Layering Love - What to Do with a Light Weight Skirt

I own a number of skirts that are light weight and for the most part only meant to be worn in warmer weather. I thought it would be fun to take one of those skirts and style it for cold weather. The beauty of a fuller skirt is that you can add multiple layers underneath and not create added bulges. 

For this outfit, which I wore for Thanksgiving day, I chose my black tiered skirt.

Layering love - light weight skirt

I think I am channeling my inner gypsy again. The combination of a tiered skirt, plaid shirt, Beatles sweatshirt and boots just feels like me. It is sort of eclectic and whimsical in a goth sort of way. 

Layering love - light weight skirt
Layering Love - light weight skirt

Part of the reason I chose this skirt was for the bling. To me bling says many things, but especially at the holidays. To keep my warmer, I have a pair of leggings on underneath, which you can't even notice because the skirt is long enough and the boots are tall enough. 

For the layers on the top I chose a burgundy plaid button up that has elbow length sleeves. the sleeves are a bit too tight to button, so adding the sweatshirt over the top hides that problem. I like the pop of color against the gray and the black. I threw on the brown scarf to tie in with the brown boots. 

Layering love - light weight skirt

Though I didn't go anywhere except my kitchen, for the pics I wanted to show what it would look like with a bag, so added my berry colored tote. I also added a layer of beaded bracelets and a wrap bracelet to add to the gypsy look.

Layering love - light weight skirt
Layering Love - light weight skirt

This was a fun outfit for me. It's an outfit that epitomizes my inner gypsy, my rocker-biker vibe and my love of all things blingy! I enjoy putting an outfit together that is a bit outside the box. For so long we were told to tuck in our shirts, never wear biker boots with a skirt and don't combine black and brown. Today, however, there is more flexibility in the fashion realm and part of the fun is learning to embrace the trends you like and try new things. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. Our family will be traveling to enjoy more extended family time over the weekend. Safe travels to all of you who are traveling and happy shopping to those braving the stores for Black Friday deals. 

Have a great weekend!

How to Wear a White Blouse - Under a Tee Shirt

This week I am teaming up with Jodie of Jodie's Touch of Style to show you ways to style a simple white button up blouse. A long sleeve button up blouse is a piece most of us have in our closets. However, if you are like me, you only think of wearing it under a blazer or a cardigan. When Jodie told me she was going to show different ways to style a white blouse, I was intrigued. I told her to count me in for a collaboration and our posts this week will show you what we came up with. 

Today's challenge was to style the blouse under a tee shirt. In the photos below you can see Jodie styled her blouse under a striped long sleeved tee, while Nancy (Jodie's step mom) and Charlotte (Jodie's mom) styled theirs under a short sleeve tee. Nancy is wearing a solid colored polo shirt, while Charlotte is wearing a graphic crew neck. Aren't these three ladies the bomb?! Just click on the picture to see the whole post on Jodie's site. Be sure to give them some love!

I decided I would style my blouse under a graphic tee. Little did I know I was going to find the perfect piece when my husband and I went on our little get away last weekend.

white blouse under a graphic tee

With this fun graphic tee being the focal point, I decided to go biker chic for my outfit! 

wearing a white blouse under a graphic tee

I decided to add my burgundy fringe bag to bring in some color.

wearing a white blouse under a graphic tee

To complement the look I threw on my brown faux leather biker jacket. 

wearing a white blouse under a short sleeve tee

I finished with a few pieces of edgy jewelry.

wearing a white blouse with a graphic tee

Here is a closer look at the boots and bag! 

wearing a white blouse under a graphic tee
wearing a white blouse under a graphic tee

I hope you enjoyed this post on styling a white button up blouse under a tee shirt. Be sure to stop by Jodie's blog and check out the full post on how she styled her white blouse on three generations of lovely women! Also, check back on Wednesday to see another way to style a white button up blouse.

I appreciate your comments and it helps my blog to grow when you leave me some love. If you follow my faith page, I will be posting Monday's Mulling it Over post tomorrow, where I will be continuing to peruse Ephesians 6. 

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A Bit of Travel. A Bit of Fashion.

This past weekend was the start of my husband's spring break. I decided to take the week off of work as well, so for the first weekend we spent three nights at Mohican State Park in central Ohio. It is a beautiful area and the state park boasts not only a meandering river which is filled with tubers, kayakers and canoers in the summer, and a beautiful lodge set on a hill overlooking the picturesque river valley, but twenty five lovely little cabins with all the comforts of home. It was in one of these Mark and I stayed. 

It was a much needed time of rest, relaxation and refreshment. We slept, ate, hiked together and then while Mark went out and enjoyed his hobby of metal detecting I stayed in a read a good book. 

Here are some pics of the beautiful scenery.

Mohican State Park
Mohican State Park
Mohican State Park
Mohican State Park
Mohican State Park
Mohican State Park
Mohican State Park

The scenery is even better in the spring, summer and fall, but we considered ourselves fortunate that we were able to take walks on the trails and that the sun was shining. 

I know this is normally a fashion post, so I couldn't go the entire weekend without taking a few pics for today's post. On our way down to Mohican we go right past Mansfield, Ohio which is a moderate sized town. It is big enough to have a mall, a number of restaurants and other stores like Kohls, Barnes and Noble and Target. We stopped for lunch then did a lap around the mall where I found a fun bomber jacket on clearance at J.C.Penney. 

Black bomber jacket

This is the second bomber jacket I bought. The first one, which will probably come up in a post somewhere down the road is light weight and doesn't have the fun patches. I got an extra large in this version from Penney's. While a large fit perfectly, I wanted a little more flex room. Plus they only had the large size in olive and both my husband and I liked the look of the black better.

Black bomber jacket

When I packed I had no idea I would be purchasing this jacket. I happened to pack a red cardigan which goes perfectly underneath and added my retro beaded fringe necklace. Yes, I do pack jewelry, even when I am going to be in a rustic cabin in the woods! I wouldn't be Stylin' Granny Mama if I didn't. Ha, ha. And yes, I did bring my curling iron as well! My husband will tell you I can go rustic with the best of them: we did camp in a tent on an island in Canada's Algonquin Provincial Park, on our honey moon after all, but, when I have electricity, I will make all efforts to look my best.

Black bomber jacket

You can see some of the patches here. I think they really give the jacket that WWII bomber vibe. This Arizona brand jacket is made from 100 percent polyester. It is fully lined and has soft knit bands around the neck, cuffs and bottom. It also has roomy pockets with snap flaps and a sleeve zipper on the one arm.

Black Bomber jacket
Black bomber jacket

I can already think of many ways to style this jacket. It would be fun with a skirt and tennies, dress pants and heels or boot cut jeans and oxfords. 

I hope you enjoyed seeing some pics from our weekend away and liked the new jacket I got. I included a few links to various styles of bomber jackets. I really like the floral ones, especially for spring. 

Have a great Tuesday.

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Color Crash Course - Brown and Navy

It's time for another Color Crash Course column. You have seen me style denim with denim, orange with red, Halloween colors including black, orange and purple, red and burgundy and the Christmas colors of red, green and gold. This month's color combo is not as bold as some of the other choices, but it is what I would call comfortable.

color crash course - brown and navy

For this outfit I wore my brown mid-calf boots with navy blue jeggings. I chose a vertical striped sweater tunic as my top. For added warmth and interest I topped the sweater with my cropped denim jacket...sneak peek...this jacket will be featured on my Piece Perfect column next week. To add a little print mixing I threw on a fun blue and brown infinity scarf.

color crash course - brown and navy
color crash course - brown and navy

I got this blue bag from my younger daughter for Christmas. I just love the color and the texture. It has an edgy vibe, and can be used with the strap or as a clutch.

color crash course - brown and navy

Here you can see more of the fun texture of the sweater. 

color crash course - brown and navy

For a pop of bling I put on my gold pendant necklace. 

color crash course -brown with navy

Just a closer look at the boots. 

color crash course

A view from the back. There was a time, I would have never had my top hanging out below my jacket, or sweater, or vest, or whatever, but now I love to do this. It adds an element of interest to the outfit and allows you to show off a piece even if there is something over the top. This is especially fun if you have something like this with a unique texture or print. It also allows you to show off the color.

color crash course - brown with navy

I hope you enjoyed this Color Crash Course today. Would you combine brown and navy? How would you wear it? I'd love to see your comments below. If my post inspired you to put together an outfit post a picture of it on my FB page in the comments section. I'd love to see them.

Have a great weekend. 

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull. Make up Rachel Christensen.

Shopping Options:

Navy jeggings - Old Navy - $25.00

Brown tunic sweater - Venus - $26.00 (Not familiar with this brand, but this has some great detailing)

Cropped denim jacket - Macy's - $69.00

Mid-calf boots - Walmart - $43.99

Blue clutch - Charming Charlie - $16.99



Winter Wonderland - Week 4

After numerous days of Christmas celebrating, food, presents and visiting with family it is good to be home and ready to start a new year. For the final installment of my Winter Wonderland series, I chose to style a skirt you have seen before in this Piece Perfect post from August. Pleated skirts add a classy vibe to any outfit. Once again I am showing you a casual day to a more dressy night look.

Winter Wonderland - pleated skirt day look

For this casual version I wore a tunic length cowl neck blush colored sweater paired with a brown tweed jacket. I really like the boho meets classic vibe of this whole outfit. The mid calf boots and brown velvet hobo bag add a slouchy sort of charm to the look.

winter wonderland - pleated skirt day look
winter wonderland - pleated skirt day look

The only jewelry I wore was this simple bead and fringe necklace. Here you can also see some of the detail on the jacket. The tweed has tiny pink spots on it and the piping around the pockets and along the collar and down the front is a blush color as well. It went perfectly with the sweater. 

winter wonderland - pleated skirt day look

To change the outfit to fit a more night time date look, I switched out the tweed jacket for a dark gray fly away vest with clear sequins. I swapped my boho bag and boots for gray heels and a gray sparkly clutch.

winter wonderland - pleated skirt night look
winter wonderland - pleated skirt night look

I changed necklaces too as you can see. I liked the brown color with the burgundy skirt so I opted for a mixed strand of brownish coppery beads linked to a gray chain.

winter wonderland - pleated skirt night look
winter wonderland - pleated skirt night look

Here are the outfits side by side:

I think what I enjoy most about winter outfits is the fun you can have with textures. Sweaters, jackets, boots, bags, even jewelry have some sort of texture. Combining the smooth, sleek look of the pleated skirt with the soft bulky look of the sweater adds another dimension to the outfit.

Thanks for following along. I hope you enjoyed the Winter Wonderland series. You can see all the posts in the series by clicking on the older posts arrow below. 

Have a safe and Happy New Year. See you in 2017!

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull.

Shopping Options:

Pleated skirt - JC Penney - $24.99

Cowl neck sweater - Dillards - $59.50

Tweed jacket - Lord & Taylor - $74.50 (there are lots of options on ebay and poshmark)

Long vest - Sears - $44.99

Mid calf boots - Kohl's - $69.99

Textured pumps - DSW - $54.95

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Awesome Accessories - Boots

Do you ever have one of those days? Or weeks? Or months? Or years? Ha, ha. Where you just feel like, "i'm tired!" Or maybe even like giving up? You feel like you really aren't making a difference and all the work is not worth it! That is how I am feeling this week. Between my daughter's plumbing problems (which turned into two nights of water streaming into her closet), extra running back and forth, working extra hours and various other annoyances that I won't go into, like the fact that I typed this whole post once already and then it all disappeared! Don't you love technology? Ha, ha.

Oh well. Enough of my rant. Just being real here folks. Now onto my blog post.

Let's talk boots! Whether we are talking work boots, rain boots or fashion boots, boots have long had a place in our wardrobes. From farmers to construction workers, to officers in the military to fashionista's and fashion bloggers we all need or want to wear boots at some time or other. Winter is  prime boot season and today I just wanted to share a few of my favorite styles with you.  

These berry colored suede booties are one of my new favorites. Another thrift store find, I love the color, the texture, the height of the heel and added platform under the ball of the foot. They are very easy to walk in and versatile enough to wear with jeans, skirts, dresses, dress pants and leggings. 

This style and the ones following are what we would refer to as ankle boots. They fall just above the ankle and again are versatile enough to wear with many different clothing pieces. Ankle boots come in a variety of fabrics, patterns, and heel heights. They also zip, lace up or just pull on. They are a great staple for any wardrobe, especially for seasonal transition times like fall to winter.

I really like the wedge on this gray suede pair. It is just talk enough to say I have a heel, but super comfortable. I wear these to work and even out for a day of shopping.

This brown pair of boots is what I would call a mid-calf height. I like this height as I can still tuck my pants into them, but then I can also wear leg warmers which can add warmth, color and texture to the outfit. These are super comfy and I love the motorcycle vibe they give off.

The knee-high black boot is one I find myself wearing again and again. I actually have two pairs right now. These which are a typical riding boot and then I have a pair that have a low heel, for a little dressier look. Again, these are very comfy and can be worn in many different ways. 

The only other boot, I have yet to attain is an over-the-knee boot. Maybe for Christmas! If I do get a pair you will be sure to see them in January! 

I hope you enjoyed this post on boots. What height boot is your fave? Be sure to leave me some love in the comments section below or on Facebook. I appreciate your input and support.

Photo credits Rebecca Trumbull.

Shopping for Boots:

Dress Bootie - Payless - $22.00 (also this - $25.00)

Wedge heel - Tom's - $69.90

Ankle boot - Steve Madden - $75.00

Mid-calf boot - Rogan's Shoes - $56.24

Riding boots - DSW - $69.95