Pantone Spring 2018 - Spiced Apple, Warm Sand and Nile Green

We are moving right along in our Pantone Spring 2018 color series. For those of you who may be new to my blog, the Pantone Color Institute are the go-to entity for fashion and design color choices. Twice a year, spring and fall, the Institute puts out a palette of colors, from which many designers find their color inspiration. As a blogger, who loves color, I enjoy building outfits around these colors as well. 

This week, I am featuring two of the colors from the London Palette along with the foundational color of Warm Sand. Say hello to Spiced Apple and Nile Green. 

Pantone Spring 2018 - Spiced Apple and Nile Green

As I said, last week, the last three posts for this spring series will feature indoor pictures. My daughter and I finally gave up on the snow that was falling fast and wet on the day we took these photos. 

Spiced Apple is a brownish red, bordering on maroon. My skirt might be a tad dark, but you get the idea. This faux leather skirt is a fun, thrifted piece that I have found to be quite versatile. This one is Worthington brand. I topped the skirt with another thrifted piece. This floral, ruffled, bell sleeve blouse is a brand called Sunny Leigh. The blouse contains snippets of Nile Green and I thought it went well with the reddish brown skirt. I added a beaded necklace that also was the Nile Green color. 

Pantone Spring 2018 - Spiced Apple, Nile Green

I threw the Warm Sand open weave vest over the top as my grounding color. I feel the vest not only adds a layer of warmth for these chilly spring days, but also adds textural interest. 

Pantone Spring 2018 - Spiced Apple and Nile Green

The bag I am carrying is a bit more yellow than the Nile Green, but it works with the outfit as a whole and without having the color tab right next to the bag, you wouldn't be able to really tell. 

Pantone Spring 2018 - Spiced Apple, Nile Green

You've seen these cobalt blue heels before on the blog. They go perfectly with the darker shade of blue in the top, so I thought they would be a good pop of color to complete the outfit. 

Pantone Spring 2018 - Spiced Apple and Nile Green
Pantone Spring 2018 - Spiced Apple and Nile Green

What do you think of these colors? While I do like both colors, I would not say these are my favorites. Nile Green is a tad light for my taste and the Spiced Apple is a color I would fee better in, come fall. However, it is fun to try out these different colors, because you never know when one of them will strike you in a way that makes you fall in love with it. 

I've included a few shopping links. These are affiliate links, which means if you click on a link, I get a few cents. If you purchase something through one of my links, I get a little commission. All opinions are my own. 

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull. Make up Rachel Christensen

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Marvelous Maxis - Playing it Straight

When I decided to do this series on maxi skirts I wanted to be able to show you, not only ways to style them, but variations on maxi skirt shapes. Skirts come in various shapes from A-line, and pleated, to circular and pencil. Just Google skirt shapes, and you'll see a number of images that explain the different silhouettes. Last week I featured a pleated skirt. This week my muse is a straight, or what can also be called, columnar, skirt.

If you are not a fan of maxi skirts, because of the amount of material involved, I would suggest trying a straight maxi. This shape is fairly figure flattering for most women and allows for some amount of camouflage for those areas we often consider problems, such as tummies and hips. The straight skirt, also does not overwhelm with loads of material.

Once again, I styled the skirt two ways. 

Look 1 - Casual

marvelous maxis - the straight skirt

I found this pretty printed skirt at a thrift store. I love the summery blues and greens of the pattern. For my casual look I paired it with my fringe hem tee. 

Marvelous maxis - the straight skirt

To not make the look too busy, I kept my accessories simple. The lariat choker, was a new accessory I decided to try after seeing it on a few of my blogger friends. It's basically one long chord that you wrap around the neck to form a choker, then tie at the front. 

Marvelous maxis - straight skirt
Marvelous Maxis - the straight skirt

My other accessories included a simple charm bracelet and a canvas off white clutch. To keep the look casual I chose a pair of gold thongs with tassels. 

Marvelous Maxis - straight skirt

Look 2 - Dressy

For my second look, I swapped out the fringe tee for a simple pull over top with ruffles around the arm holes. I did the front tuck to make the outfit a bit more figure flattering. 

Marvelous maxis - straight skirt

This cutie pie is my grand puppy Beatrice. She's being coy in this photo. Ha, ha. For my accessories, I wore a multilayer royal blue necklace, which picks up the blues in the skirt. I also wore royal blue heels. Instead of the casual off white clutch I chose my green tote that I got for Mother's Day from Charming Charlie. I also grabbed an aqua sweater for those overly air conditioned places. 

Marvelous maxis - straight skirt
Marvelous maxis - straight skirt
marvelous maxis - straight skirt

Here's another shot with Miss Beatrice. You can see how I did the front tuck on the blouse. 

Marvelous maxis - the straight skirt

Here are the two looks side by side. Which one do you like better?

I hope you enjoyed this post and that you have been inspired to pull out that maxi skirt and wear it. I've gathered a few printed straight maxi skirts below. This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own. 

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull. Make up Rachel Christensen.

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