Denim Daze - Bermuda Shorts

I don't wear shorts much anymore due to bad varicose veins, an unfortunate genetic problem passed down from both of my parents. But for the sake of versatility I decided to don a pair of denim bermudas to show how they could be styled for a casual day at the park or for a dressed up evening with the hubby. I am wearing support hose, just to make my legs look smoother and less black and blue. Ha, ha.

denim shorts outfit

Not sure what I was looking at in this photo, but you know me...silly most of the time. I really like these shorts as they do not have belt loops or a zipper. They simply slip on with little tugging and twisting and they stay in place. What a wonderful day it was when manufacturers decided to add other fabrics to cotton denim, like spandex and polyester. It allowed more movement with denim pieces and made denim a go to choice for all sorts of occasions. 

denim shorts outfit

Graphic tees are in and always will be. What I like these days is that there are so many choices. I am really not one to advertise a product, like Diet Coke, although I am a die hard addict; or bands though I am going to see Alice Cooper with my younger daughter in October; but just a simple white crew neck with pictures that reminded me of my trip to England, I could do. I still may end up with a Diet Coke shirt or tee from the concert, but you don't have to settle for those types of tees when there are so many options available. 

I just wore a simple black and gold bangle and carried my boho drawstring bag. Perfect accessories for this laid back, casual look. For shoes I kept it simple and comfy with my black espadrille flats.

denim shorts outfit

To dress the outfit up, I changed my tee shirt for a dressy feminine sleeveless top. This top has an asymmetrical hem, front ruffle and little bits of bling throughout.

denim shorts outfit

I added a two layer black bead necklace, two bracelets with black and silver and an envelope clutch made with a sparkly gray material. The final piece to dress this outfit up was to swap out the black espadrilles for a pair of strappy black sandals.

denim shorts outfit

I found these sandals at a thrift store and must say I love them. The black straps are elastic and are pieced together with strips of patent leather. The back of the heel is also patent leather and has a zipper for easy in and out. You can also see the hemline of the shirt a little better. Notice the sheer black strip around the bottom for added length, dimension and detail. 

Here are the two outfits side by side.

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull. Make up Rachel Christensen.

Shopping a Similar Look:

Denim shorts - Macy's - $24.99

Graphic Tee - Kohl's - $26.40

Espadrilles - Zappos - $42.00

Boho woven bag - Rebecca Minkoff - $78.00

Feminine ruffle top - JC Penney - $15.99

Envelope clutch - Nordstrom - $49.00

Black sandals - DSW - $34.95

Hope you enjoyed this weeks' post. You can see how I styled a denim chambray shirt last week by clicking here. Let me know your ideas for styling a pair of denim shorts in the comments section below and be sure to like and share my page on Facebook. 

Check back on Thursday for ways to wear an awesome accessory.

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Casual and Dressy: Outfit Recap

This week I wanted to show you a recap of the last few weeks' outfits by showing the pictures side by side. This gives you a better idea of how I styled a piece casually and how I styled it more dressy.

The first two were styled around a pair of jeans. I swapped out the casual sneakers, tee and sweater for a dress and sparkly sandals.

These weeks revolved around a black maxi dress. Week 1 was a casual tee, espadrilles and yellow beads. Week 2 a sparkly vest, silver belt and black sandals.

The key piece in these posts was the white crop pants. Casual with the sparkly tee, dark wash denim button up and Keds was turned dressy by changing into a silky blouse, light weight sweater, neutral sandals and a sparkly pewter bag.

Here I styled a pair of light pink jeggings. Again you can see the change of shoes, top and jacket or sweater can take the look from casual to dressy.

In these final two posts there were only a few simple changes made. My black espadrilles were changed out for nude peep-toe heels, the pewter hobo bag became a sparkly pewter clutch, the jewelry switched from casual beads to shiny gold and the lace tee was tucked in a belt added.

I am, by nature a more casual dresser. I don't get dressed up for very many occasions, so this was a fun way to think about how I would make an outfit that started out casual, more dressy. I decided to take this adventure up a notch so starting in August I'll be doing another series on casual versus dressy styles, but this time using denim.

I hope you all enjoyed this series. Let me know your ideas for taking a casual style and turing it dressy. Have a great week.

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Styling a Maxi Skirt with a Denim Vest - Post 1

Photo credit  Rebecca Trumbull . Make up  Rachel Christensen .

I've had some people suggest that I post both pictures from these last few weeks to see the casual and the dressy photos side by side. I will be doing a post recap in a couple weeks where I will show all the outfits styled both ways, so keep that in mind. 

This week's post centers around a boho type maxi skirt styled with a denim vest. I am wearing a white tee that has a lacy layer in the front. I told my daughter that our next shoot needs to feature photo's with more details. We were in a hurry when we did this shoot, just trying to get some pictures for posts, then go to a movie. Next time we won't have something scheduled after our shoot, so we can take our time.

Photo credit  Rebecca Trumbull . Make up  Rachel Christensen .

You can see the bling on this denim vest that I got from Christopher and Banks. I have decided, bling is one of my style staples. You can just make out the lacy overlay of the tee shirt. The necklace was a longer bead and metal mixed type that I doubled to make a casual chic choker. I like the way it brings the colors in the skirt up around my face.

Photo credit  Rebecca Trumbull . Make up  Rachel Christensen .

Here you can see the colors of the skirt, which included red, black, off white and a touch of pink. I wore my black espadrilles and carried a small pewter hobo bag. We bloggers are trying to encourage you to think outside the "fashion" box and realize, you don't always have to match your bag with your shoes. I still tend to lean to the conservative side when it comes to matching. I chose the pewter bag as it creates a cohesiveness in the outfit with the silver on my necklace and the metal buttons on my vest. I also wore my tee hanging out creating that casual, comfortable feel and look.

Photo credit  Rebecca Trumbull . Make up  Rachel Christensen .

This one was just for fun! I look as though I am seeing a spider, but I think my daughter was telling me to look at my feet. The problem was, with the maxi skirt on I couldn't see my feet. When I saw this picture it made me laugh and I hope it makes you smile as well. That is me, a real, actual woman! Ha. ha.

Shopping the Look: 

Print maxi skirt - Macy's - $62.99

Denim vest - Christopher and Banks - $44.95

Lacy white tee- Christopher and Banks - $39.95

Black espadrilles - DSW - $39.95

Beaded necklace - JC Penney - $16.80

Hobo bag - JC Penney - $38.50

Have a great week and be sure to check back next week for Post 2 on styling a maxi skirt and denim vest.

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Between the Lines: Week 3 and Styling a Simple Black Maxi Dress - Part 1

The next few weeks I want to show two ways for styling a certain piece. This week I am focusing on a simple, knit black maxi dress. The dress itself is very plain. It has a sleeveless tank type top and a straight skirt with no form to it. Some people might use a maxi like this a swimsuit cover up or for lounging around the house when they don't have to go to work. The beauty of this dress is that it is reasonably priced, light weight, doesn't require a slip underneath and very comfortable..

Photo Credit Rebecca Trumbull, Make Up Rachel Christensen

 For this particular outfit I simply threw a gray and black striped tee over the top. The shirt is very light weight as the black stripes are made of a sheer see through material and the grey stripes are lighter weight knit. I added a pop of color with the Buttercup yellow beaded necklace and bracelets and lastly stepped into a very comfortable pair of black espadrilles.

All Photos by Rebecca Trumbull, Make Up Rachel Christensen

This was a very comfy outfit and would be great for an evening stroll along the beach or boardwalk. Or for a casual day of shopping. Next week I'll show you how to dress this simple maxi up for a night out!

Shop A Similar Look:

Black Maxi-dress - J.Crew - $44.50

Gray and Black Striped Tee - Target (longer version - would look cute belted) - $19.99 

Black shoes - DSW - $49.95

Necklace - Etsy - $22.00 or $16.00

Bracelet - Etsy - $9.00

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