Piece Perfect - Spring Transitions

There are numerous pieces we could talk about for the season of spring. Look at what is on the racks at your favorites stores. Light weight blouses, flowy fabrics, pastels, bright floral prints and a variety of hemlines on both pants and skirts. However, if you have ever spent time in the mid-west in the months of March, April and May you know that going from winter to spring is not always easy to style. 

Layering is essential for me, especially until the temperature hits the upper sixties or seventies. However, as the temps begin to climb into the forties and fifties, I do feel less of a need for heavy layers. I turn more towards lighter weight long sleeve tops and pack away my turtleneck sweaters. I wear pants that end at my ankle with shoes that are more open.  

I like a 3/4 length sleeve top for these transitional days. The first is a light weight tee with a pastel floral print. The second is a hooded pullover sweater. The tee I would wear under a cardi or jacket, which I'll show in a bit. The sweater is heavy enough that I can wear it alone or over a tank top or camisole.  Below each idea, I'll show a few alternatives.

These are two pairs of shoes that I consider transitional. They are both flats, but more importantly they are more open than the boots and oxfords I had been wearing in the winter months. 

spring transitional shoes - Piece Perfect

The reason I consider these transitional is that they are made of canvas. Canvas is perfect for summer months, but not so much for the cold snowy days of January. 

Piece perfect - transitional outfit winter to spring

Taking my 3/4 length sleeve tee, I added a pair of ankle jeans. This length of pant is great for spring. It still gives you full coverage on your legs, but allows your ankles to breath and feel the fresh, albeit often nippy, spring air. 

Since layering is still essential I added my fun patterned blazer. This is a lovely piece made with light weight fabric and fully lined. It is not heavy at all, but still adds a layer of warmth.

By the time I posted this the cute leopard print was sold out! Sorry!

Piece Perfect - spring transitional pieces

Here is another possibility, just by swapping out the jacket with a open front 3/4 length sleeve cardi. I found this light weight cardi at a thrift store this past weekend when I was visiting my mom in Buffalo, NY. Besides the weight I was drawn to the circular texturing. The circles are half cut open.

Piece Perfect - transitional spring pieces

Here is an easy work outfit. Light weight dress pants, 3/4 length sleeve pullover sweater, canvas sneaks and go!

These are just a few of the transitional pieces that can help you go from winter to spring with ease, comfort and style. 

Let me know what you think of this post. Did you find this helpful. I hope that when you look into your closet you can find inspiration for new outfits to put together a great spring look. Let me know your thoughts and ideas in the the comments section. Your comments help my blog grow. And if you are not a current subscriber, but would like to receive my emails once a week be sure to click on the subscribe button. I appreciate it.

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Pantone Fall 2016 - Aurora Red

We only have three weeks left of our Pantone 2016 Fall color series. Today's feature is Aurora Red. By the time we took this picture on the evening we were scrambling to fit some photo's in we were both exhausted. The evening was hot and humid for September and I was literally wilting. My daughter had just worked a full day, then came over to squeeze in a few photos before the light was completely gone. 

aurora red

So yes, our photos were getting a little silly. I styled the Aurora Red 3/4 length sleeve tee with a pair of Palazzo pants. I styled these before here. For this look I added the vest to give the outfit an extra layer of warmth. Granted on the day we took the pics I didn't need it, but with the cooler weather we are now having this vest is perfect. In keeping with the edgy vibe the vest adds I opted for chain link and coin belt and necklace.

I wore simple black heels, which are hardly visible due to the grass and the length of the pants. The taupe bag I am carrying is a thrift store find. 

aurora red outfit

I have given these pants a second go round and have decided I am getting rid of them. They are very comfy, but in all honesty are not flattering on me at all. I think it might be the way the pattern encircles the leg. It makes me look stumpy. Ha, ha. I only share that, not to get down on myself or because I have body image problems, but to show that some pieces can flatter and others can detract. 

However, I do like the look of the red tee under the vest and the fun chain link and coin belt and jewelry, perhaps with a skinny pair of jeans, a pencil skirt or a maxi. Aurora Red is a beautiful rich color to add to your wardrobe. If red is not your color, try adding it to your outfit as an accessory. In the shopping links below I listed a pair of ankle boots, and a red bag. You could also add a scarf or a necklace to bring that red pop to any outfit.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know your thoughts good or bad in the comments section below. I appreciate input of all types, because it helps shape me as a blogger and a fashionista. Check back on Thursday for my Color Crash Course. This week I'll be styling a spooky color combo, just in time for Halloween. Have a great day.

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull. Make up Rachel Christensen.

Shopping for Aurora Red:

Red ankle boots - JC Penney - $44.99

Red skirt - Loft - $59.50

Cross body bag - JC Penney - $24.00

Red tunic - J.Jill - $44.99