Spring Trends

I know most other bloggers have already been talking about the trends for Spring 2018, which makes perfect sense since the Spring clothes are already in the stores. But I have never been one to keep up and I have a hard time thinking about Spring clothes, when it is still in the teens at night. We are supposed to get some warmer weather this next week, so maybe that will get my Spring sap moving...ha, ha. 

Photo credit  Rebecca Trumbull

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull

In the mean time, I thought I would at least talk about what is up and coming for Spring this year.

Romance is In

Flowing fabrics, and florals highlight the romantic vibe that seemed to be taking the runways by storm.I like this trend, because it is feminine and flirty. 

Here is a piece in my collection. While it is not made from flowy fabric, it is bursting with florals and the bell sleeves add a romantic touch. I'll be styling this little dress at a later date. 

Floral dress

Shimmer and Shine

Dressing in shiny tops, dresses or tops isn't just for night time any more. Now you can wear your shimmer to the office. Pair a glittery top with a pair of jeans, ankle boots and a cute bag and you are ready for shopping with your gal pals. Add a denim jacket to a party looking skirt and you are ready for work. 

I've styled this top on the blog before. You can see that post here

shiny top

The Check Please

Checks and plaid are still holding their own as a go to pattern. Now they are being found on bags, hats, tops with embroidery, pants and jackets. Colors vary from cool blues and reds to warm peaches and pinks. 

I pulled these two pieces out of my closet and when I took the picture I thought, hey those pieces could be worn together for some fabulous print mixing. 

checks and plaid

Lucious Lavender

I have always been a fan of purple in all its varying shades. This spring the shades range from Pantone's Color of the Year, Ultra Violet, to the soft pastel of lavender. Which ever shade you choose purple is a must have item for this spring. Don't wear purple on a regular basis, add a pop of color with these pretty shoes and bags. 

I couldn't pass up this beautiful lavender sweater from Ralph Lauren when I was out thrifting. You will probably see this on the blog soon too. 

lavender pullover

Fabulous Fringe

This trend seems to be hanging around for the long run. While it isn't prevalent everywhere for every season, it does seem to appear here and there, especially on bags and shoes. Fringe is a fun textural element to add to any outfit.

You've seen this on the blog before too. No need to run out and buy new things when they are already hanging in the closet. Original post on this vest here

fringe vest

This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own. 

Have a great day. 

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Layering Love - What to do with a Light Weight Dress

Just because the temperatures are heading down, the wind is picking up and the snow is starting to fly doesn't mean we have to put away all of our cute, light weight dresses. The way to extend the life of our wardrobes and find new, fun outfits is to think outside the box. A light weight knee length or shorter dress can easily be used as a tunic. The differences lie in the length and weight of the accompanying pieces and the types of accessories that you add to complete the outfit. 

Layering Love - Wearing a light weight dress

This burgundy dress I found on the clearance rack at Kohl's just recently. I has elbow length sleeves, shirring at the neck and shoulders and an elastic waist. It is incredibly soft and comfortable.


For my layer of warmth on the top I added a polka dot black and white blazer which is Black Label - Evan Picone brand. 

Layering love - light weight dress

For my bottom layer I chose a pair of heavier Joe Boxer brand leggings that I have worn on the blog before. Leggings provide more coverage and warmth than a a pair of hose or even tights, although a heavy pair of sweater tights would do the job.

Layering Love -

Yes, I was doing a bit of print mixing! 

Layering love - light weight dress

My Mossimo fringe bag was having a few issues, probably because I didn't have anything in it. Yes, sometimes I am a fake. Ha, ha. I thought silver jewelry worked great with the burgundy colors. 

Layering love - light weight dress

I just picked up these Life Stride ankle boots at a thrift store recently. I was really disappointed to find out that my favorite thrift store here in Toledo closed. It is unfortunate when corporations make these quick decisions. A bunch of people are now out of work because of that decision.

The boots have a sort of burgundy look to them when you compare them to brown, but compared to the burgundy dress they really look brown. Funny how that works. 

Layering Love - wearing a light weight dress

Just by adding a few layering pieces you can turn a lighter weight dress into a great outfit focal point, even in the winter. Think about what dresses you normally wouldn't wear in the winter. Do you have one that you might be able to transform into a cold weather outfit, just by adding a warm, chunky sweater, some leggings and boots? I'd love to hear you ideas. Leave me  some love in the comments section.

I hope you'll join me again next Tuesday for my next casual holiday outfit, featuring a fun printed skirt. Have a great weekend!

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull

If you like this blazer JC Penney is having a sale right now on Black Label - Evan Picone pieces. Here are a few to peruse. This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own. 

Awesome Accessories - The Statement Necklace - Long

Last month in my Awesome Accessory column I talked about the short statement necklace. You can see that post here. This month, I want to continue that thought, but look at what a longer statement necklace might look like. You might wonder what makes a necklace a statement piece. Obviously, it needs to make a statement! What that means for you, might be a little different than what it means for me. However, there should be something about the piece that makes it stand out and not get swallowed up by your outfit.

Where as a short statement necklace is worn closer to the face and usually includes an element of striking color or style, a longer statement necklace can be colorful, but it is often more about texture and design. Let me show you a few of my own necklaces that I would classify as long statement pieces.

long statement necklaces

This particular necklace makes a statement, not by its bold color, but by the combination of texture, note the faceting on the beads, and the shape. If you look at the larger metal links they are not perfect circles. They are somewhat squashed looking. In addition, the necklace is not designed to be symmetrical, so some of the bigger beads are higher and some are lower. It is not the same on both sides. I also like this necklace, because it isn't a bold color and will go with many outfits, both dressy and casual. 

longer statement necklaces

This piece is not fancy and doesn't show much flare, but I feel it makes a statement because of it's odd shape and unique color. Cut from an agate you can find these almost anywhere. My daughter got me this for Christmas a couple years ago. It is trimmed all the way around with tiny faux diamonds, which add another element of texture and bling. Here is a close up. 

long statement necklaces

I love the little streak of light blue and the hole in the middle. It is just a very unique piece.

long statement necklaces

This piece makes me think of something out of a fairy tale. The color of the beads as well as the filagree on the pendant give it a feel of richness and value, while the additional silver chains make it feel more delicate and feminine. 

long statement necklaces

Of course I had to throw in a fringe necklace. I love these because they are simply so much fun and they are fun to touch! I chose this one over my other fringe necklaces, not because any one of them couldn't have been a statement piece, but because this particular one seems to stand out above the rest. I just love the look of this elegant necklace. The color is demure and the gold chain and cap on the fringe give it a posh feel. I also feel a little retro when I wear it. 

long statement necklaces

You have probably seen this necklace in several of my more recent blog and Instagram posts. My other daughter got this for me this past Christmas from Charming Charlie. I think what makes this necklace a statement piece is the contrast of the berry wooden shapes and the gold chain and links. It really stands out.

long statement necklaces

This unique piece I picked up at a thrift store. I instantly fell in love with it when I saw it. It is in a class all by itself with the rope like chains, metallic flower and the dark beads embellished with gold colored floral caps. Once again, the color is more muted, so can be worn with many different outfits. Here is a close up of the flower and beads. 

long statement necklaces

I hope you enjoyed this post on the long statement necklace. Do you like longer or shorter statement pieces? I'd love to know your thoughts. Just leave a comment below. 

Have a great weekend. 

This post contains affiliate links, which means if you click on a shopping link below I get a few cents. If you purchase something through one of the links, I get a little bit more. All opinions are my own.

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Winter Wonderland - Week 1

As I begin writing this post, it is 9:30 at night. I usually get started a tiny bit sooner, but my younger daughter had an emergency, so my husband and I, after finishing our dinner out, drove over to her apartment to see if we could help. The cold water supply pipe to her water heater burst! By the time we got there, maintenance was on site vacuuming up gallons of water that had sprayed out in Niagara Falls type form in my daughter's bedroom closet. Obviously, in apartment living these sorts of disasters not only affect you, but your neighbors as well. While maintenance was doing their job of fixing and cleaning, I held the chinchilla who had been doused with cold water. I wrapped the fat little guy up in a blanket and he soon stopped shivering. After the two men left with their huge shop vac, I helped my daughter go through dresser drawers, bags and boxes that had become soaked in the flood. I cannot imagine what people who go through actual flooding feel. This was overwhelming enough!

All that said, it is time for the start of my Winter Wonderland series. When I stared thinking about this, I was envisioning snow as my backdrop, but all I got was gray and drab. A typical midwest winter! Ha, ha. So we did what we could for our photos.

The idea behind this series was to show some of the textures and styles that we often see in the winter months. This being December I also wanted to choose outfits that could be taken from day to night or work to celebrations with just a few minor changes. 

winter outfit - jeans with Beatles shirt and jacket

This day time look is all about casual and warm. Rock and Republic skinny jeans, black knee high boots and a black double breasted jacket look sharp and classic. 

winter outfit - black blazer, jeans, Beatles shirt

To add some fun to my casual outfit, I wore a short sleeve gray tee with a light weight Beatles sweatshirt over top. I added a scarf with some silver threads and my maroon fringe bag. Voila!

winter outfit - casual day look - scarf

Details of scarf.

winter outfit - casual day look

Details of the bag. You are going to see this color come up again and again in this series. Whatever color you want to call it, burgundy, wine, maroon, it doesn't matter. I think is is a beautiful winter color, so I'll be working it!

winter outfit - casual day look

In the above photo you get a better look at the jacket buttoned. This is not a jacket I would wear to be warm. It is more like a blazer than an actual coat. However when you layer pieces you can get away with wearing this for a coat. Especially if you are not going to be spending hours outside.

winter outfit - casual day - boots

And here is a closer look at the boots. I wore a pair of leg warmers with them as well, just for extra warmth and texture.

winter outfit - night time look

For the night version of this casual outfit I swapped out the heavy dark jacket and threw on my faux velvet one. I changed from knee hight boots to maroon heeled booties and changed the fringe bag for one with a bit more shimmer. I was having problems with the heels on these shoes, not only sinking into the ground, but getting attached to leaves. Ha, ha.

winter outfit - casual day - maroon suede booties
winter outfit - night time faux velvet jacket

Instead of the scarf I wore three silver necklaces, just to add some bling. It is amazing to me how just a little bling or shimmer can take an outfit from casual to dressy.

winter outfit - night time version with faux velvet jacket

I was having a hard time standing with these shoes on this ground.....

winter outfit - night time longer jacket version

I had this other longer jacket, so I threw in a picture of that as well. I just wanted to show you different ways you could style the same outfit.

Can you guess which of these three was my favorite? I'd love to hear your favorites in the comments section below.

Thanks for following along. Be sure to check back on Thursday when my Awesome Accessories column will take a look at boots.

Have a great Tuesday.

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull.

Shopping the looks:

Rock & Republic Jeans - Kohl's - $59.99 (on sale)

Double Breasted Blazer - Macy's - $64.99 (this one is velvet)

Beatles shirt - Fab Four Store - $34.99

Black Knee High Boots - DSW - $69.95

Scarf - Charming Charlie - $19.00

Velvet Jacket - ModCloth - $79.99

Suede Heeled Booties - DSW - $49.95

Longer Jacket - Nordstrom - $89.00 (also velvet)

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Awesome Accessories - The Pashmina Scarf

Since the weather here in the Midwest is beginning to cool down considerably, I thought I would take another look at scarves, but focus on a heavier, longer variety of scarf that we refer to as the pashmina. The original pashmina was type of cashmere wool woven into a garment meant to be worn as a shawl. Today we have a variety of pashmina colors and prints as varied as the flowers and plants in creation. Many of the scarves or shawls that we now term pashmina, are made from a variety of fabrics and realize different weights and textures, thus, not true pashminas. However, there are many stores that sell real wool/silk blend pashminas for very reasonable prices. 

Today's post will look at a variety of ways to wear these longer, rectangular shaped scarves.

pashmina scarf

This scarf, while having the shape of a pashmina is not made from the soft, silky cashmere wool. It doesn't feel scratchy so I do not think it has any wool in it. It is probably a blend of man made materials. A thrift store find, I thought I could use it like a blanket scarf, but then as I did more research realized a true blanket scarf is square not rectangular. I am learning new things all the time!

1. The shawl - 

pashmina scarf

2. The simple flip over one shoulder - 

pashmina scarf

3. Flip ends to the back then pull ends to the front - here the ends are the focal point of what hangs in the front - 

pashmina scarf

4. Flip ends to back, but leave front loose. Pull front down into more of a long bib, then bring just the fringy ends to the front - the messy look.

pashmina scarf

5. Triangular bib - similar to above, but make the bib more triangular and tucks the ends under the bib. 

pashmina scarf

6. Left long and belted - 

pashmina scarf

Here is a look at all of them:

I hope this post inspires you to dig that pashmina out of your closet and start wearing it. I have quite a few in different colors. It is the perfect toasty addition to any outfit or just wear one with your coat to keep your neck warm. The pashmina is not only stylin' it's practical.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend. 

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull.

If your are looking for a true pashmina check out The Pashmina Store.

This store is only a recommendation that I found while perusing on line. I have never bought anything from them, but might some time in the future! 

Pantone Fall 2016 - Potter's Clay

I absolutely love this color. It's earthy and edgy all all the same time. It reminds me of the fringe jacket my oldest brother used to wear back in the late 60's and early 70's. I always wanted one of those. It was suede, had fringe and was the color of late summer deer and it had that wonderful leather smell. Since I wasn't ready to go out and drop hundreds of dollars on a leather jacket with fringe, I got the next best thing, a thrift store vest with fringe. Ha, ha. Again, I try to find pieces that will closely mimic the colors that Pantone puts out, but they may or may not match perfectly.

This swingy dress, I discovered while thrifting a few years back. It is covered in a fun print of geometric circles that look a bit like mums or zinnias. The dress is sleeveless, so in keeping with the transition idea, I layered a dark brown lace tee underneath and added the duster length vest for a playful fall look. I kept to brown for my low wedge shoes and accessorized with orange.

And of course, being a girl, if it twirls, I had to try it! Who can say no to a twirly dress or skirt, even if it is not a huge twirl.

potter's clay outfit

Here you can see the pattern on the dress, and the dark brown lace patterned tee, as well as my orange beads on my necklace and bracelet and my orange bag. I think these colors together give the whole outfit a monochrome look of sorts.

potter's clay outfit

Here you can see how long the fringe is on the vest! Also, my low wedge brown shoes. These are a faux suede material and the elastic band/strap is great for easy on and easy off. 

potter's clay

And of course I had to include the pic where I am looking somewhat sultry. Ha, ha. You also get a closer look at the pattern on the tee and the texture of the vest. Texture, as I am learning from so many of the other bloggers out there, is a big part of making a stylish and interesting outfit.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Do any of you remember the days of those fringe jackets like my bother used to wear? How many of you actually own one? I'd love to hear your answers. Also, let me know what you think of Potter's Clay. Don't forget you can receive emails letting you know when new posts are up by filling in your name and hitting subscribe. Or you can follow me on Facebook and Instagram. 

Thanks for reading. Thursday we'll be looking at mixing orange and red in my Color Crash Course column. Until then, keep stylin'!

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull. Make up Rachel Christensen.

Shopping for Potter's Clay:

Faux suede vest - Maurice's - $39.00

Faux suede skater dress - Express - $50.99

Faux suede seems to be the closest color match to Potter's Clay that I could find. Finding an item you like in a certain color can be a fun treasure hunt. Enjoy!

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Beautiful Blogger Bests - Wearing Fringe - Accessories

This week's featured beautiful blogger is Jodie of Jodie's Touch of Style. Jodie's blog specifically caters to women ages 50 and over. She offers a multi-generational perspective on fashion by using herself (50's), her step mom, Nancy (60's) and her mom, Charlotte (70's) to model in all of her fashion posts. You can read more about Jodie and her two other beautiful family members and models on her About page. 

Jodie is a fantastic fashion blogger based in Colorado. She is down to earth, creative and honest, not only about fashion, but about herself. I anticipate Jodie's posts as she models everything from tee shirt dresses, to faux leather skirts, to wearable art, for all three decades. 

Today's post was inspired by a series of posts Jodie did last spring on wearing fringe. Jodie did a three part series which you can see by clicking on these links: Fringe 1 (On a Clothing Item), Fringe 2 (On a Necklace), and Fringe 3 (On an Accessory). 

I have decided to divide this up as well, with my first post today dedicated to fringe on accessories. Somewhere down the line I will dedicate another post to fringe on clothing. 

Fringe on a Scarf:

Fringe on a bag:

Fringe on a necklace - a tassel:

Fringe on a bracelet:

Fringe on a poncho:


I would also include shoes with the accessories, but my moccasin pics weren't ready, so I will include those in my next fringe post at a future date.

As you can see there are many ways to wear fringe and what was once a style statement of the 60's has made a strong resurgence and is probably here to stay. I will say that Jodie was really the inspiration behind my getting on the fringe band wagon. 

Jodie of Jodie's Touch of Style is a fashion blogger that actual women can follow and be inspired by. Be sure to visit her site and give her some love. 

Next Tuesday we will feature another of Pantone's Fall 2016 color choices and my Color Crash Course on Thursday will spotlight red and orange, just in time for fall. I hope you will be back for more fun on Stylin' Granny Mama.

Have a great weekend!

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull (all except bracelet photos). Make up Rachel Christensen.

Fringe finds:

Scarf - JC Penney - $22.40

Bag - Kohl's - $36.00

Tassel Necklace JCrew Factory - $23.50

Tassel Bracelet - Nordstrom Rack - $12.97

Poncho - Macy's - $36.99