Pantone Autumn/Winter - 2019 - Fruit Dove and Galaxy Blue

These next two colors are described by the Pantone Color Institute as an “extroverted pink” and a “thoughtful blue”. I like that combination of terms, in the same way I like this combination of colors. We often think of extroverted people as popular, charming and talkative, while thoughtful people could be described as people who think more than they talk, or people who are on the look out for ways to help others. I am not an extrovert, but an introvert. I have a hard time in crowds, get tired of too much noise or activity and I need my alone time. Wearing a bright pink like this is my way of standing out in the crowd, without saying very much.

2 (1).jpg

You might think these three colors are more spring like than fall like, but colors transcend all seasons. I do like darker, richer colors for fall and lighter, breezier colors for spring, but that is my personal opinion. What really makes an outfit more season specific are the textures and accessories you incorporate into it.

i’ve worn these bright blue Ruby Rd. pants on the blog before. You can see them with a light blue sweater, a plaid bomber jacket, and a multi-colored kimono. My friend was getting rid of these and I took them, not realizing how much I would actually wear them and used them for the blog. This royal blue color seems to keep coming around again and again.


I have had this thrifted Ralph Lauren pullover sweater for a while. I don’t wear short sleeve sweaters too often, because in the summer it is too hot and in the fall, winter and spring it is too cold. However, for some of these warm fall days, where the temps are still in the 70’s in the day and 50’s at night, a short sleeve sweater is a good option. Can you tell in the picture below I am trying to stand up straight and suck in my rolls? Ha, ha. Well, I am! Just being real!

Pantone - Autumn/Winter -2019 - fruit dove and galaxy blue

In addition to the two New York palette colors of Fruit Dove and Galaxy Blue, I wanted to incorporate one of the classic colors. I thought it was interesting that they included this olive green, which they call Guacamole. In the past, the classic color palettes usually contained a dark blue, a gray, some sort of cream or ivory and either a camel or a shade of brown. This was the first year they included a green. At first, I thought that was a rather odd choice, but once I got used to the idea, I realized this green would work with a number of color combinations. I pulled out my velour jacket, knowing it would be a great accompanying piece for this outfit.


Since I pulled in the Guacamole, I decided to go for green accessories. My SO olive booties, the velvet floral bag and the green neck scarf bring a continuity to the outfit and tone down the bright blue and pink.

Pantone - Autumn/Winter - 2019 - fruit dove and galaxy blue
Pantone - Autumn/Winter - 2019 -fruit dove and galaxy blue
Pantone - Autumn/Winter - 2019

Believe me when I say, it was too hot to be wearing all of these layers. As soon as we finished at outfit, I was undressing as we walked back to the car. Ha, ha.

Pantone - Autumn/Winter - 2019 - fruit dove and galaxy blue

What do you think of this outfit? Would you wear these colors? Would you wear these colors together? Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Do you like to wear clothes that attract attention, or do you like to wear pieces that make you disappear? I’d love to hear your opinions and thoughts. Your support keeps my blog going, so leave a comment or two.

I’m leaving you with a few shopping links for pieces in these colors. These are affiliate links. All opinions are my own.

Photos and graphic credit Rebecca Trumbull.