Pantone - Autumn/Winter - 2019 - New York Palette Recap

I was going to start the Pantone London color palette today, but decided to do a recap of all the New York colors. Some people have told me they like to see all of the outfits and colors together in one post, so here we go.

Outfit 1 - Chili Pepper and Bluestone

Pantone - Autumn/Winter - 2019 - Chili Pepper and Bluestone

Outfit 2 - Fruit Dove and Galaxy Blue

Pantone - Autumn/Winter - 2019 - Fruit Dove and Galaxy Blue

Outfit 3 - Crème de Pêche and Rocky Road

Pantone - Autumn/Winter - 2019 - Creme de Peche and Rocky Road

Outfit 4 - Sugar Almond and Dark Cheddar

Pantone - Autumn/Winter - 2019 - Sugar Almond and Dark Cheddar

Outfit 5 - Orange Tiger and Eden

Pantone - Autumn/Winter - 2019 - Orange Tiger and Eden

Outfit 6 - Peach Pink and Biking Red

Pantone - Autumn/Winter - 2019 -

I hope you enjoyed this look at the Pantone - Autumn/Winter - 2019 - New York palette. Which outfit was your favorite? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Next week I’ll be starting the Pantone - Autumn/Winter - 2019 - London palette. Believe it or not, the only two overlapping colors this year were Galaxy Blue and Bluestone. Be sure to check that out next week.

Thank you all for being a part of my blogging journey. If you ever have something you would like to see me feature on the blog, send me an email. I’m open to new ideas and value your opinions and support.

Have a fabulous weekend!

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull.

Pantone Autumn/Winter - New York Palette - Intro

For those of you who like my Pantone color series, you’ll will be glad to know, it is finally here. Due to scheduling issues my photographer and I finally got together to take the pictures and let me tell you, it was another scorcher! Ha, ha. I don’t know why, but it seems whenever we are scheduled to do pictures the weather is unreasonable. When we did the Pantone 2019 Spring/Summer shoot it was snowing. Now for the Pantone 2019 Autumn/Winter shoot it was sunny and hot. Oh well, there is no planning for the weather around here.

This year the color palettes between New York and London are quite varied, so I decided to do this in two separate series, rather than combining the palettes. Starting on Thursday i’ll be covering just the New York palette. When that palette is finished then I will cover the London palette.

Pantone 2019 - Autumn/Winter

This year’s New York palette is made up of colors described with terms like spicy, adventurous, extroverted and appetizing. Hopefully these descriptors will whet your appetites to follow along with this fall’s color series.

I really like this season’s colors. I feel like there is a good mix of tones that will give all skin colors lots of choices. The palette has a wide array of colors from classic blues, reds and green, to earthy browns and oranges to lighter pastels. Some of my favorites are Bluestone, Eden and Sugar Almond.

In addition, Pantone also includes a palette of classic colors which work well to use as the foundation of your outfit or as add on colors to tone down the brighter more jazzy color combinations. I can’t wait for you to see the outfits I came up with right out of my very own closet.

Here are a few sneak peeks. Join me Thursday for the start of the series.

Pantone Autumn/Winter - New York
Pantone Autumn/Winter - 2019 - New York
Pantone Autumn/Winter - 2019 0 New York
Pantone Autumn/Winter - 2019 - New York
Pantone Autumn/Winter - 2019 - New York
Pantone Autumn/Winter - 2019 - New York

Photo and graphic credit, Rebecca Trumbull.

Why Bother Being Trendy?

As most of you, who subscribe to my blog, know, I just finished a series on Fall Trends 2019. In addition to some of my faves which included, head to toe green, layering knits, dark florals, animal prints and a few others, there were other trends like wide shoulders, suiting, cinched waist coats and more. You might be asking yourself, why even bother with trends? Why not just wear the things I like to wear and if they aren’t trendy who cares? That is a legitimate question and one I would like to answer with a few points.

1 - Growth

Let’s face it, as we age it is very easy to become complacent and set in our ways. Change is harder and harder to wrap our heads around, therefore, we often choose to not do it. Coming from a family with a history of dementia, I am try to do things that actively use my brain. Reading, doing puzzles, learning new things all help to stave off some of the early symptoms of memory loss. While we don’t have a cure for memory issues at this point, it has been scientifically proven that keeping our brains active does help.

Image by  cocoparisienne  from  Pixabay

Image by cocoparisienne from Pixabay

What does that have to do with being trendy? If you begin to take an interest in the seasonal trends you start to do research. You might begin by looking at the trends on the internet for the current or upcoming season. You might also read one of the many fashion magazines on the shelves at Barnes and Noble or multiple grocery and department stores.

Once you’ve done research you begin to comb your closet to see what you have that might fit with some of the seasonal trends. You would be surprised how many of these things keep coming around, again and again. There are only so many things you can do with clothing.

Image by  skeeze  from  Pixabay

Image by skeeze from Pixabay

Putting together an outfit that includes some of the current trends can help you to grow your style persona and keep your brain healthy and sharp.

2 - Breaking the Bubble

Once in a while it is good to get outside our bubble. It is okay to feel uncomfortable on occasion. Something I have noticed in our world today, especially in our technology driven society, people do not like to be uncomfortable. If they are ill, they want an instant fix. If they feel pain, they want drugs. Mind you, it is reasonable to go to the doctor if you are having ongoing symptoms that aren’t resolving. It is also reasonable to take aspirin when you have a headache.

When it comes to fashion and what we wear, we most often go for what makes us feel comfortable, whether it be a favorite pair of jeans, a sweatshirt, or a soft pair of pj pants. However, if we always chose to only do what we are comfortable with, then will never get to wear those cute boots, or that pencil skirt, or that faux fur coat.

Let me give you an example from the Fall Trends 2019 series that I just finished. I would have never thought to layer a big bulky sweatshirt under a cozy cardigan and then pair it with a bright pair of leggings. I have never been a leggings wearer, but after seeing that outfit as a flat lay in my series, I can hardly wait until it gets cold enough to give it a try. What is the worst thing that could happen? My husband will call me a “walking pile of laundry” and I’ll nod my head in agreement, but at least I will be warm and trendy. Ha, ha.

DSC_0039 (1).jpg

3 - Be the Example

I feel that we are living in a time where there are fewer and fewer good examples in the world, especially when it comes to how to dress modestly in the fashion arena. I am not going to launch into a rant about how I feel it is mandatory to dress modestly as a Christian woman, or even how it would be beneficial for all women to dress in a more modest way. What I am going to focus on is our role as older women to be leaders for younger women to look up to.

There are a slew of young women out there in the entertainment industry that are being examples to our daughters, grand daughters and so on. The question that needs to be asked is, are they good examples? Do these young women value life? Do they value love? Do they value dignity, honor and respect? Do they value men? Do they even value themselves? How do they treat others both in their actions and in their speech?

By adapting to a few of the trends we can show other women that we can be both fashionable and modern in our thinking and the way we dress, and we can possibly open a door for younger women to look to us, as people they might want to, not only dress like, but be like.

Next time you start to think, I don’t care about the trends, think twice. Maybe you could become a trend setter, not just a trend follower.

Fall Trends 2019 - Part 4

I’ve been looking at various Fall Trends the last few weeks. There are so many fun fashion ideas out there and I wanted to let you know what a few of my favorites are. So far we have looked at Head to Toe Green and Metallics, Romance Gone Goth and Layering Knits, Head to Toe Prints and Dark Florals. You can see the original posts by clicking on the links.

Today we are going to look at two more trends that I like. The first is relatively easy for most women to tap into, because most of us have at least one animal print in our closet. Whether you have a leopard print skirt, a snakeskin bag, a zebra top or a giraffe sweater, all animal prints are in. If you don’t have any type of animal print, be sure to check out thrift stores before you head to the mall. I have seen plenty of animal print items in various places like Goodwill and Salvation Army stores and they are so much cheaper.

Trend 7 - Animal Prints

Since you have seen me wear leopard print in the the form of a skirt and a sweater, I thought I would show off my recently acquired snakeskin jacket. I found this brown and white Liz Claiborne print while I was thrifting.

Fall Trends 2019 - Animal Prints

This is a great piece for right now, as it is unlined. As the weather gets cooler, I will reach more for my lined jackets, but this will work well for work or just if I am running errands and need a light weight piece. I decided to pair the jacket with a thrifted, yellow, Banana Republic sweater.

Fall Trends 2019 - Animal prints

I think yellow looks really good with this earthy brown. Since I was going for a more earth toned looked, I decided to pair the jacket and sweater with my olive, cargo, Gloria Vanderbilt, skinny pants. Cargo and utility looks are still on the radar for this fall, so pull out your utility jackets and cargo pants.

Fall Trends 2019 - animal prints

Gray seemed to be a good choice for boots with this outfit I love this dark Impo brand with the low wedge heel. The chains on the side make for a fun detail.

Fall Trends 2019 - animal prints

To go along with the yellow sweater, I added a yellow tote. I think the print mixing works well and the yellow pulls the whole look together.

Fall trends 2019 - animal prints

I am going to try this outfit on and see how it looks. If I like it, I’ll probably wear it to work and I’ll post a picture on Instagram.

This next trend, is not something I typically would wear, but finding the right piece at a thrift store suddenly made this feel feasible.

Trend 8 - Capes

Probably most of you when you hear the word cape think ,either of a super hero donning blue spanx, or a dark figure drawing you in with his devilish eyes to have your blood for a night cap. While those individuals certainly did wear capes, and might even be said to be stylish, wearing a cape this fall is trendy.

Capes on the run way are leather trimmed, worn with trench coat flair and made of cashmere. Of course capes are not limited to what the big wigs in New York think. Capes can be made of many different fabrics and like the one I found at a thrift store, can be beautifully crafted pieces knitted or crocheted.

Fall Trends 2019 - wearing capes

When I saw this sunny yellow cape, I knew I had to try it on. The American Cancer Society thrift store I frequent is just up the road and they always have something that I have to have. This was one of those pieces. Lucky me, they were having a sale that day, so I got this for an even better price. This looks like it was hand made as there are no brand tags or washing instructions inside.

Fall Trends 2019 - wearing a cape

You can see the symmetrical pattern of the knit and the pretty gold buttons. Sometimes a cape will only have one closure at the top, but I like the fact that this one buttons all the way to the bottom. I also love the fringe. I really speaks to my inner hippy and reminds me of the ponchos I used to wear as a girl.

I paired this with a recently thrifted Divided H & M yellow plaid top. Yellow is definitely a new muse for me and I have accumulated quite a collection, more of which you will see in the coming weeks, both here and on IG. The top has just a hint of pink in it, so that is why I went for the blush boots and pink cross body clutch. The boots are SO brand on clearance at Kohl’s and the cross body bag was a clearance find at Meijer.

Fall Trends 2019 - wearing capes
Fall Trends 2019 - wearing capes

I thought jeans would be the perfect bottoms for this outfit. These dark wash, boot cut jeans are Rock & Republic brand and are from Kohl’s.

Fall Trends 2019 - wearing capes

What did you think of these two fall trends? Do you like to wear animal prints? What kind do you have in your closet? Do you own a cape? I don’t know that a lot of people have one, and it may not be a trend that catches on, but it is fun to see what options are out there and how things are being worn.

For more info on these and other fall trends for 2019 check out these websites.

Marie Claire - 10 Fall Trends Everyone Will Be Talking About

Popsugar - The 9 Most Wearable Trends for Fall

Elite Daily - These Fall 2019 Fashion Trends….

There are plenty more. Just type in Fall 2019 Trends and numerous sites will pop up. I hope you enjoyed this look at some of the fun trends for this fall. Enjoy creating your outfits!

Fall Trends - 2019 - Part 3

Here we are looking at two more fall trends for 2019. Depending on who you look to for the latest info on the trends, there is some overlap. However, not all trends are the same according to all the fashion gurus. Who What Wear has a different list from Marie Claire who has a different list from Vogue and so on. When I put together my list of trends, I am taking from a few different sources and presenting you the ones I like and find interesting and plausible for us real women. Remember most trends that you see on the runways are geared toward younger women who have the stature of a fashion model, so very tall and thin. That does not mean that we cannot wear a particular trend, but pick the ones that are right for you.

Trend 5 - Head to Toe Prints

This is not a particularly new trend, but it presents itself in a bolder more, out there way. Pattern mixing has become quite common, but now the patterns are brighter and bigger. Here are some examples from a Pinterest page I discovered. I decided to go more conservative, because I was grooving on the earth tones of browns and blues. This is what I came up with.

Fall 2019 Trends - head to toe prints

Obviously the old time suiting that women, and men, used to wear would fall easily into this trend category. A matching plaid blazer and pants along with a bold print top and you would be stylin’ with the best of them. The thing I like about this trend is the challenge of creating a printed outfit that I would actually wear and that looks palatable to the eye, not obnoxious. Some of the outfits on that Pinterest page I would classify as obnoxious, but that is only my opinion.

Fall Trends 2019 - Head to toe prints

I found these paisley corduroys while thrifting last spring and unfortunately won’t be able to wear them, until I get back to my lighter spring weight. Ugg. However, I loved the pattern and the heavier weight for fall and winter. They are a brand called Havana Jack’s Cafe. Do you ever wonder where they come up with the names for things?

The blue in the pants made me reach for my Chaps knit vest and my thrifted polka dot SO button up. I found the fun necklace at a second hand store and thought it would be a good addition to the outfit.

Fall Trends 2019 - head to toe prints

Blue seemed to be my color of choice for bag and shoes. Everything in this outfit came from my closet and has been used on the blog before. You can see the vest here and here. The pants have not. but I already explained that problem. Ha, ha.

Fall Trends 2019 - Head to toe prints
Fall Trends 2019 - head to toe prints

Trend 6 - Dark Florals

I have really taken a liking to floral prints. I like the bright bold colors of spring, the soft pastel prints of summer and especially the dark floras of fall and winter. It would seem that florals are here to stay and I am glad.

Fall Trends 2019 - Dark florals

I found this dark floral Jeans by Buffalo top while thrifting. I love the colors and when I went to put this flat lay together, I realized this erin london bomber jacket from Shop National would be the perfect over piece. It goes well with the green in the top and has its own floral print.

Fall Trends 2019 - Dark florals

These distressed, embellished skinny jeans are Rock & Republic from Kohl’s, and I’ve had them for a while. Once again, I have grown out of them, but I refuse to get rid of them. Ha, ha.

Fall Trends 2019 - Dark florals

Since the top contains some red, I chose red for my accessories, including my tall, black, studded boots that have red detailing along the zipper on the back.

Fall Trends 2019 - Dark florals
Spring Trends 2019 - Dark Florals
Fall Trends 219 - Dark florals

This is definitely an outfit I would wear on a regular basis. The pretty florals, the layers and the skinny jeans with boots will be a regular rotation as the weather cools.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Next Tuesday I will bring you one more post on fall trends and then I hope to start my Pantone Fall 2019 - New York series.

Thanks for following and please join me next time.

Fall Trends - 2019 - Part 1

Time has gotten away from us and life threw us a few curve balls, so my daughter and I have not been able to connect to take pictures for my Fall Pantone series. It is still on the docket, but will be put off for a week or two. In the mean time, I thought this would be a good opportunity to talk about a few of the fall trends. I touched on a few of them in my last Wearing White post, but now I will address them more in depth.

When it comes to fashion, I am not a big trend follower, but I do like to see what is current and pick and choose what trends I find most fitting for my personality and my style . This week I am going to cover two. These are flat lays I put together and these are clothes from my own closet. Once again, I encourage you to shop your own closet before going out to purchase new items to follow the trends. Often times we have things in our closets that we forget about, that fit perfectly with the trends that are current. I think this is especially important when it is a trend that isn’t going to be lasting - things like tie-dye, see through rain coats, bags and shoes and other very specialized trends.

Trend 1 - Head to Toe Green

I am simply calling this head to toe green, but it is most specific to a light green in the manner of pistachio, sea foam or colors of that nature.

Fall 2019 Trends - head to toe green

This warm, fuzzy, knee length, open front cardi was a Christopher and Banks purchase at the end of the spring season. I fell in love with the color and its soft coziness. After making that purchase I found myself drawn to other pieces with that same light green color. I would probably say these are closer to a mint. In fact, take the pants away from the sweater and they actually look more like a very light blue. I love when colors have an almost chameleonic effect when they are near other colors.

Fall Trends 2019 - head to toe green

These straight leg jeans are from Chico’s and I found them on the clearance rack. The silver studs on the bottom portion of the pant leg are part of what drew me to them. That, and they have a soft, stretchy feel. These are So Slimming Girlfriend Ankle Jeans.

Fall Trends 2019 - Head to toe green

This v-neck, thrifted, Croft and Barrow tee has black polka dots, so I decided to make my accessories black. this black beaded tassel necklace, I have had for a while.

Fall Trends 2019 - Head to toe green

I wish I would have thought to lay one of these booties on the side. They have a neat cut-out along the outside where the buckles attach. They are easy on and off with an inside zipper. I got these at Bass Pro Shop when my hubby was looking for a pair of hiking boots. These were marked down and yes my husband did get a pair of shoes too. Ha, ha. These are Natural Reflection brand.

Of course I had to include a bag in my flat lay, so I decided to add another Fall Trend, dark florals. The bookstore where I work used to sell various Vera Bradley products, but not any more. I get a few of these bags at extremely good discounts.

Fall Trends 2019 - head to toe green

Trend 2 - Metallics

Why do I feel that metallics come around every fall, just in time for the holidays? I like metallics, but they are a trend that I personally feel you have to limit. For fall the push is for head to toe everything, so head to toe green, head to toe metallics and on it goes. I say do what works for you. I like subtlety with metallics, so the following flat lay, would probably be a bit more than I would normally go for, but I think it works well.

Fall Trends 2019 - Metallics

Lauren Conrad is famous for a line of clothes that is rich with pastels and feminine details. This skirt is no exception. The metallic sheen makes it party and holiday ready, but it exudes femininity. I need to figure out how to take it in a bit, because it is a little big.

The gold button up was thrifted and I have had it for a long time. George brand clothing is carried by Walmart. When I found this blue cropped tee with the metallic words and dots, I knew I could wear it over this gold blouse. This thrifted piece is Hollister brand. Hollister is not a brand I would normally buy, as they seem to be geared to younger people, but I will say, I don’t care who makes it when I am thrifting. If it fits and I like it, I buy it.

Fall Trends 2019 - Metallics

Keeping in the metallics theme I chose my SO silver flats, and my sparkly pewter clutch. The final piece was a metal beaded bracelet.

Fall Trends 2019 - metallics
Fall Trends 2019 - metallics
Fall Trends 2019 - Metallics

What do you think of these trends? Will these be trends you will try this fall? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Have a great weekend.