Spring Trends - 2017

Every season we see a new parade of trends marching across the stage at all the up scale fashion shows. Many of the things we see on the runways are not necessarily trends that translate well to the everyday world of many women. We probably are not going to don our peek-a-boo tops for work (unless we work at a strip club...ha, ha) and our stripes may not be quite as gaudy or loud, however, there are a number of spring trends that are perfect for all of us actual women.

1. Stripes are stunning. You can wear them horizontal or vertical; seaside or oxford; wide or narrow; stripes are everywhere. Stripes are our friends. You might not think so, but let's do a quick review. Horizontal stripes have long been touted as making us look fatter, but narrow horizontals can actually make you look thinner. Vertical stripes tend to elongate our frames. My theory is this, you can wear whatever you like. I wear horizontals on the top and verticals on the bottom. However, If it is a piece I absolutely adore, I will forgo my usual way of doing things.

2. Florals are fragrant. Light florals, dark florals, floral dresses, skirts, tops, leggings, jackets and pants; basically you can easily find a bouquet of floral patterned pieces just about anywhere. I like floral patterns, but I am picky about how much, how large or small and what color combinations. There are patterns, that for me, are just too busy. I don't want to get dizzy looking at what I am about to put on.

3. Blush is beautiful. Pale pink is all the rage and is showing up everywhere from shoes and bags, to coats, tops and jeans. You won't have to look too far to see pale pink sneaking onto store shelves and clothing racks. Not all of you may feel you can wear this light color, but as with any color, never say never. Pale pink can show up as a cute cross body bag or a comfy pair of sneakers. Just a touch of it in your wardrobe can make you trend savvy.

4. Raging ruffles. They're back! Romantic ruffles. How do you feel about ruffles? I used to have a white silk blouse that had ruffles around the neck and down by the wrists. It was a regular pirate shirt. I loved it at the time, but once the trend came and went I let it go! I should have kept it. Ha, ha. I'm okay with ruffles, but I like to do them in moderation. 

5. Perfect perforations. Another trend that I like is perforations. These little decorative holes are showing up on bags, wallets, sandals and shoes. I also like to think of crocheted or knitted items as perforated clothing. They are basically clothing with little (or big) holes in them.

6. Cool khaki. Khaki is the new neutral, or maybe it is an old neutral, as it has been front and center before. This color works great as a pair of pants or shorts, or as a skirt or dress. The piece that I think of most often when I hear the word is the trench coat. 

I gave you a few samples under each category just to give you ideas. What follows are just a few outfit ensembles that I did by shopping my own closet. 

flat lay - spring trend ideas

Blush jeggings, pin striped jacket, floral long sleeve button up, Pink Yarrow jewelry, gold sandals and clutch. Pattern mixing has gotten even easier with the smooth blend of stripes and florals.

flat lay - spring trend ideas

Olive utility jacket, striped 3/4 length sleeve tee with embellishment, gold jewelry, frayed hem crop jeans, blush fold over bag and blush flats. Olive seems to be making a stand in the fashion world and will be sticking around as another versatile neutral. Distressed jeans are big right now too. 


Crocheted fit and flare sweater top, blush lace trim cami, fringe multi strand bracelet, gold floral necklace, perforated red bag, tiered floral tea length skirt, sandals. The fit and flare trend is back as well, meaning dresses and tops are more fitted through the bodice and waist, then flare out. The tiered skirt also seems to be making a subtle come back, which I love, as I have several of these. This is a great skirt for the summer, giving full coverage, but not needing a slip underneath. 

I hope to show you some of these outfits, in the flesh, at some point down the line. While I didn't cover all the trends, I hope that this was informative in letting you know more about what is going on in the fashion world this spring. 

Let me know what you thought of this post in the comments section below. Your comments help my blog to grow, so I appreciate the input. 

This post contains affiliate links, which means when you click on a shopping link, I get a few cents. If you purchase something through one of the links, I get a little commission. All opinions expressed are my own.

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Color Crash Course - Brown and Navy

It's time for another Color Crash Course column. You have seen me style denim with denim, orange with red, Halloween colors including black, orange and purple, red and burgundy and the Christmas colors of red, green and gold. This month's color combo is not as bold as some of the other choices, but it is what I would call comfortable.

color crash course - brown and navy

For this outfit I wore my brown mid-calf boots with navy blue jeggings. I chose a vertical striped sweater tunic as my top. For added warmth and interest I topped the sweater with my cropped denim jacket...sneak peek...this jacket will be featured on my Piece Perfect column next week. To add a little print mixing I threw on a fun blue and brown infinity scarf.

color crash course - brown and navy
color crash course - brown and navy

I got this blue bag from my younger daughter for Christmas. I just love the color and the texture. It has an edgy vibe, and can be used with the strap or as a clutch.

color crash course - brown and navy

Here you can see more of the fun texture of the sweater. 

color crash course - brown and navy

For a pop of bling I put on my gold pendant necklace. 

color crash course -brown with navy

Just a closer look at the boots. 

color crash course

A view from the back. There was a time, I would have never had my top hanging out below my jacket, or sweater, or vest, or whatever, but now I love to do this. It adds an element of interest to the outfit and allows you to show off a piece even if there is something over the top. This is especially fun if you have something like this with a unique texture or print. It also allows you to show off the color.

color crash course - brown with navy

I hope you enjoyed this Color Crash Course today. Would you combine brown and navy? How would you wear it? I'd love to see your comments below. If my post inspired you to put together an outfit post a picture of it on my FB page in the comments section. I'd love to see them.

Have a great weekend. 

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull. Make up Rachel Christensen.

Shopping Options:

Navy jeggings - Old Navy - $25.00

Brown tunic sweater - Venus - $26.00 (Not familiar with this brand, but this has some great detailing)

Cropped denim jacket - Macy's - $69.00

Mid-calf boots - Walmart - $43.99

Blue clutch - Charming Charlie - $16.99



Pantone Fall 2016 - Airy Blue

This week's post concentrates on the Pantone Fall 2016 color choice of Airy Blue. When we are talking blue, it is easy to say, light blue is light blue is light blue and in all reality, if I am wearing a light blue item, I could tell you it is Airy Blue or I could tell you it is Serenity (from the Spring collection). I am not a fashion designer, nor an interior decorator. If I see two light blues side by side, I can tell you there is a difference and I might even be able to tell you one is more blue based and one is more red based, but over all light blue is light blue. That being said, here is my take on Airy Blue.

airy blue outfit

I have had this open weave poncho for a number of years. I have worn it occasionally, and was thrilled when I found it similar to the Airy Blue Pantone color. I think my poncho is a tad bit more blue, but it works. I styled this poncho over a sleeveless blouse with a similar color blue, as well as red and brown. Then I added red jewelry with gold tones, brown sandals and a brown bag. For the bottoms I wore a dark wash pair of jeggings that are soft and comfortable.

airy blue outift
airy blue outfit
airy blue outfit
airy blue outfit

I hope you enjoyed seeing my take on Pantone's Fall 2016 color Airy Blue. Who remembers having a poncho like this when they were younger? Would you wear it now? Let me know what you think in the comments sections below. 

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Check back Thursday for my Beautiful Blogger Bests column and see who I'll be gushing on this week. Until then, have a great day!

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull. Make up Rachel Christensen.

Shopping the look: 

Blue Poncho - Chico's - $54.98 (more of an aqua)

Dark wash jeggings - Maurice's - $29.00

Sleeveless print top - Dillards - $39.00

Sandals - 6pm - $39.99

Bag - Kohl's - $48.30

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Casual and Dressy: Outfit Recap

This week I wanted to show you a recap of the last few weeks' outfits by showing the pictures side by side. This gives you a better idea of how I styled a piece casually and how I styled it more dressy.

The first two were styled around a pair of jeans. I swapped out the casual sneakers, tee and sweater for a dress and sparkly sandals.

These weeks revolved around a black maxi dress. Week 1 was a casual tee, espadrilles and yellow beads. Week 2 a sparkly vest, silver belt and black sandals.

The key piece in these posts was the white crop pants. Casual with the sparkly tee, dark wash denim button up and Keds was turned dressy by changing into a silky blouse, light weight sweater, neutral sandals and a sparkly pewter bag.

Here I styled a pair of light pink jeggings. Again you can see the change of shoes, top and jacket or sweater can take the look from casual to dressy.

In these final two posts there were only a few simple changes made. My black espadrilles were changed out for nude peep-toe heels, the pewter hobo bag became a sparkly pewter clutch, the jewelry switched from casual beads to shiny gold and the lace tee was tucked in a belt added.

I am, by nature a more casual dresser. I don't get dressed up for very many occasions, so this was a fun way to think about how I would make an outfit that started out casual, more dressy. I decided to take this adventure up a notch so starting in August I'll be doing another series on casual versus dressy styles, but this time using denim.

I hope you all enjoyed this series. Let me know your ideas for taking a casual style and turing it dressy. Have a great week.

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Between the Lines: Final Week and Styling a Light Pink Pair of Jeggings - Post 2

It is hard to believe that our Between the LInes series, started by Katherine at http://katherinescorner.com/ is drawing to a close. This series featured all sorts of bloggers over the age of 50. Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the link for the final installment.

This week I took my light pink jeggings and styled them in a fun, casual way. I used to find it hard to pair things with pink, but my fashion eyes have been opened and I think color matching or mismatching is all about what you love and what you want to say with your clothes. I still have a disposition towards matching, but I am trying to get away from that more and more. A real statement can be made by putting "clashing" colors together.

Photo credit  Rebecca Trumbull . Make up  Rachel Christensen .

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull. Make up Rachel Christensen.

I never used to think that orange and pink went together. Or that it was just too much, but pairing a bright, true orange with these pale pink jeggings is a perfect blend of bright and subtle.  

Photo credit  Rebecca Trumbull . Make up  Rachel Christensen .

This cute little jacket that I found at a thrift store is a colorful statement piece. It is full of varying shades and psychedelic patterns that pair perfectly with the solid top and pants. I can't wait to try this jacket with some other pieces. The gold belt is a great way to pull in my waist and the color matches perfectly with the embellishment on the tank top.

Photo credit  Rebecca Trumbull . Make up  Rachel Christensen .

I ended up wearing my leopard print flats with the outfit, just as another way to mix things up. I think adding a leopard print or a gold clutch would have pulled the whole outfit together. I also would have added a bracelet or some bright colored bangles. Rolling up the legs on the jeggings adds to the casual look.

Photo credit  Rebecca Trumbull . Make up  Rachel Christensen .

I enjoyed putting this outfit together and felt it expressed a little of my bohemian, gypsy inner vibe. Trying to stretch ourselves as fashion bloggers and as women, I am finding that there are things I like and things I don't. I am trying to be more open minded to different color combinations and find my own sense of fashion. I am a work in progress and so are you. Embracing that fact is the first step in becoming your own person with your own style.

Shopping the Look:

Light pink jeggings - Chico's - $39.98

Embellished tank - Kohl's - $30.80

Print jacket - Chico's - $44.98

Gold belt - J.C.Penney - $30.00

Leopard flats - DSW - $49.95 

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Between the Lines: Week 8 and Styling a Light Pink Pair of Jeggings - Week 1

Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page for Week 8 of the Between the Lines series featuring more great bloggers over 50. 

This week my key featured piece is a pair of light pink jeggings from Chicos. I found this pair at a thrift store and they are a little big around the waist, but fit perfectly through the hips and legs. The color is very light, so could be worn just like a white pair of pants.

Photo credit  Rebecca Trumbull . Make up  Rachel Christensen.

This week's look is a little more dressy. The top was a Penney's find. I should have taken a picture of it without the short sleeve sweater, so you could see the floral print. The flowers are large and include the colors red, pink, purple and a little splash of yellow. I added a long red beaded necklace and red peep toe wedges. I put the black fly away sweater over top as an added layer for air conditioned restaurants and buildings.

Photo credit  Rebecca Trumbull.  Make up  Rachel Christensen .

I added my yellow bag to go with the splashes of yellow on the top. This was a fun look for me and I would feel comfortable wearing this to a variety of events. 

Photo credit  Rebecca Trumbull.  Make up  Rachel Christensen .
Photo credit  Rebecca Trumbull.  Make up  Rachel Christensen.

Next week I'll show you how I took this same pair of jeggings to a more casual look.

Shopping the Look:

Jeggings - Chicos - $39.98

Floral Top - JC Penney - $15.99

Black Sweater - Kohl's - $21.99

Necklace - Kohl's - $14.30

Shoes - Nordstrom - $39.96

Bag - Kohl's - $33.00

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