Denim Daze 2.0 - Long Sleeve Chambray Shirt - Dressy

This week I am styling a long sleeve chambray shirt. When I began this denim series a few weeks ago, I differentiated between true denim and chambray. Chambray and denim are made with the same type of cotton threads, but the denim uses a double strand and the chambray uses a single strand. It is amazing, these days how soft and moveable denim is. Now we add other threads to the mix like spandex and viscose to make this normally stiff fabric more figure and lifestyle friendly.

This long sleeve polka dot top works well as a jacket or a light weight layering piece for when you are going to be in an overly air conditioned office for the whole work day. My husband and I like to go out to eat and then spend the evening at Barnes and Noble. We both love books and enjoy working on writing projects, the blog or just relaxing with a book or magazine. I noticed the last two times we went into the store, the air was blasting and it was down right cold. Enter the light weight layering piece.

Denim Daze 2.0 - Long sleeve chambray shirt - dressy

Whereas Tuesday, I showed this Christopher and Banks blouse styled casually, today’s outfit would be work or date night appropriate. On Tuesday, I wore it as a jacket with the tails loose and the front unbuttoned. Today’s look involves tying the tails and buttoning one or two buttons to create a fake ruched look.

Some gals might be fine with wearing a style like this without a tank top underneath, but I wanted a more appropriate work look, so opted to add a thrifted Loft tank top for additional warmth and layered interest.

Denim Daze 2.0 - Long Sleeve chambray shirt

You’ve seen this skirt before on the blog when I did my print mixing series. You can see those two posts, here and here. This was a thrifted piece and is Gianni brand. I love this simple a-line silhouette and the colors of the print. It has proved to be a very versatile piece.

Denim Daze 2.0 - Long Sleeve chambray shirt - dressy

I was excited to add this statement necklace to this outfit. I have had it for about a year and haven’t worn it too much, but I thought it was the perfect length and colors for this outfit. I found this beauty at Christopher and Banks online. Many times that is how I find my deals. I shop their clearance and wait for additional percents off.

Denim Daze 2.0 - Long sleeve chambray shirt - dressy

My little bag is thrifted. It is a fun little piece to use all on its own, or you could use it inside a larger bag for holding the little odds and ends that every woman has in her purse.

Denim Daze 2.0 - Long Sleeve Chambray shirt - dressy

Once again, I grabbed my trusty gray heels. Sometimes a simple heel is the best shoe of choice, rather than going for something with more interesting details. This pair is older, but is Comfort Plus brand. Have you ever noticed how hard it is to walk on squishy grass in heels? You sink! Ha, ha. The things you put up with as a woman, right? Ha, ha.

Denim Daze 2.0 - Long Sleeve Chambray shirt - dressy

I hope you enjoyed this post and are enjoying the Denim Daze series. Most of us have a least a few of these denim or chambray pieces in our wardrobes. How much use are yours getting?

Denim Daze 2.0 - Long Sleeve Chambray shirt - dressy

My hubby and I are heading to Wisconsin this weekend to be with his parent. Tomorrow is their 60th wedding anniversary. What a wonderful accomplishment! We are going to do a few fun things with them in celebration of the special day. I hope you all have a great weekend!

See you next week.

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull. Make up Rachel Christensen.

I decided to feature a few fun pieces from Nordstrom since they are having a sale right now. Have fun shopping. These are affiliate links. All opinions are my own.

Denim Daze 2.0 - Long Sleeve Chambray Shirt - Casual

Before I get into the actual post for today, I wanted to let you know that there is a nice interview with, yours truly, on Rebecca Trumbull Photography’s blog. As most of you know, Rebecca is both my photographer and my oldest daughter. Her website, not only includes information about her packages and what she offers, but her own blog, which gives her experiences with clients and some fantastic pictures. Be sure to click on over the the interview by clicking here and give us both some love.

There are times in the summer, where it gets really hot outside. The problem, then is not the heat, but the air conditioning. Many places have the air blasting and it makes it uncomfortable for people who like moderation. Especially if you are going from the cool house, to the hot car, to the hot outdoors and then back into the cool indoors. My husband and I always take a light weight sweater or jacket with in the summer months, just to have something to put on when the inside air gets too chilly.

This week’s denim piece is a long sleeve, polka dot chambray shirt. A light weight blouse like this is another great way to have extra coverage for those chilly indoor spaces. You can use it like a jacket and take it off, if you get too warm.

Denim Daze 2.0 - Long Sleeve Chambray Shirt - Casual

This Christopher and Banks blouse is light weight and covered with fun purple polka dots. I decided to do some print mixing wearing it over this purple printed popover sleeveless blouse by Izod.

Denim Daze 2.0 - Long Sleeve Chambray Shirt - Casual

I think the print mix works well, because the popover top, which has the busier, and larger print is paired with the smaller polka dots of the chambray blouse. It also works because I chose a common color to mix with, which in this case was the purple. Here is a close up of the two prints. In the close up, you can see the popover top does its own pattern mixing.

Denim Daze 2.0

White seemed the obvious choice for my bottoms. These cropped white jeans were thrifted.


We didn’t get a picture of the back pockets, but they have pretty bling on them. The cuffs on the bottom also add another interesting detail. The crop pant typically falls between where a capri would fall, several inches below the knee, and where an ankle pant would fall just at or a smidge above the ankle.

I wanted to add in another color, so when I chose this choker necklace that got passed over to me from my daughter, I decided to add green, thus the olive green hobo bag.

Denim Daze 2.0 - Long Sleeve Chambray shirt - casual
Denim Daze 2.0 - Long Sleeve Chambray Shirt - casual

I also added this pretty multi layered beaded bracelet. I got this on clearance at JC Penney a few years back and I really like the way the beads change color as they wrap around the wrist. Its colorful and has a fun boho vibe. Couldn’t you see this piece of jewelry with a long flowing tiered gypsy skirt, a bright top with an off the shoulder look, lots of beads and a bandana on the head? Maybe not on me, but you get the idea. Ha, ha.

Denim Daze 2.0 - Long Sleeve Chambray shirt - casual

I found these sandals at a thrift store and they went into my cart as soon as I tried them on. I love the color. I don’t own very many accessories that are purple, other than jewelry, so I thought these were a fun addition to the wardrobe. I also like that they cover more of my foot. I would love to wear those strappy cuties that many women wear, but my bulbous veins, are not attractive. That doesn’t mean I can’t wear sandals, it just means I try to find styles that give me a little more coverage.

Denim Daze 2.0 - Long Sleeve Chambray Shirt - casual

Do you own a long sleeve chambray shirt? Do you ever wear it like a jacket? Wearing long sleeve shirts as jackets can be done with any long sleeve, button-up in your closet, just keep it in mind when you are putting your outfit together, and pick accordingly.

Denim Daze 2.0 - Long Sleeve Chambray Shirt - casual

Be sure to check back on Thursday for a dressed up version with this long sleeve shirt. I’ve included a few shopping links for long sleeve chambray’s below. Be sure to check them out.

Have a great Tuesday.

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull. Make up Rachel Christensen.

Outfit Inspiration - Chambray Shirt with White Pants

I can't think of a an outfit that more epitomizes summer than a chambray shirt with white pants. The combination of blue and white just seems to say picnics, sunshine and longer hours of daylight. Adding a summer hat, bag and a pair of comfy sneakers and you have the outfit in today's post. The inspiration for this outfit came from an old advertisement for Chico's. Their adds always seem to have the prettiest outfit combinations; a great marketing idea, of course. They want you to buy their products and they do have wonderful clothing. However, if you are like me, then you like to find pieces in your own closet to make use of the clothing I already have and occasionally add a piece or two from thrift stores and regular retailers. While my pieces are not exact duplicates of the original add, they do mimic the outfit well. 

Outfit inspiration - chambray top and white pants

I didn't realize until after I took these photos that I should have smoothed the top out in the front by pulling it down. Ha, ha. The joys of being in a hurry when you are taking photos. 

Both of these pieces are from Christopher and Banks and I bought them in the store. You've seen these white ankle pants on the blog before. You can see those posts here, here, here and here. For this post I rolled the pants up to create more of a cropped pant look, which is what the original outfit had. 

I've styled this light chambray popover top on the blog before as well. You can see that post here. You can see in the next three photos more details on the shirt, including the hi-low hem, front pocket, three button closure, v-neck, no collar and roll tab sleeves. 

Outfit inspiration - chambray shirt with white pants
Outfit inspiration - chambray shirt and white pants
Outfit inspiration - chambray shirt with white pants

This is such an easy outfit to put together. I kept it completely casual and didn't even add any jewelry, although you could easily throw on some pretty colored bangles or bead to add a pop of color. You could also wear sandals or flip flops and carry a bright colored bag to add color in a different way. 

I've had my cream macrame bag for years and it is a cute little number for shopping when I want to carry something light and less bulky. I've also had these white Keds for years as well and they are starting to show some wear. 

Outfit Inspiration - chambray shirt and white pants
Outfit Inspiration - chambray shirt and white pants
Outfit Inspiration - white pants and chambray shirt

What kind of outfit do you envision when you think of summer? I love to hear your feedback. I appreciate those of you who subscribe to my blog. If you like my blog, share it with your friends and family. 

Have a great day.


Ordinary Amy - Denim Love

If you follow fashion bloggers at all, then you see loads of cute outfits and put together looks, that sometimes leave you feeling a bit overwhelmed. I know I feel that way. There are many bloggers who show lovely outfits and gorgeous photos. For me they are a source of inspiration, but they can also be a source of dissatisfaction.

There are times I come away from looking at another blog feeling like I want to crawl under a rock! Unfortunately, I feel that way more often than I would like in the long winter months. I want to hide and become invisible, yet, at the same time, I want to be noticed and recognized for something, not sure what, but for something. This is a dichotomy I have struggled with most of my life. Being an introvert often leaves me being misunderstood as aloof or stuck up. It also puts an added burden on my shoulders to push myself outside my comfort zone. That alone, is not a bad thing. It forces me to grow and learn as an individual. It has helped me to overcome fear and be able to reach out to others who have similar feelings. 

Unfortunately, it also weighs on me most of the time. I never really feel free to express myself or my opinions. Yes, I am one of those individuals who has had my opinions shot down, laughed at and even ignored. Obviously, that makes it harder to be confident and bold, not only when it comes to my writing, but to my fashion as well. I often reach for what is comfortable.

Ordinary Amy - washing day

When I was growing up, my mom always hung the laundry out on the clothes line when the weather was nice. I remember when I was really young, we still had a ringer washer. I always thought washing day was so much fun, because my mom would let me help her feed the clothes through the ringer, which squeezed the excess water out. I loved to put my hands in the cold rinse water, especially on hot summer days. When I was tall enough, my mother would let me help her hang clothes on the lines outside that ran from our house to a large maple tree.

I used to play amongst the flapping clothes, imagining they were the curtains to a stage where I would be a singer. There weren't many kids in our neighborhood, as we lived out in the country, so I learned to play by myself using my imagination. Sometimes I would sing a story and other times I would imagine I was lost in the jungle and dinosaurs were after me. To this day, I still love to imagine and I also love to do laundry. Hey, everyone should have at least one household chore they like to do! 

When I took these pictures a few weeks ago, the temps had gotten up into the mid fifties. I had a set of sheets and a few smaller throw blankets to wash, so I decided to hang them outside. Ever since those early years, I have loved how things hung outside, smell! 

Ordinary Amy - washing day

This is me. Denim, cozy knit vest, sneakers and a little bit of jewelry. I am wearing my Christopher and Bank jeans. The knit vest I have worn on the blog before here. It is Chaps brand. Chaps is a brand found at Kohl's. It has a little higher price point than some of their other brands, but the quality is good. Sizing seems to run a little small, so I usually size up. I found this vest on clearance.

Ordinary Amy - denim and knit vest

In the above picture you can see some of my pearl jewelry and details on the shirt and vest. The polka dot chambray shirt is SO brand and was thrifted. And looky there, I did some print mixing! Ha, ha. 

Ordinary Amy

Once again, my satchel, from Walmart is making another appearance on the blog. I love the neutral colors and the firm structure. Many of the bags I use are more a hobo bag and slouch when put down. This one is a tote and stands up well. Here is the same one.

I'm also wearing my Keds sneakers that I have had for a while. Here is another cute navy pair, or there is this slip on

Ordinary Amy - Denim and knit vest

What is your go to outfit, when you want something comfortable, but don't want to just hang out in your sweats or pjs? Let me know by leaving a comment below. I love hearing from you!

I hope you enjoyed this post and that you'll have a wonderful weekend! 

I've included a few shopping links for similar items. These are affiliate links, meaning if you click on a link, I get a few cents. If you purchase something through my blog, I get a little commission. I appreciate all you do. All opinions are my own. 

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Beautiful Blogger Bests - White with Denim

Classic looks are some of my favorite. Breezy tops, skirts, shorts of varying lengths, light weight jackets, are all clothing pieces I go back to when building a summer look. Today's post was inspired by a lovely blogger from the UK. Laurie of Vanity and Me is well acquainted with beauty and fashion, having made her way in life as a hairdresser. She is a mom, grandmother, wife and blogger. I would definitely describe Laurie's style as classic. She pieces outfits together that are stylish, comfortable and often striking, adding lovely statement accessories including jewelry, bags and shoes. 

Vanity and Me - White with Denim

My inspiration for today's outfit came from Laurie's post titled, Dress Down Dayfrom April 6th. If you click on the title of the post you can see her article in full. I hope you will visit her blog and give her some love. Her outfit formula was quite simple, white pants, white tank and a chambray shirt. Add some cute accessories, pin the hair up and done! What I love about this is, while it is simple it still looks phenomenal! The contrast of white with the blue is perfect for spring and summer. I also like that, Laurie added earthy accessories. With this type of outfit she could have added any number of colors, but the browns and golds keep the outfit from becoming overly girly. 

Beautiful Blogger Bests - Denim with white outfit

I decided to wear a tee instead of a tank top and I also went with capri pants instead of longer ones. The dark wash of my chambray shirt is similar to the one Laurie uses. I also kept my accessories to hues of brown and gold. 

Beautiful blogger bests - wearing white with denim

I've featured this statement necklace before when I did an Awesome Accessory post here. I like that it has chains of differing lengths and ends with the pretty pendant. 

Beautiful Blogger bests - wearing white with denim

I also have on a gold colored narrow belt, but it gets a little lost under the tee shirt material. I think Laurie's belt was a much better choice and makes a statement in its own right.

These sandals were a recent purchase from Kohl's. I like the way they cross over the top of the foot, making the shoe feel more secure. These also have a very cushy foot bed with a slight wedge heel. These also have zippers on the heel making them easy to get into and out of. I think I will be wearing these quite often this summer. 

Beautiful Blogger Bests - Wearing white with denim
Beautiful Blogger Bests - Wearing white with denim
Beautiful Blogger bests - Wearing white with denim

What do you think of this outfit? Will you be wearing white this summer? I'd love to hear your thoughts. When you comment on my posts, it helps my blog to grow. You can also follow me on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. 

Please click over to Laurie's site and check out her blog. She will give you more Beautiful Blogger inspiration.

This post contains affiliate links. All opinions expressed are my own. 

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Denim Daze - the Denim Jacket

This is the last post in my Denim Daze series. If you haven't seen the rest of the series click on these links to see the Chambray Shirt, Bermuda Shorts, Knee Length Skirt and Flares

This final installment features a denim jacket. I have always owned a denim jacket for as long as I can remember, but I always had the kind that you just wore as a jacket, not one that I would say was stylish or girly. Over the years the look of the denim jacket hasn't changed much, but now it can come with embellishments, lining, dark wash, light wash, stiff or stretchy. I've seen denim blazers and denim dusters.

Denim jacket outfit

I found this jacket at a thrift store (where else) and fell in love with it. It is a crop jacket, meaning it is not as long as a regular denim jacket and it has a bit of stretch to it. I love the dark wash and the little bit of distressing here and there. It has 3/4 length sleeves which makes it a perfect jacket for summer or even the transitional days into fall. I even love that the collar is a little bit askew. It's quirky, just like me! 

denim jacket outfit

This print dress is somewhat retro, maybe channeling the 80's, but I like its midi length, the colors and the fit. It is comfy and I can see wearing it in the fall like a jumper with a dark turtleneck and tall boots. I'm carrying a bright green and gold bag for some contrast with the monochromatic look of the outfit.

denim jacket outfit

And of course I have to have some fun accessories. The fringe navy necklace is a fun piece I found earlier this summer. The beaded bracelets I've had for a while. And don't forget the comfy Keds!

denim jacket outfit

To dress up the look, I changed into a long, light green maxi dress. 

denim jacket outfit

This is one of those dresses I absolutely loved when I tried it on at Kohl's last summer, so I bought it. I have yet to actually wear it!!! One area I need to work on is getting out of my routine. I always say that I can't dress up unless I have a reason to, but I need to change my thinking to any reason is a reason to get dressed up. I doubt you'll see me wearing this to the grocery store, but maybe date night with the hubby? Could happen!

denim jacket outfit

I wore a embroidered belt, instead of the simple green tie that came with the dress. The belt has just a little bit of pale purple, so I wore the necklace you see along with a silver and gold bracelet. I carried the sparkly pewter clutch that I have used in other posts.

denim jacket outfit

I decided on the brown sandals to go with the brown belt, even though you couldn't really see my feet. 

Here are the two looks side by side.

Hope you all enjoyed the Denim Daze series. Be sure to check out Thursday's Piece Perfect post. Next Tuesday, I'll be starting a series on Pantone's Fall 2016 color choices. Thanks for stopping by.

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull. Make up Rachel Christensen.

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Shopping a similar look:

Cropped Denim Jacket - Kohl's - $32.99

Printed Midi Dress - Kohl's - $79.99

Maxi Dress - Macy's - $59.00

Navy Keds - Macy's - $40.00

Sandals - DSW - $59.95

Bags - Clutch - $31.50, Hobo - $38.50

Tassel Necklace - Loft - $24.99


Color Crash Course - Denim with Denim

Since I have been doing a series on denim, I thought it would be appropriate to start my Color Crash Course column with a post on styling denim with denim. These days denim comes in a variety of colors so we don't have to be concerned about being too matchy or not matchy enough, but I am sure there are still a few souls out there who think that styling blue denim with blue denim is taboo. 

See what you think after looking at how I paired different washes of denim together.

denim with denim

You know, doing a full day photo shoot can get tedious, especially as I am running in and out, up and down, changing my clothes, so you have to expect I get a little silly once in a while. I'm amazed that I can still stand on one foot and not fall over. That and I can rub my tummy and pat my head at the same time. I am just a woman of amazing talents. Ha, ha.

You can see I wore the same bermuda shorts that I styled in my Denim Daze series (see that post  here). This time I wore a white tee then threw on an infinity scarf and a button up in a darker wash. You can see another way I style this darker chambray shirt here, here and here.

denim with denim
denim with denim

Here is a better look at the scarf. I thought it really pulled the two washes of denim together. I completed the look with a navy bangle, my black espadrille flats and a canvas bag with a similar look to the shoes.

denim with denim

For a different look try styling a solid denim piece with a printed denim piece. Again, in this outfit the denim have different washes.

denim with denim

I used a white top, this time a light weight short sleeve sweater and layered the chambray shirt over it (here is another post where I styled this chambray shirt differently). I think another way this outfit could have been done is to skip the tee and tuck the shirt into the pants then add a blingy belt and some sparkly wedges to dress it up. Add a bright colored bag for a pop of color. 

denim with denim
denim with denim

Here you can see my jewelry a little better. The necklace was from Kohl's and the bracelet was from Chico's. My bright blue Keds are another thrift store find. 

denim with denim

I chose to style both of these outfits casually, but I could see combinations involving bright colored heels and bags, or different colored jewelry or scarves. Denim really is a type of neutral and it goes with anything, even itself.

Here are the outfits side by side.

Let me know in the comments section below or by posting a comment on Facebook whether you think denim with denim works and would you wear it. I appreciate your support and input.


Denim Daze - The Chambray Shirt

Chambray is not a true denim. However, we can wear chambray like denim as far as wash and color. See the difference between these two fabrics by clicking on this link to Proper Cloth. That being said, I have included a chambray shirt in the denim series because it "looks" like denim. Chambray is much softer and more moveable than true denim, so I can wear a chambray shirt as a shirt or as a jacket as I show in my two looks for today, but I would not usually wear a denim jacket as a shirt as it is too stiff and thick.

chambray shirt
chambray shirt

For this casual look I tucked the polka dot chambray shirt into a pair of pink polka dot pants. Yes, I did some print mixing, but I felt that it worked because the print on the pants is so much smaller than the print on the shirt. I kept the look casual and a touch boho with my woven drawstring bag, beaded woven belt and the suede loafers as seen below. The jewelry is a simple strand of brown beads.

tan moccasin shoes

In the next look, the chambray shirt becomes a light weight jacket and is worn open over a light blush tank. These together, top a pleated maroon skirt. My pewter sparkly bag that I have used on other occasions (see here , here and here) is worn with the strap over the shoulder. I am showing the front and back of this look so you can see my hair which is pulled to the side in a chignon type bun.

chambray shirt

In the above picture you can see the bling on the tank. Vertical stripes made with tiny metallic dots cover the top half of the shirt. It makes something so simple, dressy and I opted to not wear a necklace as the bling speaks for itself. I added a simple gold bracelet as my only jewelry. I love this bracelet. It has a spring hinge so it opens to put on and then snaps closed around my wrist; no struggling with a clasp. I wore my nude peep toe heels. I bought these shoes for my daughters wedding two years ago. They are classy, but fairly comfortable and with the strap there are no worries that my foot will fall out of my shoe.  

chambray shirt

I'm really starting to sound like i have security issues aren't I? Bracelets that snap around my wrist, shoes with straps around my ankles and if you continue to follow me you'll find I keep most things covered up. Does that make me insecure or comfortable, confident and mysterious? It all depends on how you look at things.

So here are the two looks side by side. Which one do you like better? What else do you like to do with your chambray shirts? Leave me a comment below. 

Photo credits Rebecca Trumbull. Make up Rachel Christensen.

Shopping the Key Pieces:

Chambray shirt - Kohl's - $24.99

Pants - Boscov's - $27.60

Loafers - 6pm - $77.99

Pleated skirt - ASOS - $49.00

Tank top - Nordstrom Rack - $28.97 (no bling, but very cute)

Nude heels - DSW - $39.95

Clutch - DSW - $34.95