Denim Daze 2.0 - Long Sleeve Chambray Shirt - Dressy

This week I am styling a long sleeve chambray shirt. When I began this denim series a few weeks ago, I differentiated between true denim and chambray. Chambray and denim are made with the same type of cotton threads, but the denim uses a double strand and the chambray uses a single strand. It is amazing, these days how soft and moveable denim is. Now we add other threads to the mix like spandex and viscose to make this normally stiff fabric more figure and lifestyle friendly.

This long sleeve polka dot top works well as a jacket or a light weight layering piece for when you are going to be in an overly air conditioned office for the whole work day. My husband and I like to go out to eat and then spend the evening at Barnes and Noble. We both love books and enjoy working on writing projects, the blog or just relaxing with a book or magazine. I noticed the last two times we went into the store, the air was blasting and it was down right cold. Enter the light weight layering piece.

Denim Daze 2.0 - Long sleeve chambray shirt - dressy

Whereas Tuesday, I showed this Christopher and Banks blouse styled casually, today’s outfit would be work or date night appropriate. On Tuesday, I wore it as a jacket with the tails loose and the front unbuttoned. Today’s look involves tying the tails and buttoning one or two buttons to create a fake ruched look.

Some gals might be fine with wearing a style like this without a tank top underneath, but I wanted a more appropriate work look, so opted to add a thrifted Loft tank top for additional warmth and layered interest.

Denim Daze 2.0 - Long Sleeve chambray shirt

You’ve seen this skirt before on the blog when I did my print mixing series. You can see those two posts, here and here. This was a thrifted piece and is Gianni brand. I love this simple a-line silhouette and the colors of the print. It has proved to be a very versatile piece.

Denim Daze 2.0 - Long Sleeve chambray shirt - dressy

I was excited to add this statement necklace to this outfit. I have had it for about a year and haven’t worn it too much, but I thought it was the perfect length and colors for this outfit. I found this beauty at Christopher and Banks online. Many times that is how I find my deals. I shop their clearance and wait for additional percents off.

Denim Daze 2.0 - Long sleeve chambray shirt - dressy

My little bag is thrifted. It is a fun little piece to use all on its own, or you could use it inside a larger bag for holding the little odds and ends that every woman has in her purse.

Denim Daze 2.0 - Long Sleeve Chambray shirt - dressy

Once again, I grabbed my trusty gray heels. Sometimes a simple heel is the best shoe of choice, rather than going for something with more interesting details. This pair is older, but is Comfort Plus brand. Have you ever noticed how hard it is to walk on squishy grass in heels? You sink! Ha, ha. The things you put up with as a woman, right? Ha, ha.

Denim Daze 2.0 - Long Sleeve Chambray shirt - dressy

I hope you enjoyed this post and are enjoying the Denim Daze series. Most of us have a least a few of these denim or chambray pieces in our wardrobes. How much use are yours getting?

Denim Daze 2.0 - Long Sleeve Chambray shirt - dressy

My hubby and I are heading to Wisconsin this weekend to be with his parent. Tomorrow is their 60th wedding anniversary. What a wonderful accomplishment! We are going to do a few fun things with them in celebration of the special day. I hope you all have a great weekend!

See you next week.

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull. Make up Rachel Christensen.

I decided to feature a few fun pieces from Nordstrom since they are having a sale right now. Have fun shopping. These are affiliate links. All opinions are my own.