Beautiful Blogger Bests - Styling an Outfit Around a Printed Bag

When I started blogging back in February I was informed by my daughter and other resources to start following other bloggers. My email is constantly inundated by new posts. Sometimes I can keep up and sometimes I can't, but I have found a number of bloggers that are worth following for their creativity, fashion moxie, sense of humor and their beautiful spirits. When I decided to start this column it was not to give myself a pat on the back by featuring other bloggers, hoping they would do the same for me. I made the decision based on a simple theory....inspiration inspires inspiration. The inspiration I have received from other bloggers has given me ideas, confidence and creativity that I never knew I had. It is my goal to inspire you by drawing on the inspiration other bloggers have given me.

The blogger I am featuring today is Janeane of Designing from My Closet. If you visit Janeane's blog site you will find a California girl who loves interior design, color and fashion. You can follow Janeane by clicking on the link I provided and subscribing to her blog, or find her on You Tube or Instagram. 

Back in May Janeane did a post titled How to Wear a Printed HandbagClick on the link to read that original post. My first thoughts were, "What?" "How do you wear a handbag?" After reading the article I realized what Janeane was referring to was designing an outfit around a particular bag. In her case a beautiful floral tote bag. I came away thinking, "Hmmmm. That would be a cool thing to try. I do have a couple of colorful bags I could work with."

Not long after reading that post a girlfriend of mine was getting rid of a closet full of clothes, bags and shoes and invited myself and two other friends over to "shop" her closet. We had done that before and had such a fun time we jumped at the chance to do it again. 

floral bag

This was one of my finds from my friend's closet. Right away I knew I had found the bag to style an outfit around. I asked my other two friends, "Does anyone want this bag?" We're polite that way! Ha, ha. Neither one did, so I brought it home.  I have used it many times this summer and found that styling an outfit around a bag is an easy way to pack for a short weekend or to style an outfit for a summer evening out. What follows are two of the ideas I came up with for styling this bag.

floral bag outfit

Black maxi skirt, black strappy wedge sandals, bright pink tank, blue 3 strand beaded necklace and a simple green and gold cuff bracelet.

floral bag

Here you can see a little more of the detailing on the bag. It is a beautiful tote by Sarah Violet. There is an exact version on Poshmark right now for only $15.00, so click on their link if you are interested. I am not real familiar with the brand, but it seems sturdy and well made. The bag is roomy and has a few pockets for added organization.

floral bag outfit

Here is the other outfit, this time drawing on the red, blue-green and yellow on the bag.

floral bag outfit

Light blue crop pants, black strappy wedge sandals, red button up front tie blouse, yellow beads and bracelets.

floral bag outfit

Here are the outfits side by side.

Styling an outfit around a bag is fun. It gave me a starting point for choosing an outfit and actually made it much easier to decide what to wear. I am thankful for Janeane who inspired me with her idea and I hope that this post will inspire you as well. 

If you come up with a great outfit styled around a bag let me know in the comments section below or post a pic of it on my Facebook page.

Thanks for checking out Stylin' Granny Mama and have a great day.

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull. Make up Rachel Christensen.