Piece Perfect - The Navy Blazer - Part 2

Last month I showed you two ways to wear a navy blazer with a dress and a skirt (click on the words to see that post).

Because I found so many ways to style this navy Ralph Lauren blazer, I felt I needed another post to give it, its due! Today I'll be wearing the blazer with two different pant outfits. As usual I try to do one that is more casual and one that is more dressy.

Casual Look - 

navy blazer outfit with pants

Being a woman of layers, I took advantage of all the pieces I possibly could! I started with a gray tee with bling, put a rusty orange cardi over that, then threw the blazer over the top. I paired the tops with my white/gray snakeskin jeans and a pair of gray, suede mid-calf boots. Finally, I pulled the whole look together with an oblong scarf with similar colors.

You can see how I styled the gray tee, here and the snakeskin jeans, here in previous posts.

piece perfect - navy blazer outfit
piece perfect - navy blazer outfit

I am using my orange bag as well. 

Dressy look -

piece perfect - navy blazer outfit

For my dressier pant look I wore these dark color dress pants. Sometimes they look gray and sometimes they look brown, so I will say they are brownish-gray. I wore my printed pussy bow blouse and threw on some simple, non-colored jewelry. 

piece perfect - navy blazer outfit
piece perfect - navy blazer outft

There you have it. A good quality, fitted blazer is a must for every woman't wardrobe. Here are this week's outfit's side by side. 

I hope you enjoyed seeing all the ways you can style this versatile piece. A blazer can take your wardrobe from small to large and it can take it from dull to dynamic. Whether the blazer is blue, black, gray or red, it can be a great piece to have in your closet.

Be sure to check back next week for the start of my Winter Wonderland series on Tuesday. 

Have a great weekend!

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull.

Shopping for Pieces:

Blazer - J.Crew Factory - $79.00

Snakeskin jeans - Macy's - $21.99

Orange cardi - Target - $19.99

Gray Tee - Kohl's - $14.99

Oblong Scarf - Kohl's - $7.99

Gray/brown dress pants - Macy's - $69.99

Printed Pussy Bow Blouse - Lord and Taylor - $40.27 (clearance)


Pantone Fall 2016 - Spicy Mustard

Of all the Pantone Fall 2016 color line up, Spicy Mustard is the one that surprised me most. I am not a big fan of yellow. I think yellow is a lovely color, but I don't tend to reach for it and don't have many yellow pieces in my wardrobe. Spicy Mustard, however,  seems to be a versatile yellow, one I keep reaching for. In fact as I write this I am wearing the same tee you see in this post, with a pink fly away cardi and flared jeans. Check out my Instagram post from Monday.

For today's post I decided to style the Spicy Mustard, 3/4 length sleeved tee with a snakeskin print skirt that I have had for a long time. The skirt itself seems to carry a bit of that same yellow throughout the pattern. 

spicy mustard outfit

Since the skirt takes on the role of pattern for the outfit, I decided to downplay my accessories and keep them a relatively neutral color. 

spicy mustard outfit
spicy mustard outfit

The bag and shoes are a pewter color, while the jewelry brings in the browns and creams in the skirt. 

spicy mustard outfit

It is hard to get a good picture of shoes when you are standing in grass and the ground is soft! Ha, ha. 

spicy mustard outfit

Here is a close up of the skirt snakeskin pattern. 

Be sure to check out Liz at With Wonder and Whimsy for her take on Spicy Mustard. 

What do you think of Spicy Mustard? Would you wear it? How would you style it in an outfit? Let me know in the comments section below. 

I hope you enjoyed this post. Be sure to check back on Thursday and see which Beautiful Blogger inspired my polka dot outfit. Until then, have a great day. 

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull. Make up Rachel Christensen.

Shopping Options:

Spicy Mustard top - Nordstrom Rack - $34.97

Snakeskin pants (skirts available at Poshmark and other online used retailers) - Macy's - $35.99

Strappy Shoe - DSW - $39.95

Bag - DSW - $49.95

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The Season of Fall

Today's post centers on the season of Fall. Autumn officially started a week ago to the day on the calendar and the weather has changed to reflect the beginning of this glorious season. My husband and I spent this past Saturday raking the leaves that had already fallen and enjoying a fire in our fire pit in the evening, while sipping on mugs of tea. It was cool enough that I threw on a hoodie. 


As the temperatures begins to fall our thoughts turn to changes in our wardrobes. As you can see from my Tuesday posts, the Pantone Fall color report included rich reddish brown and jewel tone green, as well as yellow and red reminiscent of the leaves that we will be raking out of our yards. But the colors are not the only thing that changes with the seasons. Our choice of clothing pieces change as well.

In the past we have usually put our whites and pastels away and opted for darker colors. Now anything goes. I have seen a number of articles and bloggers feature ways to wear white well into the season. Deborah of Fabulous After 40 shares three distinct outfits for wearing white into the fall in her article Can You Wear White After Labor Day?  JoLynn Shane, one of the many wonderful bloggers I follow, shared her take on wearing white jeans in the fall. Her White Jeans Outfit for Fall post is worth reading. You'll see me styling a pair of white jeans in an upcoming post in a few weeks. 

Since we are going to keep our whites out, we might as well rethink those pastels. Here is a good article from the site Bustle called 7 Ways to Wear Pastels in the Fall written by Emily McClure. While this article is from a year ago, her tips are just as applicable today. The one statement that really stands out to me is:

When it comes to styling pastels, it’s all about adding in different textures. Personally, I love pairing pastel pieces with suede or leather in the fall, as it’s such a lovely juxtaposition of sweet and edgy staples. However, if you’re into bold prints and colors you may want to add bits of pastels as well. Bold cranberry pieces mix great with mint and cool blues. Basically, pastels are for everyone, all the time.
— Emily McClure

I love that she talks about adding textures. That is something I am just learning how to do. I also like that she says, "...pastels are for everyone, all the time." Now, does every pastel look good on every complexion or skin tone, maybe not, but you can find the pastels that work for you, or as she says, mix textures. Choose a light pink top under a edgy wine colored moto jacket and maybe throw on a scarf that complements your skin tone. 

Liz of With Wonder and Whimsy, another beautiful blogger I follow, does a perfect job of pairing pastels with fall pieces in this post titled, Color Palettes featuring Pantone's Sharkskin GrayYou can see how she combines light blue and light pink with the darker, edgier Pantone Sharkskin Gray.

In addition to colors, we also think about patterns and how they change in the fall as well. This year in the stores and on the runways we are seeing animal prints like leopard, snakeskin, zebra stripes and tiger stripes. Leopard seems to be the rage right now. Here area a few of my own photos of pieces in my wardrobe.

As you can see in the above pics, I have a few things that have the snakeskin pattern. It is a fun pattern and can go with many different colors, depending on if you want to dress it up or dress it down. 

And just like on the fashion runways and in the stores, leopard print has turned up a few places in my closet. In addition to this fun skirt, I have a button up short sleeve blouse and a pair of flats which turn up occasionally in a blog post. 

Besides the animal prints I have mentioned, florals are also trending, but whereas in the summer the florals were light and backed by whites and pastels, the fall florals are darker shades backed by navy, wine and black. Check out Gemma's take on florals on her blog post The Cherry Blossom Midi Dress. This is the perfect floral look for transitioning to fall. 

Besides colors and patterns the other thing that significantly changes as we move into fall are the textures. Summer fabrics are usually light weight, breathable and moveable. The whole point is to keep you cool. As our weather changes, especially in the northern part of the country, our fabrics become heavier, bulkier and warmer. As women we still appreciate breathability and movement in our clothes, especially if you are menopausal, but we like textures that are soft to the touch and make us feel cozy. Cozy, after all, drums up images of roaring fires, hot cocoa and good books. 

One of the trending textures for fall is velvet. This jacket (which will be featured in a future post) is not real velvet, but it is so soft. Real velvet can be somewhat stiff, so I like this "faux velvet" if you will. It is moveable and fairly light weight.

There are so many other things we can talk about as the season of fall takes center stage. Our shoes transition into boots; our light weight sweaters transition into light weight jackets which transition into trench coats and we pull out scarves to accessorize and add warmth to our necks. Our sweaters become longer and eventually heavier and we begin adding hose or tights to our once bare and sun tanned legs. As I write this, I feel a little sad, but also excited because as you know I am a woman of layers and as the cool weather closes in, I get to create new and interesting outfits full of layers of texture, color and depth. And that will be fun!