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I am using the word ordinary as a term to mean usual, not plain. I don't want any of you thinking I only think of myself as ordinary...okay, so once in a while I do struggle with the old self image, but that is not what I am intending to address with this new monthly column on the blog. 

Ordinary Amy is going to be a monthly column emphasizing outfits that are my go to's. These will be pieces that I frequently reach for, because I find them, comfortable, easy to wear and pair other pieces with, yet still stylish. 

DSC_0008 (4).jpg

A v-neck sweater, red in honor of Valentine's Day, a pair of skinny jeans and a pair of combat boots. Casual, comfy, warm and a masculine edge. 

I grew up in a home with two older brothers. Being the only girl and the baby, it was my goal to try to keep up with the boys, as annoying as that was to them. Ha ha. From playing in the creek behind the house, to making trails in the field down the road for their dirt bikes, I tried to follow them everywhere. As far as I was concerned I was a boy, just like them. I had a short hair cut and wore pants as often as I could. I can still remember my mother and I fighting about the fact that she thought I should wear dresses to school. She gave that fight up before too long. When we went swimming in our pool, I would wear a pair of shorts and that was it...no top. I was a boy. why should I have to wear a top? (This was before I began to blossom and hit puberty, so flat chested, was flat chested.)

I can still remember when I got my first period. I explained to my mother what was happening and when she told me what it was, I ran from the house angry and crying. I didn't want to be a girl. Gradually, hormones did their job. I started to change in shape and I also began to notice boys! I became extremely private and modest, even around my brothers, and I became interested in clothing, hair styles and eventually make up. 

However, I still prefer pants over dresses and I like looks that have an edgy, military or masculine vibe. 

Ordinary Amy - red sweater, skinny jeans, combat boots

This type of look is something I turn to again and again. I love boots. I also like skinny jeans. I used to never wear them, so when I finally tried them, I fell in love. The thing I like about skinnies is that I can wear them all year round. In fall and winter I tuck them into boots and in spring and summer, I roll them up and pair them with ankle boots, sneakers, flats or flip flops. 

A chunky, cable knit sweater is stylish, but forgiving enough that I don't have to worry about my bulges. This particular sweater is Chaps brand from the Kohl's clearance rack. I am wearing a short sleeve lace tee underneath which provided an extra layer of warmth and a touch of ivory around the neck line. 

Ordinary Amy - red sweater, skinny jeans, combat boots, bomber jacket

When I started putting this outfit together, I chose the sweater and jeans first, but then I thought of adding this fun bomber jacket which I introduced on the blog earlier in my travel post from last March. This little number is actually quite warm. It was a JC Penney clearance rack find and is Arizona brand. I think I paid about $5.00 for it. 

With the bomber jacket I knew I had to wear my thrifted combat boots, giving the whole look a WWII feel. With that in mind, it made me think of my dad. 

My dad, who grew up in a pacifist Mennonite family, was a hard working farm boy with a fascination with airplanes. When he was old enough he left home and went to work for the Curtiss-Wright airplane factory in Buffalo, NY. making wings for the P-47 for WWII. My dad, however was not content to make wings, he wanted to enlist. When he went to sign up, they asked if he was employed. When he told them where he worked they rejected him, saying his work was more important to the war effort than being in the service. Being the man he was, he waited a little longer, quit his job and went back to enlist. They let him right in. His enlistment came late in the war and he ended up serving in Air Sea Rescue on a B-17

Ordinary Amy - airplane necklace

I found this little pendant necklace somewhere along the way, possibly at Charming Charlie. What originally drew me to it was the bling, but it suddenly occurred to me that it would be a good piece to remind me of my dad. My dad passed away eleven years ago, but obviously I still think of him often. 

Ordinary Amy - bomber jacket outfit

There you have it...ordinary me, on an ordinary day. I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope you have an extraordinary weekend! 

(With the awful tragedy that occurred yesterday morning in Parkland, Florida I thought to add a note to this post. I pray for the families, friends and school staff left behind after the mass shooting. My heart is heavy as you deal with the aftermath and I pray that time will bring healing for the loss you are feeling.)

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A Bit of Travel. A Bit of Fashion.

This past weekend was the start of my husband's spring break. I decided to take the week off of work as well, so for the first weekend we spent three nights at Mohican State Park in central Ohio. It is a beautiful area and the state park boasts not only a meandering river which is filled with tubers, kayakers and canoers in the summer, and a beautiful lodge set on a hill overlooking the picturesque river valley, but twenty five lovely little cabins with all the comforts of home. It was in one of these Mark and I stayed. 

It was a much needed time of rest, relaxation and refreshment. We slept, ate, hiked together and then while Mark went out and enjoyed his hobby of metal detecting I stayed in a read a good book. 

Here are some pics of the beautiful scenery.

Mohican State Park
Mohican State Park
Mohican State Park
Mohican State Park
Mohican State Park
Mohican State Park
Mohican State Park

The scenery is even better in the spring, summer and fall, but we considered ourselves fortunate that we were able to take walks on the trails and that the sun was shining. 

I know this is normally a fashion post, so I couldn't go the entire weekend without taking a few pics for today's post. On our way down to Mohican we go right past Mansfield, Ohio which is a moderate sized town. It is big enough to have a mall, a number of restaurants and other stores like Kohls, Barnes and Noble and Target. We stopped for lunch then did a lap around the mall where I found a fun bomber jacket on clearance at J.C.Penney. 

Black bomber jacket

This is the second bomber jacket I bought. The first one, which will probably come up in a post somewhere down the road is light weight and doesn't have the fun patches. I got an extra large in this version from Penney's. While a large fit perfectly, I wanted a little more flex room. Plus they only had the large size in olive and both my husband and I liked the look of the black better.

Black bomber jacket

When I packed I had no idea I would be purchasing this jacket. I happened to pack a red cardigan which goes perfectly underneath and added my retro beaded fringe necklace. Yes, I do pack jewelry, even when I am going to be in a rustic cabin in the woods! I wouldn't be Stylin' Granny Mama if I didn't. Ha, ha. And yes, I did bring my curling iron as well! My husband will tell you I can go rustic with the best of them: we did camp in a tent on an island in Canada's Algonquin Provincial Park, on our honey moon after all, but, when I have electricity, I will make all efforts to look my best.

Black bomber jacket

You can see some of the patches here. I think they really give the jacket that WWII bomber vibe. This Arizona brand jacket is made from 100 percent polyester. It is fully lined and has soft knit bands around the neck, cuffs and bottom. It also has roomy pockets with snap flaps and a sleeve zipper on the one arm.

Black Bomber jacket
Black bomber jacket

I can already think of many ways to style this jacket. It would be fun with a skirt and tennies, dress pants and heels or boot cut jeans and oxfords. 

I hope you enjoyed seeing some pics from our weekend away and liked the new jacket I got. I included a few links to various styles of bomber jackets. I really like the floral ones, especially for spring. 

Have a great Tuesday.

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