Beautiful Blogger Bests - Wearing Fringe - Accessories

This week's featured beautiful blogger is Jodie of Jodie's Touch of Style. Jodie's blog specifically caters to women ages 50 and over. She offers a multi-generational perspective on fashion by using herself (50's), her step mom, Nancy (60's) and her mom, Charlotte (70's) to model in all of her fashion posts. You can read more about Jodie and her two other beautiful family members and models on her About page. 

Jodie is a fantastic fashion blogger based in Colorado. She is down to earth, creative and honest, not only about fashion, but about herself. I anticipate Jodie's posts as she models everything from tee shirt dresses, to faux leather skirts, to wearable art, for all three decades. 

Today's post was inspired by a series of posts Jodie did last spring on wearing fringe. Jodie did a three part series which you can see by clicking on these links: Fringe 1 (On a Clothing Item), Fringe 2 (On a Necklace), and Fringe 3 (On an Accessory). 

I have decided to divide this up as well, with my first post today dedicated to fringe on accessories. Somewhere down the line I will dedicate another post to fringe on clothing. 

Fringe on a Scarf:

Fringe on a bag:

Fringe on a necklace - a tassel:

Fringe on a bracelet:

Fringe on a poncho:


I would also include shoes with the accessories, but my moccasin pics weren't ready, so I will include those in my next fringe post at a future date.

As you can see there are many ways to wear fringe and what was once a style statement of the 60's has made a strong resurgence and is probably here to stay. I will say that Jodie was really the inspiration behind my getting on the fringe band wagon. 

Jodie of Jodie's Touch of Style is a fashion blogger that actual women can follow and be inspired by. Be sure to visit her site and give her some love. 

Next Tuesday we will feature another of Pantone's Fall 2016 color choices and my Color Crash Course on Thursday will spotlight red and orange, just in time for fall. I hope you will be back for more fun on Stylin' Granny Mama.

Have a great weekend!

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull (all except bracelet photos). Make up Rachel Christensen.

Fringe finds:

Scarf - JC Penney - $22.40

Bag - Kohl's - $36.00

Tassel Necklace JCrew Factory - $23.50

Tassel Bracelet - Nordstrom Rack - $12.97

Poncho - Macy's - $36.99