Pantone - Autumn/Winter - Galaxy Blue and Hazel

I neglected to get my post done for Tuesday. Monday and Tuesday, my grandson had off from school. It was parent/teacher conference days. My daughter had her appointment right away on Monday morning and Quintin is doing very well. He is nationally high ranking in his reading ability and math, so this Grandma is proud of a certain nine year old.

This is the last outfit from the Pantone - Autumn/Winter - 2019 London Palette. Next week, I’ll have another recap post to show you all the London colors and then we will put the Pantone Institute aside until spring. For your information, the Spring/Summer colors for 2020 are already up on the website and have been for a couple of months, so if you are really curious, you can go the to the Pantone website and see what they look like. As for this blogger, you won’t get to view them here until spring.

Our last two colors are Galaxy Blue, which was also on the New York palette and a mellow brown called Hazel. This brown is not one I would regularly reach for. I like colors that are more rich and saturated. In the Crayola Crayon box, this color might be similar to Antique Brass. See the complete list of current crayon colors here. Talk about fun color names! Be sure to read some of those. They are not merely called red, pink or blue any more. Ha, ha.

Pantone - Autumn/ Winter - 2019 - Galaxy Blue and Hazel

I decided to do some plaid print mixing in this outfit, as you can see with my ruana and my pants. I must tell you how I came to own this beautiful ruana. My hubby and I were out on a date. We try to go out once a week, usually for dinner and then to Barnes and Noble bookstore. We both love spending time around books and we usually end up getting a hot drink and sometimes a treat. On this particular night we went out for Mexican. After we were finished eating he told me that before we head to Barnes and Noble he had to stop at Bass Pro Shop and get something for his trailer hitch. I don’t even think twice about it. I don’t mind going to Bass Pro or Cabelas, because they both have fun things to look at, like mounted animals and clothing that I like, but would never purchase, because it is out of my price range.

We walked into the store and were heading down the center aisle. On the right side of the aisle are all the women’s clothes. We got to this lovely display where this ruana was styled over an ivory sweater. It immediately caught my eye. My husband said, “I thought you might like this.” I was shocked. Not only had he thought of me, but he had picked out something he thought I would both like and look nice in. He let me pick out a few other things besides the ruana to try on and just hung out while I did. I picked out the ruana and a rusty orange sweater, that I haven’t worn yet, but that looks great under the plaid. My husband does not do things like this very often, but it sure makes an impact on me, when he does.

Pantone - Autumn/Winter - 2019 - Galaxy Blue and Hazel

My thrifted blue tee is Charter Club brand. It is a bit brighter than Galaxy Blue, but once again, you get the idea. I like the detailing around the neckline.

Pantone - Autumn/ Winter - 2019 - Galaxy Blue and Hazel

These gray pants are also thrifted and you can see how I styled them with a faux leather jacket, and with a pink sweater set.

Pantone - Autumn/Winter - 2019 - Galaxy Blue and Hazel

Here is a close up of my print mixing.

Pantone - Autumn/Winter - 2019 - Galaxy Blue and Hazel

I kept my accessories simple since there was already so much going on in the outfit with the two plaids. A bright blue crystal pendant, a simple gray Rosetti bag, and these thrifted Lifestride maroon ankle boots.

Pantone - Autumn/Winter - 2019 - Galaxy Blue and Hazel
Pantone - Autumn/Winter - 2019 - Galaxy Blue and Hazel
Pantone - Autumn/Winter - 2019 - Galaxy Blue and Hazel

What do you think of these colors? Do you like plaid? I’d love to hear your thoughts so be sure to leave me a comment or two. Your support and feedback mean a lot to me and help give me ideas and direction for the blog.

Pantone - Autumn/Winter - 2019 - Galaxy Blue and Hazel

Graphic and photo credit Rebecca Trumbull.

I’ve included a few shopping links for you to peruse. With the holidays coming up maybe these will give you some inspiration for someone on your list. These are affiliate links. All opinions are my own.

Pantone - Autumn/Winter - 2019 - New York Palette Recap

I was going to start the Pantone London color palette today, but decided to do a recap of all the New York colors. Some people have told me they like to see all of the outfits and colors together in one post, so here we go.

Outfit 1 - Chili Pepper and Bluestone

Pantone - Autumn/Winter - 2019 - Chili Pepper and Bluestone

Outfit 2 - Fruit Dove and Galaxy Blue

Pantone - Autumn/Winter - 2019 - Fruit Dove and Galaxy Blue

Outfit 3 - Crème de Pêche and Rocky Road

Pantone - Autumn/Winter - 2019 - Creme de Peche and Rocky Road

Outfit 4 - Sugar Almond and Dark Cheddar

Pantone - Autumn/Winter - 2019 - Sugar Almond and Dark Cheddar

Outfit 5 - Orange Tiger and Eden

Pantone - Autumn/Winter - 2019 - Orange Tiger and Eden

Outfit 6 - Peach Pink and Biking Red

Pantone - Autumn/Winter - 2019 -

I hope you enjoyed this look at the Pantone - Autumn/Winter - 2019 - New York palette. Which outfit was your favorite? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Next week I’ll be starting the Pantone - Autumn/Winter - 2019 - London palette. Believe it or not, the only two overlapping colors this year were Galaxy Blue and Bluestone. Be sure to check that out next week.

Thank you all for being a part of my blogging journey. If you ever have something you would like to see me feature on the blog, send me an email. I’m open to new ideas and value your opinions and support.

Have a fabulous weekend!

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull.