Awesome Accessories - The Statement Necklace

Accessories are the fashion flare on our outfits. An accessory can do more to pull an outfit together and give it a bit of sass than spending a mint on certain labels or brands. I am not against brands. Being a thrift shopper, I have actually found my hands going towards high end labels at my favorite second hand stores, because I have been educated by following other bloggers as to what is a good quality, well made piece. However, I have oodles of clothes that are not high end. After all, when I do shop at regular retail stores I usually find myself back at Kohl's, Penney's or Christopher and Banks. What I have found, however, is that my cheaper selections can actually look more high end by pairing them with great accessories. 

Today I want to take a look at statement necklaces. This will be an ongoing series over the course of several accessory posts to show you what is available in the necklace category and how one statement piece differs from another. There are so many options available, sometimes it is hard to know what piece to wear with what outfit. 

For this post I will be looking at short statement necklaces that are made with beads and metal. 

awesome accessory - short bead and metal statement necklace

A statement piece does what it says. It makes a statement. Often the statement is bold, an exclamation of "Look at me! Aren't I pretty?" Statement pieces can also be unique, whether it be the arrangement of the materials involved or the colors. 

The above necklace is more simple, but simplicity can also be a statement. The uniqueness of this piece is found in its shell, stone, metal and wood beads and in the rawhide used to hang it around the neck. 

awesome accessory - short statement necklaces made with beads and metal

Sometimes during the heat of the summer I will get a rash wherever I have metal against my skin. I have a nickel allergy, so usually stick to silver or gold, but I love cheap costume jewelry. Having a rawhide chain rather than a metal one, can alleviate some of those issues. 

awesome accessory - short statement necklace with beads and metal

Isn't this one fun? I love all the silver circles, the way it dangles and the way it shimmers. This piece can be worn with just about any color and really dresses up and outfit. 

awesome accessory - short statement necklace beads with metal

Most of these statement necklaces have an adjustable clasp in the back so you can make the necklace a little bit longer or shorter depending on your outfit and your preference. 

awesome accessory - short statement necklace with bead and metal

I have this necklace in two or three different colors. I know! I have a jewelry fetish, just like some people have purse and/or shoe fetishes. Ha, ha. I just love the way the beads cascade downward, reminiscent of a waterfall. 

awesome accessory - short statement necklace with beads and metal

I love everything about this one. The color of the beads, the strings of bling, and the chains all give it a more expensive feel. It almost looks like something a princess would wear! Here is a pic from when I wore this for a recent blog post. You can see the whole post here.  

statement necklace

Finally, this last one is just layers of fun. I love the color, the differing sizes of beads and even the way it feels when I run my fingers over it. 

awesome accessory - short statement necklace with beads and metal

What sorts of short statement necklaces do you have? Do you have just one special piece that you love to wear for special occasions or are you like me and have hooks full? I'd love to hear your thoughts and comments. 

Adding a special statement piece can serve so many functions for your outfit. It can add color, pizzazz and texture. It can draw attention away from problem areas and put the focus on your neck and face. A lovely statement necklace can make you feel and look more confident and vibrant. 

Thanks for hanging out on the blog today. I appreciate all your support. Check back next week for more fashion fun. Have a great weekend. 

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull.

Shopping for Statements:

Black multi - Venus - $19.00

Sage - Modcloth - $5.99

Blue - Chico's - $34.99

Crystal - Francesca's - $20.98

Light pink - Charming Charlie - $10.00

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