Denim Daze 2.0 - Recap

I hope you have enjoyed this series on denim. Most of us have denim pieces in our wardrobes and it is helpful when we have new ways to style them. Denim is a versatile, easy to wear fabric and goes with everything. It is also easy to wash and typically doesn’t need to be ironed, although the lighter weight chambray can get more wrinkly than typical denim.

Here are all the outfits side by side.

Denim Vest

Ruffled Chambray Top

Denim Skirt

Long Sleeve Chambray Shirt

Denim Jacket

Do you have a favorite outfit? Were you inspired to style your denim pieces differently from reading the posts in this series?

I think the piece that I really had to think about how to style was the pencil skirt as a dressier piece. I think is is natural to style a denim skirt in a more casual way with tees and sneakers, but dressing it up, just seems to take more thought. As far as my favorite piece in this series, it would be a toss up between the ruffled chambray shirt and the embroidered jacket.

I hope this was a fun series for you. It is hard to believe we are almost done with July. With August comes a return to school and even though the temps will still be warm, our thoughts begin to turn to fall, and all the things that come with it, like football and changes in the trees and the weather. I’m going to do a few posts on wearing white which will include some transitional outfits, then I’ll be showing you all the New York and London Pantone colors.

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Denim Daze 2.0 - Denim Jacket - Dressy

We don’t often think of a denim jacket as being a dressy piece. If we are scheduled to go to the opera, or a special theatrical production, I wouldn’t usually reach for my jean jacket. All the more reason, to create an outfit around a piece that could be considered dressy enough to wear out on the town. You saw this Christopher and Banks denim jacket styled casually on Tuesday, now I want to show you the dressed up version.

Denim Daze 2.0 - Denim Jacket - Dressy

A pleated skirt always dresses an outfit up a bit. There is something about these lined, swingy skirts that make an outfit look extra special. This gold Lauren Conrad skirt I ordered online from Kohl’s last year. It was on clearance and I was looking for something in a different color from my burgundy one I already own. I think this is a little big on me and need to take it in. It has an elastic waist, thus the gold belt to create a more polished effect.

Denim Daze 2.0 - Denim Jacket - Dressy

I like the way the belt really brings out the gold buttons on the top. This bright pink top was a hand-me-over from my daughter. It is sleeveless and A New Day brand, from Target.

For accessories, I chose a little bit of an eclectic look. This time not everything matched. I often like my accessories to match, like my shoes and my bag, but once in a while it is fun to get outside that box and just pick a few things for the fun ratio.

Denim Daze 2.0 - Denim Jacket - dressy

I thought this gold flower necklace was whimsical enough to go with the fun embroidery on the jacket and the gold also went with the gold buttons and belt. In that regard, I did keep all the metallic elements gold, except for the buttons on the jacket. You can see, I also wore a few gold bracelets. Somehow, to me, I need an element in every outfit I build that brings the whole thing together. It might be one particular piece like a scarf or bag, or it my me as easy as having all my accessories having a common metallic color. Do you like things to match, or do you not worry about that so much?

Denim Daze 2.0 - Denim Jacket - Dressy

I found this awesome palm print bag on the clearance table at DSW. Palm print was big last year, but I noticed it is still hanging around this summer. You can use this as a clutch or wear it on your shoulder or as a crossbody bag. The gold chain makes it dress up well, but this would be a great casual bag as well.

Denim Daze 2.0 -

I went with my retro heels, for my shoes. I have this voice in the back on my head saying it would have looked better with a different shoe. What do you think? A bright pink heel or a denim flat? I don’t know. I’d love to hear your thoughts. I am always open to input.

Denim Daze 2.0 - Denim Jacket - dressy

If I looked a little wilty in these pictures, it was pretty warm that day and I was getting tired, hot and sweaty by the time we were done with these pics. My daughter and I usually have to plan a series shoot all at once, because we are both busy, so our schedules don’t always match up.

I hope you enjoyed this series. On Tuesday of next week I’ll post a recap, where you can see all these denim outfits side by side. After that I’ll have a few end of the summer looks and then we’ll be starting the fall Pantone series. Yup, that’s right, fall will be upon us before we can say, “Boo!” and “Happy Halloween!” Ha, ha. Have a great weekend.

I’ve included a few shopping links for A New Day tops and some pleated skirts. Have fun shopping. These are affiliate links. All opinions are my own.

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull. Make up Rachel Christensen.

Denim Daze 2.0 - Long Sleeve Chambray Shirt - Dressy

This week I am styling a long sleeve chambray shirt. When I began this denim series a few weeks ago, I differentiated between true denim and chambray. Chambray and denim are made with the same type of cotton threads, but the denim uses a double strand and the chambray uses a single strand. It is amazing, these days how soft and moveable denim is. Now we add other threads to the mix like spandex and viscose to make this normally stiff fabric more figure and lifestyle friendly.

This long sleeve polka dot top works well as a jacket or a light weight layering piece for when you are going to be in an overly air conditioned office for the whole work day. My husband and I like to go out to eat and then spend the evening at Barnes and Noble. We both love books and enjoy working on writing projects, the blog or just relaxing with a book or magazine. I noticed the last two times we went into the store, the air was blasting and it was down right cold. Enter the light weight layering piece.

Denim Daze 2.0 - Long sleeve chambray shirt - dressy

Whereas Tuesday, I showed this Christopher and Banks blouse styled casually, today’s outfit would be work or date night appropriate. On Tuesday, I wore it as a jacket with the tails loose and the front unbuttoned. Today’s look involves tying the tails and buttoning one or two buttons to create a fake ruched look.

Some gals might be fine with wearing a style like this without a tank top underneath, but I wanted a more appropriate work look, so opted to add a thrifted Loft tank top for additional warmth and layered interest.

Denim Daze 2.0 - Long Sleeve chambray shirt

You’ve seen this skirt before on the blog when I did my print mixing series. You can see those two posts, here and here. This was a thrifted piece and is Gianni brand. I love this simple a-line silhouette and the colors of the print. It has proved to be a very versatile piece.

Denim Daze 2.0 - Long Sleeve chambray shirt - dressy

I was excited to add this statement necklace to this outfit. I have had it for about a year and haven’t worn it too much, but I thought it was the perfect length and colors for this outfit. I found this beauty at Christopher and Banks online. Many times that is how I find my deals. I shop their clearance and wait for additional percents off.

Denim Daze 2.0 - Long sleeve chambray shirt - dressy

My little bag is thrifted. It is a fun little piece to use all on its own, or you could use it inside a larger bag for holding the little odds and ends that every woman has in her purse.

Denim Daze 2.0 - Long Sleeve Chambray shirt - dressy

Once again, I grabbed my trusty gray heels. Sometimes a simple heel is the best shoe of choice, rather than going for something with more interesting details. This pair is older, but is Comfort Plus brand. Have you ever noticed how hard it is to walk on squishy grass in heels? You sink! Ha, ha. The things you put up with as a woman, right? Ha, ha.

Denim Daze 2.0 - Long Sleeve Chambray shirt - dressy

I hope you enjoyed this post and are enjoying the Denim Daze series. Most of us have a least a few of these denim or chambray pieces in our wardrobes. How much use are yours getting?

Denim Daze 2.0 - Long Sleeve Chambray shirt - dressy

My hubby and I are heading to Wisconsin this weekend to be with his parent. Tomorrow is their 60th wedding anniversary. What a wonderful accomplishment! We are going to do a few fun things with them in celebration of the special day. I hope you all have a great weekend!

See you next week.

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull. Make up Rachel Christensen.

I decided to feature a few fun pieces from Nordstrom since they are having a sale right now. Have fun shopping. These are affiliate links. All opinions are my own.

Denim Daze 2.0 - Long Sleeve Chambray Shirt - Casual

Before I get into the actual post for today, I wanted to let you know that there is a nice interview with, yours truly, on Rebecca Trumbull Photography’s blog. As most of you know, Rebecca is both my photographer and my oldest daughter. Her website, not only includes information about her packages and what she offers, but her own blog, which gives her experiences with clients and some fantastic pictures. Be sure to click on over the the interview by clicking here and give us both some love.

There are times in the summer, where it gets really hot outside. The problem, then is not the heat, but the air conditioning. Many places have the air blasting and it makes it uncomfortable for people who like moderation. Especially if you are going from the cool house, to the hot car, to the hot outdoors and then back into the cool indoors. My husband and I always take a light weight sweater or jacket with in the summer months, just to have something to put on when the inside air gets too chilly.

This week’s denim piece is a long sleeve, polka dot chambray shirt. A light weight blouse like this is another great way to have extra coverage for those chilly indoor spaces. You can use it like a jacket and take it off, if you get too warm.

Denim Daze 2.0 - Long Sleeve Chambray Shirt - Casual

This Christopher and Banks blouse is light weight and covered with fun purple polka dots. I decided to do some print mixing wearing it over this purple printed popover sleeveless blouse by Izod.

Denim Daze 2.0 - Long Sleeve Chambray Shirt - Casual

I think the print mix works well, because the popover top, which has the busier, and larger print is paired with the smaller polka dots of the chambray blouse. It also works because I chose a common color to mix with, which in this case was the purple. Here is a close up of the two prints. In the close up, you can see the popover top does its own pattern mixing.

Denim Daze 2.0

White seemed the obvious choice for my bottoms. These cropped white jeans were thrifted.


We didn’t get a picture of the back pockets, but they have pretty bling on them. The cuffs on the bottom also add another interesting detail. The crop pant typically falls between where a capri would fall, several inches below the knee, and where an ankle pant would fall just at or a smidge above the ankle.

I wanted to add in another color, so when I chose this choker necklace that got passed over to me from my daughter, I decided to add green, thus the olive green hobo bag.

Denim Daze 2.0 - Long Sleeve Chambray shirt - casual
Denim Daze 2.0 - Long Sleeve Chambray Shirt - casual

I also added this pretty multi layered beaded bracelet. I got this on clearance at JC Penney a few years back and I really like the way the beads change color as they wrap around the wrist. Its colorful and has a fun boho vibe. Couldn’t you see this piece of jewelry with a long flowing tiered gypsy skirt, a bright top with an off the shoulder look, lots of beads and a bandana on the head? Maybe not on me, but you get the idea. Ha, ha.

Denim Daze 2.0 - Long Sleeve Chambray shirt - casual

I found these sandals at a thrift store and they went into my cart as soon as I tried them on. I love the color. I don’t own very many accessories that are purple, other than jewelry, so I thought these were a fun addition to the wardrobe. I also like that they cover more of my foot. I would love to wear those strappy cuties that many women wear, but my bulbous veins, are not attractive. That doesn’t mean I can’t wear sandals, it just means I try to find styles that give me a little more coverage.

Denim Daze 2.0 - Long Sleeve Chambray Shirt - casual

Do you own a long sleeve chambray shirt? Do you ever wear it like a jacket? Wearing long sleeve shirts as jackets can be done with any long sleeve, button-up in your closet, just keep it in mind when you are putting your outfit together, and pick accordingly.

Denim Daze 2.0 - Long Sleeve Chambray Shirt - casual

Be sure to check back on Thursday for a dressed up version with this long sleeve shirt. I’ve included a few shopping links for long sleeve chambray’s below. Be sure to check them out.

Have a great Tuesday.

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull. Make up Rachel Christensen.

Denim Daze - Flared Jeans

Today I'm styling a pair of flared jeans. I have said this before, but jeans are my go to for just about any sort of event. I wear them to work, to shop, out on a date with my spouse and even to church. Jeans are just that versatile. 

As usual, my first look is casual.

flared jeans outfit

These jeans are a thrift store find and to me have the perfect flare width. I personally do not care for flares that are excessive. I like just enough of a flare to show they aren't bootcut. The long sweater vest I am wearing was another thrift store find and is actually a long dress (for a very svelte person - ha, ha). I thought it gave this outfit that boho feel and I will be planning other things for this vest. I added a pop of color with the coral 3/4 length sleeve tee.

flared jeans outfit

I wore a simple macrame belt, along with a dark silver medallion necklace. I think this added to the boho vibe. For a little contrast I used a metallic clutch and metallic sandals.

flared jeans outfit

Here is the more dressed up version.

flared jeans outfit

I swapped out the vest and tee for a cami and a sheer long sleeve blouse. 

flared jeans outfit

Here you can see the gold polka dots on the blouse. I wore a long gold pendant which I use quite often, a gold and silver bracelet and a gold belt. I did the half tuck on the blouse to show off the belt and give me a little shape. The bag was a thrift store find and has little gold threads running throughout.

flared jeans outfit

The final piece for my dressy outfit was a pair of gold strap wedge sandals. 

I hope you enjoyed the outfits I came up with for a pair of flared jeans. Be sure to check back Thursday for my Color Crash Course and next Tuesday I'll wrap up my Denim Daze series by styling a jean jacket. 

Be sure to leave me a comment about how your are wearing your denim. I'd love to have your input.

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull. Make up Rachel Christensen.

Shopping a Similar Look:

Denim Flares - H&M - $19.99 (flares are popular and can be found just about anywhere you like to shop)

 Sweater Vest - Kohl's - $40.60

3/4 Length Sleeve Tee - Christopher and Banks - $26.95

Silver Sandals - DSW - $69.95

Silver Clutch - Charming Charlie - $10.00

Dressy blouse - Macy's - $34.99

Gold wedge sandals - DSW - $54.95

Gold pendant necklace - JC Penney - $15.40

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