Marvelous Maxis - Pleasantly Pleated

This is the first week in a series that centers around the marvelous maxi skirt. For me, a maxi skirt is a perfect option for summer dressing. As I have probably mentioned before, I have bad varicose veins. These began after my second daughter was born and then I started gaining weight. They are ugly, bulgy and cause my legs to be discolored a rather purply blue. While these can be somewhat treated, insurance companies can be rather persnickety about paying for a procedure that isn't an absolute necessity. Believe me, my veins are more of a pride issue than a health issue. Eventually, I will look into having something done, but they really don't bother me that much...I've had a kidney stone, so I do know pain. Ha, ha.

Back to the maxi skirt. These are great for running around town, hanging out at home, or going out with the hubs for a date night. They are comfortable and affordable. A maxi skirt extends all the way to the ankle and below. I prefer them to skim the tops of my feet so I am not tripping over the material.

Today's outfit is a pleated maxi. I love this piece and have featured it on the blog before, here

Look 1 - Casual

marvelous maxi - pleated skirt

I wanted to show you two ways to style each of the skirts I will feature in this series. This first look is more casual. I topped the skirt with a gray slub tee. I love the drape and feel of this fabric. 

marvelous maxis - pleated skirt

I opted for my macrame drawstring bag with wooden beads. It give the outfit a bit of a hippie look and the taupe color goes well with my shoes. 

marvelous maxis - pleated skirt

I kept the jewelry very simple. I found this bead at a a little shop down near Mohican State Park called Creative Outlet Indian Store. They don't have a website, but you can click here to see some reviews. They have all manner of Native American jewelry, moccasins and CD's, as well as the usual touristy type stuff. I simply bought the bead, then looped a piece of leather through to make it into a necklace. Easy. 

marvelous maxis - pleated skirt

Look 2 - More Dressy

For the second look, I swapped out the slub tee for a sheer top with a fancy crocheted area around the neck and down the front. 

marvelous maxis - pleated skirt
marvelous maxis - pleated skirt

I tucked the top in and wore a wide brown belt, to give the outfit a more polished feel. I carried my multi colored clutch and added a necklace and bracelet with a coppery tone.

Marvelous maxis - pleated skirt

For shoes, I swapped out the ankle boots for a pair of dark brown heeled cage sandals. 

Marvelous maxis - pleated skirt

Here's a look at the two outfit side by side.

A long pleated maxi skirt is a great addition to your wardrobe. I know for some petite women, finding a maxi that doesn't drag on the ground can be hard. There is always the option of having a seamstress hem it up for you. Also, check out the petites section of your favorite stores. Maxi's a pretty popular right now and they may have something just right for you. 

Thanks for stopping by the blog today. Be sure to check out Thursday's Awesome Accessory column, where I will be looking at summer bags. 

Below are a few pleated maxi's that I thought were pretty. This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own. 

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull. Make up Rachel Christensen.

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