Summer Pieces - Water Color Maxi Skirt

With my photographer on vacation I have to resort to taking pictures myself for a week or two, meaning relearning how to use my camera. Ha, ha. I thought I would talk about a few of the fun summer pieces I have recently acquired. Every seasonal change, I have to go through my wardrobe to purge what I do not wear, what no longer fits or what I realize was one of those, why did I buy this, moments. As I have said before, I love clothes and I love shopping, so you can imagine that I am inundated with clothing. I also, (true confession time), often shop in spurts, somewhat like an addict trying to get my fix. It is sad, really, but for many of us, shopping is a hobby. To keep myself from ending up on the show, Hoarders, I decided that when I buy, I also need to purge. I am in the middle of this process right now and the fun part of it is, I get reminded of all the fun pieces I do have, and it inspires me to put together a few new outfits.

This water color maxi skirt, I found at a Goodwill store along the way, when my hubby and I were on vacation. It is a brand called eci New York. Macy’s does carry a few eci pieces that revolve around bright, bold florals and patterns. I love all the colors, because it provides a myriad of options for putting outfits together. Made of a medium weight polyester, this piece is easy wash and wear with no ironing needed. It has a wider elastic waist which provides comfort, as well as ease of wear.

Summer Pieces - Water Color skirt

I first thought of pairing the skirt with a light pink top, but then when I pulled this top from last year out of hibernation, I knew that was it. The yellow, St. John’s Bay top, from JC Penney, has a bit of a boho vibe already so I thought it was the perfect companion for this unique skirt. I love the textured aspect of this top, from the eyelet on the bodice, to the poms along the bodice edge, to the tasseled cords. I also like the flowy sleeves.

Summer pieces - water color maxi

When I started veering towards the Bohemian feel, I chose a woven belt that ties, leaving long fringe hanging along the skirt. You could position this belt wherever you wanted, with the fringe in the front, back or off to either side. I chose the left side, since I typically carry my bag on my right side.

I also chose jewelry that I felt epitomized that characteristically gypsy feel, like a multi-layered beaded bracelet with a dollop of fringe and a unique amber pendant choker with an aesthetically pleasing swirl.

Summer pieces - water color maxi skirt
Summer Pieces - Water color maxi skirt

My bag, bought many years ago, is the only true macrame piece I own and what says boho more than macrame? Ha, ha. It is small, but I have used this piece over and over as a cross body bad when we travel. It is big enough to hold the essentials, but not so big that it hurts your neck. This probably could use another washing. Bags like this are easy to wash. Be sure to put it in a laundry bag, then throw it in with your lights or towels. It isn’t meant to be a true white, but more of a cream.

Summer pieces - water color maxi skirt

For shoes I chose my No Boundaries black, gladiator sandals. These are ankle high gladiators, unlike the ones that go all the way up the calf. I’ve had these for a long time. They are comfy for a flat sandal and easy to pair with so many outfits for summer. I finally painted my toes, so summer must be pretty well here to stay. It is not that warm, but perfect in my opinion. If I owned a pool, I’d be happy with temps in the mid eighties, but as it is, I really like it to be about seventy five with a slight breeze.

Summer pieces - water color skirt

Do you like this outfit? Would you wear a skirt like this? What sort of artsy or uniques pieces do you have in your closet? I’d love you hear from you. I don’t mean to be a nag, but I really do like when my followers give me a little feedback. It is good for my blog as well. It helps me to know what you like and what sorts of things you would like to see on the blog. Even if you made a commitment to comment once a month, that would mean a great deal to me. Thank you so much, for all of your support, whether you comment or not! I appreciate you.

Summer pieces - water color maxi skirt

I’ve included a few shopping links. These are affiliate links. When You click on a link, I receive a few cents. Every little bit helps. These links are to things I think you might like and that follow along with the outfits I am posting. All opinions are my own.

Have a great Tuesday.

Pantone Fall 2017 - The New York Palette - Autumn Maple and Shaded Spruce

Believe it or not, this is the final installment in my Pantone Fall 2017 Series. Next week I'll do a recap of all the colors on both the London and New York palettes. After that I'll be starting a new series on camouflaging those problem areas, so keep coming back!

Originally I was going to pair the rusty orange called Autumn Maple with one of the blues, but after mulling it over,  thought what could be a better fall combination. mimicking nature, than orange and green; the very colors we see combined on the trees as they go through their metamorphosis. One of my favorite fall scenes is to see the dark green of pine surrounded by the bright oranges and reds of the changing leaf landscape. It is for that reason I combined Autumn Maple and Shaded Spruce in this rather bohemian outfit for today's post. 

Pantone Fall 2017 - NY Palette - Autumn Maple and Shaded Spruce

You've seen several of the pieces in this outfit before. I wore the tiered skirt here and the black vest here and here. I also used the bag in this post here. i like to show you that you don't always have to go out and buy new clothes, even though that is way more fun! You can shop you closet and find new ways to reinvent a piece you already have. 

Pantone Fall 2017 - NY Palette - Autumn Maple and Shaded Spruce

Though this skirt is not a solid color, orange is really what you see when you look at it. I thought it was the perfect companion piece for my Shaded Spruce Sonoma popover top. 

Pantone Fall 2017 - NY Palette - Autumn Maple and Shaded Spruce
Pantone Fall 2017 - NY Palette - Autumn Maple and Shaded Spruce

Here you can see some of the pretty perforated detailing on the top. I added a brown belt and lots of necklaces. The belt is velvet. I like a belt with this type of outfit as I feel it adds a touch of class to a more casual look. I tried my hand at the multiple necklace look. Did I pull it off, or do you think it looks to chaotic? I have mixed feelings. I also grabbed my berry fringe drawstring bag. I like this additional pop of color. What do you think?

Pantone Fall 2017 - NY Palette - Autumn Maple and Shaded Spruce

I topped the whole outfit with the quilted black vest, and my black ankle boots. I think this pulled the outfit together and broke up the differing color scheme. 

Pantone Fall 2017 - NY Palette - Autumn Maple and Shaded Spruce
Pantone Fall 2017 - NY Palette - Autumn Maple and Shaded Spruce

I hope you enjoyed this series on the Pantone Fall 2017 colors. Next week, I'll have a recap of all the outfits from this series. 

Check back Thursday for another Fun Fall Look.

Below are a few shopping links in case you are looking for Shaded Spruce or Autumn Maple. This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own. 

Pantone Fall 2107 - The London Palette - Royal Lilac and Golden Olive

This is the final installment in the London series of colors from the Pantone Fall 2017 palette. I love the brightness of these two colors, especially together. For some reason they make me think of fall and of a Bohemian gypsy vibe. Maybe it is a flash back from the bright psychedelic colors of the late 60's and early 70's. Royal Lilac is a purple worthy of a king. Purple is one of my favorite colors and we rarely see it on the runways and magazines of the fashion world. Purples in those realms seem to tend more towards wines, burgundies or maroons.

Pantone Fall 2017 - London Palette - Royal Lilac and Golden Olive

Once again, let me say that when I look for these colors I try to get as close as possible to the color that is being portrayed in the Pantone palette. My colors do not always match exactly, but the point is to introduce you to the colors on the palette and show you ways to style those colors. Just like Toast and Copper Tan, Golden Olive was a difficult color to find. I had this top in my closet and the actual color seems a bit more green than what appears in the pictures, but not quite like the Golden Olive.

Pantone Fall 2017 - Royal Lilac and Golden Olive

Out of all the color pairings that I did from the London palette, I like this one the best. There is something about the contrast between the purple and the mustardy yellow, that appeals to my inner gypsy. In keeping with that idea, I thought I would accessorize with a brown hobo bag and brown slouchy boots. 

Pantone Fall 2017 - London Palette - Royal Lilac and Golden Olive

For my jewelry I added a brown lariat choker and a long metal and bead necklace that tied into the purple skirt

Pantone Fall 2017 - London Palette - Royal Lilac and Golden Olive

One of the other things I like about this outfit is the comfort. The material of the top and the skirt is basically heavy weight tee shirt material, so it moves with me and there is no binding or pinching. This is also a great transitional outfit as the weather cools. The 3/4 length sleeves on the shirt, the maxi length skirt and the boots all provide full coverage for those chilly days ahead. 

Pantone Fall 2017 - London Palette - Royal Lilac and Golden Olive

What do you think of these two colors? Do you like them? Would you wear them? I hope you will leave me a comment in the comments section below. I appreciate when you do and it helps my blog grow.

This post contains affiliate links. If you click on a shopping link below, I get a few cents. Every lttle bit helps, so thank you for the clicks. Part of why I include the links is to show you real items that are currently available in the colors I post, or at least close. All opinions expressed are my own.

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull. Make up Rachel Christensen.

Thanks for hanging out on the blog today. Check back on Thursday for another Fall 2017 trend.

Pantone Fall 2017 - The London Palette - Blue Bell and Lemon Curry

Last week I looked at two colors with more of an orange hue from the Pantone Fall 2017 London palette. This week I am going to introduce you to one of the two yellow hues on the palette. Lemon Curry is a spicy yellow that can add a bit of zing to your fall color combinations. I decided to combine this yellow with Blue Bell, a light soothing color. The combination results in an outfit that has both pizzazz and peacefulness. 

Pantone Fall 2017 - London Palette - Blue Bell and Lemon Curry

My daughter had to teach me a few things about photography when she first sent me this grouping of pictures. The reality is that a camera does not see things the way the human eye does. Our human eye, unless they are unable to translate properly, see colors as they really are. A camera and the image it imprints onto a digital card is affected by lighting, exposure and other factors. 

When I saw these pictures, I texted my daughter and said, "This skirt does not look like it looks in real life." We went back and forth on it for a while and I finally told her to leave it alone. When we got together for my grandson's birthday party yesterday, she took the time to explain to me that a camera, no matter how fancy picks up what it thinks it sees, not necessarily what is really the fact. Who da thunk? Obviously the hombre skirt contains an underlying tone that the camera translates to more of an aqua blue, when in reality it is more of a navy or gray blue. Rebecca was able to adjust the pictures to make the skirt look more like the original color and I learned a few things about digital images. 

Pantone Fall 2017 - London Palette - Blue Bell and Lemon Curry

For this post, it doesn't really matter, because the blue I am trying to match with the Blue Bell color is the top tier of the skirt, rather than the bottom tier. 

Once again, for this color combination I shopped my closet. I've had this tiered skirt for a while and usually wear it a few times over the summer months, as it is light weight, but also lined. The tee I've had for a long time. I love the pattern, the fit and the longer short sleeves, but I hardly ever wear it. When I came across it looking for something yellow, I realized this would be the perfect piece to represent Lemon Curry.

Pantone Fall 2017 - London Palette - Blue Bell and Lemon Curry

Even though the top contains some black and white you can clearly tell is has the spicy Lemon Curry vibe. 

To pull the look together I wore Blue Bell colored jewelry including my pendant necklace from Kohls and my bracelet from Chico's. I decided to used a brown bag to keep the look more grounded and earthy.

Pantone Fall 2017 - London Palette - Blue Bell and Lemon Curry

For shoes, I chose my simple SO flats. Yes, I know I keep wearing these for various outfits, but they are just so cute and comfy!

Pantone Fall 2017 - London Palette - Blue Bell and Lemon Curry

What do you think of the pairing of these two colors? Which color do you like better?

Pantone Fall 2017 - London Palette - Blue Bell and Lemon Curry

I think these two colors are perfect for fall and transition easily from summer. 

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull. Make up Rachel Christensen

The following are few shopping links for possible items in Blue Bell and Lemon Curry. This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own. 


Thanks for stopping by the blog. Hope to see you back again soon.


Marvelous Maxis - A+ A-lines

This is the final installment in my Marvelous Maxis series. An A-line skirt is basically a skirt that is narrow at the waist then subtly flares out toward the bottom, thus the "A" look. I have always been a fan of the A-line skirt because it is figure flattering, but still allows for room through the hips and thighs. It is also a great skirt to wear if you want some flare, but don't want a lot of excess material. 

Today's skirt is from Dressbarn. If you are not familiar with Dressbarn they are a women's clothing retailer selling sizes 4-24. I hadn't been in a Dressbarn in ages, but then visited one with my girlfriend while I was back in NY a few months ago. I was glad I did. They have a fun and whimsical style with a variety of prints, colors and cuts in pants, skirts, dresses and tops. They also sell accessories like shoes, bags and jewelry. It took everything in my power to not spend more than I did! 

Look 1 - Casual

Marvelous maxis - A - line skirt

I fell in love with the print on this skirt, knowing that I will be able to use it for spring, summer and fall. The skirt is a somewhat sheer material, but is fully lined so you don't have to worry about finding a slip to wear underneath. 

Marvelous maxis - A-line skirt

The lining has knee high slits on both sides, making it easy to walk and sit without feeling bound in. Here is a pretty fuschia floral print. 

Marvelous maxis - A-line skirt

I paired the skirt with a simple embellished orange tank top. This is a St. John's Bay brand which is found at JC Penney. My tank was thrifted. I tucked the top in, to keep a more figure flattering silhouette. Notice after I tucked it in, I pulled it out a touch, to allow the material to bag out to camouflage my bulges. We have to have a trick or two to hide our baggage!

Marvelous maxis - A-line skirt

Since the tank has all this bling, I decided to not wear a necklace. For accessories I just wore a multi-strand beaded bracelet, carried a small macrame bag and wore my lace up sandals. I bought these sandals at Meijer. Meijer is a grocery and clothing retailer here in the midwest. I was surprised to find out that their Massini clothing line is now backed by Stacy London of What Not to Wear fame. Meijer is trying to create a style for every body. 

Marvelous maxis - A-line skirt
Marvelous maxis - A-line skirt

Look 2 - Dressy

For a more dressy look, I swapped the casual tank for my glitzy taupe short sleeved pullover blouse. This piece was thrifted and is The Limited brand. The Limited is no longer available as they closed their stores back in January. You can see how I styled this blouse in last fall's Pantone series here

Marvelous maxis - A-line skirt
Marvelous maxis - A-line skirt

I also added a gold clutch and gold Covington wedge sandals, Sears carries Covington brand shoes. I also added a fun pendant necklace. 

Marvelous maxis - A-line skirt
Marvelous maxis - A-line skirt
Marvelous maxis - A-line

Here are the two looks side by side.

I hope you enjoyed this series on maxi skirts. These skirts are a great option when you want to have your legs covered, but don't want to wear pant or hose. Do you have maxi skirts in your closet? How do you like to wear them? I'd love to hear your thoughts. 

Have a great week! 

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull. Make up Rachel Christensen

This post contains affiliate links. If you click on a shopping link below, I get a few cents. If you purchase something through my site, I get a small commission. All opinions are my own. 

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Color Crash Course - Mad About Monochrome

Webster defines the word monochrome as relating to or made with a single color or hue. Black-and-white photography is a form of monochromatic imagery called grayscale, using shades of gray with or without black and white. Now that I think of it, if you look at a black-and-white photograph like the one below, it really does look like varying shades of gray.

Photo credit  Rebecca Trumbull

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull

When we talk about a monochromatic outfit we are not only referring to those that might be black or gray, but to any outfit that contains a single hue. The monochrome look seems to be one that has been around forever and will continue to do so. The look is classic, effortless and can be dressed up or down. 

Today's post centers around two outfits that I put together to show you a casual and a dressy monochrome look. The first outfit uses hues of salmon or coral or possibly both. You can decide.

monochrome outfit - coral

Many of the things I have read about pulling off the monochrome look say to vary the textures of the pieces. As you can see I have a pair of skinny jeans which creates a smooth look on my bottom half (minus the pudgies - ha, ha). I got these at Dress Barn back in my home town when I was out shopping with my bestie! They were on clearance, so I think I paid about eight dollars for them. I love those kinds of sales.

monochromatic outfit - coral

On the top, I am wearing an asymmetrical hem (shark bite to be exact) short sleeve tee that I recently purchased from Kohl's. There are still plenty of colors here

I also added my open weave tie front, short sleeve cardigan. I found this at a thrift store and pull it out every summer. It is a perfect topper for overly air conditioned restaurants, or for when the weather is just not quite warm enough. i love the texture of this sweater and the length is perfect if I am just having a bad "butt" day!

Monochrome outfit - coral hue

Rather than go for a contrasting color for my bag and shoes, I went for a more neutral, subdued tan that almost blends with the coral color. The loafers are thrifted and the leather and faux burlap bag I got when shopping a friend's closet.

Monochrome outfit - coral hue

I kept my jewelry understated, but shiny with the three strand gold necklace and the multi-strand beaded bracelet.

Monochrome outfit - coral hue

The next outfit might be something I would wear to a summer show or a nice dinner out. For this look I chose classic black.

Monochrome outfit - black hue

This outfit consists of a long black knit maxi skirt that I got on the clearance rack at Kohl's a few summers ago. The weight of the material is somewhat thin, so you might notice underwear lines, but with it being black, I don't think it is that noticeable.

Monochrome outfit - black hue

The top is a black lace short sleeve top that is rather short, but it works well for this all black look. I wore a black tank top underneath. I'm sorry, but I didn't change bras and you can still see a little bit of my purple blue one peeking out around the shoulders. If I was wearing this out in public, I would put a black bra on or a tank with fuller coverage. I just think it looks more polished if the bra straps aren't showing. It is one thing if that is the look you are going for. With all the pretty bras out there, why not show a little strap, but for a monochrome look, I personally feel black underwear would be better for this outfit.

For accessories I went with gold. Three gold bracelets. gold fringe statement necklace, gold woven clutch and my gold wedge sandals. Gold brings a touch of class and upscale to any outfit. 

Monochrome outfit - black hue

Me striking a striking pose. Ha, ha. I have the silliest time taking my own pictures. I forget to smile, forget to put on make up, forget to stand up straight or focus on my good side. When my daughters are involved they coach me and I don't have to worry about where the focus point is, if the picture is blurry, was I squinting, am I standing in the wrong spot. I just pose and try to look like I know what I am talking about. Whoo, hoo! 

I hope you enjoyed this post on wearing a monochrome outfit. Monochrome is a great way to go if you love a particular color, if you want to elongate your body or if you are going for a classic, chic vibe that transcends all seasons. You can't go wrong with monochrome. 

Let me know your thoughts in the comments section. I'd love to hear from you. 

Have a great weekend.

Here are some possible monochrome looks to shop for. This post contains affiliate links, which means I get a little bit of an income if you shop through this post. All opinions are my own.

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Awesome Accessories - The Pashmina Scarf

Since the weather here in the Midwest is beginning to cool down considerably, I thought I would take another look at scarves, but focus on a heavier, longer variety of scarf that we refer to as the pashmina. The original pashmina was type of cashmere wool woven into a garment meant to be worn as a shawl. Today we have a variety of pashmina colors and prints as varied as the flowers and plants in creation. Many of the scarves or shawls that we now term pashmina, are made from a variety of fabrics and realize different weights and textures, thus, not true pashminas. However, there are many stores that sell real wool/silk blend pashminas for very reasonable prices. 

Today's post will look at a variety of ways to wear these longer, rectangular shaped scarves.

pashmina scarf

This scarf, while having the shape of a pashmina is not made from the soft, silky cashmere wool. It doesn't feel scratchy so I do not think it has any wool in it. It is probably a blend of man made materials. A thrift store find, I thought I could use it like a blanket scarf, but then as I did more research realized a true blanket scarf is square not rectangular. I am learning new things all the time!

1. The shawl - 

pashmina scarf

2. The simple flip over one shoulder - 

pashmina scarf

3. Flip ends to the back then pull ends to the front - here the ends are the focal point of what hangs in the front - 

pashmina scarf

4. Flip ends to back, but leave front loose. Pull front down into more of a long bib, then bring just the fringy ends to the front - the messy look.

pashmina scarf

5. Triangular bib - similar to above, but make the bib more triangular and tucks the ends under the bib. 

pashmina scarf

6. Left long and belted - 

pashmina scarf

Here is a look at all of them:

I hope this post inspires you to dig that pashmina out of your closet and start wearing it. I have quite a few in different colors. It is the perfect toasty addition to any outfit or just wear one with your coat to keep your neck warm. The pashmina is not only stylin' it's practical.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend. 

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull.

If your are looking for a true pashmina check out The Pashmina Store.

This store is only a recommendation that I found while perusing on line. I have never bought anything from them, but might some time in the future! 

Pantone Fall 2016 - Lush Meadow

The final installment in the Pantone Fall 2016 series is a vibrant, rich color called Lush Meadow. I am not sure I would have given this color that name, because to me it seems to express more of an emerald tone, than a field of green. Unless you are in the jungle, meadows are typically more of a grassy green and perhaps filled with flowers. Something like this:



However, I was not on the committee to name these colors and I am sure they had a reason they named this green what they did. Now that my little tangent is over. Here is my outfit.

lush meadow outfit

I have had this maxi skirt for a long time and just could never find the combination of top and accessories that made me say "Yes! This is it!" When I paired this top with the skirt and then added the belt, I thought I had hit the mark. 

lush meadow outfit

Even though the top is a single color, there is a definite print to it. I am not sure what the process was, but it looks like lace and crochet mixed. I didn't realize it at the time, but seeing these pictures now, I see that the shape of the print on my top, matches the shape of the print on my skirt. How's that for some fancy mixing? Ha, ha.

lush meadow outfit

For my accessories I wore a bead, ribbon and chain necklace which had beads that whisper Lush Meadow and ribbons in the line of Spicy Mustard. I also added a Spicy Mustard bracelet. (To see how I styled Spicy Mustard as an outfit click here.) My bag was a simple charcoal gray clutch that matched one of the colors in the skirt. The skirt also has white and a bit of tan, thus the inclusion of the brown belt and brown ankle boots.

lush meadow outfit

In this shot of the boots, you can also see a bit of the lining of the skirt. (You can also see the mud on the heel of my boot - ha, ha - squishy ground!) It is fully lined from top to bottom, so it provides an extra layer of warmth and no need for a slip. This is a great transitional skirt for fall, but I think I will be wearing this again in the winter with a chunky sweater, knee boots and tights for added warmth.

lush meadow outfit

I hope you have enjoyed this series on the Pantone 2016 Fall colors. Next week I will be doing a recap of all the outfits, so I hope you'll check in again next Tuesday. 

Thursday I will be looking at the Pashmina scarf as another awesome cold weather accessory. Be sure to check back. Until then take care and keep stylin'!

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull

Shopping for Lush Meadow:

Tops -

Nordstrom - $70.00

Kohl's - $28.80

Roaman's - $49.99 - 54. 99 (Plus Size)

Bag's - 

Kohl's - $69.30

Kohl's - $55.30

DSW -  $49.95

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Beautiful Blogger Bests - Styling an Outfit Around a Printed Bag

When I started blogging back in February I was informed by my daughter and other resources to start following other bloggers. My email is constantly inundated by new posts. Sometimes I can keep up and sometimes I can't, but I have found a number of bloggers that are worth following for their creativity, fashion moxie, sense of humor and their beautiful spirits. When I decided to start this column it was not to give myself a pat on the back by featuring other bloggers, hoping they would do the same for me. I made the decision based on a simple theory....inspiration inspires inspiration. The inspiration I have received from other bloggers has given me ideas, confidence and creativity that I never knew I had. It is my goal to inspire you by drawing on the inspiration other bloggers have given me.

The blogger I am featuring today is Janeane of Designing from My Closet. If you visit Janeane's blog site you will find a California girl who loves interior design, color and fashion. You can follow Janeane by clicking on the link I provided and subscribing to her blog, or find her on You Tube or Instagram. 

Back in May Janeane did a post titled How to Wear a Printed HandbagClick on the link to read that original post. My first thoughts were, "What?" "How do you wear a handbag?" After reading the article I realized what Janeane was referring to was designing an outfit around a particular bag. In her case a beautiful floral tote bag. I came away thinking, "Hmmmm. That would be a cool thing to try. I do have a couple of colorful bags I could work with."

Not long after reading that post a girlfriend of mine was getting rid of a closet full of clothes, bags and shoes and invited myself and two other friends over to "shop" her closet. We had done that before and had such a fun time we jumped at the chance to do it again. 

floral bag

This was one of my finds from my friend's closet. Right away I knew I had found the bag to style an outfit around. I asked my other two friends, "Does anyone want this bag?" We're polite that way! Ha, ha. Neither one did, so I brought it home.  I have used it many times this summer and found that styling an outfit around a bag is an easy way to pack for a short weekend or to style an outfit for a summer evening out. What follows are two of the ideas I came up with for styling this bag.

floral bag outfit

Black maxi skirt, black strappy wedge sandals, bright pink tank, blue 3 strand beaded necklace and a simple green and gold cuff bracelet.

floral bag

Here you can see a little more of the detailing on the bag. It is a beautiful tote by Sarah Violet. There is an exact version on Poshmark right now for only $15.00, so click on their link if you are interested. I am not real familiar with the brand, but it seems sturdy and well made. The bag is roomy and has a few pockets for added organization.

floral bag outfit

Here is the other outfit, this time drawing on the red, blue-green and yellow on the bag.

floral bag outfit

Light blue crop pants, black strappy wedge sandals, red button up front tie blouse, yellow beads and bracelets.

floral bag outfit

Here are the outfits side by side.

Styling an outfit around a bag is fun. It gave me a starting point for choosing an outfit and actually made it much easier to decide what to wear. I am thankful for Janeane who inspired me with her idea and I hope that this post will inspire you as well. 

If you come up with a great outfit styled around a bag let me know in the comments section below or post a pic of it on my Facebook page.

Thanks for checking out Stylin' Granny Mama and have a great day.

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull. Make up Rachel Christensen.

Casual and Dressy: Outfit Recap

This week I wanted to show you a recap of the last few weeks' outfits by showing the pictures side by side. This gives you a better idea of how I styled a piece casually and how I styled it more dressy.

The first two were styled around a pair of jeans. I swapped out the casual sneakers, tee and sweater for a dress and sparkly sandals.

These weeks revolved around a black maxi dress. Week 1 was a casual tee, espadrilles and yellow beads. Week 2 a sparkly vest, silver belt and black sandals.

The key piece in these posts was the white crop pants. Casual with the sparkly tee, dark wash denim button up and Keds was turned dressy by changing into a silky blouse, light weight sweater, neutral sandals and a sparkly pewter bag.

Here I styled a pair of light pink jeggings. Again you can see the change of shoes, top and jacket or sweater can take the look from casual to dressy.

In these final two posts there were only a few simple changes made. My black espadrilles were changed out for nude peep-toe heels, the pewter hobo bag became a sparkly pewter clutch, the jewelry switched from casual beads to shiny gold and the lace tee was tucked in a belt added.

I am, by nature a more casual dresser. I don't get dressed up for very many occasions, so this was a fun way to think about how I would make an outfit that started out casual, more dressy. I decided to take this adventure up a notch so starting in August I'll be doing another series on casual versus dressy styles, but this time using denim.

I hope you all enjoyed this series. Let me know your ideas for taking a casual style and turing it dressy. Have a great week.

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Styling a Maxi Skirt with a Denim Vest - Post 2

This week my post doesn't have a dramatic change from last week (see the casual look here). I am still wearing the same skirt, lace tee and denim vest. The only changes made had to do with my accessories. 

Last week I styled this look more casually with black espadrilles. This week they were swapped out for my nude peep toe heels. I tucked the lace tee in rather than leaving it out and I added a belt for a more polished look. 

In addition, I changed out the casual beaded necklace for a long gold chain with gold fringe and dangles with a matching bracelet. The gold also matched the gold of the belt. 

Lastly I added my sparkly pewter clutch. It is amazing how easy it is to change an outfit from casual to dressy. All you need is a few different accessories and a little creativity. The great thing about this sort of styling is that you can just throw a few things in a bag and go from the office to a night out with just a few simple changes.


Photos by Rebecca Trumbull. Make up by Rachel Christensen.

Shop the look:

Print maxi skirt - Macy's - $55.99

Denim vest - Christopher and Banks - $44.95

Lacy white tee - Christopher and Banks - $39.95

Nude peep toe heels - Zappos - $69.00

Belt - Mod Cloth - $22.99 

Necklace - JC Penney - $16.80

Next week I will be doing a recap of all these looks, so you can see them side by side. I hope you have enjoyed this series. Have a great week.

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