Winter Wonderland - Week 1

As I begin writing this post, it is 9:30 at night. I usually get started a tiny bit sooner, but my younger daughter had an emergency, so my husband and I, after finishing our dinner out, drove over to her apartment to see if we could help. The cold water supply pipe to her water heater burst! By the time we got there, maintenance was on site vacuuming up gallons of water that had sprayed out in Niagara Falls type form in my daughter's bedroom closet. Obviously, in apartment living these sorts of disasters not only affect you, but your neighbors as well. While maintenance was doing their job of fixing and cleaning, I held the chinchilla who had been doused with cold water. I wrapped the fat little guy up in a blanket and he soon stopped shivering. After the two men left with their huge shop vac, I helped my daughter go through dresser drawers, bags and boxes that had become soaked in the flood. I cannot imagine what people who go through actual flooding feel. This was overwhelming enough!

All that said, it is time for the start of my Winter Wonderland series. When I stared thinking about this, I was envisioning snow as my backdrop, but all I got was gray and drab. A typical midwest winter! Ha, ha. So we did what we could for our photos.

The idea behind this series was to show some of the textures and styles that we often see in the winter months. This being December I also wanted to choose outfits that could be taken from day to night or work to celebrations with just a few minor changes. 

winter outfit - jeans with Beatles shirt and jacket

This day time look is all about casual and warm. Rock and Republic skinny jeans, black knee high boots and a black double breasted jacket look sharp and classic. 

winter outfit - black blazer, jeans, Beatles shirt

To add some fun to my casual outfit, I wore a short sleeve gray tee with a light weight Beatles sweatshirt over top. I added a scarf with some silver threads and my maroon fringe bag. Voila!

winter outfit - casual day look - scarf

Details of scarf.

winter outfit - casual day look

Details of the bag. You are going to see this color come up again and again in this series. Whatever color you want to call it, burgundy, wine, maroon, it doesn't matter. I think is is a beautiful winter color, so I'll be working it!

winter outfit - casual day look

In the above photo you get a better look at the jacket buttoned. This is not a jacket I would wear to be warm. It is more like a blazer than an actual coat. However when you layer pieces you can get away with wearing this for a coat. Especially if you are not going to be spending hours outside.

winter outfit - casual day - boots

And here is a closer look at the boots. I wore a pair of leg warmers with them as well, just for extra warmth and texture.

winter outfit - night time look

For the night version of this casual outfit I swapped out the heavy dark jacket and threw on my faux velvet one. I changed from knee hight boots to maroon heeled booties and changed the fringe bag for one with a bit more shimmer. I was having problems with the heels on these shoes, not only sinking into the ground, but getting attached to leaves. Ha, ha.

winter outfit - casual day - maroon suede booties
winter outfit - night time faux velvet jacket

Instead of the scarf I wore three silver necklaces, just to add some bling. It is amazing to me how just a little bling or shimmer can take an outfit from casual to dressy.

winter outfit - night time version with faux velvet jacket

I was having a hard time standing with these shoes on this ground.....

winter outfit - night time longer jacket version

I had this other longer jacket, so I threw in a picture of that as well. I just wanted to show you different ways you could style the same outfit.

Can you guess which of these three was my favorite? I'd love to hear your favorites in the comments section below.

Thanks for following along. Be sure to check back on Thursday when my Awesome Accessories column will take a look at boots.

Have a great Tuesday.

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull.

Shopping the looks:

Rock & Republic Jeans - Kohl's - $59.99 (on sale)

Double Breasted Blazer - Macy's - $64.99 (this one is velvet)

Beatles shirt - Fab Four Store - $34.99

Black Knee High Boots - DSW - $69.95

Scarf - Charming Charlie - $19.00

Velvet Jacket - ModCloth - $79.99

Suede Heeled Booties - DSW - $49.95

Longer Jacket - Nordstrom - $89.00 (also velvet)

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