Fall Trends - 2019 - Part 1

Time has gotten away from us and life threw us a few curve balls, so my daughter and I have not been able to connect to take pictures for my Fall Pantone series. It is still on the docket, but will be put off for a week or two. In the mean time, I thought this would be a good opportunity to talk about a few of the fall trends. I touched on a few of them in my last Wearing White post, but now I will address them more in depth.

When it comes to fashion, I am not a big trend follower, but I do like to see what is current and pick and choose what trends I find most fitting for my personality and my style . This week I am going to cover two. These are flat lays I put together and these are clothes from my own closet. Once again, I encourage you to shop your own closet before going out to purchase new items to follow the trends. Often times we have things in our closets that we forget about, that fit perfectly with the trends that are current. I think this is especially important when it is a trend that isn’t going to be lasting - things like tie-dye, see through rain coats, bags and shoes and other very specialized trends.

Trend 1 - Head to Toe Green

I am simply calling this head to toe green, but it is most specific to a light green in the manner of pistachio, sea foam or colors of that nature.

Fall 2019 Trends - head to toe green

This warm, fuzzy, knee length, open front cardi was a Christopher and Banks purchase at the end of the spring season. I fell in love with the color and its soft coziness. After making that purchase I found myself drawn to other pieces with that same light green color. I would probably say these are closer to a mint. In fact, take the pants away from the sweater and they actually look more like a very light blue. I love when colors have an almost chameleonic effect when they are near other colors.

Fall Trends 2019 - head to toe green

These straight leg jeans are from Chico’s and I found them on the clearance rack. The silver studs on the bottom portion of the pant leg are part of what drew me to them. That, and they have a soft, stretchy feel. These are So Slimming Girlfriend Ankle Jeans.

Fall Trends 2019 - Head to toe green

This v-neck, thrifted, Croft and Barrow tee has black polka dots, so I decided to make my accessories black. this black beaded tassel necklace, I have had for a while.

Fall Trends 2019 - Head to toe green

I wish I would have thought to lay one of these booties on the side. They have a neat cut-out along the outside where the buckles attach. They are easy on and off with an inside zipper. I got these at Bass Pro Shop when my hubby was looking for a pair of hiking boots. These were marked down and yes my husband did get a pair of shoes too. Ha, ha. These are Natural Reflection brand.

Of course I had to include a bag in my flat lay, so I decided to add another Fall Trend, dark florals. The bookstore where I work used to sell various Vera Bradley products, but not any more. I get a few of these bags at extremely good discounts.

Fall Trends 2019 - head to toe green

Trend 2 - Metallics

Why do I feel that metallics come around every fall, just in time for the holidays? I like metallics, but they are a trend that I personally feel you have to limit. For fall the push is for head to toe everything, so head to toe green, head to toe metallics and on it goes. I say do what works for you. I like subtlety with metallics, so the following flat lay, would probably be a bit more than I would normally go for, but I think it works well.

Fall Trends 2019 - Metallics

Lauren Conrad is famous for a line of clothes that is rich with pastels and feminine details. This skirt is no exception. The metallic sheen makes it party and holiday ready, but it exudes femininity. I need to figure out how to take it in a bit, because it is a little big.

The gold button up was thrifted and I have had it for a long time. George brand clothing is carried by Walmart. When I found this blue cropped tee with the metallic words and dots, I knew I could wear it over this gold blouse. This thrifted piece is Hollister brand. Hollister is not a brand I would normally buy, as they seem to be geared to younger people, but I will say, I don’t care who makes it when I am thrifting. If it fits and I like it, I buy it.

Fall Trends 2019 - Metallics

Keeping in the metallics theme I chose my SO silver flats, and my sparkly pewter clutch. The final piece was a metal beaded bracelet.

Fall Trends 2019 - metallics
Fall Trends 2019 - metallics
Fall Trends 2019 - Metallics

What do you think of these trends? Will these be trends you will try this fall? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Have a great weekend.

Old Becomes New - High Waisted Skirt

This week I am styling a pretty skirt that I have had in my closet for ages. I refuse to get rid of it, because I love the flowy feel of it. I'm sure it has more versatility than I think, so I pulled it out. Since I was already on the crop top band wagon, I thought I would try pairing the same blue and white crop from last Thursday's post (see here) for some fun print mixing with this high waisted skirt. 

Old Becomes New - High Waisted skirt

This skirt is George brand and I got it at JC Penney, many moons ago. It has a full lining and the fabric is very light weight and flowy. It also has a high, stretchy waistline, which is very comfortable and worked perfectly with the crop top.

Old Becomes New - High waisted skirt

I loved the pop of red in last week's outfit with the crop top, so I kept them exactly the same: red patent leather clutch, red bangle and red canvas peep toe Keds. 

Old Becomes New -

I added the cropped denim jacket as a solid piece to tie together the two patterns. When print mixing it is usually best to pick a smaller pattern with a larger pattern and then use a complimentary piece to pull the two patterns together. Here is a photo of  the outfit without the jacket and beside it one with the jacket. Do you think it looks better with or without the jacket?

I hope you liked this outfit. Do you have something in your closet that you are not sure how to wear? Depending on the piece think in terms of balance. Try pairing a fuller, bulkier skirt with a stream lined tee or a belted blouse. Pair skinny jeans with longer tunic tops or even dresses with the jeans rolled up. When the weather cools pair those same skinnies with bulky sweaters or sweat shirts. Wider leg pants look perfect when paired with a tighter fitting top to show off your curves. 

I always love to hear from you, so be sure to leave me a comment or two. I have learned so much from fellow bloggers and others, who leave ideas in my comments box, so please feel free. 

Have a great weekend everyone.