Piece Perfect - The Navy Blazer

Today's Perfect Piece is going to be spread out over two months, because I found so many ways to style this fitted navy blazer by Ralph Lauren. Today's post will feature wearing the blazer with a dress and a skirt. Next month I will look at styling it with casual and dressy pants. 

Navy is one of those colors that can be worn with just about any other color. If you look up navy blue on the internet it shows a range of blue from what I would term royal blue to what I would call true navy. For the sake of ease I am referring to this blazer as navy, even thought it is a bit lighter than true navy.

The term blazer refers to a jacket that resembles a suit coat, but more casual. For more info on the origin of blazers see the Wikipedia article here

The three above pictures give you an overview of the fit of the blazer. Blazers can be fitted, flowy or boxy. I like a fitted blazer best because it cinches in at the waist giving me that girlish figure. Ha, ha. This blazer has a breast pocket on one side with the Ralph Lauren initials, two front flap pockets and two buttons. You can also see the split in the lower back allowing movement and flexibility. 

piece perfect - navy blazer

This blazer is also fully lined which means the lining not only covers the entire body, but the sleeves as well. The silky lining not only adds a layer of warmth, but makes it easier to slip into and out of, especially if you have long sleeve layers underneath. 

Piece Perfect - navy blazer outfit

Here is the first outfit with the blazer. I just threw it on over a striped tee shirt dress, then paired it with my navy Keds. Not to get to matchy, I carried my Lush Meadow tote bag. I accessorized with blue beads and a blue bangle. 

Piece Perfect - navy blazer outfit

Note the line where the sleeve hits my hand. It is just longer than my wrist, which is where I like most of my jackets to hit. This allows you to show just a little bit of sleeve if you have a top that you want to stick out or if you want your bracelets to show. Some people wear their sleeves longer and some shorter. I'm sure there is a standard, but in the fashion world it's more about personal preference. I also like that the initials are not overwhelming. If you look up Ralph Lauren jackets you will see that many of them have his crest on the pocket in gold. I got this at a thrift store and I am not a huge brand buyer, especially if it is advertised on the pocket, but I like the fit and look so well, that it didn't bother me that the RL was on the pocket.

Piece Perfect - navy blazer outfit

Here is the blazer paired with a skirt and sweater. The skirt has a navy, red and cream pattern, so I chose a creamy sweater with Joy printed on it. I kept my accessories in the gold/pewter line to go with the lettering on the sweater.

This will be a fun sweater to use again at the holidays. 

Here are the two looks side by side:

So what do you think of this blazer? Do you wear a blazer? How do you style it? I'd love to have your input. Just leave a comment in the comments section below.

Next month in this Piece Perfect column, I'll show you the outfits I put together pairing the blazer with a pair of dress pants and a pair of snakeskin jeans. 

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Have a lovely weekend!

Photo credit, Rebecca Trumbull.

Shopping for Blazers:

Ralph Lauren version - Black - Dillards - $198.00

Other brands:

JC Penney - $34.99

Target - $29.99

There are a number of navy blazers available including Ralph Lauren on Poshmark, ModCloth and eBay.