Texture Talk - Part 3

You might be thinking I covered everything I could when it came to texture and fashion in the last two posts I did on this quick texture series, however, there are two other areas I wanted to address. They both have to do with adding texture to outfits, but in completely different ways. The first deals with adding texture by using patterns. The second will look at taking a monochrome outfit and making it visually interesting by adding texture. 

Adding Texture by Using Patterns

We talk a lot about patterns on our clothing. Everything from stripes and flowers, to plaid and polka dots are part of the clothing we choose to wear. I personally love prints and since I have been blogging, I love to mix prints. When I started thinking about this series on texture, I suddenly realized that prints and patterns do add dimension and depth to our outfits, so therefore, must be a component of a series on texture.

The following pictures all are examples of patterns that add an interesting dimension to each outfit.

These first two are in black and white, because I thought that it makes the point even more dramatically. Not only does the pattern of my clothing add texture to the outfit, but you can see all the texture in the back ground from the trees and landscape. 

Texture from patterns
bohemiandressfashionblog-3 (1).jpg

These next two are jackets. The first is a sleek bomber jacket, but it gives the illusion of texture by placing bold colored flowers on a black back ground. 

Texture from pattern

In my opinion patterns like houndstooth. herringbone, sharkskin and others are the perfect textural patterns. We see these a lot in suits for men and women. I found this houndstooth jacket at a nearby thrift store 

Texture from pattern

An all over pattern gives the illusion of texture while hiding some of my more prominent bulges. 

Texture from pattern

The sweater by itself provides texture, but the pattern across the top and shoulder area, as well as the buffalo plaid bag add interest and depth. 

Texture from pattern

This outfit has many textural components, but they all play so well together, what's not to love? The sweater has ribbing, the vest is embellished at the top, the belt, jewelry and bag provide other interesting elements and the patterned skirt is also made of corduroy, thus more texture. This type of outfit, with all of it's textures still looks chic and classy, but is warm and comfortable. 

Texture from pattern

The same goes for this outfit as well. The striped dress is knit, the jacket has polka dots and the bag is not only made of suede, but has fringe. Texture upon texture, upon texture. Going back to my initial post about texture, I showed some photos of textural elements in nature. If you go for a walk in a park or even in the city, you will see layer, upon layer, upon layer of texture. It is perfectly okay to wear lots of texture in your outfits, as long as you think about how you are putting things together. You can see my original post here

Texture from pattern

Adding Texture to a Monochrome Outfit

This first outfit from my Spring 2017 Pantone series featuring a color called Pale Dogwood. This pale pink is a great backdrop for adding pattern and texture. Other than the laces on my shoes, the knit fabric of the sweater and the necklace it is the addition of the bold pattern on the scarf that gives the outfit a texturized look. If you wanted to go for a complete monochrome look you could have added a fuzzy pink boa or a wide pink belt with some sort of texture. 

monocrhome outfit

Even though this outfit has a patterned dress the look is still monochromatic because the entire look is basically a conglomeration of earthy browns. The pattern and the open weave knit are the texture winners in this look.

monochrome outfit

Just to give you an idea of what an actual monochrome outfit looks like, I threw these next two in from last years holiday outfit series. The black top adds texture with its draping neckline. The over piece adds texture with shear sleeves. Isn't it funny that something sheer can actually add texture, but think about things like neglige and wedding dresses.

monocrhome outfit

This gray outfit is, perhaps, one of my favorites for a monochromatic look with loads of texture. The sheer drape, the pleated neckline of the sweater, the pleats on the skirt as well as my heels which have almost an alligator pattern on them are all textural components in this outfit.


Now that you have seen a few examples I hope you will give more thought as to how to add more texture to your outfits. With the onset of fall it will be much easier to add texture through fun pieces like scarves, hats and boots. 

Let me know if you liked this series on texture. If there are other fashion ideas you are interested in having me do a series on, let me know and I'll give it some thought. 

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull. Make up Rachel Christensen.

Texture Talk - Part 2 - Embellishments and Fabrics

Last week I took a look at how adding texture to our outfits can change and elevate our same old, same old looks, to a new level. Texture is all around us in nature and in the homes we live in. Take a look at your living room or bedroom. There is texture on the couch in the form of upholstery, pillows, and throw blankets. Your bed probably has a thick cushy comforter or mattress pad that adds comfort for a better night's sleep. We fill our homes with pictures, decorations and nick nacks to add depth and interest to the environment we live in. Why would we not do the same thing to our outfits?

Last week I looked specifically at adding texture in the form of our accessories, such as bags, shoes, jewelry and scarves. You can see that post here. This week I want to look at fabrics and embellishments and what choices there are to add texture in this regard. 


This would include anything added to a clothing piece that gives it texture that is not specifically fabric related. Fabrics like lace could be an embellishment, but I am going to leave that for the fabrics section. 

embroidered skirt
Embellishments - buttons

Things like beads, jewels, sequins, fringe and special buttons, are all embellishments. Certain types of stitching, like the embroidery above, as well as things like gathering or ruching also add texture to an outfit. 



I love lace and I think it can add an element of elegance to any outfit. It obviously adds beautiful texture when it is worn. Combining lace with leather or lace with some other embellishment makes for an even more interesting outfit. 

Lace top
Lace sleeve
Lace trim
Lace trimmed tee


My pictures all revolve around open weave knits. Things like crochet or knitted pieces are great for boosting the texture factor. However, even regular knits made in a factory add dimension to a look, especially if they are ribbed or manufactured in a way that builds texture. You'll see an example of ribbed knits a little further below. 

knit vest
knit poncho

Fabrics made with special textures:


pleated sweater
pleated skirt


quilted vest
quilted jacket



Texture is a wonderful thing to add to our outfits. As you begin thinking about fall in particular you will be naturally reaching for things like cozy knit sweaters and fun boots. Coats and jackets will also add an element of texture to your outfit. 

I am going to stretch this into one more post, because I think there is one more area of texture we need to discuss. Look for another post next Thursday. Until then, have a great weekend!

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull. Make up Rachel Christensen.


Texture Talk - Part 1 - Accessories

I am going to veer away from my usual monthly column for a few weeks to talk about texture. We all know that our clothes are made of various fabrics. These fabrics are woven together from many different materials including plant based items like cotton and linen, to man made items like rayon and nylon. Every fabric has its own feel, swing (or lack thereof) and texture. Many materials might appear to have no texture at all, but even something smooth has texture. Silk for example is smooth to the touch, but a silk blouse feels beautiful because of its smooth, silky texture. Why, then, even worry about whether an outfit has textural elements, when all fabric has texture of some sort? The reason is quite simple. Texture adds interest.

Let's look at a few examples of texture in nature. 

Try to imagine our world without texture? Texture has the ability to tell us something about the thing we are looking at. The bark looks rough. The feather looks soft. The trees have depth. The grass looks wispy. Leaves and flowers speak of life and provide a texture all their own. In the same way, our clothes speak volumes about who we are and what is important to us. 

As I mentioned before all fabric has texture, whether it be smooth, rough, bumpy, itchy, or anything in between, but what sorts of elements can add texture to our outfits to make them more interesting? Think of elements such as ruching, ruffles, buckles, zippers, weaving, fringe and lacing. All of these elements create interest in the palette of an outfit. 

This week I want to give you a few examples of how accessories can easily add texture to your outfits. These are all items you've seen on the blog before and came from my closet. Many of them came from thrift stores or end of season clearance racks. You certainly don't have to spend tons of money to add interesting elements to your every day outfits. Take a look.


A bag is the perfect way to add texture to an outfit without adding a bulky extra layer. We often think of adding texture by putting on a chunky sweater or a fury scarf, but a bag with ruching, weaving or other textural components is a great way to take your texture IQ up a notch. 

textured bag
textured bag
textured bags


You might wonder how a pair of shoes can add texture to an outfit, but think about perforations, laces, shearling or fur, buckles, straps, and bling.

perforated shoes
lace up boots
Photo by me

Photo by me

buckle boots
strappy sandals


Jewelry is another way to add texture to your outfits without adding a lot of bulk. There are so many choices when it comes to jewelry with just about every material imaginable. Here are some of my pieces.

texture in jewelry


I love scarves and have way too many of them, but scarves are another way to add texture to an outfit. With summer coming to an end and fall on its way, now is a great time to pull out those scarves and think about how you can add them to your outfits. 

Photo by me

Photo by me

wearing scarves for texture
Photo by me

Photo by me

wearing scarves for texture


Accessories are an easy way to add texture to all of your outfits without having to buy new items. You already have purses and bags and jewelry. Think about how you can combine these for more interesting and undated looks. 

Next week I'll continue this little side series by taking a look fabrics and embellisments that also add texture to our outfits. I hope you enjoyed this post. Leave me some love in the comments section and have a great weekend!

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull, unless otherwise specified.