Holiday Outfit - Casual - Skirt

In this series on holiday outfits I wanted to give you options that you can use for Thanksgiving or Christmas. Although, by the time this series is done, Thanksgiving will be over. I can't believe it is on Thursday. I just took out my turkey this morning to start thawing. How many of you are cooking on Thursday? I really don't mind the work. When I have a special occasion I like to cook. When life is busy my spouse and I will eat out a couple times a week, so when I get the chance to cook, I do enjoy it. The clean up, not so much! Ha, ha

For this week's post I took a leopard print skirt and designed a casual and comfortable outfit that still looks chic and festive. 

Holiday outfit - casual - skirt

Like I did last week, I'll organize this in a way that will help you build a holiday outfit from pieces that you already own. 

1. Pick a casual skirt that you like to wear. I doesn't have to have a print, but prints are fun. In keeping with the time of year, maybe choose a piece that has darker colors or more fall-like tones. Length is up to you. Mini's, maxi's or something in between all work as the foundation for a festive holiday outfit. 

Holiday outfit - casual - skirt

The thing that makes this Jones, NY leopard print, pencil skirt more casual is its texture. It is made of narrow wale corduroy. Corduroy is very close to a ridged velvet. The fabric has the same soft feel, so it is comfortable and movable. Another thing that makes this skirt more casual is the belt loops and front zipper. I have another leopard print skirt that I styled on the blog here, but I feel it is more dressy. It is a smooth chino type fabric with a structured waist that buttons on the side. i'll admit they look pretty similar and I will probably get rid of one of them at some point, but for now, I am guilty of owning two leopard print skirts. Ha, ha. 

Another great casual skirt that you could easily dress up for the holidays is a denim one. Denim is the perfect back drop for all sorts of pretty combinations that stay casual, but still say holidays.

2. Pick a festive companion piece. For my outfit I chose two companion pieces, an open weave pullover sweater with gold threads, and a denim vest with silver bling on the yoke. This sweater is Covington and the vest is Christopher & Banks

Holiday outfit - casual - skirt

The bling gives the outfit a holiday feel without being a top that has the actual holiday on it. If you don't have a top with bling choose a vest or sweater in the season's color. A rich burgundy or maroon will work great for Thanksgiving or Christmas. Even a deep purple or rusty orange will give an outfit a holiday vibe. 

3. Pick your jewelry. If you have a more blingy top you might want to forgo the jewelry, lest you feel like a Christmas decoration, but if you think the more the better, then welcome to my world. The goal is overstatement versus understatement

Holiday outfit - casual - skirt

I chose a brassy necklace that had a few beads that matched the Butterum color in the skirt. The brassy chain also goes with the brass buckle on my belt. Sometimes mixing metals can clash, but I think in this outfit it works because no one metal takes center stage. They all compliment and work together with other colors in the outfit.

If your outfit pieces have no bling, then you can layer on the jewelry. Try multiple layers of gold or silver necklaces, or mix them up. Gold and silver can look gorgeous on a backdrop of burgundy, dark purple or deep navy. Think about what you own and try different pieces until you find something that makes you say, "I really like how that looks." Chances are, other people will think so too.

4. Add a bag. To pull together the browns in the skirt and the necklace I reached for my Butterum hobo bag. It is roomy enough to fill with additional items for a trip to see the family for dinner or even to tuck a light weight shawl for someone else's cooler home. 

Holiday outfit - casual - skirt

5. Don't forget your shoes. Once again I reached for my Impo gray suede ankle boots. You can see I also went for a dark brown pair of tights, for full coverage of my legs. 

Holiday outfit - casual - skirt

I chose these as they are dressy, but not too dressy. They are warm and I thought the gray color went well with the gray sweater. You could also wear knee hight boots, over the knee boots or even a pair of Keds or Converse sneakers for an even more casual look. The classier your shoes are the more dressed up the outfit will look. Heels, to me always make a dressy statement. You'll see more of that in the next four posts as we get into dressier looks. 

Holiday outfit - casual - skirt

I hope you enjoyed seeing this outfit in my holiday series and I hope it provided some inspiration for you to create a holiday look from your own closet. 

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull

Here are a few cute skirts and boots to shop for. This post contains affiliate links. All opinion are my own.

Marvelous Maxis - A+ A-lines

This is the final installment in my Marvelous Maxis series. An A-line skirt is basically a skirt that is narrow at the waist then subtly flares out toward the bottom, thus the "A" look. I have always been a fan of the A-line skirt because it is figure flattering, but still allows for room through the hips and thighs. It is also a great skirt to wear if you want some flare, but don't want a lot of excess material. 

Today's skirt is from Dressbarn. If you are not familiar with Dressbarn they are a women's clothing retailer selling sizes 4-24. I hadn't been in a Dressbarn in ages, but then visited one with my girlfriend while I was back in NY a few months ago. I was glad I did. They have a fun and whimsical style with a variety of prints, colors and cuts in pants, skirts, dresses and tops. They also sell accessories like shoes, bags and jewelry. It took everything in my power to not spend more than I did! 

Look 1 - Casual

Marvelous maxis - A - line skirt

I fell in love with the print on this skirt, knowing that I will be able to use it for spring, summer and fall. The skirt is a somewhat sheer material, but is fully lined so you don't have to worry about finding a slip to wear underneath. 

Marvelous maxis - A-line skirt

The lining has knee high slits on both sides, making it easy to walk and sit without feeling bound in. Here is a pretty fuschia floral print. 

Marvelous maxis - A-line skirt

I paired the skirt with a simple embellished orange tank top. This is a St. John's Bay brand which is found at JC Penney. My tank was thrifted. I tucked the top in, to keep a more figure flattering silhouette. Notice after I tucked it in, I pulled it out a touch, to allow the material to bag out to camouflage my bulges. We have to have a trick or two to hide our baggage!

Marvelous maxis - A-line skirt

Since the tank has all this bling, I decided to not wear a necklace. For accessories I just wore a multi-strand beaded bracelet, carried a small macrame bag and wore my lace up sandals. I bought these sandals at Meijer. Meijer is a grocery and clothing retailer here in the midwest. I was surprised to find out that their Massini clothing line is now backed by Stacy London of What Not to Wear fame. Meijer is trying to create a style for every body. 

Marvelous maxis - A-line skirt
Marvelous maxis - A-line skirt

Look 2 - Dressy

For a more dressy look, I swapped the casual tank for my glitzy taupe short sleeved pullover blouse. This piece was thrifted and is The Limited brand. The Limited is no longer available as they closed their stores back in January. You can see how I styled this blouse in last fall's Pantone series here

Marvelous maxis - A-line skirt
Marvelous maxis - A-line skirt

I also added a gold clutch and gold Covington wedge sandals, Sears carries Covington brand shoes. I also added a fun pendant necklace. 

Marvelous maxis - A-line skirt
Marvelous maxis - A-line skirt
Marvelous maxis - A-line

Here are the two looks side by side.

I hope you enjoyed this series on maxi skirts. These skirts are a great option when you want to have your legs covered, but don't want to wear pant or hose. Do you have maxi skirts in your closet? How do you like to wear them? I'd love to hear your thoughts. 

Have a great week! 

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull. Make up Rachel Christensen

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Awesome Accessories - The Pashmina Scarf

Since the weather here in the Midwest is beginning to cool down considerably, I thought I would take another look at scarves, but focus on a heavier, longer variety of scarf that we refer to as the pashmina. The original pashmina was type of cashmere wool woven into a garment meant to be worn as a shawl. Today we have a variety of pashmina colors and prints as varied as the flowers and plants in creation. Many of the scarves or shawls that we now term pashmina, are made from a variety of fabrics and realize different weights and textures, thus, not true pashminas. However, there are many stores that sell real wool/silk blend pashminas for very reasonable prices. 

Today's post will look at a variety of ways to wear these longer, rectangular shaped scarves.

pashmina scarf

This scarf, while having the shape of a pashmina is not made from the soft, silky cashmere wool. It doesn't feel scratchy so I do not think it has any wool in it. It is probably a blend of man made materials. A thrift store find, I thought I could use it like a blanket scarf, but then as I did more research realized a true blanket scarf is square not rectangular. I am learning new things all the time!

1. The shawl - 

pashmina scarf

2. The simple flip over one shoulder - 

pashmina scarf

3. Flip ends to the back then pull ends to the front - here the ends are the focal point of what hangs in the front - 

pashmina scarf

4. Flip ends to back, but leave front loose. Pull front down into more of a long bib, then bring just the fringy ends to the front - the messy look.

pashmina scarf

5. Triangular bib - similar to above, but make the bib more triangular and tucks the ends under the bib. 

pashmina scarf

6. Left long and belted - 

pashmina scarf

Here is a look at all of them:

I hope this post inspires you to dig that pashmina out of your closet and start wearing it. I have quite a few in different colors. It is the perfect toasty addition to any outfit or just wear one with your coat to keep your neck warm. The pashmina is not only stylin' it's practical.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend. 

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull.

If your are looking for a true pashmina check out The Pashmina Store.

This store is only a recommendation that I found while perusing on line. I have never bought anything from them, but might some time in the future! 

Pantone Fall 2016 - Lush Meadow

The final installment in the Pantone Fall 2016 series is a vibrant, rich color called Lush Meadow. I am not sure I would have given this color that name, because to me it seems to express more of an emerald tone, than a field of green. Unless you are in the jungle, meadows are typically more of a grassy green and perhaps filled with flowers. Something like this:



However, I was not on the committee to name these colors and I am sure they had a reason they named this green what they did. Now that my little tangent is over. Here is my outfit.

lush meadow outfit

I have had this maxi skirt for a long time and just could never find the combination of top and accessories that made me say "Yes! This is it!" When I paired this top with the skirt and then added the belt, I thought I had hit the mark. 

lush meadow outfit

Even though the top is a single color, there is a definite print to it. I am not sure what the process was, but it looks like lace and crochet mixed. I didn't realize it at the time, but seeing these pictures now, I see that the shape of the print on my top, matches the shape of the print on my skirt. How's that for some fancy mixing? Ha, ha.

lush meadow outfit

For my accessories I wore a bead, ribbon and chain necklace which had beads that whisper Lush Meadow and ribbons in the line of Spicy Mustard. I also added a Spicy Mustard bracelet. (To see how I styled Spicy Mustard as an outfit click here.) My bag was a simple charcoal gray clutch that matched one of the colors in the skirt. The skirt also has white and a bit of tan, thus the inclusion of the brown belt and brown ankle boots.

lush meadow outfit

In this shot of the boots, you can also see a bit of the lining of the skirt. (You can also see the mud on the heel of my boot - ha, ha - squishy ground!) It is fully lined from top to bottom, so it provides an extra layer of warmth and no need for a slip. This is a great transitional skirt for fall, but I think I will be wearing this again in the winter with a chunky sweater, knee boots and tights for added warmth.

lush meadow outfit

I hope you have enjoyed this series on the Pantone 2016 Fall colors. Next week I will be doing a recap of all the outfits, so I hope you'll check in again next Tuesday. 

Thursday I will be looking at the Pashmina scarf as another awesome cold weather accessory. Be sure to check back. Until then take care and keep stylin'!

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull

Shopping for Lush Meadow:

Tops -

Nordstrom - $70.00

Kohl's - $28.80

Roaman's - $49.99 - 54. 99 (Plus Size)

Bag's - 

Kohl's - $69.30

Kohl's - $55.30

DSW -  $49.95

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Piece Perfect - The Navy Blazer

Today's Perfect Piece is going to be spread out over two months, because I found so many ways to style this fitted navy blazer by Ralph Lauren. Today's post will feature wearing the blazer with a dress and a skirt. Next month I will look at styling it with casual and dressy pants. 

Navy is one of those colors that can be worn with just about any other color. If you look up navy blue on the internet it shows a range of blue from what I would term royal blue to what I would call true navy. For the sake of ease I am referring to this blazer as navy, even thought it is a bit lighter than true navy.

The term blazer refers to a jacket that resembles a suit coat, but more casual. For more info on the origin of blazers see the Wikipedia article here

The three above pictures give you an overview of the fit of the blazer. Blazers can be fitted, flowy or boxy. I like a fitted blazer best because it cinches in at the waist giving me that girlish figure. Ha, ha. This blazer has a breast pocket on one side with the Ralph Lauren initials, two front flap pockets and two buttons. You can also see the split in the lower back allowing movement and flexibility. 

piece perfect - navy blazer

This blazer is also fully lined which means the lining not only covers the entire body, but the sleeves as well. The silky lining not only adds a layer of warmth, but makes it easier to slip into and out of, especially if you have long sleeve layers underneath. 

Piece Perfect - navy blazer outfit

Here is the first outfit with the blazer. I just threw it on over a striped tee shirt dress, then paired it with my navy Keds. Not to get to matchy, I carried my Lush Meadow tote bag. I accessorized with blue beads and a blue bangle. 

Piece Perfect - navy blazer outfit

Note the line where the sleeve hits my hand. It is just longer than my wrist, which is where I like most of my jackets to hit. This allows you to show just a little bit of sleeve if you have a top that you want to stick out or if you want your bracelets to show. Some people wear their sleeves longer and some shorter. I'm sure there is a standard, but in the fashion world it's more about personal preference. I also like that the initials are not overwhelming. If you look up Ralph Lauren jackets you will see that many of them have his crest on the pocket in gold. I got this at a thrift store and I am not a huge brand buyer, especially if it is advertised on the pocket, but I like the fit and look so well, that it didn't bother me that the RL was on the pocket.

Piece Perfect - navy blazer outfit

Here is the blazer paired with a skirt and sweater. The skirt has a navy, red and cream pattern, so I chose a creamy sweater with Joy printed on it. I kept my accessories in the gold/pewter line to go with the lettering on the sweater.

This will be a fun sweater to use again at the holidays. 

Here are the two looks side by side:

So what do you think of this blazer? Do you wear a blazer? How do you style it? I'd love to have your input. Just leave a comment in the comments section below.

Next month in this Piece Perfect column, I'll show you the outfits I put together pairing the blazer with a pair of dress pants and a pair of snakeskin jeans. 

Thanks so much for your support. Be sure to like and share on my Facebook page. You can also see what I've been pinning on Pinterest, and peek at some of my other outfits on Instagram. 

Have a lovely weekend!

Photo credit, Rebecca Trumbull.

Shopping for Blazers:

Ralph Lauren version - Black - Dillards - $198.00

Other brands:

JC Penney - $34.99

Target - $29.99

There are a number of navy blazers available including Ralph Lauren on Poshmark, ModCloth and eBay.