Winter Wonderland - Week 2

This series for the month of December focuses on taking a more casual day time outfit and making it more party ready. Last week my efforts focused on a pair of jeans and a graphic sweatshirt. This week I take the casual day time look up a notch picking pieces I would be more likely to wear to work.

winter outfit - day look

Here I am featuring a piece in the line of the berry or wine color again. Last week it was my shoes and two different jackets. You can see that post here. I love this color paired with gray. I topped the dress pants with a thin long sleeved cowl neck sweater. Over that I layered a holiday sweater that I got last year at Christopher and Banks. 

What drew me to this zip up cardigan was the design on the front. It looks like a winter city scape with pine trees and sparkles which represent the stars in the night sky. It doesn't have to be for Christmas and that is part of why I liked it. I can wear it all winter long.

winter outfit - day look - wine dress pants

I carried my berry colored fringe bag and wore a simple silver fringe necklace.  You can also see I kept the look more casual by leaving the cowl sweater untucked.

winter outfit - day look - wine dress pants

Here is a close up of the necklace and you can see a little of the detail on the sweater.

winter outfit - day look - wine dress pants

For shoes,  I chose my shiny Oxfords. I have worn these shoes to work on several occasions as they look nice, and are quite comfortable. 

To take this look from day to night I made only a few simple changes. First I changed shoes from the Oxford to the higher heeled black ankle boot. 

awesome accessories - boots

Sorry that my boots were looking a little less than spiffy! 

I removed the sweater and donned a brocade vest. When I looked at the pictures after my daughter had downloaded them for me, I realized how similar the color scheme was between the vest and sweater. When I first looked at the pictures I couldn't even tell that I had made a change. So maybe next time a different color vest would be better. I don't know, what do you think?

winter outfit - night look - wine dress pants

To add to the dressed up look, I accessorized with gold. The gold fringe necklace took the silver one's place and the gold woven bag added some shine to the outfit. In addition I added a front tuck and wore a thin belt with some gold detail. 

winter outfit - night look - wine dress pants

When I put these pieces together, I really liked the combination of colors. The gold adds rich detailing when combined with the wine colored pants and gray sweater. 

Once again, here are the outfits side by side. As you can see, just changing a few details can change the attitude of an outfit. The first outfit says, professional, but warm and comfy. The second outfit says festive and rich with textures and colors. 

I hope you enjoyed today's post. Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below. 

Have a great day!

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull

Shopping the look:

Pants - Kohl's - $36.99 (skinny ponte pants)

Gray Cardigan - J.Jill - $49.99

Gray Cowl Neck Long Sleeve Tee - Kohl's - $17.99

Brocade vest - Etsy - $25.00

Black oxfords - DSW - $49.94

Black ankle boots - DSW - $59.95

Gold clutch - Charming Charlie - $22.00

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Pantone Fall 2016 - Sharkskin

When I think of sharkskin, I think of every range of gray imaginable from light to dark and everything in between. After all they don't call the ominous star of Jaws, the Great Gray, or the Great Blue. The shark that starts eating people near Amityville, NY is called a Great White. However, the color Sharkskin on Pantone's Fall 2016 color palette could be classified as the gray we often think of when we think of sharks. The range of shades within this color varies, just like the large fish that swim the ocean waters, from light gray to dark gray. 

When I first started searching my closet for a piece that would represent this color, I wasn't able to find just exactly what I was looking for. Every time I would compare a sweater or top to the shade found in Pantone's site, it just didn't match. There is a clarity to Sharkskin that speaks to clear fall days and bright new fallen snow. So what follows is my take, one that I am not completely satisfied with, but then that is all part of the learning process.


This popover top is from Loft, though I found it at a thrift store. The light gray background falls in the lighter shade of Sharkskin and is then pocked with white spots. I paired the light gray with a light pair of khakis.


Here's a close up of the top. I did a front tuck to give a bit of shape to the outfit. The pendant necklace is a simple ball which also mimics a darker shade of Sharkskin. I added a gold belt with silver rivets and buckle. For a bag I chose my cognac cross body. For shoes I went with my Sharkskin gray oxfords.


And, just so you don't think I forgot, here is my silly picture. I look like I am practicing for the opera. Ha, ha.


For another great post on Sharkskin check out Liz at With Wonder and Whimsy. She does a beautiful job styling this new neutral.

I hope you enjoyed this post on Sharkskin. Is this a color you would wear? How would you style this color? I'd love to hear your comments. Thanks for hanging out here on the blog. Be sure to check back on Thursday for a look at my Piece Perfect column where I'll be styling a simple cardigan.

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull. Make up Rachel Christensen.

Shopping Options:

Popover top - JC Penney - $19.99

Khakis - Old Navy - $20.00

Cognac Cross Body Bag - Target - $27.99

Oxford Shoes - Macy's - $49.00

Ball pendant - Target - $15.99

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Pantone Fall 2016 - Riverside Blue

I have plenty of blue in my closet. Blue just seems to be one of those colors that appeals to me in so many shades and textures and styles. So when I saw that there were two blues in the Pantone Fall 2016 color line up, I was excited to search my closet and see what I could come up with. I showed you how I styled Airy Blue in this post here. Today's post features Riverside Blue.

This blue is a medium blue and I think would look good on everybody. Never say never to a color. So often it is more about how you put an outfit together than whether it is a good color for you. It is true that some colors can make a person look washed out or even peckish, but a color can still be worn on the body while adding a sweater or jacket or scarf closer to the face to brighten up your look.

riverside blue outfit

I found this 3/4 length sleeve tee at a thrift shop and found that it matched the subtle blue lines in this pair of dress pants that I've had for some time, making this an easy outfit to throw on for work. What I especially liked on this top was the embellishment around the neckline.

riverside blue outfit

Here you can see the detail. The lines are raised and the blue threads are interspersed with silver ones. Because of that, I decided to keep my jewelry simple and opted for a cute cross necklace.

riverside blue outfit

I decided to add a little pop of extra color with this mustard and white tote bag. We often think of yellow as a summer color, but it is a fall color as well, think leaves and goldenrod and sun flowers. 

riverside blue outfit

Here you get a better look at my shoes. I featured this pair of oxfords in my Great Transitional Shoe post which you can view here.

riverside blue outfit

Do you like Riverside Blue or Airy Blue better? I think blue is a great color for everyone to wear and because there are so many shades everyone can find a blue that suits them. I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know in the comments section below or leave me a comment on my Facebook page. 

You can also follow me on Instagram, though I am still working on doing more with that. I don't have a smart phone, so I have to take a pic and then send it to my daughter who posts it for me. I know, I am so living in a cave. Ha ha. At least I am a fashionable cave woman, don't ya think?

Check back on Thursday for a look at the changes our wardrobes make as we move into Fall. Until then have a great week. 

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull. Make up Rachel Christensen.

Shopping Options:

Blue Top - JCrew - $29.99

Plaid Trousers - Lord and Taylor - $89.00

Tote Bag - Macy's - $46.20

Black Oxfords - DSW - $59.95

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Awesome Accessories - The Oxford: A Great Transitional Shoe

When it comes to shoes there are so many choices. From sandals and flats to heels and boots. At times the number of choices can be, well, overwhelming. There is also the question of what do I wear when it is not warm enough for sandals anymore, but not cold enough for boots? This week I want to look at the simple, but classic Oxford.

The Oxford shoe originated in Scotland and Ireland and was called Balmorals, after Balmoral Castle. Later the name changed to Oxfords after Oxford University. These particular type of shoes didn't come to North America until the 1800's. Women's Oxfords, which do not adhere as closely to the actual shape and stitching of the original have become a trendy fashion piece stemming back to the early 1900's.

Let me introduce you to my family!

oxford shoes

As the assistant manager of a small university bookstore, I am required to dress professionally, and I also have to wear close-toed shoes. Trying to find shoes that are both comfortable for walking, standing or even receiving heavy boxes of books and that look nice is no easy feat (I know that's puny). The Oxford has provided me with a shoe that meets both of the aforementioned requirements.

oxford shoes

Though this was not my first pair of Oxfords they are definitely one of my favorites. I found them at DSW on the clearance rack and as real suede often does, they fit perfectly. These are much less formal so I would call them my "casual" Oxfords.

oxford shoes

This gray pair adheres a little more closely to the true Oxford form with the stitching on the toe cap. The open stitching makes the shoe less formal, so I would call these my "cute" Oxfords.

oxford shoes

This black pair is much more formal and is reminiscent of the early men's wingtip shoe. The patent leather gives it a polished shine and the closed stitching gives the shoe a much more finished look. These are my "formal" Oxfords.

oxford shoes

These were my most recent thrift store acquisition. The color is perfect for fall and the open woven look, make it a great shoe to transition from summer to fall. These are my "fun" Oxfords.

Oxfords are the perfect menswear inspired accessory and will go with anything in your wardrobe. There are so many lovely versions out there that you could find a pair to wear with pants, skirts or dresses and it won't break your bank account. 

oxfords shoes

I hope you enjoyed meeting my "family". Do you own a pair of Oxfords? How do you like to wear yours? Do you think they are a good shoe for transitioning from summer into fall? I'd love to have your input.

Have a great weekend and keep stylin'!

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull

Shopping for Oxfords:

Suede - Zappos - $79.00

Cute - Aerosoles - $49.95

Formal - Nordstrom Rack - $46.97

Fun - Nine West - $89.00