Working Undercover - Battle of the Bulge - Part 1

One of the biggest struggles we have as we age is the increase in weight around our middles. Here is an informative article By Elsie Velazquez about the issue, Middle-Age Bulge - Why Does it Happen and What We Can Do to Prevent it.  Velazquez points to 5 common mistakes we make that contribute to our bulges, including stress, decrease in sleep and mindless eating. She also points to exercise mistakes such as doing cardio only and never changing up the routine. I am so guilty of all of these.

The reality is, however, that without totally revamping our lifestyles those bulges are not going away easily. Until, I actually come to the point where I am willing to put in the work, both mentally and physically to change, I have to live with my extra baggage and find a way to either accept it or cover it up until I feel better about it. Since this series is about covering up our flaws that is the area I am going to concentrate on. 

I'm going to take a few weeks to get through this, because there is so much to share. 

Florida outfit - camouflage

This outfit was one I wore while we were in Florida. I thought it an appropriate outfit to start off my series on "camouflage". I found this cute top at H&M on a sale rack. While my husband is a big fan of camo during hunting season, it is not a trend that I have gotten into for my blog until recently. I've seen numerous bloggers wearing camo, as it seems particularly trendy now, and I will admit, when worn the right way it can make a fashion statement. 

In order to understand the bulge dilemma, I thought I would show you a few pics of my own spare tires.

I am fully aware that wearing tight pants will make bulges more prominent, but I did that for the sake of the pictures and because I do like my pants to fit securely around my torso. I feel like I am continually pulling them up if I don't have a belt on, but to get them to fit around my bum and legs they have to be the size I wear. The joys of being a woman, right?

Bulges make us curvy. There are women who are thin and straight and would give their right arm to have bulges. As I said in last week's post we are on a journey to self acceptance, but we also want to look and feel confident and put together. I do not feel confident if my bulges are sticking out inappropriately, so for me, wearing a tight tee shirt is not going to happen. 

So, how do we dress in a way that is stylish, but still covers our bulges? The word you want to remember is skimming. It isn't just about fabric. There are fabrics that cling and fabrics that flow or skim. We want our clothing to show off our shapes, but at the same time be forgiving of our bulges. 

Here are a few examples of dress waistlines that offer a forgiving or camouflage feature. 

1. Empire Waist

The empire waist is a high waist that falls just below the breasts. This is the point where the material is gathered in some way to make the high waist more fitted. From this point the clothing piece subtly flares out either in wide flare or a straighter more a-line silhouette.

Working under cover - empire waist
Working under cover - empire waist
Working under cover - empire waist

2. Ruched Waist

Ruching is a technique used on fabric to gather or pleat a particular area. This technique is done on tops, pants, skirts, and dresses. Ruching in the right spot can cover a plethora of flaws. 

Working under cover - ruched waist
Working undercover - ruched waist
Working undercover - ruched waist

3. Fitted waist

A fitted garment is one where panels of fabric are sewn together to give the piece a more curved look in through the bust and waist area. In a dress like this one, the panels then flare out making this piece more of a swing type dress. 

Working undercover - paneled waist
Working undercover - fitted waist
Working undercover - fitted waist

These waist lines are available in tops as well as dresses, so when you go shopping start looking for articles of clothing that have some of these features. 

Next week we'll look at some other ways to camouflage our bulges. Just because we want to cover things up a little bit doesn't mean we can't wear fun things like tee shirts. I'll show you how next week. 

Here are a few more pics of my Florida outfit. Be sure to check back tomorrow for a new faith post and Thursday for some more layering love. 

Working undercover - camouflage top
Working undercover - Camo shirt
Working undercover - camo shirt

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