Ordinary Amy: Blush Moto Jacket

I have gotten away from my monthly columns for a while, but now feel like I can get back at it. For today’s Ordinary Amy post, I chose to build my outfit around a blush moto jacket that I found at Nordstrom Rack back in May. I had been looking for a lighter colored moto jacket and this one fit the bill perfectly.

I know I am not the only gal that has a love affair with motorcycle jackets. They have always been a favorite of mine, for as long as I can remember. When I was young, my brothers used to race dirt bikes (motocross) and I loved the thrill, the noise and the dirt of going to watch them ride. I always thought that would have been so much fun. Needless to say, growing up with the two wheeled noise makers around gave me an earthy, edgy perspective on life.

Another factor that solidified my love for moto jackets, motorcycles and writing, was a book that I had to read in my 8th grade English class. The Outsiders, by S.E. Hinton was a coming of age story about a group of boys from the poor side of town and how they dealt with the difficulties of broken homes, strained relationships and maneuvering adolescence in the midst of night time rumbles with the rich kids and running away from home. Some of the first stories I wrote followed a very similar thread to S.E. Hinton, as I struggled with my own acceptance of adolescence, my place in the socioeconomic strata and who I was becoming as a young woman.

Just as my fashion sense has grown and changed, so has my writing ability and interest. I still love to revisit those early stories and remember the feelings associated with them. I’m now trying to learn new genres of writing, in the hopes that one day, I might actually make publishing a reality. In the mean time, here is an outfit for you to peruse.

Ordinary Amy - blush moto jacket

My daughter quickly took these pictures on my camera while she was over with her pups to help me rake my yard. Cottonwood trees are big and give plenty of shade, but they shed terribly and the leaves they drop in the fall are exactly as you see here, brown and crunchy. This was after my spouse and I had already raked a good portion of the yard into huge piles.

This jacket is a crop length and has a beautiful metallic sheen. I am excited to see how many different ways this can be styled, both casual and dressy. Since this is about my regular way of dressing I paired it with a blush and camo knit top, a pair of Rock & Republic jeans and my SO olive booties.

Ordinary Amy - Blush moto jacket
Ordinary Amy - blush moto jacket
Ordinary Amy - Blush moto jacket

Do you like moto jackets? Do you have any in your closet? I think everyone, should have at least one. They can be a very versatile piece and are perfect for the cooler weather of fall.

Ordinary Amy - blush moto jacket

I hope you enjoyed this post and reading more about extraordinary me. Ha, ha.

I’ve included a few shopping links for you to look over. These are affiliate links. All opinions are my own.

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Marvelous Maxis - The Dress Edition - Week 1

Last summer I did a series called Marvelous Maxis. In that series I focused on the maxi skirt, which is a wonderful year round staple in many women's closets. You can revisit those posts by clicking on the title of each: Pleasantly Pleated, Playing It Straight, Wearable White, and A+ A-lines, This year I wanted to revisit the maxi idea, but instead of skirts, take a long lean look at the maxi dress. 

Today's featured dress is a new purchase from Nordstrom Rack. For Mother's Day my daughters gave me a few gift cards. They know how much I love to shop! When my hubby and I were on vacation we discovered a Nordstrom Rack near the hotel we were staying in and we stopped in to see what I could find. I found this fabulous floor length maxi dress with a country bohemian vibe. 

Marvelous Maxis  - Bohemian maxi dress

What immediately caught my eye was the colorful eclectic pattern. When I pulled the dress off the rack, I fell in love with the silky light weight fabric, the ruffles on the sleeves and the crocheted details on the sleeves and bodice. 

Marvelous maxis - bohemian maxi dress

The waist falls at my natural waistline and for this post, I used one of my daughters fun belts to further accentuate the dress waistline. 

Marvelous maxis - bohemian maxi dress

The neckline is scooped with a tie detail. I chose to leave it tied, but you could wear it open as well for a little more casual, sexy look. 

The bodice and the top half of the skirt are lined with an ivory slip type lining, so no need to wear a slip underneath this sheer colorful fabric.

Marvelous Maxis - bohemian maxi dress

With so much going on in the pattern of the dress, I kept my jewelry extremely simple. This is a plain velvet choker, but you could also do a string of pearls or beads or a few shorter gold or silver chains. 

Marvelous Maxis - Bohemian dress

My daughter and I got to laughing, because in all the shots up until this point my purse was facing the wrong direction. Many bags you can carry either way, but some have details on one side and are more simple on the other side. This is the side I wanted to have showing, so we were amused when I finally realized it was facing the wrong direction. I went for my mustard yellow Elle tote, to bring out the yellow in the dress. That's the beauty of this dress. There are so many accessory options to choose from because of all the fabulous colors.

Marvelous Maxis - bohemian dress

Due to the length of the dress, I opted for a wedge heel. These coppery slip on Croft and Barrow sandals were perfect.

I added the black and white photos because I am a big fan of black and white. It allows the eye to appreciate the textures and depths without the distraction of bold colors. 

I am excited to have found this fun dress and it will be great piece for spring, summer and fall. The colors will adapt well to the seasonal changes of fall and I can make it warmer by adding tights or leggings underneath and jackets or sweaters on the top. 

I've included a few shopping options, but there are a slew of maxi dress options on line and in the stores right now. If you have time, do a little looking. You might find something you like. This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own. 

Have a great day.

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull. Make up Rachel Christensen

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Chasing Away the Winter Blues - Week 2


My little series this month centers around styles and ways to chase away the winter blues that often accompany long weeks of cold and gray skies. For those of us who suffer with Season Affective Disorder, anything to give us a bit of a lift is well received. Last week I talked about wearing bright colors. You can see that post here. Wearing bright colors, not only gives us a lift because it makes us look light and cheery, but it reflects light into our faces and light is one of the essential things missing in these winter months. 

Another thing I like to do when I am feeling blue is force myself to get out of the house and do something different. Saturday was my 53rd birthday. My two daughters Rebecca and Rachel decided to plan a day out with me. 

We started our day, getting our make up done by my younger daughter Rachel, who is a make up artist. You can see her Instagram page here

chasing away the winter blues - a day out
chasing away the winter blues - a day out

The first pic is me getting made up and the second is my eldest. And yes I was taking the pictures with her fancier-than-mine, camera! Rachel was already done before we got there. While Rebecca was being done, I took a picture of another cutie. 

chasing away the winter blues - a day out

Rebecca added a few other cutie pictures of Rachel's pets.

chasing away the winter blues - a day out
chasing away the winter blues - a day out

Here are the three of us read to shop!

chasing away the winter blues - a day out

We went up to Ann Arbor, MI which is less than an hour away. Since it was lunch time when we got there we went to a famous Ann Arbor eatery/deli called Zingerman's. 

chasing away the winter blues - a day out

When you first walk in you see a typical deli with glass cases full of a wide variety of meats and cheeses. We didn't stop for a look, but continued further into a maze of walls, doorways, signs and displays, to the ordering station for lunch. The menu was on the walls up close to the ceiling and held every possible configuration of beef, pork, turkey, chicken, fish and so on. A bit on the pricey side we ordered the small size of our sandwiches and we were glad we did. 

chasing away the winter blues - a day out

Rebecca ordered the chicken while Rachel and I got turkey. It was amazing. It was all we could do to open our mouths wide enough to take a bite. The bread was grilled and crispy and the toppings varied from avocado and tomatoes to pesto and peppers. We certainly did not need the large size. Ha, ha.

After lunch we headed to Arborland Center, a strip mall that houses stores like DSW, Marshall's, Maurice's and Ulta. Recently I won $100 in gift cards from Jodie on Jodie's Touch of Style, for Nordstrom. Seeing as we do not have a Nordstrom in our town and the fact that I like to try things on, especially at a store I have never shopped at before, the girls did the online research and found a Nordstrom Rack at Arborland Cener. 

I did find a few nice things at Nordstrom Rack, which I plan on featuring in a later post. Rebecca even found a nice, warm winter coat to replace her old one and Rachel found some make up and a jacket for her son. Success!

After Nordstrom we ran across the street to a thrift store. My girls learned their love of thrifting from me. They both are trying to keep a budget and being able to get clothing at thrift stores really helps. Rachel found a cute stained glass lamp for $10 and I found a velvet, knee length jacket from J.Jill for only $6. 

Since we still had a few minutes before we had to head south to meet the men for dinner we stopped at Maurice's. I had never been in this shop and it was cute. The clothing seems to span generations which I like. There were things my daughters would wear and things I would wear and the prices weren't too bad either. Click here to check out their online site; Maurices.

chasing away the winter blues - a day out

This was one of the cute dressing rooms at the store. The clerks actually write your name on the door. Rachel got two pairs of pants for work. Rebecca and I didn't buy anything, not because we didn't want to. I will definitely be visiting this store again, either in person or on line. 

I had Rebecca snap a few more pics after we got back so you could see my outfit for the day.

chasing away the winter blues - a day out
chasing away the winter blues - a day out
chasing away the winter blues - a day out

The outfit consisted of black knee high boots, dark wash skinny jeans, charcoal gray cowl neck top, maroon fly away cardi and a retro styled fringe necklace.

I hope you enjoyed coming along with me and my girls on my birthday, chase away the blues, excursion. I had a good time with my daughters. And that night for dinner we met my husband, son-in-law and grandson at a favorite Italian restaurant for dinner. 

Thanks for visiting the blog and be sure to leave some love in the comments section below, or follow me on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram. 

Check back on Thursday when I will reveal an Awesome Accessory that I got for Christmas. Have a great day.

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