type of shirring across the yoke and shoulders. Here is a different one, but very cute. 

Layering love - wearing a scarf

You can see that I kept the colors of the outfit simple by matching pieces up with those in the scarf. This dark purple sweater goes perfectly with the purple in the scarf as does the light pink or blush color of the waterfall cardi. This thrifted cardi is Jennifer Lopez brand. Here is a current one with fur trim at Kohl's.

Layering love - wearing a scarf

While I used a different bag when I went to church, I thought this burgundy Massini saddle bag goes well with the casual look of the outfit and the colors in the scarf. You can see more about Meijer's Massini brand on Stacy London's blog

Layering love - wearing a scarf
Layering love

These are one of my favorite pair of knee high black books. They have a slight heel and the detailing of the buckle and shape of the boot give it a more dressed up feel. I would wear these with a skirt or dress. These are Croft and Barrow brand. These are very similar and not a bad price. 

My skinny jeans are also a brand called Angel that I recently found at Kohl's. They are very soft and hold their shape pretty well. These must have been some sort of a trial brand, because I do not see them any more on their website. However, here is a Lee pair and a Rock and Republic pair. As with most clothing, I recommend going to the store and trying things on. Every pair of jeans fits a little bit different. 

Layering love - wearing a scarf

I hope you enjoyed this post. 

For those of you who follow my faith posts, I am a little behind this week. I am hoping to get my faith post up tomorrow. Sorry about that. 

Have a great weekend everyone.

Piece Perfect - The Cropped Denim Jacket

I don't know about you, but I am thankful, January is over. It means we are a little bit closer to spring and the days are starting to get just a smidge longer! Yay! When thinking spring I start to think about outfits that can transition me out of winter. I still want to layer pieces because it is still very cold, but I want to get away from some of my heavier sweaters, jackets and boots and start thinking about lighter layers and brighter colors. 

Today's Piece Perfect post centers around a cropped denim jacket. 

Piece perfect - cropped denim jacket

I have worn this jacket in a number of posts and I will be including pics from each of those. I found this cute jacket at a thrift store, but they are very popular right now and you can find them just about any where. This particular jacket is a medium wash, has a good amount of stretch and has just a little bit of distressing. 

It has taken me a little while to warm up to the idea of clothing with rips in them, but when I found this jacket I knew it was perfect for me. The distressing is minimal and the "wounds" are showing threads, not skin. That is just my personal preference and has nothing to do with whether the clothing is appropriate or not.

Piece Perfect - cropped denim jacket

For this post, I styled the denim jacket with my leopard print skirt, a gold button up blouse, black hose and black boots. I kept the accessories minimal with my gold woven clutch and my chunky pendant necklace. 

Piece perfect - cropped denim jacket

Now that I am looking at this picture, I am wondering if a black turtleneck would have been better. what do you think? I think the necklace would have popped more and black would have hidden my bulges. Ha, ha.

A medium or dark wash denim jacket is quite versatile. You can style it casually or dress it up. Here are a few of the other outfits I styled this jacket with in the past. 

Click  here  to see this post. 

Click here to see this post. 

See the full post for the above two looks  here.

See the full post for the above two looks here.

As you can see I styled this jacket in a number of different ways. Which one is your favorite? Here are all four looks side by side. 

Each piece that I have selected over the last few months in these Piece Perfect posts is meant to serve as a source of inspiration. The reason I like the cropped denim jacket as opposed to a normal length denim jacket is that it gives the wearer a plethora of ways to style it. If you prefer a light wash or a darker wash you can still style it in many unique and fun ways. 

I hope you enjoyed this post. Tell me in the comments section which outfit you liked the best, or tell me how you like to wear a denim jacket. I appreciate all of your comments. I currently don't have a way of letting you know that I responded to your comments, but I do try to respond to everyone, just check back on the original post to see my reply. 

Be sure to check back next Tuesday for the start of my Romance is in the Air series. I'll be styling lace and velvet and other pretty things. Have a great weekend.

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull. Make up Rachel Christensen.

Shopping Options:

Cropped Denim Jackets

Macy's - $49.99 (on sale now)

JC Penney - $34.99 (on sale now)

Forever 21 - $29.90



Chasing Away the Winter Blues - Week 2


My little series this month centers around styles and ways to chase away the winter blues that often accompany long weeks of cold and gray skies. For those of us who suffer with Season Affective Disorder, anything to give us a bit of a lift is well received. Last week I talked about wearing bright colors. You can see that post here. Wearing bright colors, not only gives us a lift because it makes us look light and cheery, but it reflects light into our faces and light is one of the essential things missing in these winter months. 

Another thing I like to do when I am feeling blue is force myself to get out of the house and do something different. Saturday was my 53rd birthday. My two daughters Rebecca and Rachel decided to plan a day out with me. 

We started our day, getting our make up done by my younger daughter Rachel, who is a make up artist. You can see her Instagram page here

chasing away the winter blues - a day out
chasing away the winter blues - a day out

The first pic is me getting made up and the second is my eldest. And yes I was taking the pictures with her fancier-than-mine, camera! Rachel was already done before we got there. While Rebecca was being done, I took a picture of another cutie. 

chasing away the winter blues - a day out

Rebecca added a few other cutie pictures of Rachel's pets.

chasing away the winter blues - a day out
chasing away the winter blues - a day out

Here are the three of us read to shop!

chasing away the winter blues - a day out

We went up to Ann Arbor, MI which is less than an hour away. Since it was lunch time when we got there we went to a famous Ann Arbor eatery/deli called Zingerman's. 

chasing away the winter blues - a day out

When you first walk in you see a typical deli with glass cases full of a wide variety of meats and cheeses. We didn't stop for a look, but continued further into a maze of walls, doorways, signs and displays, to the ordering station for lunch. The menu was on the walls up close to the ceiling and held every possible configuration of beef, pork, turkey, chicken, fish and so on. A bit on the pricey side we ordered the small size of our sandwiches and we were glad we did. 

chasing away the winter blues - a day out

Rebecca ordered the chicken while Rachel and I got turkey. It was amazing. It was all we could do to open our mouths wide enough to take a bite. The bread was grilled and crispy and the toppings varied from avocado and tomatoes to pesto and peppers. We certainly did not need the large size. Ha, ha.

After lunch we headed to Arborland Center, a strip mall that houses stores like DSW, Marshall's, Maurice's and Ulta. Recently I won $100 in gift cards from Jodie on Jodie's Touch of Style, for Nordstrom. Seeing as we do not have a Nordstrom in our town and the fact that I like to try things on, especially at a store I have never shopped at before, the girls did the online research and found a Nordstrom Rack at Arborland Cener. 

I did find a few nice things at Nordstrom Rack, which I plan on featuring in a later post. Rebecca even found a nice, warm winter coat to replace her old one and Rachel found some make up and a jacket for her son. Success!

After Nordstrom we ran across the street to a thrift store. My girls learned their love of thrifting from me. They both are trying to keep a budget and being able to get clothing at thrift stores really helps. Rachel found a cute stained glass lamp for $10 and I found a velvet, knee length jacket from J.Jill for only $6. 

Since we still had a few minutes before we had to head south to meet the men for dinner we stopped at Maurice's. I had never been in this shop and it was cute. The clothing seems to span generations which I like. There were things my daughters would wear and things I would wear and the prices weren't too bad either. Click here to check out their online site; Maurices.

chasing away the winter blues - a day out

This was one of the cute dressing rooms at the store. The clerks actually write your name on the door. Rachel got two pairs of pants for work. Rebecca and I didn't buy anything, not because we didn't want to. I will definitely be visiting this store again, either in person or on line. 

I had Rebecca snap a few more pics after we got back so you could see my outfit for the day.

chasing away the winter blues - a day out
chasing away the winter blues - a day out
chasing away the winter blues - a day out

The outfit consisted of black knee high boots, dark wash skinny jeans, charcoal gray cowl neck top, maroon fly away cardi and a retro styled fringe necklace.

I hope you enjoyed coming along with me and my girls on my birthday, chase away the blues, excursion. I had a good time with my daughters. And that night for dinner we met my husband, son-in-law and grandson at a favorite Italian restaurant for dinner. 

Thanks for visiting the blog and be sure to leave some love in the comments section below, or follow me on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram. 

Check back on Thursday when I will reveal an Awesome Accessory that I got for Christmas. Have a great day.

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Awesome Accessories - Boots

Do you ever have one of those days? Or weeks? Or months? Or years? Ha, ha. Where you just feel like, "i'm tired!" Or maybe even like giving up? You feel like you really aren't making a difference and all the work is not worth it! That is how I am feeling this week. Between my daughter's plumbing problems (which turned into two nights of water streaming into her closet), extra running back and forth, working extra hours and various other annoyances that I won't go into, like the fact that I typed this whole post once already and then it all disappeared! Don't you love technology? Ha, ha.

Oh well. Enough of my rant. Just being real here folks. Now onto my blog post.

Let's talk boots! Whether we are talking work boots, rain boots or fashion boots, boots have long had a place in our wardrobes. From farmers to construction workers, to officers in the military to fashionista's and fashion bloggers we all need or want to wear boots at some time or other. Winter is  prime boot season and today I just wanted to share a few of my favorite styles with you.  

These berry colored suede booties are one of my new favorites. Another thrift store find, I love the color, the texture, the height of the heel and added platform under the ball of the foot. They are very easy to walk in and versatile enough to wear with jeans, skirts, dresses, dress pants and leggings. 

This style and the ones following are what we would refer to as ankle boots. They fall just above the ankle and again are versatile enough to wear with many different clothing pieces. Ankle boots come in a variety of fabrics, patterns, and heel heights. They also zip, lace up or just pull on. They are a great staple for any wardrobe, especially for seasonal transition times like fall to winter.

I really like the wedge on this gray suede pair. It is just talk enough to say I have a heel, but super comfortable. I wear these to work and even out for a day of shopping.

This brown pair of boots is what I would call a mid-calf height. I like this height as I can still tuck my pants into them, but then I can also wear leg warmers which can add warmth, color and texture to the outfit. These are super comfy and I love the motorcycle vibe they give off.

The knee-high black boot is one I find myself wearing again and again. I actually have two pairs right now. These which are a typical riding boot and then I have a pair that have a low heel, for a little dressier look. Again, these are very comfy and can be worn in many different ways. 

The only other boot, I have yet to attain is an over-the-knee boot. Maybe for Christmas! If I do get a pair you will be sure to see them in January! 

I hope you enjoyed this post on boots. What height boot is your fave? Be sure to leave me some love in the comments section below or on Facebook. I appreciate your input and support.

Photo credits Rebecca Trumbull.

Shopping for Boots:

Dress Bootie - Payless - $22.00 (also this - $25.00)

Wedge heel - Tom's - $69.90

Ankle boot - Steve Madden - $75.00

Mid-calf boot - Rogan's Shoes - $56.24

Riding boots - DSW - $69.95


Winter Wonderland - Week 1

As I begin writing this post, it is 9:30 at night. I usually get started a tiny bit sooner, but my younger daughter had an emergency, so my husband and I, after finishing our dinner out, drove over to her apartment to see if we could help. The cold water supply pipe to her water heater burst! By the time we got there, maintenance was on site vacuuming up gallons of water that had sprayed out in Niagara Falls type form in my daughter's bedroom closet. Obviously, in apartment living these sorts of disasters not only affect you, but your neighbors as well. While maintenance was doing their job of fixing and cleaning, I held the chinchilla who had been doused with cold water. I wrapped the fat little guy up in a blanket and he soon stopped shivering. After the two men left with their huge shop vac, I helped my daughter go through dresser drawers, bags and boxes that had become soaked in the flood. I cannot imagine what people who go through actual flooding feel. This was overwhelming enough!

All that said, it is time for the start of my Winter Wonderland series. When I stared thinking about this, I was envisioning snow as my backdrop, but all I got was gray and drab. A typical midwest winter! Ha, ha. So we did what we could for our photos.

The idea behind this series was to show some of the textures and styles that we often see in the winter months. This being December I also wanted to choose outfits that could be taken from day to night or work to celebrations with just a few minor changes. 

winter outfit - jeans with Beatles shirt and jacket

This day time look is all about casual and warm. Rock and Republic skinny jeans, black knee high boots and a black double breasted jacket look sharp and classic. 

winter outfit - black blazer, jeans, Beatles shirt

To add some fun to my casual outfit, I wore a short sleeve gray tee with a light weight Beatles sweatshirt over top. I added a scarf with some silver threads and my maroon fringe bag. Voila!

winter outfit - casual day look - scarf

Details of scarf.

winter outfit - casual day look

Details of the bag. You are going to see this color come up again and again in this series. Whatever color you want to call it, burgundy, wine, maroon, it doesn't matter. I think is is a beautiful winter color, so I'll be working it!

winter outfit - casual day look

In the above photo you get a better look at the jacket buttoned. This is not a jacket I would wear to be warm. It is more like a blazer than an actual coat. However when you layer pieces you can get away with wearing this for a coat. Especially if you are not going to be spending hours outside.

winter outfit - casual day - boots

And here is a closer look at the boots. I wore a pair of leg warmers with them as well, just for extra warmth and texture.

winter outfit - night time look

For the night version of this casual outfit I swapped out the heavy dark jacket and threw on my faux velvet one. I changed from knee hight boots to maroon heeled booties and changed the fringe bag for one with a bit more shimmer. I was having problems with the heels on these shoes, not only sinking into the ground, but getting attached to leaves. Ha, ha.

winter outfit - casual day - maroon suede booties
winter outfit - night time faux velvet jacket

Instead of the scarf I wore three silver necklaces, just to add some bling. It is amazing to me how just a little bling or shimmer can take an outfit from casual to dressy.

winter outfit - night time version with faux velvet jacket

I was having a hard time standing with these shoes on this ground.....

winter outfit - night time longer jacket version

I had this other longer jacket, so I threw in a picture of that as well. I just wanted to show you different ways you could style the same outfit.

Can you guess which of these three was my favorite? I'd love to hear your favorites in the comments section below.

Thanks for following along. Be sure to check back on Thursday when my Awesome Accessories column will take a look at boots.

Have a great Tuesday.

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull.

Shopping the looks:

Rock & Republic Jeans - Kohl's - $59.99 (on sale)

Double Breasted Blazer - Macy's - $64.99 (this one is velvet)

Beatles shirt - Fab Four Store - $34.99

Black Knee High Boots - DSW - $69.95

Scarf - Charming Charlie - $19.00

Velvet Jacket - ModCloth - $79.99

Suede Heeled Booties - DSW - $49.95

Longer Jacket - Nordstrom - $89.00 (also velvet)

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Beautiful Blogger Bests - Styling a Scarf with a Bag

There are so many fun bloggers to follow, that I actually have a hard time, deciding who I should feature next on my Beautiful Blogger Bests column, but this week I was pressed for time and needed a fairly simple look that didn't require a ton of prep or thought. Enter in the English beauty Gemma of Jacquard Flower

Gemma is a part time professional and a full time mom to twins. Her style language is fairly simple, a few good quality items mixed with clothing pieces that can be used every day. I always look forward to Gemma's posts. In this particular post Outfit Ideas with Scarves and Bags, Gemma takes two simple pieces and creates a fabulous casual outfit with eye popping color. Be sure to click on the link to see her original post. I especially like her orange shopper bag and blanket scarf. The scarves and bags Gemma used in her post were all from Laura Ashley.

While Gemma wore jeans and a black sweater, with tan knee high boots, I wore jeans and a gray sweater with black boots. 

Look 1 - Red and Gray Scarf with Red Bag

gray and red scarf with red bag

We were at my daughter's (photographer) house meeting our new grand "dog". She's a big puppy with some mastiff and a few other things in her lineage. I should have had my daughter include a photo! Anyway, my girl and my son-in-law have this wonderfully large and comfy chair. It just felt like the perfect pose!

gray and red scarf with red bag
gray and red scarf with a red bag

Look 2 - Blue and Gray Scarf with Blue Bag

blue and gray scarf with blue bag

This one doesn't have the pop of color like the red does, but I like the textures involved in the outfit as a whole.

gray and blue scarf with blue bag
gray and blue scarf with blue bag

Here are the two looks side by side.

You might be asking yourself, why follow all of these different fashion bloggers? My answer is to be inspired. I have learned so much from all of these lovely ladies and their creativity inspires me daily to look in my closet and ask myself, "How can I look my best today?"

I hope you will check out Gemma's site and give her some love. As bloggers we benefit from your comments and your views! We all thank you. 

Have a great weekend!