InVESTments: Wearing Vests in the Summer - Long Knit

An open weave vest is perfect for summer because it allows air movement. Whether the fabric of your vest is yarn, lace or some other material, having perforations, or open weave will keep you cooler than a vest of the same material without the holes. 

This week's look was based around a long, open weave vest that I featured last fall in my Pantone series. You can see that look here in the post Potter's Clay. For this week's outfit I decided to pair the vest with a pair of crop pants, a button up short sleeve top and accessories. 

Wearing vests in the summer

Everything in this outfit except the sandals and the jewelry was thrifted. These plaid Sonoma ankle pants are a combination of colors we usually think of for fall: brown, tan, orange and black. However, the light weight of this chino type fabric makes me think summer. To keep the look summery under the clay brown knit of the vest I chose a bright orange New York & Co. top that suggests more peaches and cream than pumpkin. This orange perfectly compliments the orange in the pants.

Wearing vests in the summer
Wearing vests in the summer

The above two photos show you more detail of the open weave of the vest. I love the fringe on this vest. It adds length, but also adds a fun bohemian vibe to the outfit. 

Wearing vests in the summer

I added a gold stretch bracelet and a simple pendant necklace that I picked up at Meijer on clearance. I wanted the focal point of the outfit to be the vest, so I kept the accessories minimal. 

The cute black clutch and St. John's Bay block heel sandals complete the look. 

Wearing vests in the summer
Wearing vests in the summer
Wearing vests in the summer

I know it might seem silly or at least not very practical to layer on a long vest in the summer. However, there are times and places for everything. For example, this would be a great outfit for work. Let's face it, most work places are overly air conditioned and usually you have no control over where the temperature is set. Wearing these layers will give you extra warmth without giving you extra weight. Also, this vest and others like it can easily take an outfit from day to night just by switching out a few things like shoes, your bag and jewelry. Exchange those black block heels for a pair of nude  or blush heels, add a blingy clutch or cross body and layer on a few long gold chains and you are ready for dinner and the dance floor. Ha, ha.

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Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull. Make up Rachel Christensen.

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Casual and Dressy: Outfit Recap

This week I wanted to show you a recap of the last few weeks' outfits by showing the pictures side by side. This gives you a better idea of how I styled a piece casually and how I styled it more dressy.

The first two were styled around a pair of jeans. I swapped out the casual sneakers, tee and sweater for a dress and sparkly sandals.

These weeks revolved around a black maxi dress. Week 1 was a casual tee, espadrilles and yellow beads. Week 2 a sparkly vest, silver belt and black sandals.

The key piece in these posts was the white crop pants. Casual with the sparkly tee, dark wash denim button up and Keds was turned dressy by changing into a silky blouse, light weight sweater, neutral sandals and a sparkly pewter bag.

Here I styled a pair of light pink jeggings. Again you can see the change of shoes, top and jacket or sweater can take the look from casual to dressy.

In these final two posts there were only a few simple changes made. My black espadrilles were changed out for nude peep-toe heels, the pewter hobo bag became a sparkly pewter clutch, the jewelry switched from casual beads to shiny gold and the lace tee was tucked in a belt added.

I am, by nature a more casual dresser. I don't get dressed up for very many occasions, so this was a fun way to think about how I would make an outfit that started out casual, more dressy. I decided to take this adventure up a notch so starting in August I'll be doing another series on casual versus dressy styles, but this time using denim.

I hope you all enjoyed this series. Let me know your ideas for taking a casual style and turing it dressy. Have a great week.

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Between the Lines: Week 4 and Styling a Simple Black Maxi Dress - Part 2

Last week I styled a simple black maxi dress with a more casual look by adding a striped tee over top, Buttercup colored jewelry and black espadrille shoes. This week I wanted to dress the same maxi up a little bit more for an outfit that could be worn for an evening out with the hubby.

Photo Credit  Rebecca Trumbull . Make up  Rachel Christensen

Photo Credit Rebecca Trumbull. Make up Rachel Christensen

As you can see I took off the striped tee and put on a long vest. This vest is covered in clear sequins, so it has a glittery affect. The vest is a fly away style, so to give me a leaner, more polished look I added a metal belt. The belt is silver, although in this picture it almost looks pink (not sure why). I added a simple silver necklace and changed my shoes for a pair of block heel sandals. 

Photo credit  Rebecca Trumbull.  Make up  Rachel Christensen .
Photo credit  Rebecca Trumbull.  Make up  Rachel Christensen .

Yes, I do have my Fitbit  on, and luckily the color wasn't too bad with this outfit. I really should have taken it off and put on some sort of silver bracelet. As I said before, I wasn't exactly prepared for this shoot. When I was at home putting things together, I had bags and jewelry all figured out and then when I got to my daughter's apartment to do the shoot, we were limited by time and I kept forgetting what I was going to put with what. Ha, ha. Guess I need to start writing things down. Yes, I am an over 50 blogger! Be sure you read all the way to end of this post so you can follow our In Between the Lines series, featuring 10 more great bloggers over 50.

Photo credit  Rebecca Trumbull . Make up  Rachel Christensen.

There are plenty of other ways to style this simple black maxi dress. Give me some of your suggestions in the comments section below. I'd love to get your feedback.

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Black maxi dress - Nordstrom - $38.90

Vest - Elder Beerman - $26.39

Silver belt - Macy's - $34.00

Silver necklace - Blue Nile - $40.00

Sandals - Macy's - $69.00


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