Piece Perfect - The Basic Shift Dress

I have learned so much from other bloggers. One of the things I see repeatedly on other blogs is the clothing piece we refer to as a shift dress. A shift dress is basically a straight dress, that typically falls just above the knee. The dress is not fitted, allowing room to breath and hiding a boat load of flaws. However, I think today we have many dresses that would fall into the shift dress category albeit not adhering exactly to the true definition. 

I found this blue dress at my favorite thrift store and thought, why not give it a go. 

Piece perfect - basic shift dress winter to spring

This is not the typical shift dress as it is more fitted through the waist. However, I can style it in similar ways to a true shift type dress, and the price was right. Ha, ha.

I want to show you two transitional outfits using this dress. These outfits can take you from the cold days of February to the warmer days of April.

Outfit 1 - Gray Days with a Pop of Color

Piece Perfect - basic shift dress winter to spring

For this simple look, I added a pair of gray leggings, gray ankle boots and a gray open front fly away cardi. The awesome thing about a shift dress is that it is so easy to style around. From throwing on a sweater or jacket, to pairing it with tights or leggings, it can take on a completely different look. Also, with this particular shift being a solid color I have so many options of how to accessorize.

Piece perfect - shift dress from winter to spring

Because we are already thinking ahead to spring and because I wanted this outfit to be a transitional outfit from winter to spring I decided to add my Flame colored accessories. For more on the Spring 2017 Pantone color line up see my collaboration post with Liz of With Wonder and Whimsy, Pantone Sneak Peek. (If you click on her website it will take you to Liz's post. If you click on the sneak peek link it will take you to my post.)

I love how the orange really pops with the dark charcoal gray and the rich navy.

Piece perfect - basic shift dress winter to spring

To add just a bit more color I added this Vera Wang floral deep tote bag. 

Piece perfect - basic shift dress winter to spring

Outfit 2 - Greenery is on the Way

Piece perfect - basic shift dress winter to spring

As the temperatures start to climb we will want to lose our heavy leggings and ankle boots for bare legs or (for me) nude support hose and fun flats. I decided to wear the shift like a jumper and styled my Greenery popover blouse underneath.

One of the nice features of this dress is the heavier knit fabric. It allows me to style something under it without showing off wrinkles or other flaws, such as my pudgy middle. The darker navy fabric helps hide the flaws as well. 

Piece perfect - basic shift dress winter to spring

To add a touch of whimsical elegance I added this long statement necklace. The white flower reminds me of Snowdrop flowers which were always the first to appear after a long winter back in Buffalo, NY where I hail from.

Piece perfect - basic shift dress winter to spring

I kept my other accessories simple using a cognac colored bag and flats. 

Piece perfect - basic shift dress winter to spring

Here's the whole outfit.

Piece perfect - basic shift dress winter to spring

One of the things I liked about this dress is the pockets. They would come in handy for your phone or keys and so on.

This dress will probably show up again down the road when summer gets here. Do you own a shift dress? How do you style it?

I hope you enjoyed this post. Have a great weekend.

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Family Weekend Getaway

The day after Thanksgiving we drove to Shipshewana, Indiana to meet my husband's family. All of us were able to be there and it was a lovely time of too much good food, a little bit of shopping and tons of visiting. Our daughters were both there; our eldest with her hubby and our youngest with her son. Both of my husband's parents were there in addition to his sister and her spouse along with their two boys and their families. The cousins all have so much fun together and the children of those cousins are now continuing the tradition of celebrating the holidays. There is nothing quite like the enthusiasm of a six, five and three year old!

Since Rebecca was there I had her snap a few pics one of the days so I could use them for this post. 

family getaway outfit

Many bloggers talk about a capsule wardrobe, especially when traveling. While I think it is an awesome idea, I have the same problem with clothes that I do with food. I love food! I love variety! I love different tastes and textures. When we are talking Christmas cookies, I can't just make one or two kinds and save myself the work. I have to make four or five kinds. Sugar cookies are a must, though I am not sure why only cut outs are called sugar cookies (and a few others), but don't all cookies have some amount of sugar in them? But, I digress! I can't just have a Christmas tree shaped cookie. I have to have stars and snowmen, Santas and bells. And, they can't be plain, they have to have various colored frostings and sprinkles! Maybe that is why my Grandson loves to make cookies with me!

The same is true for my clothes. I love clothes. I love the colors and the textures. I love jackets and sweaters, pants and skirts....and my husband just interjected, "And you love to wear all of it at the same time!" Ha, ha. Anyway, when I travel, I still like to have variety, but I have been experimenting with choosing a color theme when I pack. For this weekend away, I chose the colors, cream, gray and brown.

This outfit was one of the choices that I packed. Keeping in the same color theme for the weekend I only needed one pair of shoes, plus the pair I wore on the drive. I wish I would have gotten pictures of all three outfits I included in the weekend, but that didn't happen. Too much partying and little picture taking.

family getaway outfit

This thrifted gray fly away cardi is the perfect addition to many ensembles. It is light weight, so I will be able to use this through many seasons. While I didn't get a picture of it, the cardi has a band in the back which gathers the material and gives it a fitted look. I love the drape of this piece. I wore the cardi over a multi- print popover top which had an elastic band on the bottom giving the top room and comfort. I wore my off white corduroys which, I felt added a casual vibe to this holiday outfit. 

family getaway outfit

Here's a closer look at the top. I also wore a gold pendant necklace.

family getaway outfit

For shoes I wore my gray suede ankle booties. I wish I would have pulled my pant leg up higher. The boots have a cute chain on the outside of each ankle. I love the low wedge heel on these. They are the perfect boot for shopping and can be worn with a dress or skirt as well. 

Just for fun, I asked my stylin' sister-in-law Sue to take a few pics with me. 

family getaway outfit
family getaway outfit

We were having too much fun!

weekend getaway outfit

I thought Sue came up with a great outfit for our holiday get together. Her tunic sweater set shimmered with gold threads and the mix of skinny jeans and cowboy type boots kept the outfit casual, but festive.

family getaway outfit

I love how Sue kept her accessories minimal. The simple bead dangles on the necklace pull together the creams, browns and golds in her outfit. Isn't she beautiful? She's also has a beautiful heart! I am very blessed to have her for a sister-in-law.

I hope you enjoyed this peek into my world. Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below. I appreciate all your support and input. Don't forget to check out my Instagram page and Pinterest as well. 

Have a great Tuesday.


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