Is it a Kimono or a Ruana? Week 2

Last week I styled a short kimono. You can see that post here.  This week I am styling a ruana. What exactly is the difference between these two outer layer pieces? A kimono is more of a jacket. It has sleeves that can be narrow or wide, long or short. It is usually open in the front, but can come with or without a belt or tie to keep it closed. A bathrobe is really a heavy weight kimono. A ruana is one large piece of cloth that falls down the back, over the shoulders and down the front. It has no sleeve closures, rather just drapes over the shoulders and is kept in place with your arms, although I have seen and heard of people using a pin or a pretty brooch to keep them in place. A ruana is usually worn open, although the fashion police won't put you away if you wear it with a belt for a more cinched in look. 

Is it a kimono or ruana - striped ruana

This tasseled ruana was a spring purchase from Christopher and Banks. To make the look more streamline, I went with a tank top and a dark gray pencil skirt. Here is the outfit before adding the ruana.

Is is a kimono or a ruana? - Striped ruana

You've seen this blush tank with bling before on my blog. I am an avid proponent of shopping and re-shopping my closet. The tank is Relativity brand and the pencil skirt is Liz Claiborne. Both of these pieces were thrifted. The black heels are Comfort Plus brand and the straw bag was thrifted as well. I opted for minimal jewelry with the beaded choker and a few beaded bracelets. 

Kimono or ruana - striped ruana
kimono or ruana - striped ruana
kimono or ruana - striped ruana
kimono or ruana - striped ruana

The next two pictures show you the width of the ruana, which is typically a wider silhouette than a kimono.

kimono or ruanan
kimono or ruana - striped ruana

Do you own a ruana? How do you like to wear it? Is it more of a summer weight or a fall weight? I am seeing fall styles beginning to fill the racks at most retailers. Kohl's was having some good sales on kimonos and ruanas and right now, you might find deals on the lighter weight ones that you could use for the rest of the summer and next season. 

kimonos or ruanas - striped ruana

I'd love to hear your feedback on this outfit. Would you wear something like this? I think this outfit is a great office look and the ruana would add a light layer for those overly air conditioned buildings. 

I've included a few shopping links for you to peruse. These are affiliate links, but all opinions are my own. 

Thanks for stopping by the blog and be sure to check back on Thursday to see what I am featuring on my Old Becomes New column. 

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull. Make up Rachel Christensen

Pantone Fall 2017 - The London Palette - Flame Scarlet and Otter

This year the Pantone Color Institute decided to share two color palettes for fall. Both the London and the New York palettes have similarities, such as Navy Peony and differences. However, I feel that both palettes feature rich colors that easily transition us into fall. You might feel that these colors are not for you and when I first looked them over, I was not excited, but as I began to ruminate on them and look for pieces in my closet and at the store that would best represent each of these colors, I grew excited to see how each of these palettes would translate to real outfits that an actual woman would wear. 

To keep this series to a minimum I decided to challenge myself to come up with outfits that use two of the colors at a time. This week I am featuring a bold, rich red labeled Flame Scarlet, paired with a warm hue called Otter.

Pantone Fall 2017 - London palette
Pantone Fall 2017 - London palette

I've styled these Worthington brand trousers before on the blog. You can see that post here. This light weight open weave sweater is a great piece for transitioning to fall. Days can still be warm, but mornings and evenings can be cool. I just put a similar colored tank underneath.

Pantone Fall 2017 - London Palette

I opted for black accessories and kept them to a minimum. I felt the black was a suitable contrast for this two toned outfit. A single strand beaded necklace and a beaded bracelet were my only jewelry. 

Pantone Fall 2017 - London Palette

I dug this black top handle bag out of my closet, all the while wondering why I have so many purses and bags that I don't use! It is like clothes and shoes. I keep intending to come up with other ways to style all these different pieces, but life!

As you can tell by the fact that this post is a day later than I normally post, that my life is crazy busy. I have been back at work putting in about 30 hours a week, picking up my grandson from school and then trying to spend time with my spouse in the evenings, after which I simply have no energy left to work on the blog! Oh well, that's me...Hi! My name is Amy and I am an actual woman!

Pantone Fall 2017 - London Palette

My shoes are a simple black pump that I've worn on the blog before. 

Pantone Fall 2017 - London Palette

I like Flame Scarlett paired with Otter. What do you think? A bold color with a more subdued neutral? Or do you like to pair two bold colors? Maybe you like a more neutral palette all over. I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below. You feedback is very important to me. 

Pantone Fall 2017 - London Palette

Below you will find some shopping suggestions. These are just options so you know what is available in these colors. This post contains affiliate links. If you click on a shopping link I get a few cents. If you purchase something through my blog, I get a little commission. I appreciate all your clicks. 

I hope you enjoyed this look at the first two colors of the Pantone Fall 2017 London color palette. Thank you for stopping by the blog. 

Beautiful Blogger Bests - The Feminine Masculine Look

One of the first bloggers I started following was Catherine of Not Dressed as Lamb. Catherine lives across the "big pond" in England and has been nominated for the coveted UK Blogger Awards. She has a huge following and it is no wonder! She's got sass, charm and a "I don't care what you think" approach to fashion. As far as she is concerned a woman can wear whatever she wants regardless of age. She approaches fashion with a flare for combining nontraditional colors and pattern mixes and makes it look fabulous! 

Photo from Catherine's post with her permission. 

Photo from Catherine's post with her permission. 

The post that inspired me for today's outfit was from January 25th and is titled:  Wide Leg Trousers: How to Get the Katharine Hepburn LookIn Catherine's original post which you can see if you click on the title, she styles a lovely outfit that has a "masculine chic" vibe. The plaid wide leg trousers and black longer coat have a menswear inspired feel, but Catherine adds a touch of the feminine wearing a peach blouse with white polka dots, pointy toed heels and a sweet box handbag. 

For my look, I took a pair of wide leg trousers that I thrifted and paired them with a sheer blue and pink top. 

Beautiful blogger bests - wide leg trousers masculine chic

When I threw this outfit together I didn't realize the blue in the blouse matches the thin blue stripes in the pants. Hey I'm a pattern mixing fool! Ha, ha. 

Beautiful blogger bests - wide leg trousers masculine chic

I kept my accessories similar, so the belt and the purse matched and the necklace and bracelet pulled together the pinky orange in the top.

Beautiful blogger bests - wide leg trousers masculine chic

It was a balmy 31 degrees with a wind chill of 25 when we were taking these pics. Catherine wears a black coat, which looks lovely with her outfit. I opted for my JJill velvet gray jacket. 

Beautiful blogger bests - wide leg trousers masculine chic

For my shoes I wore a simple black pump. I thought this bag a good mix of masculine and feminine. It kind of resembles a mini brief case. At least that was the idea I was going for. 

Beautiful Blogger bests - wide leg trousers masculine chic
Beautiful blogger bests - wide leg trousers masculine chic

I think the look on my face is saying, "Hurry up! I'm freezing!" I think I need to take a modeling class. Ha, ha. I'm seeing my Dad's side of the family in this picture. Isn't that funny? Do you ever do things or look at yourself and think, "Oh my goodness. I'm doing just what my mom/dad does/did!" Or, "I know that face! That looks just like Aunt Mildred!" Actually, that is just the face I am displaying and I did have an Aunt Mildred! Ha, ha. ha.

Enough of my familial silliness! Do you think this outfit says, masculine chic? Is it too masculine? Leave me a comment in the comments section below. I love to have your input, good and bad! 

Be sure to check back on the blog tomorrow when Jodie and I will be finishing our series on styling a white blouse in a variety of ways. 

Until then, have a great day.

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull. Make up Rachel Christensen.

This post contains affiliate links. All opinion are my own.

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