Color Crash Course - Spooky Color Combo (without being scary)

One of the ways I wanted to challenge myself in this Color Crash Course column, was to come up with color combinations that we usually associate with something else. For instance red and yellow make me think of McDonalds; red and green Christmas; green and yellow the Green Bay Packers (my husband's team) and so on. With Halloween only a few days away, I had to look at colors traditionally associated with this holiday. 

It used to be Halloween colors were restricted to orange and black, but in the more recent decades green and purple have been added to that mix. Images of pumpkins, witches, the Frankenstein monster and ghosts flying through a purply black night sky all come to mind. I decided to take those four colors and combine them into an outfit. 

halloween colors outfit

Black jeans make the color subtle, rather than a stark black pant or skirt. Plus the jeans add texture to the outfit. Remember we have been exploring the idea of texture for making an outfit more interesting. 

halloween colored outfit

This orange sweater was from Christopher and Banks last year. I like that it is light weight so perfect for layering and it has.....texture. The little raised bumps give it a polka dot effect. 

halloween colored outfit

You can see the button up I wore under my sweater is black and has little owls on it. What better for Halloween. With the black background the little tan owls really show up as well as the little bits of purple and green in the pattern. I decided to add the lighter purple necklace so as to not overwhelm with a too Halloween-ish outfit. 

halloween colored outfit

I left the shirt tail out to add some color and dimension between the sweater and the black jeans. 

For my bag I decided on a Lush Meadow clutch (more on that color in a few weeks). My shoes are an older pair I just love. A dark purple velvet kitten heel with sequins. They sound quirky, but I really like the way they fit my foot and the dark purple and sequins remind me of that Halloween sky. 

halloween colored outfit

And, of course, I had to throw in a silly one. For another lovely look at black and orange check out Laurie at Vanity and Me. She shows an orange sweater styled two ways.

What do you think of wearing these colors together? What do you think of this outfit? I'd love to have your input. Just leave a comment below. 

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend. Thanks for hanging out with me on the blog!

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull.