Summer Pieces - Water Color Maxi Skirt

With my photographer on vacation I have to resort to taking pictures myself for a week or two, meaning relearning how to use my camera. Ha, ha. I thought I would talk about a few of the fun summer pieces I have recently acquired. Every seasonal change, I have to go through my wardrobe to purge what I do not wear, what no longer fits or what I realize was one of those, why did I buy this, moments. As I have said before, I love clothes and I love shopping, so you can imagine that I am inundated with clothing. I also, (true confession time), often shop in spurts, somewhat like an addict trying to get my fix. It is sad, really, but for many of us, shopping is a hobby. To keep myself from ending up on the show, Hoarders, I decided that when I buy, I also need to purge. I am in the middle of this process right now and the fun part of it is, I get reminded of all the fun pieces I do have, and it inspires me to put together a few new outfits.

This water color maxi skirt, I found at a Goodwill store along the way, when my hubby and I were on vacation. It is a brand called eci New York. Macy’s does carry a few eci pieces that revolve around bright, bold florals and patterns. I love all the colors, because it provides a myriad of options for putting outfits together. Made of a medium weight polyester, this piece is easy wash and wear with no ironing needed. It has a wider elastic waist which provides comfort, as well as ease of wear.

Summer Pieces - Water Color skirt

I first thought of pairing the skirt with a light pink top, but then when I pulled this top from last year out of hibernation, I knew that was it. The yellow, St. John’s Bay top, from JC Penney, has a bit of a boho vibe already so I thought it was the perfect companion for this unique skirt. I love the textured aspect of this top, from the eyelet on the bodice, to the poms along the bodice edge, to the tasseled cords. I also like the flowy sleeves.

Summer pieces - water color maxi

When I started veering towards the Bohemian feel, I chose a woven belt that ties, leaving long fringe hanging along the skirt. You could position this belt wherever you wanted, with the fringe in the front, back or off to either side. I chose the left side, since I typically carry my bag on my right side.

I also chose jewelry that I felt epitomized that characteristically gypsy feel, like a multi-layered beaded bracelet with a dollop of fringe and a unique amber pendant choker with an aesthetically pleasing swirl.

Summer pieces - water color maxi skirt
Summer Pieces - Water color maxi skirt

My bag, bought many years ago, is the only true macrame piece I own and what says boho more than macrame? Ha, ha. It is small, but I have used this piece over and over as a cross body bad when we travel. It is big enough to hold the essentials, but not so big that it hurts your neck. This probably could use another washing. Bags like this are easy to wash. Be sure to put it in a laundry bag, then throw it in with your lights or towels. It isn’t meant to be a true white, but more of a cream.

Summer pieces - water color maxi skirt

For shoes I chose my No Boundaries black, gladiator sandals. These are ankle high gladiators, unlike the ones that go all the way up the calf. I’ve had these for a long time. They are comfy for a flat sandal and easy to pair with so many outfits for summer. I finally painted my toes, so summer must be pretty well here to stay. It is not that warm, but perfect in my opinion. If I owned a pool, I’d be happy with temps in the mid eighties, but as it is, I really like it to be about seventy five with a slight breeze.

Summer pieces - water color skirt

Do you like this outfit? Would you wear a skirt like this? What sort of artsy or uniques pieces do you have in your closet? I’d love you hear from you. I don’t mean to be a nag, but I really do like when my followers give me a little feedback. It is good for my blog as well. It helps me to know what you like and what sorts of things you would like to see on the blog. Even if you made a commitment to comment once a month, that would mean a great deal to me. Thank you so much, for all of your support, whether you comment or not! I appreciate you.

Summer pieces - water color maxi skirt

I’ve included a few shopping links. These are affiliate links. When You click on a link, I receive a few cents. Every little bit helps. These links are to things I think you might like and that follow along with the outfits I am posting. All opinions are my own.

Have a great Tuesday.

Pantone Fall 2018 - Russet Orange, Ultra Violet and Quiet Gray

This week’s Pantone Fall 2018 colors are a bright pumpkin orange and a deep purple we met last spring, that won Color of the Year. Russet Orange is an easy color on the eye and reminds us of those beautiful Maple trees that boast red, yellow and orange leaves. Ultra Violet might be part of your Halloween decorating. Since the combination of orange and purple has become a less dark and more party friendly Halloween pairing, I thought it would be fun to put these two colors together.

Pantone Fall 2018 - Russet Orange, Ultra Violet and Quiet Gray

These pants I’ve worn on the blog before, here, here and here. They are Worthington brand from JC Penney. These have a side zipper and sit higher on the waist, so help to create a more smooth silhouette.

Pantone Fall 2018 - Russet Orange, Ultra Violet and Quiet Gray

My top is an older tee from Christopher & Banks. I love the color of this top. To keep the bright colors from being too overwhelming, I chose the Pantone color Quiet Gray as a topper to polish off the look. This fun piece is from the Kohl’s clearance rack and is a brand called About A Girl. I really like the double breasted look and the feminine detailed ruffles.

Pantone Fall 2018 - Russet Orange, Ultra Violet and Quiet Gray

I kept my accessories fairly simple. This lovely leaf necklace I found at a shop in Grayling, MI called The Main Branch Gallery. Boasting art work and crafts from local artisans it is a great place to visit if you are ever up that way.

Pantone Fall 2018 - Russet Orange, Ultra Violet and Quiet Gray

I then finished off the look with my silver clutch and silver SO flats that I recently added to my SO shoe collection from Kohl’s. Here is a link if you are interested in other colors. They are on sale right now for only $21.99, which is a good deal for a fairly comfortable shoe that makes any outfit look a little more dressed up. I normally wear an 8.5 or a 9 and I get these in a 9.

Pantone Fall 2018 - Russet Orange, Ultra Violet and Quiet Gray
Pantone Fall 2018 - Russet Orange, Ultra Violet and Quiet Gray

What do you think of these two colors? Would you wear Russet Orange and Ultra Violet together? I’ve included a few shopping links below. These are affiliate links, but all opinions are my own.

Pantone Fall 2107 - The London Palette - Royal Lilac and Golden Olive

This is the final installment in the London series of colors from the Pantone Fall 2017 palette. I love the brightness of these two colors, especially together. For some reason they make me think of fall and of a Bohemian gypsy vibe. Maybe it is a flash back from the bright psychedelic colors of the late 60's and early 70's. Royal Lilac is a purple worthy of a king. Purple is one of my favorite colors and we rarely see it on the runways and magazines of the fashion world. Purples in those realms seem to tend more towards wines, burgundies or maroons.

Pantone Fall 2017 - London Palette - Royal Lilac and Golden Olive

Once again, let me say that when I look for these colors I try to get as close as possible to the color that is being portrayed in the Pantone palette. My colors do not always match exactly, but the point is to introduce you to the colors on the palette and show you ways to style those colors. Just like Toast and Copper Tan, Golden Olive was a difficult color to find. I had this top in my closet and the actual color seems a bit more green than what appears in the pictures, but not quite like the Golden Olive.

Pantone Fall 2017 - Royal Lilac and Golden Olive

Out of all the color pairings that I did from the London palette, I like this one the best. There is something about the contrast between the purple and the mustardy yellow, that appeals to my inner gypsy. In keeping with that idea, I thought I would accessorize with a brown hobo bag and brown slouchy boots. 

Pantone Fall 2017 - London Palette - Royal Lilac and Golden Olive

For my jewelry I added a brown lariat choker and a long metal and bead necklace that tied into the purple skirt

Pantone Fall 2017 - London Palette - Royal Lilac and Golden Olive

One of the other things I like about this outfit is the comfort. The material of the top and the skirt is basically heavy weight tee shirt material, so it moves with me and there is no binding or pinching. This is also a great transitional outfit as the weather cools. The 3/4 length sleeves on the shirt, the maxi length skirt and the boots all provide full coverage for those chilly days ahead. 

Pantone Fall 2017 - London Palette - Royal Lilac and Golden Olive

What do you think of these two colors? Do you like them? Would you wear them? I hope you will leave me a comment in the comments section below. I appreciate when you do and it helps my blog grow.

This post contains affiliate links. If you click on a shopping link below, I get a few cents. Every lttle bit helps, so thank you for the clicks. Part of why I include the links is to show you real items that are currently available in the colors I post, or at least close. All opinions expressed are my own.

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull. Make up Rachel Christensen.

Thanks for hanging out on the blog today. Check back on Thursday for another Fall 2017 trend.

Fall 2017 Trends - Mad about Plaid

When I begin my research on the new season trends, I do a goole search. Often I end up looking at sites like Elle and Cosmopolitan to name a few. One has to weed through numerous articles hi-lighting movies stars, and runway styles to find things that are really useful. I try to approach these sites with an open minded attitude, because there are many trends I do no agree with, nor would you ever catch me supporting them on my blog. However, there are plenty of ideas to glean from these fashion authorities.

For the month of September I am going to forgo my Thursday monthly columns to focus on styles that are trending for fall this year. I thought it would be fun to pick a trend then do a post with an outfit centered around each, as well as a few flat lays and possible shopping options. I hope you enjoy this series. Be sure to let me know your thoughts in the comments section at the bottom of each post. 

Today I am looking at plaid. Plaid is back and for a girl who grew up loving flannel shirts, I am glad. Plaid has been around since as far back the 16th century. The word plaid comes from the Scottish Gaelic word plaide which means blanket. My husband is Scottish on his mother's side. It is fun to look at the numerous plaid colors that represent each of the family/clan names from that time period. My hubby's great grandmother was a Robertson. The Robertson plaid is a bright red with navy and just a hint of forest green. This is a tie Mark's Uncle David got for him. It even has a tag that says Robertson.

Robertson plaid

I found this light weight plaid jacket at one of my favorite thrift stores, Savers. I make regular stops at this store as they have a great selection that is always changing. You can read more on thrifting in my two part series: Thoughts on Thrifting - Part 1 and Thoughts on Thrifting - Part 2

DSC_0048 (1).jpg

I love the vibrant red of this jacket. Red is trending for fall also, so look at me, I am being doubly trendy. Ha, ha. We'll look at the fall trending colors in a later post. 

Red, white and black plaid jacket

To keep it simple and let the jacket do the talking I slipped on a red tee, my Christopher and Banks slimming slip on jeans, then added black beads, black heeled ankle boots and a black and gray bag. You could also draw on the white in the jacket or the red to bring out those colors as well. 

Here are a few other jacket possibilities:

In addition to jackets you can style an outfit with a plaid top. Here is a flat lay I put together to show you a possible outfit starting with a plaid top. This top screams fall for its lovely fall colors, but to keep it from getting to colorful, I went for olive pants, and a black bomber jacket. 

Flat lay - plaid top, black bomber jacket, olive skinny jeans

As a last thought I grabbed the Tawny Port clutch. See the Pantone site for a look at this New York fall color. 

Here are a few plaid button ups that are currently available.

The next look revolves around a plaid accessory. In this case it is a pretty scarf. Plaid scarves have always been a viable option for the cooler weather and this year is no exception.

Flat lay - plaid scarf, purple peplum tee, purple jeans, blue heeled booties

I think this is a fun look for a date night with the hubby or a lunch date with the girls. Keeping the colors of the pants and top similar allows the scarf to be the center of attention.

Here are a few fun options for scarves:

What do you think of plaid? Is is a pattern you like to wear? Even if you don't like it in big quantities, even a little plaid can brighten up an outfit. 

Here are a few other plaid options:

As you can see there are plenty of options for adding plaid to your wardrobe. If you click on the pictures that show you other options it will take you to the site where you can see more details and tell you the prices.

This post contains affiliate links. If you click on a link I'll get a few cents. If you buy something through the link, I get a small commission. All opinions are my own.

i hope you enjoyed this look at plaid. Be sure to check back next week, where I'll look at another fall trend.

Have a great weekend!

Pantone Spring 2017 - Recap

I thought it would be a good idea to review the whole Pantone Spring 2017 line up in one blog post. This gives you a review of what the colors were and what outfits I chose to put together to go with each color. This series gets to be rather long, so I thought a recap would be a fun way to see it all together. 

Primrose Yellow

Pantone Spring 2017 - Primrose Yellow

Pale Dogwood

Pantone Spring 2017 - Pale Dogwood


Pantone Spring 2017 - Hazelnut

Island Paradise

Pantone Spring 2017 - Island Paradise


Pantone Spring 2017 - Greenery


Pantone Spring 2017 - Flame

Pink Yarrow

Pantone Spring 2017 - Pink Yarrow


Pantone Spring 2017 - Niagara


Pantone Spring 2017 - Kale

Lapis Blue

Pantone Spring 2017 - Lapis Blue

For those of you who are not familiar with the Pantone Color Institute, they are basically the color gurus of the fashion and design arena. Twice a year, in the spring and in the fall, Pantone puts out a palette of colors around which fashion designers, graphic designers and architectural entities design fabric, paint, home furnishings and more. You can look at their website by clicking on the link here

My interest in the Pantone palettes began as a way to get ideas about color and how to use it in the outfits I put together. I love color and am very thankful that God designed a world full of colors of every hue imaginable. The reason I do the series is to encourage you, that no matter what the color is, you can somehow wear it, whether it be as a top, bottom, jacket or as an accessory. Never say never to color. 

I hope you enjoy these series that I do. Out of my above outfits which one is your favorite? Which color would you reach for on a regular basis? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below. If you follow me on Facebook, you can also leave a comment there, but it helps my blog if you do it on the posts as well. 

Check back on Thursday for June's Piece Perfect Column (yes June starts in just a few days)! Also, be sure to look for my next series which starts next week revolving around our marvelous maxi skirts. 

See you then. 

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull. Make up Rachel Christensen.

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Awesome Accessories - A Spring Bag

I love purses, just like many of you love shoes or jewelry. I love it all, really! I just have to try to curb my buying for two reasons. I don't have that much money and I don't have that much room. It is a good thing that I live in a small house and that our income is not that of a Hollywood star or NFL player. Ha, ha. 

A fun purse can make an outfit even more interesting. Last summer I did a whole post on styling an outfit around a bag. The idea was inspired by Janeane of Designing From my Closet. You can see my original post here and her original post here. The thought is, if we can plan an outfit around a jacket, a pair of shoes or a scarf, why not plan an outfit around a bag. There are so many colorful, interesting bags out there, so why not make one the focal point of your outfit. 

I would first like to show you the bag, then I'll show you the whole outfit. 

floral bag

Of all the places to find a bag, I got this cute little clutch on a Barnes and Nobel Bookstore clearance table. In all honesty I think it is supposed to be a case for writing instruments and other school type supplies, although B & N also sells Vera Bradley bags and wallets, so I guess this could have been an actual clutch. My thought is, there is plenty of room for a phone, wallet and a few other necessary items, so it makes a perfect spring bag. It even has a wristlet handle in case you need your hands free. Here is a look at the pretty pink lining.

floral bag

Obviously, there are plenty of colors to chose from to plan an outfit. I decided to use the green in keeping with the Greenery color from Pantone and add my favorite color purple. 

floral bag, easter outfit

I took these on Sunday, which was a beautiful day, but the wind was blowing, so my dress got a bit billowy. This is a maxi dress that I have styled before, in my Denim Days series last summer. The top and half of the skirt are lined. The sweater is a simple cardigan and the purple sash which matches perfectly was something I kept from one of my daughter's old pj's or bathrobes. 

floral bag, easter outfit

Sorry that my toes aren't painted yet! I thought these sandals were the perfect foot wear for this type of outfit. Plus they have a purple tinge to them!

floral bag, easter outfit

Here you can see the top of the dress without the sweater. I do have to wear a strapless bra with this one, although these days you could wear a natural colored bra with straps and no one would think twice. Or wear a bright colored bra and you'll be trending. I prefer the old fashioned no-bra strap look. 

floral bag, easter outfit

For my jewelry I threw on this three layered gold necklace with beads that border on purple. The three layers all connect in the back. It is an easy way to provide visual interest to an outfit and with all three strands connecting in the back you don't have to worry about each individual one sliding out of place. 

floral bag, easter outfit

Here is a quick close up of the sandals. These are your basic thongs, but I slip into them, then zip them up the back. Part of what drew me to them was the bling!

floral bag, easter outfit

I hope this inspires you to think about that fun bag that is in your closet. You know the one. You loved the colors and how it looked, but now you don't know what to do with it. Plan your outfit around it. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below. I'd love to hear from you.

Have a blessed Easter!

This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own.

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Awesome Accessories - The Statement Necklace

Accessories are the fashion flare on our outfits. An accessory can do more to pull an outfit together and give it a bit of sass than spending a mint on certain labels or brands. I am not against brands. Being a thrift shopper, I have actually found my hands going towards high end labels at my favorite second hand stores, because I have been educated by following other bloggers as to what is a good quality, well made piece. However, I have oodles of clothes that are not high end. After all, when I do shop at regular retail stores I usually find myself back at Kohl's, Penney's or Christopher and Banks. What I have found, however, is that my cheaper selections can actually look more high end by pairing them with great accessories. 

Today I want to take a look at statement necklaces. This will be an ongoing series over the course of several accessory posts to show you what is available in the necklace category and how one statement piece differs from another. There are so many options available, sometimes it is hard to know what piece to wear with what outfit. 

For this post I will be looking at short statement necklaces that are made with beads and metal. 

awesome accessory - short bead and metal statement necklace

A statement piece does what it says. It makes a statement. Often the statement is bold, an exclamation of "Look at me! Aren't I pretty?" Statement pieces can also be unique, whether it be the arrangement of the materials involved or the colors. 

The above necklace is more simple, but simplicity can also be a statement. The uniqueness of this piece is found in its shell, stone, metal and wood beads and in the rawhide used to hang it around the neck. 

awesome accessory - short statement necklaces made with beads and metal

Sometimes during the heat of the summer I will get a rash wherever I have metal against my skin. I have a nickel allergy, so usually stick to silver or gold, but I love cheap costume jewelry. Having a rawhide chain rather than a metal one, can alleviate some of those issues. 

awesome accessory - short statement necklace with beads and metal

Isn't this one fun? I love all the silver circles, the way it dangles and the way it shimmers. This piece can be worn with just about any color and really dresses up and outfit. 

awesome accessory - short statement necklace beads with metal

Most of these statement necklaces have an adjustable clasp in the back so you can make the necklace a little bit longer or shorter depending on your outfit and your preference. 

awesome accessory - short statement necklace with bead and metal

I have this necklace in two or three different colors. I know! I have a jewelry fetish, just like some people have purse and/or shoe fetishes. Ha, ha. I just love the way the beads cascade downward, reminiscent of a waterfall. 

awesome accessory - short statement necklace with beads and metal

I love everything about this one. The color of the beads, the strings of bling, and the chains all give it a more expensive feel. It almost looks like something a princess would wear! Here is a pic from when I wore this for a recent blog post. You can see the whole post here.  

statement necklace

Finally, this last one is just layers of fun. I love the color, the differing sizes of beads and even the way it feels when I run my fingers over it. 

awesome accessory - short statement necklace with beads and metal

What sorts of short statement necklaces do you have? Do you have just one special piece that you love to wear for special occasions or are you like me and have hooks full? I'd love to hear your thoughts and comments. 

Adding a special statement piece can serve so many functions for your outfit. It can add color, pizzazz and texture. It can draw attention away from problem areas and put the focus on your neck and face. A lovely statement necklace can make you feel and look more confident and vibrant. 

Thanks for hanging out on the blog today. I appreciate all your support. Check back next week for more fashion fun. Have a great weekend. 

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull.

Shopping for Statements:

Black multi - Venus - $19.00

Sage - Modcloth - $5.99

Blue - Chico's - $34.99

Crystal - Francesca's - $20.98

Light pink - Charming Charlie - $10.00

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Chasing Away the Winter Blues - Week 3

I have been talking about chasing away the winter blues this month. January can be a long, cold and typically overcast month here in the mid west. As I discussed the last few weeks, wearing bright colors and getting out to do something fun can be two "blues" chasers. This week I wanted to take another look at color, but approach it from a more spiritual aspect.

For those of you who follow my Faith page on the blog, you know that I am a Christ follower and what some would term a Bible thumper, not to be confused with Thumper, the rabbit from Bambi fame. I am a supporter of intelligent design, believing that an almighty God crafted us and the world we live on, from nothingness. This being said, I am not here to preach at you or convert you to my way of thinking, but to share with you a fashion idea that makes perfect sense to me. 

Think about the colors in nature. Green grass, red cardinals, purple flowers, yellow sun and blue skies. Since these things were put into place by an intelligent creator for our benefit and pleasure wouldn't it also make sense that color and how we wear it can affect our mood and outlook, as well as affect how other people perceive us.

Chasing away the winter blues - bluer than blue

For this outfit, I was dreaming of blues skies, blue seas and gentle warm breezes. 

Chasing away the winter blues - bluer than blue

Cobalt blue is really in right now, so when I spied these ankle pants in my dresser I joyfully pulled them out! That made me remember my cobalt suede heels. I wore these in this Denim Days post from back in the summer. In keeping with the blue theme, I lightened up the sweater and scarf near my face.

Chasing away the winter blues - bluer than blue

My younger daughter gave me this pretty scarf for Christmas. The button up cardigan was from Kohl's last year. The three strand gold and bling necklace was thrifted.

Chasing away the winter blues - bluer than blue

To add a bit more interest to the outfit, I added the snakeskin clutch. I think it adds a fun contrast to the "same color" theme of the outfit. 

Chasing away the winter blues - bluer than blue
Chasing away the winter blues - bluer than blue
Chasing away the winter blues - bluer than blues

I hope you enjoyed this post on another way to chase away those winter blues. What is your favorite color out in nature? Have you ever tried to incorporate that color into an outfit? How did it make you feel? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below or leave me a comment on my Facebook page. 

Thanks for following along. Check back on Thursday to see who my Beautiful Blogger is for this month.

Have a great day.

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull. Make up Rachel Christensen

Shopping Options:

Cobalt ankle pants - JCPenney - $48.00

Cobalt heels - DSW - $39.95

Light blue sweater - Lord & Taylor - $59.95 (cashmere on clearance!)

Light blue scarf - Target - $14.99

Snakeskin bag - Charming Charlie - $22.00

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Chasing Away the Winter Blues - Week 1

January can be a difficult month for many people. The days following the busyness of the holidays can be cold, dark and conducive to illness, depression and fear. How do I know this? Because I am a sufferer of Seasonal Affective Disorder. Probably more of us suffer from it than even realize. With the lack of sunshine during the shorter days of winter, especially in the north we can become reclusive, emotional and even fearful. I have already experienced that descent into darkness this year and I still find myself asking, "Why am I feeling this way?" However, now that I am aware of the issue, and have been for several years now, I can reassure myself, "This too, shall pass!"

There are numerous things that I, or you can do if you suffer with mild SAD syndrome. If your case is really severe you may need to see your practitioner who might prescribe light therapy or mild anti-depressants. I need to get my light out and put it to use! I find there are other things that help me through these gray days. Exercise is very important, if you can get out of bed! Eating well is also a plus, if you can pull yourself away from the carbs that your body craves during this syndrome. Another thing that I try to do is up the color factor in the outfits I pick our for each day. Thus, the outfit for today's post!

bright colored outfit for winter

Once again I am taking my own pictures, so the quality is not great. Thank you for bearing with me as I continue to learn about taking my own photos. One of the issues I noticed is that when I try to focus my camera, I am not standing there to be the focal point for the lens. A good friend suggested I get a card board cut out of someone like Johnny Depp and have it be my stand in. Ha, ha. 

As you can see I opted for light pink. The bright color, not only reflects light up into my face, but makes me feel like spring might not be too far away. Seeing as it is winter, I layered a lighter pink long sleeve tee underneath and added an orange marled sweater vest over top. 

bright colored winter outfit

I added a multicolored scarf to add interest and texture to the outfit. The scarf with its orange and pink floral pattern drew together the pink of the blouse and the orange of the sweater.

bright colored winter outfit

I also had this silver and bead necklace that coordinated with the yellow green in the scarf.

I decided on a pair of dark brown jeans. I like the way these colors compliment each other. The dark brown still keeps me connected to the winter season, but the bright colors on top lighten up my whole visage. 

bright colored winter outfit

Because my pants are a little bit short I opted for dark brown ankle boots to elongate the leg and keep the eye from noticing the shortness of the pants. 

The thing I like about this pair of shoes is the elastic inserts on the back of the ankle. It makes getting into the shoes easy and it also avoids that cutting feeling that some stiff leather or non leather ankle boots can give.

bright colored winter outfit

To keep the colors bright I decided on my Lush Meadow colored bag. You can see it has a few defects like a missing rivet and a little wear on the bottom. But overall it is a lovely bag and makes a statement all on its own.

bright colored winter outfit

Next week I will share another idea for chasing away the winter blues. I hope you enjoyed today's post. Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below. Check back on Thursday for this month's perfect piece.

Have a great day.

Due to time constraints I am not including any shopping options in this post. If you ever have any questions as to where you can find a particular item, please leave me a comment in the comments section below and I will do my best to find something similar and let you know where to find it. 

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