Print Mixing Mash Up - Checked Trousers - Outfit 1

This week the Print Mixing Mash up features a pair of Worthington black and gray checked trousers. The checkered pattern on these is very subtle, but it is definitely a print, rather than a solid. Worthington has been making reliable dress pants and women’s work clothes for JCPenney since 1985. I have several pairs of their pants, and they are long lasting, wrinkle resistant and fit pretty well.

Print mixing - Spring 2019

I have had these pants for many years and have worn them to work and for special outings where I need to be more dressed up. I wanted this first look to be a bit more casual, so chose a thrifted, pinkish red, Merona, gingham blouse, along with my City Streets floral bomber jacket, also from JCPenney. So, yes, I am mixing three prints here. Ha, ha. See how easy it becomes after a little practice.

Print mixing - spring 2019

The prints on the blouse and the trousers are almost an exact match for size, which gives the outfit a more uniform look, even though they are a different color. With the floral bomber on top it pulls the two colored prints together.

print mixing - spring 2019

This black and gold fringe necklace on a berry colored cord was the perfect accompaniment.


Hello, again, my favorite ballerina flats. These SO flats have a memory foam footbed that make them very comfy. Right now Kohl’s is having a sale on these for only $19.99. They also added a few new colors, so if you are looking for a fun, comfy flat check those out here.

Print mixing - spring 2019

It used to be the trend to match our bags with our shoes. Now the trend has gotten away from that, but every once in a while, I like to match. It just makes an outfit looks polished and balanced. This NY & Co tote was a thrift find. Do you like to match your shoes with your bag? Do you carry the same purse all the time, or do you like to change them frequently? My hubby put me on a purse fast, because I have so many. I keep telling myself I need to use more of them, so they aren’t just laying around, but I get lazy and don’t want to take the time to change everything to a different bag. Ha, ha. How about you? Are you a purse hog like me?

Print mixing - spring 2019

What do you think of this outfit? Do you have a pair of printed trousers, jeans or ankle pants in your closet? How about grabbing a few of your printed tops or jackets and see what new combinations you can come up with.

I’ve included a few shopping links for Worthington pants and floral bombers. Have fun shopping. These are affiliate links. All opinions are my own.

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull.

Spring Transition - Bomber Jacket Outfit

Last week, I started a series on transitional outfits that take us from winter to spring to summer. Last week's post featured a red jacket worn with a graphic tee, bootcut jeans and peep toe sandals. You can see that post here.

What exactly makes an outfit transitional? An outfit becomes transitional when it crosses over one season to the next or when it takes you from a daytime work wear look, to a night time date look. Usually, an outfit that transitions will incorporate different layers and things that can be taken off or swapped out easily for a different look. 

For today's look I chose another outfit from a Chico's catalogue that inspired me. This look centers around a summery dress, worn like a tunic over leggings, topped by a bomber jacket. 

Spring Transitions - Bomber jacket outfit

I've styled this Simply Vera dress before on the blog, when we went to Florida, last December. You can see that post here. I found this cute piece on the clearance rack at Kohl's a few season's back. Here, and here are few cute styles for this season. 

Spring transitions - black bomber jacket outfit

This black bomber I picked up somewhere and I don't remember where! Ha, ha. It is an off brand, but I'll provide a few shopping links for jackets, bags and shoes at the end. 

Spring Transition - black bomber jacket outfit

These black leggings became mine, when I shopped a friend's closet. They are super comfy and thick, but not too thick. I am more inclined to wear leggings at this transitional time, as they are warm, but not overly warm. 

Spring transitions

I chose my purply blue agate pendant necklace. I received this as a gift and it is one of my favorite pendant necklaces to wear because of its unique color and shape. Here are some very pretty options from an Etsy seller. i might need to buy myself another one, or two!

Spring transitions - black bomber jacket outfit

For my bag I chose this beauty that I've featured before on the blog. I really love the color and the texture of this pretty clutch, that my younger daughter gave me. It also has a strap so I can wear it as a cross body bag. It goes perfectly with the bluish green in the dress. 

Spring Transitions - black bomber jacket outfit.

I'm loving these peep toe shoeties from Clarks. They are not only cute, but comfy and the zipper up the back makes them pretty easy to get on and off. 

Spring transitions - black bomber jacket outfit

Here's a look at the outfit without the jacket. If it gets too warm, just take the jacket off and you have a light weight sleeveless dress. If it got real warm, you could take the leggings off as well. 

I hope you enjoyed this post. Do you have any light weight summer dresses that you are dying to wear, but don't feel that it is quite warm enough yet. This is the perfect way to extend the wearability of those pretty summer styles and still be warm and comfy. 

Thanks for stopping by the blog. Leave me some love and don't forget to check out my Instagram and Pinterest pages. 

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull. Make up Rachel Christensen

This post contains affiliate links. If you click on a link, I get a few cents. If you purchase something through my site, I get a small commission. All opinions are my own. 

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Pantone Spring 2018 - Recap

Now that my series is over, I thought I would show you all of the outfits together for a fun review. Just a refresher, the Pantone Color Institute puts out a palette of colors twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall. These colors are the basis from which designers, both fashion and interior, draw their inspiration for fabrics, clothing, paint and furnishings. I always consider it a challenge to draw outfit inspiration from these colors, even the ones I may personally not like. Let's face it, not all colors are necessarily pretty in everyone's eyes. However, I think it can be good for our brains to think outside the box and try new things. 

These were the two palettes. Many of the colors overlapped and I made reference to that in the posts. I personally think these two palettes were perfect for spring. Most of the colors were bright or light, with a few more earthy tones, which combined rendered great spring outfits. 

Here were my outfits. If you click on the picture it will take you to the original post.

I was glad that Pantone added the four classic colors of Sailor Blue, Harbor Mist, Warm Sand and Coconut Milk. These colors are perfect for grounding an outfit and keeping it from getting too over the top with color. Is there such a thing? Ha, ha. 

I think out of all of the colors from both palettes my favorites are Ultra Violet, (no surprise there, since I love purple), Arcadia, Pink Lavender and Ash Rose. All but Arcadia fall into the purple range. What can I say, I love purple! If I ever had a sports car it would be dark sparkly purple. Ha, ha. 

I hope you enjoyed this series. Let me know in the comments what your favorite colors were from this spring's two palettes. I always love to hear what you are thinking. 

Join me on Thursday for my Outside the Box column. You never know what I'll be showing off there. If you follow my Faith page, check back tomorrow for more on my Mulling It Over series as we delve further into 2 Timothy 2. 

Have a great Tuesday!

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull. Make up Rachel Christensen.

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Pantone Spring 2018 - Chili Oil, Arcadia and Lime Punch

As I sit here beginning to type this, it is snowing some of the largest snowflakes I have ever seen! Just two days ago it was almost sixty and now Old Man Winter is back. We expected that, however. Winter will end and spring will come. To help us along it is time to start my Spring Pantone color series. 

I feature the Pantone colors twice a year, spring and fall. The reason I do this is simple. I love color! When I first discovered the Pantone Institute and began keeping track of their seasonal color palettes, I thought it was fun to see all the pretty colors they came up with. Frankly, now I am obsessed. I love to see the new colors each season and try to build outfits around those colors. 

Last week I introduced you to this year's spring palettes for both New York and London. There is a good deal of overlap this year. Considering there are twelve colors on each palette I was relieved for the duplicates. I wasn't about to subject you to that long of a series, just on color. This time around I am combining up to three colors in each outfit, plus a foundational color using one of the featured classic colors as well. 

Pantone Spring 2018

These pictures will not look very springy, seeing as it was a blustery, snowy day when we had our shoot, but I think they look pretty, even if the wind was whipping and I was freezing. 

These three colors are spicy and fun! Chili Oil and Arcadia are on the New York palette, while Lime Punch is featured on both. My classic color for this outfit is Coconut Milk, or white. 

Pantone Spring 2018

This thrifted Covington jacket worked perfectly as a Chili Oil piece. Not quite brown and not quite red, this color makes me think of Mexican fiestas and earthy tones. Arcadia partners well with the heat of Chili Oil, as if to cool the temperatures before things get too hot. Then throw in just a smidge of Lime Punch and you have a great transitional outfit. Still warm and grounded, but with just enough color to make you giddy for spring. 

The Arcadia turtleneck sweater is a recent purchase from Chico's. This sweater is soft, stretchy and not at all itchy. They don't seem to have this color any more, unfortunately, but I'll include a few links at the end for similar colored items. 

Pantone Spring 2018 - chili oil, arcadia and lime punch

I found this cute metal and bead necklace at a thrift store. The Lime Punch beads are a nice contrast from yellow or green. 

Pantone Spring 2018 - chili oil, arcadia and lime punch

Once again, I am wearing my Gloria Vanderbilt white jeans. I think white really helped this outfit to pop and to be a great transitional outfit for spring. 

Pantone Spring 2018 - chili oil, arcadia and lime punch

For my bag I chose this cute little thrift store find from Relic. The yellows in the bag are very similar to the Lime Punch color of my necklace. I thought this was a unique piece and I think it works very well to add print to this otherwise solid colored outfit. 

Pantone Spring 2018 - chili oil, arcadia and lime punch

For my shoes I chose this pair of dark burgundy heeled ankle boots. I like the different twist these Life Stride boots have on the side. It is sort of like ruching for a shoe!

Pantone Spring 2018 - chili oil, arcadia and lime punch

What do you think of these Pantone colors? Which is your favorite on this outfit? I've been seeing a lot of Arcadia various places, but Lime Punch is a fun color for the warmer weather. I also like the international flavor of Chili many colors and so little time! Ha, ha.

I hope you enjoyed this post. I'd love to hear from you, so leave me some love! 

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull. Make up Rachel Christensen

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Color Crash Course

The forth in a series of monthly columns on Thursdays, the Color Crash Course, will focus on color. Color is an important part of how we dress. Sometimes I pick my outfits according to color. Let's say pink. Maybe for a few days I pick something pink to center my outfits around. Usually it is a top or a cardigan or jacket. Now that I am learning more, I might pick a bag with pink in it and center my outfits around that bag, or maybe it is a statement necklace or a scarf. Color brings depth and dimension to our outfits.

Pantone is the gold standard in the fashion and interior design industry for determining seasonal colors. For example in the spring they came out with colors called Serenity Blue and Rose Quartz. You can see the outfits I designed around those colors here (Serenity) and here (Rose Quartz). Fall colors are now out and include names like Airy Blue, Sharkskin and Lush Meadow. I look forward to Pantone's seasonal color report because I like to draw on their ideas as a spring board for my own outfits. You might wonder how I do this without going out and buying a whole new wardrobe. Think small. I recently found a clutch at a thrift store in the green spectrum of Lush Meadow. I also own a number of items that would qualify as Sharkskin. My colors may not be exact matches to Pantone's, but again, they provide a spring board for my own fashion designs. Cyndi Spivey of Grace and Beauty did a great overview of Pantone's Fall color line up in her post Fall Fashion Color Report.

While I will be focusing in September on those fall colors put out by Pantone, this column will not be limited to those colors only. I want to use this 4th Thursday of the month to encourage you to try different color combinations as well as revisit some of the old classics. Have you ever thought, "I would never wear those colors together!" You know the saying, never say never! These days anything goes. Brown with black, red with pink, orange and green, you name it, it can go together. It's all about shades and undertone. Maybe you have also thought, "I'd never wear denim with denim or like color with like color." Again, never say never. Next month this column will feature a post on wearing denim with denim. If you can't wait that long, see what Janeane did of Designing From My Closet. She nailed the denim with denim look.

Occasionally, I will also look at pattern mixing. Mixing patterns is new to me, so I am still learning, but it will be fun to experiment. I would love your input. In the comments section below let me know what colors you like to wear, or what colors you have never thought to put together. Let's have fun with color!

Top pictures Pixabay. Bottom pictures Rebecca Trumbull.


Between the Lines - Stylin' Granny Mama

Please read to the end of this post for a new series started by Katie at Katherine's called Between the Lines.

Today's post is a typical day in the life of me. I work at a university bookstore as an assistant manager. The way we are able to dress for this job is anything from fancy to casual. I usually go for dressy casual as my job not only involves computer work and scheduling, but book slamming as well. Book slamming is the term I made up for unboxing and shelving textbooks. If you have any experience with textbooks you know they are often heavy and come in boxes sometimes covered in dirt and grease.

On this particular day I opted for a chambray shirt as a jacket worn open over a monochrome peach echo top and pants. The top is a shade lighter than the pants, but it still works. The scarf I purchased from The Jacket Society. All of their items are made right here in the USA. Be sure to check out their site. I bought two of their scarves and they are just beautiful. 

My pictures on my cheapy flip phone do not do justice to the intricate beauty of this simple scarf. The open weave and the subtle silver threads give it a shimmery appearance. I can't wait to wear it with other summer outfits.

I finished off my work outfit with my comfy gray Keds with silver bling. A perfect match with my shimmery scarf. Below you can shop some similar styles.

Shop the Look

Chambray Shirt - Kohl's - $19.99

Peach Tee - Kohl's - $8.99, Nordstrom - $26.00

Peach Echo Pants - Christopher and Banks - $59.95

Scarf - The Jacket Society - $19.00

Gray Sneakers - Kohl's - $49.99

This week in addition to my regular fashion post I wanted to introduce you to a ten week series started by Katie at Katherine's The series titled, Between the Lines will be featured every Tuesday and centers on bloggers over 50. Being over 50 and starting a blog has been challenging. Technology has never been easy for me. I much more enjoy the written word on a paper page than a digital image on a computer screen. However, I think learning and adapting are very important characteristics to have, especially as we age. How many times have we heard the phrase, "They are so set in their ways!" Well, I don't want to be accused of that, so I thought that blogging would not only be a way to learn and grow, but to force me to write more and dabble with the world of fashion. In addition to that I wanted to be a source of encouragement and inspiration to women of all ages. I hope you will join us and visit the bloggers that are featured each week. You might find a few you want to follow on a regular basis. If you do, just hit their subscribe button and you'll get emails every time they feature a new post. I'm very thankful to Katie for all her hard work putting this together! Just click on the image below to see this week's featured bloggers.

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Spring Colors: Lilac Gray and Peach Echo

This is the final installment in my Spring Color series using the Pantone 2016 Spring color palette. I decided to get brave and do a bit of pattern mixing with this outfit. The open front cardigan is black with a lilac gray pattern. Seeing as I got this at a thrift store, I was excited that it had that color and matched the Pantone Lilac Gray perfectly.

Photo Credit: Rebecca Trumbull, Makeup by Rachel Christensen

The sleeveless blouse I got two years ago at J.C. Penney. The peach echo elephants are outlined with a lilac gray, bringing the two pieces together. The lilac gray bag, also from Penney's shines with gold chain on the handles, which also matches the gold buttons on the blouse.

I added a pair of black leggings, an orange/peach long necklace which I looped twice to make it shorter, and a pair of gray swede booties from the clearance rack at DSW.

The outfit is comfy, casual but dressy and the layers are light, making it a great combination for a spring day or a summer evening. It also might look great with a belt around the cardi and the blouse accentuating the waist for a different look.

Shop the Look (similar pieces):

Printed Open Front Cardi - Kohl's -$49.00; Macy's - $44.99

 Blouse - Kohl's - $24.99; Chico's - $65.00

Black Leggings - Kohl's - $38.00

Gray Booties - DSW - $119.95; $49.95

Bag - J.C.Penney - $59.40; Kohl's - $39.99

Necklace - Impressions Online Boutique - $24.00; Chico's - $49.00

Seeing as I am still new to this blogging game, I want to apologize if my selections do not do justice to the original outfit. Many of my clothes are bought from thrift stores and I try to find pieces that will give you the same look even though they are different. Also, I encourage you to find inspiration in my outfits, rather than copying a specific look. If you have certain stores you like to shop at, peruse their racks and online sights for similar items. Instead of a printed open front cardi, maybe you find a solid steel gray button up cardi that you love. The point is to find your fashion "real" look. That look that makes you feel confident and special. I am here to give you ideas, to inspire you to be beautiful and unique, not make you a carbon copy of me. Please don't do that, one of me is enough! Ha, ha.

Next week will be little different as my photographer/daughter is not always available to take my pics, so you might be getting a little lower quality photos, but my goal is the same, to encourage you to feel and dress like the actual woman you are. Until next time!

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All Photos by Rebecca Trumbull, Makeup by Rachel Christensen

Spring Colors: Fiesta Red, Limpet Shell and Iced Coffee

Today's outfit combines the sass of Fiesta along with the beachy vibe of Limpet Shell. Add to the mix a cup of Iced Coffee and we are ready for a lunch date with girlfriends or and evening out with the hubby. Again, my outfit choices may not exactly match the Pantone colors, but colors are meant to give you ideas on how to mix and match outfits, so perfect matches are not necessary.

Photo Credit: Rebecca Trumbull, Makeup by Rachel Christensen

I don't wear a significant amount of red, but I really liked this top. It could be worn long or, as I did, it can be tied at the waist for a casual shorter look. Here is a possible substitute at Kohl's.

You can see below that I styled the outfit with ankle boots, a bag that could be used as a cross body or a clutch and a statement necklace that layered Limpet Shell, cream and Rose Quartz beads for an eye catching look.

Photo Credit: Rebecca Trumbull, Makeup by Rachel Christensen

I love the Limpet Shell cardigan which I bought on clearance at Kohl's. It will be a great sweater for spring and summer. Oh, by the way, that is my husband having a junior high photobombing moment from inside the door. He's silly! Click on the links below for similar pieces for this outfit. These are not the exact same pieces and colors and sizing will vary.

Shop the Look:

Blouse - Kohl's - $29.99

Palazzo Pants - Target - $19.99

Cardigan - Target - $19.99

Boots - DSW - $34.94

Clutch - Kohl's - $54.99

Necklace -  Kohl's - $18.20

Closet Clean Out - Tip 6: Shoes and Bags

The final installment in our closet clean out series has to do with corralling our shoes and bags. I know some of you out there have a strong psychological draw to purses and shoes. Would you call it an addiction? I have a shopping problem, but not as much for shoes and purses. That doesn't mean I don't have my share of shoes and bags. It is rather silly. I mean how many bags do we need to carry at one time, or are you really going to spend the time switching out purses every time you want a different look? I know women do. As far as shoes, well, how many feet do you have? Last time I looked I had two! Still, we are women and we have lots of shoes and bags, so the following are a few suggestions for organizing those items.


This is a nifty little bin and it holds plenty of pairs of shoes. This one has a number of my summer sandals, flip flops and sneakers. No, it doesn't look pretty, but it keeps them off the floor. These from Walmart are similar. The picture below shows what the bins look like stacked in my closet. Sorry for the poor phone photography!

storage bins

There are also shoe boxes that can be bought at the store. I'm cheap so I use this:

Shoe box

These aren't as pretty and you can't see what's inside, but I really only use these for the shoes that are not part of the current season. I just stack them on top of each other in my closet. Often, I can get more than one pair of shoes in a box. Now boots are a different issue and right now I don't have a plan....maybe more on that next fall!

As for my bags and purses, most of them lay flat in my closet, but I don't have anything real expensive. If you are a Coach purse kind of girl, you'll need a better way of storing your bags to keep them in pristine condition. Here is an idea I thought of today.

storage hook

A simple over the door hook can solve some of those bag storage problems. This would be good for bags you are currently using. Here are several possibilities from Walmart: multiple hooks and individual hooks.

Purse hook

There are so many ways to organize and store things. I hope that you enjoyed my Closet Clean Out tips and I would love to hear how you might have been inspired to organize and clean your closet. Let me know your stories and ideas in the comments section below.

Have a great day and keep stylin'!

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Spring Colors: Snorkel Blue, Flash Green and Iced Coffee

This week's color palate includes my attempts at Pantone's Snorkel Blue, Green Flash and Iced Coffee. I've noticed that Iced Coffee keeps showing up and I am thinking that color is like a good cup of coffee, great to have anytime and anywhere! You will see in these photos some of my pieces have been reused like the black chunky heel flats and the Lilac Gray bag. 

My version of Green Flash really does not do the color justice. The color is much more vibrant than the top that I have on. That being said, I think the outfit would be better with a brighter version of that green. 

I styled the outfit two different ways, so you could see a variation on a similar theme. The first outfit is styled with black crop pants that have a bit of a lacy texture to them. I like this look and would wear something like this to work. The lightweight leopard print scarf has an Ice Coffee background with black spots pulling in the black of the pants. For added depth and fun, I added a few green beaded necklaces over the scarf.

In the second look I removed the scarf and green necklaces and put on a silver and blue necklace as well as swapping the crop pants for a pair of floral Palazzo pants. I am not as fond of this particular look as it makes my hips and legs look wider. I love Palazzo pants as they are so comfy and fun, but you really do need to find a look that works for you. After viewing these photos I decided I am going to do a post or a series of posts, just on Palazzo pants, so we can figure out what works and what doesn't. 

Hope you enjoyed this week's fashion post and that you are inspired to see what you have in your closet that might make an outfit using some of Pantone's Spring colors. Next week, I'll continue my Spring color line up.

Read on for this week's Closet Clean Out Tip.

Find the Look:

Jacket Ideas - Khol's $44, Macy's $79.50

Top Ideas - Chico's $79.50, Macy's $69.50

Black Pants - Saks Off 5th $99.99, Khol's $36

Palazzo Pants - JCPenney $34, Kohl's $36

Shoe Ideas - Kohl's $65, DSW $49.95

Scarf Ideas - Kohl's $20, Etsy $38

Necklace Idea - Kohl's $18, Etsy $17

Closet Clean Out - Tip 5: Accessories

I love accesories! Necklaces, bracelets, name it, I love it and enjoy wearing it. What I don't enjoy is trying to figure out what to do with it all. As with all my Closet Clean Out Tips, it is important to go through your accessories and purge. Are you ever really going to wear that black scarf? What about that necklace you got at Disney World back in 1983? Or what about that charm bracelet you have had since high school? If a piece has sentimental value, then by all means hang onto it, but unless is has some sort of value, or it is something you love and actually wear, you can probably let it go!

I am going to show you a few of my own organizing "tricks". These are simple and cheap!


This is a simple, adhesive hook. There are tons of these available at Walmart and other stores. Here is one example. These hooks are easy to apply and remove and they hold quite a bit of weight as you can see from the following picture. These hooks can be applied anywhere. These three are on a book case right next to my dresser, but I have three more in my closet on the wall.


Yes! I have too much jewelry and I am due for a purge! Ha, ha.

plastic hanger

This is a simple plastic hanger, but with a little tying ingenuity it becomes....


A scarf hanger! I use this for my infinity scarves, but you could take any other type of scarf and hang it by tying it onto the hanger. Some of my scarves I fold an put in a storage cubicle like this one and then set it on a shelf in my closet.

There are plenty of other options for storage of jewelry such as tiered trays, hanging organizers, and organizers you can slip into drawers. 

I hope that gives you inspiration for organizing some of your accessories. Next week we'll focus on shoes and bags! Have a lovely Tuesday!

Check Out this Blogger's site: She is looking for other "Over 50" bloggers to collaborate with. She will choose and feature 50 bloggers to start with, and maybe more later. Just click on her link if you are interested.

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Spring Colors: Rose Quartz, Serenity and Iced Coffee

Today I am stylin' rose quartzserenity and iced coffee. My color palate is usually darker or brighter colors, but for the sake of showing off the Pantone color line, I paired this rose quartz blouse with a leopard print skirt. You might say the skirt whispers the iced coffee in its spots. I then added gold jewelry with just a hint of serenity in the form of bracelets and a necklace. The simple clutch is charcoal gray with gold trim.

Photo Credit: Rebecca Trumbull, Makeup by Rachel Christensen

I like the clean look of black hose and black pumps with this outfit. It makes the outfit perfect for a night out with my hubby, a spring wedding or Easter morning church service. 

Find the Look:

Top Ideas - Kohl's $30, Loft $59.50

Skirt Ideas - Macy's $49.50, Kohl's $36

Clutch Ideas - Kohl's $40, Lord & Taylor $48

Shoe Ideas - Kohl's $54.99, DSW $29.95

Jewelry Ideas - Kohl's Necklace $28, Etsy Bracelet $15

I hope you enjoyed viewing this outfit. If you follow me on a regular basis, I would love for you to show me your Spring outfit ideas. Find a light pink top in your closet and pair it with those crop pants you just picked up at the store. I'd love it if you picked colors from Pantone's Spring color line up, but any Spring outfit would be fine. Send me a pic on Facebook, or to my email and if I get a few pictures I'll post them on the Sylin' Granny Mama Facebook page.

Now for our next Closet Clean Out Tip.


Closet Clean Out - Tip 4 - Pants:

You might feel that I am being repetitive, but that is because I am. A huge part of cleaning is organizing. If you already have a system in place then you may not need much incentive to get your closet in ship shape. But many of us, just need a plan. I have found, for me, the best plan involves organizing as I clean. 

I have my pants separated by style. I keep my pants folded in a bureau of sorts, but you may hang yours. I put my skinny leg jeans together in one cubicle; my boot cut or straight leg jeans in another cubicle, and dress pants in a third cubicle. Several years ago, I went through all of my pants. I tried on every single pair and got rid of many that didn't fit, or that I had a, "What was I thinking," response when I looked in the mirror.

Jeans and slacks should compliment, not draw attention to. Now, the world of pop and movie stars may disagree, but an actual woman wants to look nice, put together and once in a while sexy. A good fit will either lift and define or skim, depending on the look you are going for. If you have pants in your closet that make your thighs look like bumpy sausages, then put them in the donation box. Work pants should be appropriate for your job. I can wear many things because I work at a university bookstore, but we do have a dress code. If I wear leggings I have to wear a top or tunic that covers my behind (which is the only way I will wear leggings). I am sorry ladies, but leggings that look like skin may be comfortable, but they are not appropriate out in public. Do you really want everyone to know every curve of your bootie, where nothing is left to the imagination? If you want to be comfy that's great, but at least consider wearing something that covers.

As you go through your pants think about, where will I wear these? How many pairs of boot cut, straight leg and skinny jeans do I need to have? How many pairs of dress pants do I  need to own? Think about colors as well. Will you really wear all seven pairs of pink crop pants or would one or two be enough? 

Believe me, ladies, I am preaching to the choir. I love to shop and I am continuously paring down my closet. My method to the madness is if I go shopping and buy four things, I try to get rid of four items in my closet. It doesn't have to be match for match, skirt for skirt, but no less than four items. 

I hope these tips are helpful and that you are getting a great feeling of satisfaction as you clean and organize. 

Next week, Spring Outfit Number 4 and more Closet Clean Out tips. Enjoy your Easter!

Spring Colors: Lilac Gray and Buttercup

Photo Credit:  Rebecca Trumbull , Makeup by  Rachel Christensen

Photo Credit: Rebecca Trumbull, Makeup by Rachel Christensen

Today you'll see the second outfit in my Spring color series. The color emphasis is on Pantone's Lilac Gray and Buttercup. I found the button up at a thrift store. We had a hard time finding a similar color, but here is a possibility. The bag I found on clearance at JC Penney and I really like it. This purse is roomy, but not overwhelming. I have a tendency to put everything in my bag. The muted color enables it to be carried with many other outfits, and the gold chain gives it a classy look without making it heavier. We found a similar bag at Kohl's.

Photo Credit: Rebecca Trumbull, Makeup by Rachel Christensen

The buttercup tee (another thrift store find) has an embellished neckline which goes well with the gold on my bag and shoes. We found a similar embellished tank top at Macy's. The skirt, simple black leggings, shoes, and yellow bangle are all second hand store finds but we were able to find you some inspiration from some other stores. Here is a skirt from Kohl's, black shoes from DSW, and a bracelet option on Etsy. As you can tell, I love to thrift shop. If I had been born in an earlier century, I would have been a pirate! Arrrrrrrrrggggg! I was excited to see that the low chunky heel is making a come back!

Obviously, the outfit could be retrofitted for summer simply by getting rid of the leggings and wearing a cute pair of sandals or espadrilles. Carry the button up as a covering for overly air conditioned shops or restaurants and you are all set.

Since, this blog is all about inspiration, I would like you ladies to start digging for treasure in your own closets. See if you have any of Pantone's Spring color line up. Throw an outfit together and have someone take a picture. Then send it to me via a Facebook message or you can email it to me. If you take a pic on your phone you can just text it to my email at I would love to see how I have inspired your fashion sensibilities and you might even get your pic posted!

Now it's time for our next Closet Clean Out Tip.

Closet Clean Clean Out - Tip 3 - Skirts and Dresses

I really do not know why I have so many skirts and dresses. I think it stems from my upbringing. Being raised in the church we always dressed up for Sunday service. As far as that goes, my mother used to make me wear dresses when I was in elementary school. Being a tomboy I grew to loathe skirts and dresses, although, I never stopped wearing them to church...until recently. However, I still do wear a skirt for work once in a while and if my husband and I splurge on a show I dress up.

Once again, I would say, start by organizing. You can arrange by color, length or type of skirt, or seasonal. The same goes for dresses. If you have room you might want to hang from shortest to longest. Organization is for your benefit, so figure out what is going to work for you. As you begin to organize take a hard look at what skirts and dresses you have. Do you love it? Does it fit? Is it in style?

Actually that is not a valid question any more. What isn't in style? Mini vs. maxi, plain vs. print, plaid vs. floral, a-line vs. pencil, pleather vs. leather.....anything goes! Style is what you make it. A dress you wore in the 80's may no longer be in style, but if you throw a chunky sweater over it, or add a black moto jacket and a pair of over the knee boots you can make it work. That's not something I have to worry about, since I can't fit into any dresses that I owned in the 80's. Ha, ha.

I have found that if I am unsure about a particular item, I put it in a pile, then when I have a significant number of items I try them all on. The item has to answer several questions: Does it have a slimming or smoothing effect? Is the pattern or color complimentary? Could I pair it with other items I have to make it work for me, like wearing a dress with a jacket or sweater over the top, or wearing a skirt with a wide belt and a tee shirt or tank top. How can I update my look if it is something I really love? I am getting better at putting things in the donation box if I am not absolutely convinced it works for me.

I hope as you reorganize your skirts and dresses you will be thinking about some of the things you have read here on my fashion blog. As you saw today, I paired a skirt with leggings, something I have never done before. Think outside the box, after all, you are women and we are more like spaghetti than waffles.

Be sure to come back next week. We'll have another Spring outfit and more tips on cleaning out our closets. 

All photos by Rebecca Trumbull, Makeup by Rachel Christensen

Spring Colors: Serenity, Buttercup and Iced Coffee

Here we are! Ready for Spring! I just can't wait for warmer weather. While I am waiting I thought I would try on some of Pantone's Spring color choices.

My outfit this week emphasizes Serenity. It is the perfect name for this light blue that reminds us of warm, sunny days and gentle breezes. 

Spring Colors - Serenity

The light denim button up (similar here) is very close to the Serenity hue. Once again, I am layering and put the top over a summer dress (see Lord and Taylor version) that feels like a tee shirt. Underneath I have a pair of leggings that hit just about mid calf. The leggings are close to Pantone's Snorkel Blue. The outfit would be great without the leggings too. I opted for leggings as I currently have bad varicose veins. The boots (similar from DSW) and clutch (similar here), as well as the belt (seen below) are as close as I could get to Iced Coffee with what was in my closet. My choices really have more of a carmel edge than the Pantone color, but you get the point.

Belt and Clutch

For my accessories I chose the color Buttercup. The vibrant yellow pulls in the yellow on the dress and adds a pop of sunshine to the outfit (Etsy option). Below you can see it all put together!

My hubby liked this outfit! Which says a lot! It would be great with sandals or flip flops for a causal beach vibe as well. 

I hope you enjoyed this week's post. Be sure to check in next week for another Pantone inspired Spring outfit! And keep reading for this week's Closet Clean Out tip!

Closet Clean Out - Tip 2 - Trim the Socks and Underwear

Have you ever noticed how full your sock and underwear drawer are? I have a drawer for socks and a drawer for underwear? Why? I mean I only wear one pair of socks per day and one pair of underwear. If I do laundry once a week that would mean I should potentially have seven pairs of socks and seven pairs of underwear. Heck, I could fit them all in the same drawer. But I don't! I have a whole drawer dedicated to socks and a whole drawer dedicated to underwear.

Okay, I get the need or let's say want, to have a variety of underwear. Casual, comfy, pretty, sexy, cotton, polyester blends, various colors, bikinis, boy cut, on and on the list goes, but a whole drawer? So let's trim down.

Dump out the underwear drawer and immediately discard anything with holes, fraying rubber, torn lace and so on. Next get rid of anything you cannot fit into, or that you do not deem comfortable enough to wear for more than a few hours. Of course it is okay to keep a few sexy items that might only stay on for a few minutes, but get your spouse/partner's input for what they like. The majority of us are wearing those items for them, not for ourselves. I know there are exceptions and many of you may like a lacy thong as your go to underwear. You decide what you want to keep....same rule as last week...try to get rid of ten items.

This goes for bras as well. Some of you girls collect bras like others collect purses or shoes. Do your self a favor, get rid of those ones you cannot wait to take off! If you have a little (or a lot) of excess weight like I do, buy a few new bras that have larger back straps that help smooth out and conceal bulges. Don't buy bras off the clearance racks unless you try them on. And don't be too proud to step up a size. For years I was a 36 B, now I get a 38 C, not because I am so much bigger in the cup, but because they fit better all the way around.

Once you have gotten rid of those items you no longer want, spend a few minutes deciding on a way to organize and keep your items looking neat and easily accessible. Bras really should be kept so the cups are out, not squashed together, which leads to wrinkles and pock marks in the cup area. A bra is supposed to make you look smooth, not like your boobs have indentations and bulges. Underwear is a little more versatile, so feel free to roll, fold, or toss, if that is your preferred method of organization. 

Use the same method for your socks. Dump out your drawer and get rid of any socks with holes. If you have two pairs of sock that are exactly the same and only one pair has a hole, keep the one sock without holes for a replacement for the other pair when one of them gets worn. Sort through your styles and colors. Obviously in the winter you will want a few pairs of thicker boot socks. In the summer you may only use a few no-show socks and the rest of the time be in sandals. Also, think about the colors of socks you have. I usually pair my sock color with my pant color, so most of the socks I wear are blue, because I am a jeans kind of girl. I seriously do not know why I have so many other colored socks. Maybe I am saving them to make sock puppets with my Grandson! Seriously, get rid of what you don't use.

Here you will see a few links for organizers that look cool. Personally, I do not have anything in place yet, but I am hopeful that someday utopia will be reached in my home and I will be organized.

Next time we will talk about dresses and skirts! Stay tuned!


*All Photos By Rebecca Trumbull, Makeup By Rachel Christensen





Spring Preview

While spring is still a few weeks away, the fashion world has been at work since sometime last year planning the color line up for Spring 2016. Pantone is the color guru. Not only do their color choices affect what the models are wearing on the fashion run ways, but they affect the colors used in design and decorating. You can see their website and the Spring color choices by clicking here.

In my fashion posts for the next few weeks I have taken Pantone's color choices and shopped in my closet. Most colors put out by the designers fall into similar color categories and you probably already have something that resembles some of the colors in your closet. For example the color "Serenity" is very close to a light denim blue. "Peach echo" is related to the dark coral family and "Buttercup" the vibrant yellow. 

Pantone picks two colors that become the central focus of the spring line up. This year it is "Rose Quartz" and "Serenity". While you can be trendy just focusing on those two colors, I love to see what I can do with all ten colors put forth in the spring line up. I have so many clothes and I was able to find most of the colors already hanging in my closet or folded in my drawers. A few things I ended up purchasing, but mostly at thrift shops.

The color guide is there as that, a guide. Not everyone can wear "Fiesta" or "Iced Coffee", but you can find the colors that suit your skin tone and make up scheme best and then accent with pieces in the other tones and colors. For instance, maybe your outfit consists mainly of "Snorkel blue" and "Green flash". You could then accent that with "Buttercup" beads around your neck and wrists, or use a "Lilac gray" bag or "Iced coffee" shoes. You will see some of my "Spring line up" over the next few weeks. 

In the mean time don't be afraid to try new things. I will confess, I have a hard time getting out of my comfort zone, but that is part of what writing this blog is about. Learning, changing, adapting and growing. We should never be stagnant, and when we find that we are, well, it is time to do some spring cleaning. Continue reading for our first Closet Clean Out Tip...


Closet Clean Out - Tip 1 - Organize

If you are like me, you love to shop, or maybe you don't, but you have a closet full of clothes, many of which you don't even wear. The first thing to do is organize. I know this may be counterintuitive, but I find that if I organize first then I can more easily see what I have and what I don't. Also, I have a second reason for organizing first, as I organize I purge.

I like to organize things in different ways. Sometimes I organize strictly by color; all the yellows together, reds together and so on. I do this by hanging rack and drawers. Right now, I have short sleeve shirts with prints by color, short sleeve shirts without print by color, 3/4 sleeve shirts with prints by color, 3/4 sleeve shirts without print by color and so on. I would love to be more of a minimalist, the whole capsule wardrobe has it's appeal, but I love options and I love colors and I love different shapes and lengths. I guess I just love clothes!

So as you delve into your closet, don't be afraid to pull everything out...but be aware this does take time and you and your spouse want to be able to sleep on that bed where you are piling all your clothes. As you organize according to your own system, get rid of stuff. That pink blazer your never wear because it is just not the right pink for your skin tone...donate it. That turtleneck you love but it's covered in pills, throw it away. Pilling does not look attractive on any clothing. That skirt that is a tad too tight, give it to your skinny friend. I hate to tell you girlfriend, but if you are anything like me, that weight is not coming off very fast and by the time it does, you will want to buy a new skirt.

I know organizing can be an overwhelming task, but look at it in bite size chunks. Look at your hanging racks first. How can you organize your tops, dresses or skirts so that you have a better idea of what you have? Start with the long sleeve tops. Leave everything else on the rack, but the long sleeve tops. Take those out and pile them on your bed or hang them on an empty rack. As you are handling each shirt, decide do I want to keep it, do I want to donate it, or do I need to try it on and decide after I look in the mirror. An item you bought because it was such a good deal, may now not look so great. Even if you never wore it, get rid of it, because keeping it will not guarantee you will wear it.

One thing I read about reducing clutter said to get rid of ten things at a time. So your assignment today, ladies, is to reorganize your closet and as you do, try to get rid of at least ten things. If you do more than ten you are awesome and I feel good that I inspired you to do that much! Tell me your success stories in the comments section below. I'd love to hear from you!

Next week we'll talk about those pesky socks and underwear.