Awesome Accessories - The Statement Necklace - Long

Last month in my Awesome Accessory column I talked about the short statement necklace. You can see that post here. This month, I want to continue that thought, but look at what a longer statement necklace might look like. You might wonder what makes a necklace a statement piece. Obviously, it needs to make a statement! What that means for you, might be a little different than what it means for me. However, there should be something about the piece that makes it stand out and not get swallowed up by your outfit.

Where as a short statement necklace is worn closer to the face and usually includes an element of striking color or style, a longer statement necklace can be colorful, but it is often more about texture and design. Let me show you a few of my own necklaces that I would classify as long statement pieces.

long statement necklaces

This particular necklace makes a statement, not by its bold color, but by the combination of texture, note the faceting on the beads, and the shape. If you look at the larger metal links they are not perfect circles. They are somewhat squashed looking. In addition, the necklace is not designed to be symmetrical, so some of the bigger beads are higher and some are lower. It is not the same on both sides. I also like this necklace, because it isn't a bold color and will go with many outfits, both dressy and casual. 

longer statement necklaces

This piece is not fancy and doesn't show much flare, but I feel it makes a statement because of it's odd shape and unique color. Cut from an agate you can find these almost anywhere. My daughter got me this for Christmas a couple years ago. It is trimmed all the way around with tiny faux diamonds, which add another element of texture and bling. Here is a close up. 

long statement necklaces

I love the little streak of light blue and the hole in the middle. It is just a very unique piece.

long statement necklaces

This piece makes me think of something out of a fairy tale. The color of the beads as well as the filagree on the pendant give it a feel of richness and value, while the additional silver chains make it feel more delicate and feminine. 

long statement necklaces

Of course I had to throw in a fringe necklace. I love these because they are simply so much fun and they are fun to touch! I chose this one over my other fringe necklaces, not because any one of them couldn't have been a statement piece, but because this particular one seems to stand out above the rest. I just love the look of this elegant necklace. The color is demure and the gold chain and cap on the fringe give it a posh feel. I also feel a little retro when I wear it. 

long statement necklaces

You have probably seen this necklace in several of my more recent blog and Instagram posts. My other daughter got this for me this past Christmas from Charming Charlie. I think what makes this necklace a statement piece is the contrast of the berry wooden shapes and the gold chain and links. It really stands out.

long statement necklaces

This unique piece I picked up at a thrift store. I instantly fell in love with it when I saw it. It is in a class all by itself with the rope like chains, metallic flower and the dark beads embellished with gold colored floral caps. Once again, the color is more muted, so can be worn with many different outfits. Here is a close up of the flower and beads. 

long statement necklaces

I hope you enjoyed this post on the long statement necklace. Do you like longer or shorter statement pieces? I'd love to know your thoughts. Just leave a comment below. 

Have a great weekend. 

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Beautiful Blogger Bests - Outfit for a Special Night Out

If you have not been introduced to Jess of Elegantly Dressed and Stylish, then I hope you will click on over to her site and see what a beautiful lady she is. Another red head, her sweet and gentle spirit touches all who come into contact with her, whether in person or over the internet. Jess was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome nine years ago. An illness that affects the muscles and joints, Jess hasn't let this stop her from being a very active and popular fashion blogger.  You can see more about EDS on Jess' About Me page on her blog. 

One of the many posts that Jess has inspired me with, was this one from just before Christmas, called Rockport - What to Wear to a Holiday Show. You can see her full post by clicking on the link. While Jess was doing the post for the Rockport shoe company, I just loved the look of her outfit and thought it could be incorporated for any dress up occasion, such as a concert, theater or other function. The following post is my take on the inspiration Jess provided from her post.

Beautiful blogger bests - what to wear to a show

While Jess wore a beautiful strapless black dress, I opted for a slightly less formal look by wearing this navy dress that I got from Christopher and Banks. It is a heavy weight polyester knit that hangs perfectly. The area on the bodice has a sort of criss-crossed ruching and a v-neck. 

beautiful blogger bests - outfit for a show

I opted for a black pair of loafer heels that have some fun buckles and stitching on the top of the toe. Dressy, but casual.

Beautiful blogger bests - dressing up for a show

The dress having short sleeves also prompted me, like Jess, to add a jacket over top. The berry color of this velvet piece pairs beautifully with the navy dress. You can see how I styled this jacket in these other posts here and here

Beautiful blogger bests - dressing up for a show

This is a fun little jacket with its 3/4 length sleeves, the velvet covered buttons and the ruching on the pockets. I am finding it a great blazer for dressing up or down. Here you can also see the statement necklace I added. Jess added a lovely necklace that adorned her neck with just the right amount of delicacy and bling. I tried to do a similar thing with this necklace I found a few years ago on the clearance rack at H&M.

Beautiful blogger bests - dressing up for a show

For my finishing touches I added a few silver bracelets and carried a black blingy clutch, which I have featured with other outfits. 

Beautiful blogger bests - what to wear to a show
Beautiful blogger bests - what to wear to a show

I love the way this outfit turned out. The sleek fabric of the dress and the jacket are a perfect back drop for the texture and bling of the statement necklace, sparkly clutch and buckled loafer heels. 

Please follow the link to Jess' site and give her some love. She has inspired me in so many ways and I know she will inspire you too. Let me know what you think of this outfit in the comments section below. Do you like to go to the theater and see live shows or are you more of a stay at home and cuddle on the couch kind of person? I'd love to hear your thoughts. 

Shop the Look:

Navy Dress - Kohl's - $89.99

Berry jacket - Make Me Chic - $37.00

Black loafer heels - Nordstrom - $114.95

Black clutch - Target - $29.99

Statement necklace - Charming Charlie - $24.00