Pantone - Autumn/Winter - 2019 - Cranberry and Chicory Coffee

Hi everyone. The days are flying by and we are almost to Halloween. I haven’t even gotten out my decorations yet! That is how far behind I am. Maybe I should just skip Halloween and start decorating for Christmas. All the stores are doing it. Ha, ha . Well, I don’t think I’ll get that crazy, but this time of year does seem to go awfully fast. Do you get that feeling?

Today’s colors are what the Pantone Color Institute label a “vital red that adds a pungent punch to the palette,” and a “robust and tasteful” brown that, “introduces an element of heartiness.”

Pantone - Autumn/Winter - 2019 - Cranberry and Chicory Coffee

I was able to pull these pieces from my closet and decided to add the off white cardi that mimics Rutabaga from the London classic color palette.

This Cranberry cami was a recent thrift purchase. Most of my camis are pretty tight and I wear them as layering pieces under long sleeve tops and sweaters. I do not wear them to be seen, but it occurred to me that it would be nice to have something I could have more visible under an open sweater. It is Maurice’s brand. I am becoming a fan of Maurice’s. I see pieces every so often at thrift stores and recently I bought what has become one of my favorite pairs of jeans on the clearance rack. What really drew me to this cami was the pretty lace detailing.

Pantone - Autumn/Winter - 2019 - Cranberry and Chicory Coffee
Pantone - Autumn/Winter - 2019 - Cranberry and Chicory Coffee

These trousers are Worthington brand from JCPenney. Do you know how hard it is to find brown slacks? Now maybe that has changed. I have seen rust, and that more yellowy brown called cognac, but real brown is hard to find, especially a dark brown like this one.

Pantone - Autumn/winter - 2019 - Cranberry and Chicory Coffee

The off white open front cardigan is Chaps brand and another clearance rack find from Kohl’s. Chaps has some nice pieces, but they do have a higher price point than I would normally pay, thus my reasoning for waiting for them to go on clearance. If I thought a particular piece is really worth paying full price for, I would buy it, but for the most part there isn’t anything that I absolutely have to have. I could shop my closet for months and come up with all sorts of new combinations, because I have so many clothes. Truth!

I kept the accessories minimal with my gold leopard print medallion necklace, a few gold bracelets, my snakeskin clutch, a brown belt, and brown boots. I thought this was a good outfit for complimenting with animal prints.

Pantone - Autumn/Winter -2019 - Cranberry and Chicory coffee
Pantone - Autumn/winter - 2019 - cranberry and Chicory coffee
Pantone - Autumn/Winter - 2019 - Cranberry and Chicory Coffee
Pantone - Autumn/Winter - 2019 - Cranberry and Chicory Coffee
Pantone - Autumn/Winter - 2019 - Cranberry and Chicory Coffee

These are two colors that I can get behind. I love the combination and think these two work well together. What do you think? Do you have any of these colors in your closet? Do you wear camis a lot? Do you wear them more for layering or to be seen? I’d love to hear you thoughts, so leave me a comment or two in the comments section. I appreciate hearing from you and all your support.

Pantone - Autumn/Winter - 2019 - Cranberry and Chicory Coffee

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Photo and graphic credit Rebecca Trumbull.

Have a great day.

Pantone - Autumn/Winter - 2019 - Peach Pink and Biking Red

These are the last two colors from the Pantone - Autumn/Winter - New York palette. Peach Pink is reminiscent of coral, which never really seemed like a fall color to me, but I must remember that the old rules don’t apply…at least to some things. I know many people buy into the old adage, the rules are meant to be broken, but I don’t always believe that is the best mindset to have, and that mindset trickles down to our children and our grandchildren. As far as rules, I think that many of them are in place for our protection and our benefit. Rules like, look both ways before you cross the street, floss your teeth once a day and eat your fruits and veggies are not bad. Actually, they are for our well being. Rules about color, really no longer apply, so I am okay with wearing white after Labor Day and wearing coral in October. Why not?

The other color in this ensemble is a dark red. It reminds me of the Brick Red from my Crayola Crayon box. How many of you remember those wonderful boxes of crayons? I used to obsess about having all the similar colors arranged by shade in my box. I didn’t want to hunt around for Brick Red, so I put it in the “red” section. Ha, ha.

Pantone - Autumn/Winter - 2019 - Peach Pink and Biking Red

As you can see, once again, my colors were not perfect matches. You will see I did a little better with the London Palette, which I will be introducing on Thursday.

The heavy gauge sweater is Candies brand from the Koh’s clearance rack at end of last winter’s season. I find this is the best time to shop for those pieces you want for the season, if you don’t want to pay full price. I have found most of my non-thrifted clothing pieces this way.

Pantone - Autumn/Winter - 2019 - Peach Pink and Biking Red

My Peach Pink tank top was a thrift find from a few years ago. It is Eddie Bauer brand. You’ll be able to see the ruching on the neckline in an upcoming picture.

Pantone - 2019 - Peach Pink and Biking Red

My Paloma gray pleated skirt was also a Kohl’s clearance find a few years ago and is Apt. 9 brand.

Pantone - Autumn/winter - 2019 - Peach Pink and Biking Red

My chunky wood ring necklace is making an appearance again. I love this necklace my daughter gave me for Christmas. It is so handy for making a statement and pulling the colors in an outfit together. A necklace like this works much the same way a scarf will, but without the added heat around your neck.

Pantone - 2019 - Peach Pink and Biking Red

My little thrifted Houndstooth bag works both as a satchel and a cross body. The shoulder strap is inside the bag, but can easily be taken out and attached so I can wear this for hands free activities.

Pantone - Autumn/Winter - 2019 - Peach Pink and Biking Red

I really like these black Aerosole heels. They are comfortable and stay on my feet with no slipping or sliding. I decided to add the dark tights at the last minute for two reasons. The first was to keep the leg more monochrome and thus make the legs look longer. The other was to make the outfit seem more ready for fall weather. The day we took these pics it was hot!

Pantone - Autumn/Winter - 2019 - Peach Pink and Biking Red

What do you think of this outfit? Is this something you would wear? Do you like these Pantone colors? Why or why not? I’d love to hear from you, so leave a comment or two.

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Photo and graphic credit, Rebecca Trumbull.

Have a great day.

Wearing White - 3/4 Length Sleeve Tiered Blouse

This is my final post in this wearing white series. I feel this outfit really epitomizes the fall feel and it also showcases some of the fall trends that are floating around out there on the internet and in the fashion world. There are so many trends, and depending on who you get your information from, you’ll see some overlap and some very different ideas as to what is currently trending for fall. I’ll be talking more about that for a few posts starting on Thursday.

Today’s outfit features a white 3/4 length sleeve tiered blouse that I found at a thrift store. Just disregard the snarky look on my face. Ha, ha.

Wearing white - 3/4 sleeve tiered blouse

Here is a picture without the vest, so you can get a better look at the top. This top is a brand called Spense. You can find this brand at JC Penney, Nordstrom Rack and a few other retailers.

Wearing white - 3/4 length sleeve tiered blouse

I didn’t notice until looking at this picture that you can see through the blouse a little bit, so it might be good to wear a cami underneath. It don’t think it is a big deal with the sweater vest over the top. I love the detailing on this piece. Each tier and the flounce on the sleeves are edged with a crocheted embellishment, giving the blouse an extra boho vibe.

I paired the blouse with my Worthington leopard print skirt, which I have styled on the blog before. You can see this skirt paired with a pink blouse, a cropped denim jacket, a teal green sweater, and a white denim jacket. You know a piece was worth investing in when it is worn over and over. Leopard print is still showcasing its fierceness this fall along with other animal prints like snakeskin, zebra and more.

To pull the whole outfit together, I chose this crafted fringe vest. I honestly cannot remember where I got this. Ha, ha. No matter, I like it and reach for it often. Fringe is another trend that seems to be making its own cross seasonal stand in the fashion world.

Wearing white - 3/4 length sleeve tiered blouse
Wearing white - 3/4 length sleeve tiered blouse

Accessories for an outfit like this can varied and colorful. You could go classic black or brighten up the look with variations of burgundy, red, blue or green. I wanted the focus to be my white blouse so I kept the accessories more sedate going for gold and brown.

Wearing white - 3/4 length sleeve tiered blouse

Why not wear a leopard pendant with a leopard skirt?

Wearing white - 3/4 length sleeve tiered blouse

I’ve had this gold bag for a very long time. It was thrifted and is a brand called emilie. Metallics are another trend that are big this fall. Be on the look out for pieces that shimmer and shine. If you are like me, you already have something in your closet that has a fun metallic sheen. I’ll be talking more about that on Thursday.

Wearing white - 3/4 length sleeve tiered blouse

I just got these boots from DSW. They are Baretraps and I think they will be getting plenty of use this fall and winter.

Wearing white - 3/4 length sleeve tiered blouse

What do you think of this outfit? Did you like this series on wearing white? I hope that you found some inspiration here on the blog.

I’ve included a few shopping links, just for fun. Every time you click on a link, I get a few cents. If you purchase something through one of my links, I might get a little commission. All opinions are my own.

I hope you are having a good week so far.

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull.

Wearing White - Embroidered Pants

I hope you are enjoying this series on wearing white. Most of us have at least something or other that is white, or at least cream or ivory (what is the difference really). I centered this series on pieces that I would classify as a true white, not cream or ivory or off white, however every outfit could easily use pieces that aren’t a true white. It’s all about wearing what works for you and what you are going to feel best in. Not everyone likes to wear white, top or bottom. It can make us look washed out or larger if it is on the bottom, but we are trying to break out of some of those fashion boxes right, and if I want to wear white, I’m going to do it. Ha, ha.

Today’s outfit revolves around pants that you saw earlier this spring on the blog. These pants are from Shop National and were gifted to me when I did the original post, which you can see here. I was excited to get to style these again and wanted to pull another color from the festive embroidery on the legs, so I chose yellow.

Wearing white - embroidered pants

I have to tell you, my daughter and I had quite a time being silly on this shoot. It was hot and I was melting, so everything was sticking to me, as you can see here, my yellow tee was taking on its own identity with its ripples. Ha, ha. When we are taking pictures, I don’t remember to smooth everything out, but I guess that’s real life. When is life ripple free? Rarely ever. This tee is thrifted and is Basic Edition’s brand.

I thought it would be fun to show movement, so I told my daughter I wanted to take more shots of me walking. Here are a few. I must confess, I was having a hard time walking a straight line. Ha, ha. And I don’t even drink!

Because I wanted to make the outfits in this series transitional to fall, I added a layering piece to each one. For this outfit I chose my green faux velvet jacket that I found at a thrift store. This is a brand called Erika. It is soft and perfect for when the evenings start to get cooler.

Wearing white - embroidered pants

Since this was a casual look, I kept my accessories simple. This pendant necklace I have worn before on the blog.

Wearing white - embroidered pants

The embroidery on the pants contains yellow, green and a couple of blue shades. I brought in the yellow and green, so I thought blue would be perfect for my shoes and bag. These bright blue Keds are regulars on the blog, as you just saw on Tuesday. Isn’t it amazing how much more blue they look with the bright white pants?

Wearing white - embroidered pants

Bright blue is also how my bag rolls. Bright blue like the summer sky.

Wearing white - embroidered pants

I actually had this green tassel from another bag, so I added it to my blue bag. I just like that combination of colors and think it works perfectly for summer. I have several Rosetti bags and like each one for various reasons. Cross body bags are definitely my muse right now. They are perfect for hands free shopping and more secure than a shoulder bag.

Wearing white - embroidered pants

I hope you liked this post and that this will inspire you to pull out those white pieces and creatively make an outfit that will take you into fall.

I’m heading off to see my mom this weekend. What are you up to? I love to hear from you and am very thankful for all of you who take time out of your busy schedules to comment.

Have a great weekend.

Denim Daze 2.0 - Denim Jacket

The final piece in my Denim Daze series is a denim jacket. I have several denim jackets, all of which I love. For as long as I can remember I have liked denim jackets. Just like moto jackets, to me they seem cool and tough, but done up the right way they can be feminine and flirty. I own a simple jacket that has no embellishments in a light wash. I also have a cropped one in a medium wash that I have styled on the blog many times. A few others include a white, a light wash with white eyelet stripes and an orange one. This week I am featuring a newer one I acquired from Christopher and Banks. The characteristic that drew me to this one, was the embroidered detail.

Denim Daze 2.0 - Denim Jacket - Casual

I wanted this outfit to be casual, but still clean and fresh. These pinstriped light weight ankle pants are thrifted and Gloria Vanderbilt brand. They have become a go to summer option in my closet, when I want a little more coverage, but not the heavy weight of regular denim.

Denim Daze 2.0 - Denim Jacket - casual

I thought this floral Croft & Barrow tee from Kohl’s went perfectly with the colors in the embroidery of the jacket. This tee was a recent purchase and has longer short sleeves and a medium weight. I love the cute pic on the front. If I had the time, and was more disciplined I would love to have more of a garden, a bit like an English garden with loads of different kinds of flowers that have some sort of uniform messiness to them.

Denim Daze 2.0 - Denim Jacket - Casual

Here is an up close of the embroidered detail. I can see wearing this into the fall with colors like rust, and maroon.

Denim Daze 2.0 - Denim Jacket - Casual

In keeping with the blue theme of my outfit, I opted for blue accessories. This cute cross body bag was gifted to my by my younger daughter for Christmas. I love the gold zippers and fringe detail.

Denim Daze 2.0 - Denim Jacket - Casual

Since I was on a floral kick I pulled out my floral SO flats. If you follow me regularly you know I love these flats and have them in four different colors. They are comfy and easy to get on and off.

Denim Daze 2.0 - Denim Jacket - Casual

I also wore a simple heart necklace with a pink stone. This was the perfect finishing touch.

Denim Daze 2.0 - Denim Jacket - Casual

Do you like to wear denim jackets? How do you like to style yours? What sort of washes do you have denim jackets in? I’d love to hear your thoughts, so leave a comment or two below.

Denim Daze 2.0 - Denim Jacket - Casual

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull. Make up Rachel Christensen.

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Denim Daze 2.0 - Long Sleeve Chambray Shirt - Dressy

This week I am styling a long sleeve chambray shirt. When I began this denim series a few weeks ago, I differentiated between true denim and chambray. Chambray and denim are made with the same type of cotton threads, but the denim uses a double strand and the chambray uses a single strand. It is amazing, these days how soft and moveable denim is. Now we add other threads to the mix like spandex and viscose to make this normally stiff fabric more figure and lifestyle friendly.

This long sleeve polka dot top works well as a jacket or a light weight layering piece for when you are going to be in an overly air conditioned office for the whole work day. My husband and I like to go out to eat and then spend the evening at Barnes and Noble. We both love books and enjoy working on writing projects, the blog or just relaxing with a book or magazine. I noticed the last two times we went into the store, the air was blasting and it was down right cold. Enter the light weight layering piece.

Denim Daze 2.0 - Long sleeve chambray shirt - dressy

Whereas Tuesday, I showed this Christopher and Banks blouse styled casually, today’s outfit would be work or date night appropriate. On Tuesday, I wore it as a jacket with the tails loose and the front unbuttoned. Today’s look involves tying the tails and buttoning one or two buttons to create a fake ruched look.

Some gals might be fine with wearing a style like this without a tank top underneath, but I wanted a more appropriate work look, so opted to add a thrifted Loft tank top for additional warmth and layered interest.

Denim Daze 2.0 - Long Sleeve chambray shirt

You’ve seen this skirt before on the blog when I did my print mixing series. You can see those two posts, here and here. This was a thrifted piece and is Gianni brand. I love this simple a-line silhouette and the colors of the print. It has proved to be a very versatile piece.

Denim Daze 2.0 - Long Sleeve chambray shirt - dressy

I was excited to add this statement necklace to this outfit. I have had it for about a year and haven’t worn it too much, but I thought it was the perfect length and colors for this outfit. I found this beauty at Christopher and Banks online. Many times that is how I find my deals. I shop their clearance and wait for additional percents off.

Denim Daze 2.0 - Long sleeve chambray shirt - dressy

My little bag is thrifted. It is a fun little piece to use all on its own, or you could use it inside a larger bag for holding the little odds and ends that every woman has in her purse.

Denim Daze 2.0 - Long Sleeve Chambray shirt - dressy

Once again, I grabbed my trusty gray heels. Sometimes a simple heel is the best shoe of choice, rather than going for something with more interesting details. This pair is older, but is Comfort Plus brand. Have you ever noticed how hard it is to walk on squishy grass in heels? You sink! Ha, ha. The things you put up with as a woman, right? Ha, ha.

Denim Daze 2.0 - Long Sleeve Chambray shirt - dressy

I hope you enjoyed this post and are enjoying the Denim Daze series. Most of us have a least a few of these denim or chambray pieces in our wardrobes. How much use are yours getting?

Denim Daze 2.0 - Long Sleeve Chambray shirt - dressy

My hubby and I are heading to Wisconsin this weekend to be with his parent. Tomorrow is their 60th wedding anniversary. What a wonderful accomplishment! We are going to do a few fun things with them in celebration of the special day. I hope you all have a great weekend!

See you next week.

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull. Make up Rachel Christensen.

I decided to feature a few fun pieces from Nordstrom since they are having a sale right now. Have fun shopping. These are affiliate links. All opinions are my own.

Pantone Spring/Summer - 2019 - Toffee & Mango Mojito

I am continuing my Pantone Spring/Summer - 2019 series with two more fun colors called Toffee and Mango Mojito. I was glad to see this lighter brown on the palette this year. Usually brown doesn’t show up until fall and often it is more of an orangey brown, so this brown is a perfect neutral. I absolutely love this pretty yellow and I think the name is perfect. It makes me think of sunflowers and sunshine and what could be more reminiscent of summer.

Pantone Spring/Summer - 2019 - Toffee & Mango Mojito

I didn’t really have anything that was this particular brown. As I have said before, when I talked about Brown Granite in the last Pantone post I did, I like brown, but it is not something I have a lot of in my closet. For this Toffee color, I decided to use my Worthington leopard print skirt. Animal prints are still in, so hang onto your snakeskin, zebra and leopard.

When I saw this Apt. 9 tee at a thrift store, I chose it for the color alone, not realizing how perfectly it would mimic the Mango Mojito color. Then when I chose the skirt, I knew this tee would be the right piece to pair with it.

Pantone Spring/Summer - 2019 - Toffee & Mango Mojito

As with any outfit, accessories can make everything even better. I’ve had this thrifted white jean jacket by Sanctuary, for a few years and pull it out every now and then for the warmer weather. I thought it was the perfect topper for this outfit.

Pantone Spring/Summer - 2019 - Toffee & Mango Mojito

I kept my other accessories simple and earthy in keeping with the leopard print. A black pendant necklace, a beaded bracelet and my woven basket bag with black trim seemed the perfect accompanying pieces for this outfit. Do you own a basket bag? They are fun, and much more versatile than I once thought, especially in the summer.

Pantone Spring/Summer - 2019 - Toffee & Mango Mojito
Pantone Spring/Summer - 2019 - Toffee & Mango Mojito

I decided to wear these thrifted loafers to keep the look more casual. You could easily take this outfit up a notch by adding a sweater instead of the jacket, a sparkly clutch and heels, along with some jewelry with a bit more bling. As is, it is a nice outfit for work.

Pantone Spring/Summer - 2019 - Toffee & Mango Mojito

We had fun taking these pictures inside a local mall that is no longer a “normal” mall.

Pantone Spring/Summer - 2019 - Toffee & Mango Mojito
Pantone Spring/Summer - 2019 - Toffee & Mango Mojito
Pantone Spring/Summer - 2019 - Toffee & Mango Mojito

What sort of photos do you like best? Outdoor or indoor? I’ve always been a fan of natural light, but I think these indoor shots are kind of fun, don’t you?

Do you like these Pantone colors? I think Mango Mojito is one of my favorites. I know not everyone will like it, because not everyone can wear it, but remember, you don’t have to wear a color that’s not really good with your complexion, you can always carry it in the form of a bag, wear it on your feet, or even tie a scarf in the color to your purse.

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Have a great week.

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull. Make up Rachel Christensen.

Pantone Spring/Summer - 2019 - Pink Peacock & Pressed Rose

Today’s Pantone Spring/Summer colors include a hot pink and a pastel pink. Pink Peacock could be a close cousin of fuchsia and reminds me of the bright pink flowers that begin to appear in many people’s gardens at this time of the year. Pressed Rose is a medium pink that appears only on the London color palette as a companion to New York’s Sweet Lilac. To me it is a more adult version of pink, that almost any woman could wear.


For this series, I thought it would be fun to pair colors that had similar roots, so for this pairing it was pink with pink. You will see another post where I pair yellow with yellow. Whereas, in last Thursday’s post with Turmeric and Sweet Lilac, the colors were quite different, almost to the point of being too different to put together. However, as we are beginning to realize with many fashion faux pas, never say never.


This bright pink thrifted, Worthington sweater was a purchase I made, just for this series. I have a number of bright pink things, but nothing seemed quite right, a little too red, or a little too purple, so when I saw this for a dollar I snapped it up without even trying it on. I like the ribbing around the neck line. Little added details like that are part of what make clothes special.

This David & Young kimono was a clearance find from DSW. Who thinks to shop for kimonos at a shoe store? Me, that’s who. Ha, ha. They have all sorts of great accessories there, like bags, wallets, key chains and of course shoes!


It is hard to see in these pictures, but the kimono’s flowers include the Pressed Rose color. I like the fringy details on the sleeves and it is also on the hem line. This will be a great topper for the warmer weather.

For this outfit I decided to try finding a piece that would mimic the Brown Granite color from the classic neutral palette. It is not often we see an actual brown on this palette. More often they choose a gray. I was disappointed there wasn’t a gray, but then I realized it would force me to think outside my box again. I actually like brown and my hubby loves when I wear it as it brings out my brown eyes, however, it is hard to find brown pieces that aren’t just drab and boring.

I got these brown Worthington trousers at JC Penney. You can obviously tell, I have a lot of Worthington pieces. For me it is a brand that fits my figure pretty well and has a lower price point. I think they make great work wear pieces. Here are a few pairs of pants in various colors: gray, various, bright pink, pull on skinny (similar to the orange ones from last Thursday’s post). This pair is more of a wide leg and very comfortable.


These cute ankle boots I found at Kohl’s in the clearance section. Do you shop clearance? It really pays off at Kohl’s as long as you don’t mind getting stuff at the end of the season. I don’t worry about being spot on as far as the trends and timing. I like what I like and I will wear it, whether it is trending or not.


Along with my light pink ankle boots I grabbed my little pink clutch, and added a few simple pieces of jewelry to keep the kimono and sweater center stage.


What do you think of these colors? Do you wear pink? My husband does not like pink, not even on me, but I wear it anyway. I’m such a bad wife. Ha, ha. But he puts up with me and loves me even in my pink moments.


As always, I’ve included a few shopping links for all things pink! Enjoy shopping. These are affiliate link, which means I get a few cents when you click on a link. All opinions are my own.

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull. Make up Rachel Christensen.

Mixing Metals

There was a time, back in the stone age, when women were not allowed to mix metals in their outfits. Why, there was a time when women were not allowed to mix patterns, or wear white after Labor Day, or wear pants. How things have changed. Many of these changes have been good, especially when it comes to fashion and the average woman. Now women can wear their floral blouse under a striped sweater and get all manner of compliments. A woman can wear white all winter long if she so desires, and us gals have been wearing pants for a very long time.

Many of the changes that have come about in the last few years, I have had to get used to. I was brought up to only wear white between Memorial Day and Labor Day. I keep my white pants out now and even though I don’t reach for them as often as some women might, it is not because of a rule that no longer exists. It took me a while to get the print mixing thing figured out, but now I print mix with the best of them.

One of the more subtle changes in the fashion world that I have been adjusting to is to mix metals. In other words it is now acceptable to wear gold with silver with copper with bronze with brass and pewter. Anything goes. My daughter suggested I take the challenge and make it my own, so this outfit is my first intentional attempt at metal mixing.

Mixing metals

I started the outfit with the gold metallic top that I got for Christmas. It is a cute piece that my hubby got for me from a retailer named Marshall’s, with a little help from our daughter. It is a top that I will wear more when the weather warms up.

The fun snakeskin print vest I found in my daughter’s get rid of pile. One man’s junk is another man’s treasure, right? The front of the vest comes together with a metallic piece that holds the fabric in place. I couldn’t resist taking this fun topper home and even though it has a little wear, it doesn’t show due to the animal print. I am already thinking about how I can style this more casually for a great date night look.

I decided to go with a pencil skirt for a work wear or date night appropriate outfit. I like the streamlined look of a pencil skirt, especially under a more voluminous topper.

For my next metal, I put on a necklace that I also thrifted from my daughter. I thought the mix of copper, silver and brassy colors made this the perfect statement piece for this outfit. Using a necklace like this makes it easy to mix metals.

Mixing metals

I got these leather boots at a local thrift store. Real leather, heels and fun details made me take these home with me.

mixing metals

My finishing touch on the metal mixing was to grab my little gray clutch with the brassy chain and edging and a mixed metals charm bracelet. The silver rings are my daily choice for hand wear, so I almost always have those on and the wedding band is white gold.

Mixing metals

I like how this outfit turned out. The browns and grays are similar to the silver and coppers of the metals. This outfit is earthy with a touch of shimmer and shine.

What do you think? Do you like to mix metals? Do you like to wear outfits with shimmer or bling?

I’ve included a few shopping links for you to look over. Thanks for hanging out on the blog.

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull.

Have a great weekend!

Eva Trends - Verdant Cardigan

The word verdant means green with grass or other vegetation or of a bright green color. Today’s featured piece from Eva Trends is just that, a piece reminiscent of the first greens of spring. Who doesn’t look forward to those first green buds of spring after a long, cold winter. While this winter, so far, has been an exception to the usual winters we have, I still look forward to when the cold, drab days, loosen their grip and spring once again claims the land. In the mean time, this sweater is the perfect piece for a cold winter day.


The Verdant Cardigan is a heavy weight sweater made of a cellulose based fiber knows as Viscose. Viscose is not a completely natural fabric such as cotton or silk, but is also not completely man made. The mateiral is plant based and results in a silky, soft fabric used in the manufacture of various clothing pieces as well as upholstery. The resulting fabric hangs well and provides a heavy weight perfect for sweaters or coats.

There are many fun features about this open front cardi besides the material itself. It has pockets that are woven right in, meaning no fear of things coming unattached. The pockets are square and roomy.

Eva Trends - Verdant Cardigan
Eva Trends - Verdant Cardigan

Another fun detail is the stitching on the front and sleeves. The back is plain. The length is perfect for office wear or just for a cozy night at home.

Eva Trends - Verdant Cardigan
Eva Trends - Verdant Cardigan

For this outfit I decided to put the pretty green sweater over my plaid top from Christopher and Banks. I added my Chico’s slimming pants, my SO olive booties and my Charming Charlie tote bag. The silver and coppery bead necklace finished the look.

Eva Trends - Verdant sweater
Eva trends - Verdant Cardigan
Eva Trends - Verdant Sweater

This is a very pretty cardigan and I really like it. It will be great for cold, winter days at the office and at home. My only caution is that the sizing runs small. This is a one size item and if you are bigger than a size 12, I would not recommend this particular piece. However, Eva Trends has many other good options, so be sure to head over to their site and do some looking.

Eva Trends - Verdant Cardigan

If you are interesting in purchasing anything from Eva Trends, if you used the code AC15, you’ll get 15% off your entire order. Their website is filled with fun, eclectic, artistic pieces and I am sure you can find something there to suit your tastes. Just keep in mind their sizing runs a bit smaller than normal.

The Verdant Cardigan was gifted to me. I was not paid to feature these pieces, and I do not receive compensation if you purchase something through these links, but you do get the discount for me featuring their product on my blog. All opinions are my own.

I hope you enjoyed this post and this outfit. Let me know your thoughts in the comments. I so appreciate you ladies that regularly comment on my blog. You always make me feel special!

Have a great Tuesday and be sure to check back tomorrow for my Faith post, When Our Thoughts are a Train Wreck, and on Thursday for my final Eva Trends piece.

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull.

Fall Collaboration with Ethyl Clothing

I was recently contacted by a clothing retailer named Ethyl Clothing. Ethyl Clothing has been around for over 30 years. Based out of Seattle, Washington, founders and designers, Alan and Kathy Schulz, continue to be actively involved in bringing their quality products to over 3000 boutiques across the country. They now have an online store, which makes shopping their classic clothing pieces even easier.

When I went to their website, I was pleased to see models that look like average sized women. In other words, these women look like me. That alone, intrigued me. While I was informed that Ethyl clothing originally was geared to the younger woman, their clothing line has developed over the years to encompass and cater to the “baby-boomer” generation. These are women like me, who are busy and enjoy clothing that looks nice, but feels soft and comfortable with some amount of stretch and give.

When I received my pieces, I was not disappointed. Because these are vanity sized, I was told to size down from what I would normally wear. Sizes run from XS to XXXL on most. For both the tunic sweater and the jacket I chose a medium. For the jeans I went with a size 10, where I normally wear a size 12. Everything fit exactly as it should.

Ehtyl clothing

Each of the following pieces was gifted to me. No money was exchanged and all opinions are my own. After a short description of each piece, I will give it a review by listing positive and/or negative points, along with suggestions for wearing.

Like many smaller clothing retailers today, Ethyl Clothing names each of their pieces. Let me introduce you.

1. The Anne 2 - Kenzi

The Kenzi boasts a long, gracious tunic silhouette, a comfortable cowl neckline and roomy, pleated front pockets that add interest and texture.

Ethyl clothing
Ethyl clothing
Ethyl Clothing
Ethyl Clothing

Positive Points - flattering silhouette, silky material drapes well and holds its shape, roomy - doesn’t bind or pinch.

Negative Points - sleeves are a bit long. For me this is not an issue, but if you have short arms you may need to have them altered or roll them up.

Style suggestions: Wear with skinny jeans or leggings; pair with various jackets either long or short; wear with a skirt, either tucked, belted or just left long; slip on over a dress that will show a little at the bottom.

2. The Jaqueline Flair Jean - Abigail

These boot cut, dark wash jeans are made of a medium weight denim woven from a poly-cotton blend with a dash of rayon and spandex for stretch, comfort and ease of wear.

Ethyl clothing
Ethyl clothing
Ethyl clothing

Positive points - good stretch, not too heavy, hold their shape, dark wash, figure flattering.

Negative points - very long, narrow through the thighs. If you have heavier legs or short legs I would suggest trying their pants with the shorter inseam. The Abigail only comes in the longer (31”to 34”) inseam.

Style Suggestions: Boot cut jeans always look good with heeled boots, but these would also dress up well with a pair of heels. They fall just below the natural waist so could be easily paired with shorter tops and sweaters.

3. The Margot - Blake

The Blake is meant to be a style piece not an actual jacket. A medium weight cotton-poly blend with spandex this black denim jacket is the perfect add on piece to take any outfit up a notch. The bling detail on the lapels and the frayed hems, give it a vibe that says both edgy and party ready. The non-closure, open front allows you to show off, not only the jacket, but a statement piece underneath.

Ethyl clothing
Ethyl clothing
Ethyl clothing

Positive points - easy on and off, no buttons or zippers to snag sweaters or scarves, plenty of stretch, longer length for better back side coverage.

Negative points - this is less a negative than it is a personal opinion. When I first received this jacket I did not like the way it fit and after working with the rep from the company was sent a large to try on. The piece is designed to not come together in the front, which to me seemed odd, but this is the way the designers intended the jacket to be. It was created this way to allow exposure of the top you are wearing underneath. After having the two sizes to try on I ended up sending the large back. It really was too big. Now that I’ve seen the two sizes and have a better understanding of what the piece is intended to do, I like it. I am looking forward to wearing it with other outfits to see its full potential as a fun add on piece, almost more like an accessory.

Style suggestions: This would look great with a shift dress, pencil skirt or skinny pants. It will also allow for many different top choices including tunics and vests. The Blake will also allow your fun scarves and statement necklaces to still take center stage while providing a backdrop of bling, warmth and fun.

Ethyl Clothing

My overall opinion of Ethyl Clothing is that it is a woman friendly retailer with a strong classic, casual line structured for comfort and ease of wear. While they are not offering a discount through my site, if you spend over $100 you get free shipping. The pieces you order also come with free return labels, so that if you are not completely satisfied you can return your purchases for a full refund.

I hope you enjoyed this look at Ethyl Clothing. Head on over to their site and take a few minutes to shop. Just click on the link, Ethyl Clothing.

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull.

Texture Talk - Part 2 - Embellishments and Fabrics

Last week I took a look at how adding texture to our outfits can change and elevate our same old, same old looks, to a new level. Texture is all around us in nature and in the homes we live in. Take a look at your living room or bedroom. There is texture on the couch in the form of upholstery, pillows, and throw blankets. Your bed probably has a thick cushy comforter or mattress pad that adds comfort for a better night's sleep. We fill our homes with pictures, decorations and nick nacks to add depth and interest to the environment we live in. Why would we not do the same thing to our outfits?

Last week I looked specifically at adding texture in the form of our accessories, such as bags, shoes, jewelry and scarves. You can see that post here. This week I want to look at fabrics and embellishments and what choices there are to add texture in this regard. 


This would include anything added to a clothing piece that gives it texture that is not specifically fabric related. Fabrics like lace could be an embellishment, but I am going to leave that for the fabrics section. 

embroidered skirt
Embellishments - buttons

Things like beads, jewels, sequins, fringe and special buttons, are all embellishments. Certain types of stitching, like the embroidery above, as well as things like gathering or ruching also add texture to an outfit. 



I love lace and I think it can add an element of elegance to any outfit. It obviously adds beautiful texture when it is worn. Combining lace with leather or lace with some other embellishment makes for an even more interesting outfit. 

Lace top
Lace sleeve
Lace trim
Lace trimmed tee


My pictures all revolve around open weave knits. Things like crochet or knitted pieces are great for boosting the texture factor. However, even regular knits made in a factory add dimension to a look, especially if they are ribbed or manufactured in a way that builds texture. You'll see an example of ribbed knits a little further below. 

knit vest
knit poncho

Fabrics made with special textures:


pleated sweater
pleated skirt


quilted vest
quilted jacket



Texture is a wonderful thing to add to our outfits. As you begin thinking about fall in particular you will be naturally reaching for things like cozy knit sweaters and fun boots. Coats and jackets will also add an element of texture to your outfit. 

I am going to stretch this into one more post, because I think there is one more area of texture we need to discuss. Look for another post next Thursday. Until then, have a great weekend!

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull. Make up Rachel Christensen.


Is it a Kimono or a Ruana? Week 3

If you are new to my blog or to this series, I am looking at the difference between a kimono and a ruana. You can see the definition of each as I explained it here in last week's post. This week's outfit revolves around a more traditional kimono. The first post in this series featured an outfit with a short kimono. You can see that post here. Front and center this week is a longer kimono, which to me, seems more traditional to what I think a kimono is supposed to look like as far as shape and length. 

Kimono or ruana - floral kimono in berry and black

This kimono is thrifted Massini brand. Since the kimono has a lot going on with its vivid floral print, I decided to go with a more monochrome outfit underneath. 

kimono or ruana - berry and black floral kimono

This gray, embellished tank is Croft and Barrow and was thrifted. The pants are Falls Creek and a recent clearance purchase from Meijer. Once again, I like the idea of print mixing stripes and floral. This time the stripes are vertical rather than horizontal and worn on the bottom rather than the top. 

kimono or ruana - black and berry kimono

No outfit is complete without a few accessories. I added a silver necklace and a couple of unique bracelets. Since the tank has the beaded embellishment I went for a simple, understated necklace. 

kimono or ruana - berry and black kimono

I have also fallen in love with the color yellow and I couldn't resist adding the bright sunflower feel of this thrifted Elle bag to the berry and gray mix. Do you think it works?

kimono or ruana - black and berry kimono

I decided on my gray oxfords instead of sandals, which makes this a work approved outfit. We can't wear open toed shoes at the bookstore. Although, I'll tell you even a shoe like this will not keep your foot from getting injured when you drop a 1st Semester Nursing package on it. Ha, ha. 

Here is a back view of the kimono. The hem line is higher in the front and lower in the back. 

kimono or ruana - black and berry kimono
kimono or ruana - black and berry kimono

What do you think of this outfit? Do you have a kimono hanging in your closet? If not, I'm sharing a few pretty ones that I found in my shopping section. I also shared how you might put them together with pants and a top. These are just suggestions. These are affiliate links. If you click on a link I get a few pennies. If you purchase something through my links, I might get a small commission. All opinions are my own. 

I hope you enjoyed today's post. I'd love to hear from you. You can also see what I am wearing on a daily basis by checking out my Instagram account. I try to post on there at least three or four days a week. 

Have a great week everyone. 

Old Becomes New - Knee Length Print Dress

I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July. We spent Tuesday evening with some of the family and friends watching the fireworks and yesterday, I took my younger daughter out birthday shopping. My in-laws are coming into town this evening. It will be fun to see them. I am so very blessed to have married into a wonderful, caring family. 

Today's Old Becomes New column, revolves around a thrifted, knee length, print dress. When I saw this dress a while back (Note: that is another reference that I have no remembrance of when I got this - ha, ha), I thought it would be a great piece to dress up or down. I like the fun print and the colors are not conducive to a specific season, so it can be worn all year round. However, as usual, I bought it and have never worn it. Once again, I pulled it out thinking either use it or lose it. I am not one to regularly dress up, yet I have this desire to have dresses in my closet, just in case. While my hubby does occasionally get us tickets for something fancier, most events these days are not formal occasions, thus the need or the desire to figure out how to wear something I would normally consider more dressed up in a more casual way. 

Look 1 - Casual


My daughter was able to take these pics for me. Don't you love the color contrast between the green of the background and the colors of the dress? The dress is George brand, which seems to be sold both by Target and Walmart, although, as I said, I bought this at a thrift shop. This sleeveless, v-neck has a side zipper for easy on and off. 

I did a little research on dress styles so I could give you better information. This is not truly an empire waist, which rests just below the breasts, but it is also not hitting at the natural waist, plus it is more fitted due to the cinch piece that the skirt attaches too. It is also, not an a-line skirt, so I am going to term this dress a princess dress with an empire waist. Ha, ha. It is fully lined, so no worries on see through issues. This also makes it perfect for year round wear. The lining helps if you work in office air conditioning and makes it great for wearing in the fall. 

For this casual look I added my antler and bead necklace from Cabela's, a wooden bracelet, a thrifted straw bag, my MixIt hat and my Easy Spirit flat espadrilles. 

Old Becomes New - Knee Length Print Dress
Old Becomes New - Knee Length Print Dress
Old Becomes New - Knee Length Print Dress

Look 2 - Work Wear

This second look adds a bit of polish and structure, making the outfit perfect for the office. This gray jacket I got from my younger daughter because she had lost some weight and it is too big for her. The jacket is a simple knit, something like a heavier sweatshirt material. It is Laundry brand. I added the black beads, a large black tote and my black loafer heels. 

Old Becomes New - knee length print dress
Old Becomes New - knee length print dress
Old Becomes New - knee length print dress
old Becomes New - Knee Length Print dress
Old Becomes New - Knee length print dress

Here are the two looks side by side. 

What do you think, my faithful followers? Would you keep this dress? Would you style it a similar way, or do you have some other fun ideas. I love hearing from you all and I have gotten some very good advice and ideas, so I appreciate your input. 

Hope you all have a great weekend! See you next week. 

Be sure to check out my Instagram. Since I've gotten a smart phone, I am posting on there, more often. I also have some Pinterest boards as well, that I occasionally add pins to, so you can check that out as well. Always check back on your comments, because I love to respond to your great input.

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull

Outside the Box - Wide Leg Crop Pants

I recently acquired a pair of wide leg crop pants thinking they would be a good addition to my summer wardrobe. I have never been a big fan of wide leg crop pants. I feel that they make me look short and stubby. However, as a fashion blogger I am trying to have an open mind and try things that I wouldn't necessarily wear. That is precisely what this column is for. I found these on the clearance rack at Kohl's and figured since I didn't have to pay full price it was a good time to try this trend. 

Outside the box - wide leg crop pants

I wore this outfit to work, so the pants were a bit wrinkly by the time I took these pics later in the afternoon. Right away, seeing this outfit, I am thinking these pants are too big. While they feel incredibly comfortable, the pieces I combined them with for this outfit just aren't working for me. I like the color combination, olive with pink and blush, but I'm looking rather, frumpy, as my hubby would say. 

Outside the Box -

I wore my blush SO flats to go with the sweater and tee. Maybe heels would have been a better choice. What do you think?

Outside the box - wide leg crop pants.

You've seen this waterfall cardigan on the blog before. You can see that post here. I love this thrifted sweater. It is light weight and I can wear it with so many outfits. The embellished tee is from Christopher and Banks from a number of years ago. 

Outside the Box - wide leg crop pants

I also wore my stained glass necklace as I thought the colors went well with the top. 

Outside the box - wide leg crop pants

Here is a shot without the sweater. Once again, I feel like everything about the outfit is wrong. Perhaps a tighter fitting top with heels or a cropped jacket instead of the sweater, or maybe flip flops and a tank top would be better. The other thing I am feeling is that the pants are not cropped in the right place. It almost seems to me they should be just a tad shorter. 

Outside the Box - wide leg crop pants

How do you wear wide leg crop pants? Or do you not wear them? I'm going to try these a few other ways before I totally give up on them. If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them. 

I hope you all have a lovely weekend. Thanks for following along on the blog. See you next week.

If you like wide leg crop pants, here are a few shopping links. These are affiliate links. All opinions are my own. 

Spring Transition - Bomber Jacket Outfit

Last week, I started a series on transitional outfits that take us from winter to spring to summer. Last week's post featured a red jacket worn with a graphic tee, bootcut jeans and peep toe sandals. You can see that post here.

What exactly makes an outfit transitional? An outfit becomes transitional when it crosses over one season to the next or when it takes you from a daytime work wear look, to a night time date look. Usually, an outfit that transitions will incorporate different layers and things that can be taken off or swapped out easily for a different look. 

For today's look I chose another outfit from a Chico's catalogue that inspired me. This look centers around a summery dress, worn like a tunic over leggings, topped by a bomber jacket. 

Spring Transitions - Bomber jacket outfit

I've styled this Simply Vera dress before on the blog, when we went to Florida, last December. You can see that post here. I found this cute piece on the clearance rack at Kohl's a few season's back. Here, and here are few cute styles for this season. 

Spring transitions - black bomber jacket outfit

This black bomber I picked up somewhere and I don't remember where! Ha, ha. It is an off brand, but I'll provide a few shopping links for jackets, bags and shoes at the end. 

Spring Transition - black bomber jacket outfit

These black leggings became mine, when I shopped a friend's closet. They are super comfy and thick, but not too thick. I am more inclined to wear leggings at this transitional time, as they are warm, but not overly warm. 

Spring transitions

I chose my purply blue agate pendant necklace. I received this as a gift and it is one of my favorite pendant necklaces to wear because of its unique color and shape. Here are some very pretty options from an Etsy seller. i might need to buy myself another one, or two!

Spring transitions - black bomber jacket outfit

For my bag I chose this beauty that I've featured before on the blog. I really love the color and the texture of this pretty clutch, that my younger daughter gave me. It also has a strap so I can wear it as a cross body bag. It goes perfectly with the bluish green in the dress. 

Spring Transitions - black bomber jacket outfit.

I'm loving these peep toe shoeties from Clarks. They are not only cute, but comfy and the zipper up the back makes them pretty easy to get on and off. 

Spring transitions - black bomber jacket outfit

Here's a look at the outfit without the jacket. If it gets too warm, just take the jacket off and you have a light weight sleeveless dress. If it got real warm, you could take the leggings off as well. 

I hope you enjoyed this post. Do you have any light weight summer dresses that you are dying to wear, but don't feel that it is quite warm enough yet. This is the perfect way to extend the wearability of those pretty summer styles and still be warm and comfy. 

Thanks for stopping by the blog. Leave me some love and don't forget to check out my Instagram and Pinterest pages. 

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull. Make up Rachel Christensen

This post contains affiliate links. If you click on a link, I get a few cents. If you purchase something through my site, I get a small commission. All opinions are my own. 

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Pantone Spring 2018 - Rapture Rose, Palace Blue and Harbor Mist

Once again, this week, I am featuring two more Pantone Spring 2018 colors from the London palette, along with another of the classic colors, Harbor Mist. Rapture Rose is a bright pinkish red that adds a perfect pop of color to any outfit. Palace blue evokes a feeling of royalty and will add a classic element that says regal, complimenting any style. Grounding the whole look is a soft, light gray reminiscent of mists coming off the ocean. 

Pantone Spring 2018 - rapture rose, palace blue, harbor mist

My sleeveless top, doesn't quite match the Pantone color, but it is clearly a mix of pink and red, so you get the gist of the idea. My Palace Blue cardigan is from Christopher and Banks

Pantone Spring 2018 - Rapture Rose, Palace Blue and Harbor mist
Pantone Spring 2018 - Rapture Rose, Palace Blue and Harbor Mist

Someone was over visiting while we were taking pictures! She's such a ham!

My trousers are Lee brand, and have a classic fit. I use this pair more often in the summer for work, as they are lighter weight. Here is a pair from Kohl's and a pair from Macy's.

You've seen this NY & Co. bag on the blog before. I thought the blush color was a good compliment to the brighter pink and blue, as well as the gray pants. 

Pantone Spring 2018 - Rapture Rose, Palace Blue and Harbor Mist

For jewelry I went with gold accents on my necklace and bracelets. 

Pantone Spring 2018 - Rapture Rose, Palace Blue and Harbor Mist

I thought my Comfort Plus heels by Predictions were a good work wear option. 

Pantone Spring 2018 - Rapture Rose, Palace Blue and Harbor Mist

I think this outfit is a good option for a work day, especially if you work in an office. It shows confidence and style, as well as comfort and ease. The bright blue sweater is a great option for summer, when many places are overly air conditioned. Although, the way our weather is going here in the mid west, it might be August before we have to turn the air on. 

What do you wear to work? Would you be comfortable in an outfit like this? Do you like these colors? I'd love to hear your comments.

Here are a few more pics of my grandpuppy, Beatrice. 

Pantone Spring 2018 - Rapture Rose, Palace Blue and Harbor Mist
Pantone Spring 2018 - Rapture Rose, Palace Blue and Harbor Mist
Pantone Spring 2018 - Rapture Rose, Palace Blue and Harbor Mist

i've included a few shopping links. These are meant to serve as inspiration for you, as well as provide an easy link through which you can shop. These are affiliate links, which means I get a few pennies when you click on a link and a small commission if you purchase something through my site. All opinions are my own. 

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull. Make up Rachel Christensen

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