Pantone Fall 2016 - Lush Meadow

The final installment in the Pantone Fall 2016 series is a vibrant, rich color called Lush Meadow. I am not sure I would have given this color that name, because to me it seems to express more of an emerald tone, than a field of green. Unless you are in the jungle, meadows are typically more of a grassy green and perhaps filled with flowers. Something like this:



However, I was not on the committee to name these colors and I am sure they had a reason they named this green what they did. Now that my little tangent is over. Here is my outfit.

lush meadow outfit

I have had this maxi skirt for a long time and just could never find the combination of top and accessories that made me say "Yes! This is it!" When I paired this top with the skirt and then added the belt, I thought I had hit the mark. 

lush meadow outfit

Even though the top is a single color, there is a definite print to it. I am not sure what the process was, but it looks like lace and crochet mixed. I didn't realize it at the time, but seeing these pictures now, I see that the shape of the print on my top, matches the shape of the print on my skirt. How's that for some fancy mixing? Ha, ha.

lush meadow outfit

For my accessories I wore a bead, ribbon and chain necklace which had beads that whisper Lush Meadow and ribbons in the line of Spicy Mustard. I also added a Spicy Mustard bracelet. (To see how I styled Spicy Mustard as an outfit click here.) My bag was a simple charcoal gray clutch that matched one of the colors in the skirt. The skirt also has white and a bit of tan, thus the inclusion of the brown belt and brown ankle boots.

lush meadow outfit

In this shot of the boots, you can also see a bit of the lining of the skirt. (You can also see the mud on the heel of my boot - ha, ha - squishy ground!) It is fully lined from top to bottom, so it provides an extra layer of warmth and no need for a slip. This is a great transitional skirt for fall, but I think I will be wearing this again in the winter with a chunky sweater, knee boots and tights for added warmth.

lush meadow outfit

I hope you have enjoyed this series on the Pantone 2016 Fall colors. Next week I will be doing a recap of all the outfits, so I hope you'll check in again next Tuesday. 

Thursday I will be looking at the Pashmina scarf as another awesome cold weather accessory. Be sure to check back. Until then take care and keep stylin'!

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull

Shopping for Lush Meadow:

Tops -

Nordstrom - $70.00

Kohl's - $28.80

Roaman's - $49.99 - 54. 99 (Plus Size)

Bag's - 

Kohl's - $69.30

Kohl's - $55.30

DSW -  $49.95

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