Chasing Away the Winter Blues - Week 3

I have been talking about chasing away the winter blues this month. January can be a long, cold and typically overcast month here in the mid west. As I discussed the last few weeks, wearing bright colors and getting out to do something fun can be two "blues" chasers. This week I wanted to take another look at color, but approach it from a more spiritual aspect.

For those of you who follow my Faith page on the blog, you know that I am a Christ follower and what some would term a Bible thumper, not to be confused with Thumper, the rabbit from Bambi fame. I am a supporter of intelligent design, believing that an almighty God crafted us and the world we live on, from nothingness. This being said, I am not here to preach at you or convert you to my way of thinking, but to share with you a fashion idea that makes perfect sense to me. 

Think about the colors in nature. Green grass, red cardinals, purple flowers, yellow sun and blue skies. Since these things were put into place by an intelligent creator for our benefit and pleasure wouldn't it also make sense that color and how we wear it can affect our mood and outlook, as well as affect how other people perceive us.

Chasing away the winter blues - bluer than blue

For this outfit, I was dreaming of blues skies, blue seas and gentle warm breezes. 

Chasing away the winter blues - bluer than blue

Cobalt blue is really in right now, so when I spied these ankle pants in my dresser I joyfully pulled them out! That made me remember my cobalt suede heels. I wore these in this Denim Days post from back in the summer. In keeping with the blue theme, I lightened up the sweater and scarf near my face.

Chasing away the winter blues - bluer than blue

My younger daughter gave me this pretty scarf for Christmas. The button up cardigan was from Kohl's last year. The three strand gold and bling necklace was thrifted.

Chasing away the winter blues - bluer than blue

To add a bit more interest to the outfit, I added the snakeskin clutch. I think it adds a fun contrast to the "same color" theme of the outfit. 

Chasing away the winter blues - bluer than blue
Chasing away the winter blues - bluer than blue
Chasing away the winter blues - bluer than blues

I hope you enjoyed this post on another way to chase away those winter blues. What is your favorite color out in nature? Have you ever tried to incorporate that color into an outfit? How did it make you feel? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below or leave me a comment on my Facebook page. 

Thanks for following along. Check back on Thursday to see who my Beautiful Blogger is for this month.

Have a great day.

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull. Make up Rachel Christensen

Shopping Options:

Cobalt ankle pants - JCPenney - $48.00

Cobalt heels - DSW - $39.95

Light blue sweater - Lord & Taylor - $59.95 (cashmere on clearance!)

Light blue scarf - Target - $14.99

Snakeskin bag - Charming Charlie - $22.00

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