Summer Maxi Dress for Fall

I’m sure many of you have heard about transitional dressing. This has to do with taking a clothing piece from one season and changing it up to make it wearable in the next season. With our seasons here in the mid west being so varied, it is essential to have pieces that can be worn for more than one season. Perhaps that is one of the reasons I love jeans. You can wear them any time of year. Ha, ha. However, this is not going to be a post about jeans. You already know how much I love those! This post focuses on a summer maxi dress that was a new purchase from late last spring.

summer maxi dress transition to fall

Some of you who regularly follow me might remember this dress from my summer series on maxi dresses. You can see the whole dress and the original post here. This bohemian style maxi boldly stated it wanted to come home with me when I saw it on the rack at Nordstrom Rack this past May. I knew as soon as I tried it on that it would be a versatile piece and would easily take me from summer into fall.

In order to make the light weight dress fall ready I decided I needed layers. I knew I wanted to style it with knee high boots to add warmth on the lower level. While I didn’t wear tights for this photo shoot, I would add them if I was going to have the dress on for a longer period of time.

Summer maxi dress for fall

I do love wearing boots. They are a great way to change up an outfit and add warmth. With so many styles from ankle booties to over the knee types what is not to love. And now there are so many more colors!

Here are a few brown pairs, that I like at decent price points.

Summer Maxi Dress for Fall

To add layers at the top I chose this thrifted sunflower yellow sweater cardigan. The brand name is Callaway. A simple cardigan adds a warm layer without a lot of bulk and they come in so many pretty prints and colors. Here are a few to look at. With Christmas coming, I am sure you need ideas for all those girls on your list. Ha, ha.

In addition to the sweater I also grabbed my thrifted brown moto jacket. I have styled this many times on the blog. It is one of my favorite thrift finds and most often I wear it as an extra layer in the winter time, rather than as an outerwear jacket. For this particular fall day this and the sweater were just the right amount of layers.

summer Maxi Dress for fall

Here are a few shopping options.

My accessories are pretty simple. This layered necklace I found somewhere or other on the clearance rack. The nice thing about these types of necklaces is there is no work involved. Some days that is just exactly what I need.

My bag is a navy Vera Wang bag that is also thrifted.

Summer Maxi Dress for fall

One of the things that I like about fashion blogging is learning new ways to use my clothes. It used to be that we had our summer clothes and our winter clothes. I still go through the process of putting things away and pulling out different things each season, simply because I am a clothes horse and there is no way I could have all my clothes out at the same time. Also, I tend to reach for what is in my comfort zone. In the winter I like to be warm, so I like my heavy sweaters and added layers. In the summer I like less layers and lighter material. However, since I have started blogging I have learned that there are ways to extend the seasonal pieces and get more wear out of them. This outfit is the perfect example.

Summer maxi dress for fall
Summer maxi dress for fall

I hope you enjoyed this post. Leave me some love in the comments. I always like to hear your point of view.

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Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull. Make up Rachel Christensen.

Piece Perfect - The Faux Leather Jacket

Our weather, here in Ohio has yet to really cool down. Tonight was rather pleasant with a steady, soft breeze and less humidity, but Labor Day and the week following still looks to be very warm. However, before we know it, the temperatures will drop and I will be pulling out one of my favorite cool weather pieces - the faux leather jacket. 

I own a leather jacket, which I love, but for days when I want to wear a different color, or I am looking for something heavier to wear over my top at work, I frequently turn to my less expensive faux leather.

faux leather jacket

As you can tell, I just love to be silly and my daughter always seems to capture my silliness quite well. This is an outfit I would wear to work. The stripes on my sweater and the plaid pattern on my crop pants could be a mild attempt at pattern mixing, but the main piece is the brown faux leather biker jacket. This piece was adopted from one of my favorite thrift stores, Savers. The material is soft and pliable, not stiff like some leather or faux leather can be.

The day we did this shoot, it was turning stormy just as we went outside. The wind was blowing and the gray clouds were rolling in. We had just enough time to snap some pictures before it started to rain.

faux leather jacket

A jacket like this can be worn in so many ways, similarly to a denim jacket or a blazer. It can add warmth to any outfit, without a lot of bulk. Wear it with a nice pair of trousers for work, a distressed pair of skinnies for date night, or with a maxi skirt or dress for some other special occasion. These jackets come in all forms - bombers, bikers, moto (a tad different than a biker), blazers, and trench

You can see in this picture my faux leather collection. I have two moto jackets, the black and red, which I purchased from Christopher and Banks (they currently do not have this style of jacket). I also have two biker jackets, the brown, which as I said, I got at Savers and the gray, which I think I got at Kohl's. 

faux leather jacket

Is she a Rockette or is she kicking the 4th quarter touch down that wins the game? I think she's just being silly!

And here's one more for good measure! 

Okay, enough of my attempt at being a fashion model! 

I think a faux leather jacket is a great investment. They are reasonably priced, come in a variety of materials, styles, colors and sizes and can be styled in so many ways. You won't regret adding this type of jacket to your fall wardrobe and it will become a piece you turn to again and again. 

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull. Make up Rachel Christensen.

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