Color Crash Course

The forth in a series of monthly columns on Thursdays, the Color Crash Course, will focus on color. Color is an important part of how we dress. Sometimes I pick my outfits according to color. Let's say pink. Maybe for a few days I pick something pink to center my outfits around. Usually it is a top or a cardigan or jacket. Now that I am learning more, I might pick a bag with pink in it and center my outfits around that bag, or maybe it is a statement necklace or a scarf. Color brings depth and dimension to our outfits.

Pantone is the gold standard in the fashion and interior design industry for determining seasonal colors. For example in the spring they came out with colors called Serenity Blue and Rose Quartz. You can see the outfits I designed around those colors here (Serenity) and here (Rose Quartz). Fall colors are now out and include names like Airy Blue, Sharkskin and Lush Meadow. I look forward to Pantone's seasonal color report because I like to draw on their ideas as a spring board for my own outfits. You might wonder how I do this without going out and buying a whole new wardrobe. Think small. I recently found a clutch at a thrift store in the green spectrum of Lush Meadow. I also own a number of items that would qualify as Sharkskin. My colors may not be exact matches to Pantone's, but again, they provide a spring board for my own fashion designs. Cyndi Spivey of Grace and Beauty did a great overview of Pantone's Fall color line up in her post Fall Fashion Color Report.

While I will be focusing in September on those fall colors put out by Pantone, this column will not be limited to those colors only. I want to use this 4th Thursday of the month to encourage you to try different color combinations as well as revisit some of the old classics. Have you ever thought, "I would never wear those colors together!" You know the saying, never say never! These days anything goes. Brown with black, red with pink, orange and green, you name it, it can go together. It's all about shades and undertone. Maybe you have also thought, "I'd never wear denim with denim or like color with like color." Again, never say never. Next month this column will feature a post on wearing denim with denim. If you can't wait that long, see what Janeane did of Designing From My Closet. She nailed the denim with denim look.

Occasionally, I will also look at pattern mixing. Mixing patterns is new to me, so I am still learning, but it will be fun to experiment. I would love your input. In the comments section below let me know what colors you like to wear, or what colors you have never thought to put together. Let's have fun with color!

Top pictures Pixabay. Bottom pictures Rebecca Trumbull.