Why Bother Being Trendy?

As most of you, who subscribe to my blog, know, I just finished a series on Fall Trends 2019. In addition to some of my faves which included, head to toe green, layering knits, dark florals, animal prints and a few others, there were other trends like wide shoulders, suiting, cinched waist coats and more. You might be asking yourself, why even bother with trends? Why not just wear the things I like to wear and if they aren’t trendy who cares? That is a legitimate question and one I would like to answer with a few points.

1 - Growth

Let’s face it, as we age it is very easy to become complacent and set in our ways. Change is harder and harder to wrap our heads around, therefore, we often choose to not do it. Coming from a family with a history of dementia, I am try to do things that actively use my brain. Reading, doing puzzles, learning new things all help to stave off some of the early symptoms of memory loss. While we don’t have a cure for memory issues at this point, it has been scientifically proven that keeping our brains active does help.

Image by  cocoparisienne  from  Pixabay

Image by cocoparisienne from Pixabay

What does that have to do with being trendy? If you begin to take an interest in the seasonal trends you start to do research. You might begin by looking at the trends on the internet for the current or upcoming season. You might also read one of the many fashion magazines on the shelves at Barnes and Noble or multiple grocery and department stores.

Once you’ve done research you begin to comb your closet to see what you have that might fit with some of the seasonal trends. You would be surprised how many of these things keep coming around, again and again. There are only so many things you can do with clothing.

Image by  skeeze  from  Pixabay

Image by skeeze from Pixabay

Putting together an outfit that includes some of the current trends can help you to grow your style persona and keep your brain healthy and sharp.

2 - Breaking the Bubble

Once in a while it is good to get outside our bubble. It is okay to feel uncomfortable on occasion. Something I have noticed in our world today, especially in our technology driven society, people do not like to be uncomfortable. If they are ill, they want an instant fix. If they feel pain, they want drugs. Mind you, it is reasonable to go to the doctor if you are having ongoing symptoms that aren’t resolving. It is also reasonable to take aspirin when you have a headache.

When it comes to fashion and what we wear, we most often go for what makes us feel comfortable, whether it be a favorite pair of jeans, a sweatshirt, or a soft pair of pj pants. However, if we always chose to only do what we are comfortable with, then will never get to wear those cute boots, or that pencil skirt, or that faux fur coat.

Let me give you an example from the Fall Trends 2019 series that I just finished. I would have never thought to layer a big bulky sweatshirt under a cozy cardigan and then pair it with a bright pair of leggings. I have never been a leggings wearer, but after seeing that outfit as a flat lay in my series, I can hardly wait until it gets cold enough to give it a try. What is the worst thing that could happen? My husband will call me a “walking pile of laundry” and I’ll nod my head in agreement, but at least I will be warm and trendy. Ha, ha.

DSC_0039 (1).jpg

3 - Be the Example

I feel that we are living in a time where there are fewer and fewer good examples in the world, especially when it comes to how to dress modestly in the fashion arena. I am not going to launch into a rant about how I feel it is mandatory to dress modestly as a Christian woman, or even how it would be beneficial for all women to dress in a more modest way. What I am going to focus on is our role as older women to be leaders for younger women to look up to.

There are a slew of young women out there in the entertainment industry that are being examples to our daughters, grand daughters and so on. The question that needs to be asked is, are they good examples? Do these young women value life? Do they value love? Do they value dignity, honor and respect? Do they value men? Do they even value themselves? How do they treat others both in their actions and in their speech?

By adapting to a few of the trends we can show other women that we can be both fashionable and modern in our thinking and the way we dress, and we can possibly open a door for younger women to look to us, as people they might want to, not only dress like, but be like.

Next time you start to think, I don’t care about the trends, think twice. Maybe you could become a trend setter, not just a trend follower.